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Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Hon John Curtis Chamberlain was the son of Deacon John Chamberlain and his wife, Mary (Curtis) Chamberlain. He was born at Worcester, MA June 5, 1772. His parents
Deacon Chamberlain d. May 3l, 18l3 age 68 His wife, Mary died Feb 26, 1818. The Hon John Curtis Chamberlain was desc. also from his grandfather, Jacob Chamberlain Deacon of the church at Worcester, "The Old South Church".

Hon John Curtis Chamberlain m. on Dec. 29, 1797, Nancy Hubbard dau of Hon. John Hubbard and wife, Prudence (Stevens) Hubbard. She b. at Charlestown, NH May 4,
1779s. Their children:
1. Mary Chamberlain b. at Alstead Feb 22, 1799 d. unm at Albion, NY on Mar 20, 1859.
2. Nancy Hubbard Chamberlain b. Feb 20, 1801 at Alstead m. Dr. Jacob Adams of Charlestown, NH on Apr 8, 1823 They removed to Utica, NY in 1824 and died at Mobile Alabama whither he had gone for his health. One child

l. Mary C. Adams who died in Albion, NY 1841 age 19 yrs.

Note: Dr. Jacob Adams's widow, Nancy H. (Chamberlain Adams m. (2) on May 1832, Dr. D. V. Bradford of Utica NY and had one child, a daughter who m. John L. Donovan Esq. of Watseka, Iroquois County, Illinois.
3. John Chamberlain b. Oct 24, 1803 grad Dartmouth in 1823, lawyer in his uncle, Henry Hubbard's office at Charlestown, NH until 1827 then removed to Albion, NY and practiced law until 1844. He d. Dec. 1866 at Watseka, Ill. He m. (l) May 1834 no issue. He m. (2) at Watseka in 1855. One child by his 2d marriage, name unknow.
4. Hubbard Chamberlain b. Oct 6, 1806 d. 1809.
5. William Chamberlain b. Mar l3, 1809 Res: Albion, NY (was the contributor of Chamberlain family records)
6. Elizabeth Jane Chamberlain b. Oct 18, 1811 m. 1836 James Lawrence of Millville, NH, and d. 1868. Their children:

l. John Lawrence b. 1838 d. 1850
2. Elizabeth Lawrence b. 184l d. 1850
3. Nancy Lawrence b. 1844 res: Watseka, Ill

7. Richard Hubbard Chamberlain b. Aug 5, 1813 d. same month.
8. Harriet Prudence Chamberlain b. Ari 5, 1815 m. 1838 H. D. Tucker of Utica, NY
9. George Chamberlain b.Nov l, 1817 d. 1819.
Note: this completes the register of the family.

Miss Dolly Chamberlain sister of the Hon. John Curtis Chamberlain resided for some time at Charlestown, NH

Levi Chamberlain studied law in the office of his brother in Charlestown, NH then practiced law at Keene, NH.

Samuel N. Chamberlain (not connected with the above family) was born at Dudley, MA abt 1777. He died at Glen Falls, NY aged 67. He is buried at Edgecomb's Corner, Galway, NY. His father (John) was a soldier in the Revolution and sold his farm at Dudley, MA when the American Army was most destitute and applied the funds for the relief of the (American) soldiers. He was related to the John Chamberlain who killed the Indian Chief, "Old Paugus" in Lovewell's fight. Samuel N. Chamberlain m. Abigail White of Pomfret, CT dau of Samuel White who claimed to be a lineal desc. of the lst male child born in New England. She died at Chelsea, VT Sep 8, 1808. Their children:
1. Calvin Chamberlain b. at Dudley, MA Oct 30, 179l is buried at Charlestown, NH
2. Samuel Chamberlain b. at Dudley, MA Jan l2, 1794 d. at Strafford, VT 1855. He m. Betsy Sanborn of Strafford, VT and had thirteen children.
3. Henry Chamberlain b. at Unity, NH Feb l4, 1796 m. Mary Bailey, 1822 also had thirteen children, two sons - one of whom, Edward B. Chamberlain grad Univ. of VT in 1848 and at Andover Theo. Seminary 1854. He was a minister at: Plattsburg, NY 1856 to 1858 at Shoreham, VT 1859 to 1863 and at Essex VT 1863 to 1865 and Westford, VT 1865.
4. Mary Chamberlain b. 1798 m. E. W. Curtis of Galway, NY She d. at Adrian, Michigan. She had five sons, of whom James E. Curtis the eldest, was Super. of
East Division South, Michigan Railroad. Also sons: John W. Curtis and George H. Curtis
5. Artemas W. Chamberlain b. at Unity, NH, June 9, 1800 m. at Cape Cod, MA and died at Cambridge, MA 1875 leaving three sons and two daughters: Nathan H. Chamberlain who grad at Harvard in 1853 and was a Protestant Episcopal clergyman and author.
6. George Olcott Chamberlain b. at Charlestown, NH Apr 6, 1803 m. 1828 Maria Clark of Providence, Saratoga Co., NY Res: Saratoga Springs. Children:

