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Antrim Soldiers In War Of The Rebellion

Carkin, David J.
Champney, Charles
Clancy, Daniel
Cochran, William G.
Colby, Grosvenor
Collins, John
Conant, Albert S. (twice promoted; wounded May 14, 1864)

Decatur, James B.
Dempsey, Thomas P.
Derush, Andrew J.
Dodge, Charles H. (died in service)
Donnell, Charles
Donohoe, William
Dresser, Charles F.
Dresser, George D.
Duffie, Patrick
Dunlap, Gilman (re-enlisted)
Dustin, George A. (killed June 14, 1863; had been promoted)

Eaton, James W.
Estey, Edgar W. (wounded May 12, 1864; still carries the bullet in his body)

Fletcher, Charles
Fletcher, Frank A. (severely wounded July 2, 1862)
Flood, John
Follansbee, George R. (died in service May 1, 1862)
Foster, Henry H. (died in service)
Fragg, James W.
Freeman, Thomas

Griffin, Henry C. (promoted and re-enlisted)

Hardy, Harrison H.
Harrison, Frank
Hart, Charles
Hastings, Edward Z.
Hastings, Luther T.
Herrick, George L.
Herrick John E.
Holt, Abbott D. (died in service Oct. 4, 1862)
Holt, Charles F. (terribly wounded Aug. 29, 1862)
Hopkins, William S.
Hunt, Henry
Hutchinson, George E. (promoted)
Hutchinson, John

Johnson, Alden S.
Johnson, Ira S. (killed, Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862)
Johnson, Orville J. (sharp-shooter)

Kelley, John
Kelsea, Joseph N.
King, James
Kinsella, John (taken prisoner; last heard of him)

Laine, John
Lane, Charles E.
Lanegan, Stephen
Lavare, Samuel (promoted)
Lawrence, Charles E. (died in service June 9, 1865)

Marsh, Enoch P.
Moore, Adino N. (died in service)
Morris, Charles E.
Morrows, Charles E. (killed Sept. 30, 1864)
Muzzey, Hiram W.

Paige, Enoch C.
Paige, Tristram M. (re-enlisted)
Parmenter, Charles F. (died in service Feb. 12, 1863)
Parmenter, Irving
Parmenter, Martin L. (promoted; died in service Jan. 1, 1863)
Peabody, Miles T. (re-enlisted; died in service Nov. 8, 1864)
Petro, Joseph (killed July 9, 1864)
Pettengill, David (promoted)
Philbrick, Reuben C.
Philbrick, William R. (promoted; severely wounded July 2, 1863)
Pierce, Alonzo F. (died in service Jan. 5, 1863)
Pinch, Alfred (killed July 30, 1864)
Putnam, Albert M.
Pryor, James

Reinhart, Joseph
Reynolds, Charles
Richardson, James C.
Robinson, Samuel R.
Rose, John W. (died in service Oct. 9, 1864)
Ross, Edward P. (promoted; killed, Port Hudson, June 14, 1863)

Savage, Samuel
Shaw, Dennis (killed May 10, 1864)
Simonds, Cyrus H.
Simonds, Lewis
Skinner, John
Smith, Elbridge T. (died in service Dec. 25, 1862)
Smith, George (enlisted for three years, Nov. 29, 1864)
Smith, George W. (died in service Oct. 15, 1863)
Smith, James M. (promoted; died in service July 15, 1863)
Smith, Peter
Spitzer, George
Steele, David (promoted to captain)
Story, Charles H. (promoted; died in service July 24, 1863)
Swain, Henry E.

Temple, Orrin C. (promoted)
Twitchell, Edward D.
Twitchell, Talford R.

Vernot, Alexander

Warner, Charles B.
Webber, Brooks K.
Webster, Jason K.
Webster, Loammi H. (died of starvation in Southern prison)
Webster, Orlando T. (died in service)
Welsh, Joseph
White, Francis (promoted)
White, George H. (killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863)
Whitney, Granville
Willey, Owen A.
Williams, Joseph
Wilson, Charles H.
Wilson, William H.
Winn, Harvey H. (killed Aug. 29, 1862)
Worthley, John L.

Young, Joseph (killed June 5, 1864)

[Source: History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire From its Earliest Settlement, to June 27, 1877
Author: Rev. W. R. Cochrane
Published: 1880
Transcribed and submitted by Helen Coughlin]


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