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Transcribed and contributed to Genealogy Trails by Janice Farnsworth - Farns10th@aol.com
Source: History of Charlestown, NH by Rev. H. H. Saunderson

Dr. Putnam Barron was the youngest of nine children of Moses and Hannah Barron who lived for many years at Amherst, NH; in which place he was born, April 26, 1792. He received his name from Israel Putnam of Revolutionary fame, a near relative on his mother's side. A good common school education, having been supplemented by a partial course at Dartmouth, he commenced the study of medicine under Dr. Matthias Spaulding, the most distinguished physician, at that time, not only in Amherst, but in Hillsborough County. On completing his profession, he settled in North Charlestown about 1818, making a temporary home in the family of Colonel David Parker, where he succeeded in building up for himself a valuable acquaintance and practice.

In May 1819 he married Lettice Boynton of Hartland, VT and subsequently built and occupied the house which was situated a few rods North of what was then Mr. Rand's store.

In 1838 Dr. Barron removed to Ohio and after three year's residence in different places settled in Edinburgh, Portage County. Here a good share of prosperity attended him. A new house was built and a flourishing practice secured. The two children after a few years of teaching, married and went to homes of their own. Of these, the elder, Frances C. Barron m. Dr. W. R. S. Clark a physician of established reputation. They removed to Bucyrus, Ohio, where she died in 1862 aged 41 years. Their two children Lorabelle Clark and George Barron Clark both died in early childhood. Helen L. Barron the younger daughter of Dr. Barron married Edmund Bostwick of Ravenna Ohio a good man and esteemed citizen who for many years held offices of trust in the county of his residence. His death of consumption occurred in the autumn of 1861. Of their children, the elder, a beautiful and beloved daughter, quickly followed her father and of the same disease at the age of fifteen.

In July 1864, Mrs. Barron died, aged seventy five. One year later, the Doctor, relinquishing a vocation extending over forty-five years, went to reside with his widowed daughter and grand-daughter, now, all that remained to him, in Ravenna Ohio. Here surrounded by friends and in enjoyment of the ordinances of his much loved church (Episcopal), for whose establishment in North Charlestown, he had forty years before assiduously labored, the last eight years of his life were passed.

In December, 1871, he was suddenly prostrated by paralysis but partially recovered. In March of the following year, there came a severer attack and on the 16th he died; lacking but one month of completing his 80th year.

Mrs. Bostwick, the daughter and only surviving child of Dr. Barron was married in 1875 to Dr. J. F. Bird of Philadelphia, in which city she resided. Florence, her only surviving daughter by Mr. Bostwick resided with her.

To this account the facts for which have been furnished by Mrs. Bird, we may add that Dr. Barron in 1838, before moving to Ohio, represented the town of Charlestown (NH)bin the Legislature. He also held various other offices of public trust. For the part that he took in the establishment of the Episcopal Church at North Charlestown, NH, the reader is referred to the history of "The Episcopal Church," in this work. His removal to Ohio was greatly regretted, and his memory is still warmly cherished in the part of town where he resided.

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