l. Laurentine P. Chamberlain m. Hiram Thomkins keeper of the U. S. Hotel at Saratoga.
2. John C. Chamberlain m. Margaret Ward. Res: Utica, NY
3. Mary C. Chamberlain m. James B. Raynor of Chicago, Ill.

7. Healey Chamberlain b. 1807 m. at Saratoga and died at Coldwater, Michigan. His children:

l. Webster R. Chamberlain was a lawyer at Syracuse, NY
2. Georgianna Chamberlain
3. Henry Chamberlain.

Samuel N. Chamberlain m. Feb 2, 18l5 Dorcas Bingham of Springfield, VT - their children:

l. Abigail White Chamberlain b. Aug 24, 18l5
2. Anna Arms Chamberlain b. Feb 14, 18l9
3. Sarah G. Chamberlain b. Dec 3, 182l
4. Calvin O. Chamberlain b. Apr 26, 1823
5. Sabrina Chamberlain b. May 24, 1829
6. Joseph Roach Ives Gilbert Marquis Paul M. de LaFayette Chamberlain (author's note - this name, I understand was dropped, most of it, as too unwieldly for every day use and a much shorter one adopted. He was known then by the name of LaFayette Chamberlain.

Edson Chamberlain son of Ichabod and Sarah (Moore) Chamberlain m. Nov 18, 1836 Mary Jane Ely dau of Phineas Ely and his wife, Polly (Butters) Ely b. Oct 2l, 18l6 He d. Aug. 1866 at Charlestown, NH Their children:
l. Thomas E. Chamberlain b. at Chelmsfort, MA Jan l9, 1838, d. Jan 24, 1846.
2. Samuel O. Chamberlain b. Apr l4, 1840 d. in the War of Rebellion Nov 22, 1862.
3. Henry F. Chamberlain b. Feb 9, 1844 d. 1872 m. Edna Smith (one child who died in infancy)
4. Asenath Jane Chamberlain b. Feb 9, 1844 d. 1846.
5. Mary E. Chamberlain b. 1846 d. 1846
6. George Edward Chamberlain b. Dec l4, 1847 d. 1875 m. Oct. 2, 1868 Alice Spinney b. Nov l5, 1844 at Argyle Nova Scotia Their children:

l. Sarah Chamberlain b. Apr 7, 1870
2. George Austin Chamberlain b. Oct l9, 187l
3. Harry Chamberlain b. Oct 8, 1874 d. 1876.
4. Cora Belle Chamberlain b. Jan l4, 1875 d. 1876

7. Charles N. Chamberlain b. Apr ll, 1849
8. Eustis Chamberlain b. May 20 185l
9. Florence Chamberlain b. Nov 9, 1858 m. Rensselaer Strickland.
10. John Chamberlain b. Nov 29, 1859
11.Alice Chamberlain b. July l5, 1862

Source: Historical Sketch of Groton, MA by Dr. Samuel A. Green.
In the summer of 1722 the Provincial governments of MA and NH offered a bounty of a hundred pounds for every Indian scalp that should be taken and shown to the proper
authorities. This legislation incited volunteers to scour the winderness for the purpose of hunting the savages and with this motive, Captain John Lovewell ofDunstable organized a company which soon became famous. The story of Lovewell's Fight was for a long time repeatedly told in Groton and there is scarcely a person who
has not from early infancy heard the particulars of that eventful conflict. It was in the spring of 1725 that Capt. Lovewell with thirty-four men, fought a famous Indian chief named Paugus at the head of abt eighty savages near the shores of a pond in Pequawket, now within the limits of Fryeburg, Maine and known as Lovewell's Pond. Of this little spartan band, seven belonged to Groton, MA and one of them, John Chamberlain by name distinguished himself by killing the Indian Leader. Green's note: "for the fullest account of the Fight see pamphlet entitled: 'Lovewell Lamented' by Thomas Symmes, V.D.M, Boston, 1725".

