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Census of Marlboro Residents
Aged 80 or Above
January 1, 1880


The following persons above eighty years of age were residing in town Jan. 1, 1880

Source: "History of the Town of Marlborough: Cheshire County, New Hampshire" by Charles Austin Bemis, 1881

Transcribed by a  Friend of Free Genealogy



Date of Birth

Benjamin Tilden Born in Marshfield, Mass. Dec. 14, 1785
Sally (Wright) Griffin widow of the late Nathan Griffin of Nelson, born in Nelson Dec. 24, 1786
DolphusBixby  Born in Hillsborough Jan. 7, 1790
Sarah (Wilkinson) Davis Widow of Jonah Davis, born in Marlborough Oct. 29, 1790
Samuel Allison Born in Dublin March 20, 1795
Col. Cyrus Frost Born in Marlborough Sept. 25, 1795
Clarissa (Johnson) (Stebbins) Lawrence Widow of Capt. Asa Lawrence of Roxbury, born in Bolton, Conn. Jan. 25, 1796
Levi Thatcher Born in Marlborough Dec. 6, 1796
Caroline (Richardson) Frost Wife of Col, Cyrus Frost, born in Dublin May 22, 1797
Abraham Corey Born in Richmond May 10, 1798
Cyrus Thatcher Born in Marlborough  May 9, 1799
Permilla (Porter) Gates Widow of Levi Gates, born in Marlborough June 15, 1799



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