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Israel Abbott Family

Allen Family

Nedom L. Angier

Bailey Family

Baker Family

Barron Family

Bellows Family

Billings Family

Bond Family

Bowker Family

Brigham Family

Augusta Cooper Bristol

Calvin L.M. Brown

Butterfield Family

Carriel Family

Chamberlain Family

Church Family

Colburn Family

George X.M. Collier

Conant Family

Converse Family

Cottle Family

Cram Family

Crosby Family

Cushing Family

David L. Davis

Moses Davis

Day Family

Delano Family

DeMary Family

Derby Family

Dickinson Family

Dodge Family

Dunsmoor Family

Easter Family

Benjamin L. Eaton

Chandler S. Edwards

Artemas C. Eggleston

Joseph Ellenwood

Elijah Ellsworth

Ely Family

Farnsworth Family

Farwell Family

Fish Family

Fletcher Family

Frost Family

Garfield Family

Geer Family

Gilmore Family

Lieut. Grant

Grout Family

Hall Family

Hamlin Family

Hastings Family

Henry Family

Heywood Family

Holden Family

Holten Family

Howard Family

Jemima Howe

Hubbard Family

Hull Family

Hunt Family

Johnson Family

Kimball Family

Labaree Family

Locke Family

Lovell Family

Lyons Family

Mack Family

Mahoney Family

McMahon Family

Metcalf Family

Morris Family

Nettleton Family

O'Hayer Family

O'Leary Family

Osgood Family

Page Family

Parker Family

Darius Parks

Perry Family

Phillips Family

Pollard Family

Porter Family

Putnam Family

Redfield Family

Rice Family

Robertson Family

Rumrill Family

Sartwell Family  

Silsby Family

Spafford Family

Spencer Family

Spooner Family

Stearns Family

Asahel Stebbins

Stevens Family

Stoddard Family

Sumner Family

Swan Family

Taylor Family

Thompson Family

Walker Family

Warren Family

Webber Family

West Family

Wetherbe Family

Wheeler Family

Dr. Henry Wheeler

White Family

Willard Family

Wilson Family

Irish Families settling in Charlestown (they are included in the list above)

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