"Paugus was slain in the action by John Chamberlain of Groton, MA"

Dr. Edson Champion Chamberlain, at native of Thetford, VT came to Groton Junction (MA) in the summer of 1859 and remained one year. He grad. from Worcester Medical
Institution on June 20, 1854. He m. Mary A. Pierce of Southbury, CT where he died Jan 26, 1877 aged 56.

Source: Epitaphs of the Old Burial Ground, Groton, MA by Dr. Samuel A. Green
(Cherub's Head)
Memento mori
Here lies the body of Mrs. Sarah Chamberlin wife of Samuel Chamberlin and the late wife of Mr. Ebenezer Patch who died June ye l2th 1793 in the 64th year of her age.
[Author's note: The daughter of Jacob Wright of Westford.]

Source: Farnsworth Memorial

Matthias Farnsworth Jr/Sarah Nutting Line - Groton, MA

Jonathan Shattuck b. Mar l6, 1747 son of Jonathan Shattuck, Jr. and Keziah Farnsworth of Pepperell, MA. Jonathan Shattuck Jr. m. (l) 1769 Abia Chamberlain b. Apr 22, 1740 d. 1817. He m. (2) Oct 9, 1817 Elizabeth Nichols of Billerica, MA who was the widow of Lemuel Parker. Jonathan Shattuck Jr. had seven children by Abia Chamberlain (not listed) He d. Mar 18, 1835 age 88 years.

Lydia Farnsworth b. Nov 26, 1827 at Sullivan, Ohio, dau of Levi Farnsworth and his wife, Bellona (Hewitt) Farnsworth of Sullivan, Ohio.
Lydia Farnsworth m. William Chamberlain. Their children
l. Ida Chamberlain b. Apr ll, 1858 d. Feb l2, 1859
2. Cora Chamberlain b. Mar 6, 1860
3. Illa Chamberlain b. Nov 8, 1866 m. Jan l, 1893 Charles

Benjamin Farnsworth/Mary Prescott Line - Groton, MA

Mary Barrett b. July l4, 1767 dau of Jonas Barrett and his wife, Mary Fletcher of Ashby, MA. Mary Barrett m. Dec. 1788 Thomas Chamberlain.

p.582 - Jonathan Farnsworth/Ruth Shattock Line
Linda M. Powell b. l946 at Payson, Utah dau of Florence Belliston and William Powell of Raymond, Alberta, Canada
Linda M. Powell m. l966 at Manti Utah, Sam Reed Chamberlain b. l943 at Cedar City Utah son of Isaac C. Chamberlain and his wife Sylvia (Jorgensen) Chamberlain of Cedar City, Utah.

l. Anne Chamberlain b. l969 at Provo, Utah
2. Julie Chamberlain b. l970 at Monticello, Utah
3. David R. Chamberlain b. l972 at Provo, Utah.

Dr. Paul Harold Stewart, D.D.S. b. l928 at S.L.C. Utah son of William Charles Stewart and wife, Grace A. (Ogilvie) Stewart.
Dr. Paul H. Stewart m. May 27, l950 Ann C. Chamberlain b. May l6, l930 at Kanab, Utah dau of Eli Josiah Chamberlain and his wife, Geneva (Esplin) Chamberlain.
(seven Stewart children listed p. 670)

Source: Prescott Memorial

John Prescott/Mary Platts Line - Lancaster, MA 1600s

p.61 David Brigham b. 1744 son of Silas Brigham and Tabitha Prescott. p.49 has Brigham lineage for Silas Brigham

Mary Prescott b. Feb 2, 183l dau of Charlest Prescott and Lucy A. Flagg of Mason, NH.
Mary Prescott m. Feb l6, 1854 James J. Chamberlin b. Feb. l6, 1834, who was representative from Mason in the NH legislature.

James Prescott Line, Hampton, NH
Cyrene Osgood b. Aug 5, 1806 dau of John Osgood and his wife Susanna Prescott.
Cyrene Osgood m. 1833 George Chamberlain of Gilmanton Ironworks Village.


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