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FARNSWORTH FAMILY of Sullivan County, NH
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Source: History of Charlestown, NH - Fort 4 by Rev. Henry H. Saunderson pub 1876,
Claremont, NH

The first settlement of No 4 was made by Samuel, David and Stephen Farnsworth in the spring or summer of 1740. They were the sons of Samuel Farnsworth of Groton, MA (son of Matthias Farnsworth and Mary (Farr) Farnsworth of Groton, MA - orig. proprietors). Samuel Farnsworth m. Mary (Whitcomb) Willard widow of Simon Willard who died in 1706. They married Dec l2, 1706, (Groton Town Records) She b. Sept. l3, 1707 at Kingston. She was the dau of Josiah Whitcomb of Lancaster, MA. Their children: Samuel Farnsworth Jr. b. June 29, 1709 at Groton, MA. David Farnsworth b. Aug 4, 17ll and Stephen Farnsworth (Farnsworth Memorial: b. 17l5) (date of Stephen's birth was not known by Saunderson) See p. 358 thru 36l of the Farnsworth Memorial for the complete list of the children.

Samuel Farnsworth Jr. never married. He was killed on May 2, 1746. He was of the party who were attracted to the spot where Seth Putnam was killed Apr l9, 1745. He was killed by Indians (see p. 28) From the occurence of his name upon important committees it is evident he was esteemed a man of sound judgement and had the confi-dence of the early settlers.

David Farnsworth was from 1750 to 1760 the principal and only surveyer of the Fort at Charlestown. On Apr 20, 1757 David Farnsworth, Deacon Thomas Adams, Sampson Colefax, George Robbins and Asa Spafford were taken prisoners by a part of seventy French and Indians and carried to Canada. He escaped and travelled alone thru the wilderness. Of the other prisoners taken with David George Robbins alone returned. They were exchanged in November following the April 1757 capture but on their way homeward by way of Great Britain, Deacon Adams, Sampson Colefax and Asa Spafford died of small pox at Quebec.

David Farnsworth m. at Lunenburg, MA Aug l5, 1735, Hannah Hastings b. at Watertown, MA Jan 24, 1717. She was sister of Susanna Hastings who married Lieutenant Moses Willard (son of Simon Willard and half brother to the Farnsworth boys) Another sister, Eunice Hastings married Stephen Farnsworth brother to David and half brother to Moses Willard. The author found no record of David's children other than he had several, two of whom Samuel and David settled at Eaton, Lower Canada where they erected mills and spent their lives. (see p.36l of the Farnsworth Memorial for the children of David Farnsworth and wife, Hannah Hastings). Two of the sons of David removed to Michigan and one became the father of John F. Farnsworth distinguished congressman from Michigan.

Stephen Farnsworth the youngest brother (this is in error - see Farnsworth Memorial wherein another younger brother was Joshua who died in the Louisburg Expedition) of Samuel and David Farnsworth married at Lunenburg, MA Dec 22, 174l, Eunice Hastings born at Watertown, MA Sep 3, 1722. It is recorded that on the day of her marriage she was admitted to the full communion of the Church at Lunenburg. Their children:

1. Oliver Farnsworth who was the first child born at Fort No. 4., b. Dec 8, 1742 m. July6, 1768 Elizabeth Wheeler, dau of Moses Wheeler and wife, Elizabeth. She b. June 24, 1750 - their children:

l. Havilah Farnsworth b. May 3l, 1769.
2. Abijah Farnsworth b. Mar l2, 1770
3. Biel Farnsworth b. Dec 25, 1772.

2. Sarah Farnsworth b. June 30, 1748 m. Oct. l5, 1765 Peter Page (see Page file)
3. Submit Farnsworth b. June 29, 1750 m. 1773 John Hart. (see Hart)
4. Eunice Farnsworth b. Mar 26, 1752.
5. Jonathan Farnsworth b. June 7, 1754 married - Res: South Woodstock, VT (see Farnsworth Memorial)
6. Azubah Farnsworth b. May 29, 1756
7. Mary Farnsworth b. Feb 9, 1759
8. Relief Farnsworth b. Nov 17, 1762
9. Stephen Farnsworth Jr. b. June 20, 1764.

In the proprietor's records the name Stephen Farnsworth is found on important committees. He was one of the first three settlers (the others being his brothers, Samuel and David Farnsworth). He with other settlers was a member of Capt. Stevens Compnay for the defense of No. 4 formed June 2l, 1750 (see Muster Roll). He was captured by Indians and French on Apr l9, 1746 together with Capt. John Spafford and Lieut. Isaac Parker. On arriving at Canada Stephen Farnsworth with fifteen others were conveyed to Montreal. He was held in confinement there for seventeen months. His wife and children re-turned to Lunenburg, MA during his absence, returning to Charlestown on his return thru to his death thence to S. Woodstock VT making her home with her children.

Stephen Farnsworth returned to Fort 4 in broken health never fully recovering but held the office of tything-man to which he was elected March 1770. He d. Sep 6, 177l age 57 leaving behind the example of a brave and good man and useful citizen.

Ebenezer Farnsworth son of Josiah Farnsworth and Mary (Pierce) Farnsworth was b. at Groton, MA Mar 22, 1725-26 He settled at Charlestown abt the year 1750 and was taken prisoner by the Indians with the Johnson family (Mrs. Johnson famous for her "Memoirs of Captivity" wife of Capt. James Johnson of Fort 4.) Also taken prisoners at that time were Miriam Willard and Peter Labaree. Captured on Aug 30, 1754 and conveyed to Canada. He remained there until a short time before Montreal was surrendered to the English. On his return he m. Sarah Walker. He d. Nov 6, 1794 She d. 1807 aged 82. Their children:

1. Levi Farnsworth b. Apr 1, 1763 (Farnsworth Memorial p.50 states Levi m. 1786 Sarah Jarvis b. 1768 d. 1753 at Westford, VT Res: Halifax Plain, VT.
2. Ebenezer Farnsworth Jr. July l2, 1765 m. 1792 Olive Hayden. Their children:

l. Phila Farnsworth m. Jan 18l5 John Parker Res: Stowe, VT.
2. Luman H. Farnsworth m. 182l Hannah Allen
3. Ira Farnsworth
4. Levi Farnsworth
5. Ebenezer Farnsworth
6. Charles Farnsworth a blacksmith settled near Rochester, NY.
7. Seth Farnsworth grad Dartmouth College 1822 studied theology and ordained Oct 3, 1824 -preached in the church at Raymond, NH He also preached at Hillsborough, installed Nov 23, 1836. He d. Mar 26, 1837 of lung fever.

Farnsworth Memorial has 3rd child born of Ebenezer Farnsworth and his wife Sarah (Walker) Farnsworth of Fort 4.

3. Joel Farnsworth b. 1768 and d. Jan 27, 1820 m. 1789 At Charlestown, NH Sarah Wilson b. 1768 d. 1839 Both are buried at Westford.

James Farnsworth son of Josiah Farnsworth b. Dec 2, 1727 m. (l) Susanna ___ Their children:

l. Anna Farnsworth b. 1753
2. Susanna Farnsworth b. 1756 d. 1756 age 26.

James Farnsworth m. (2) Sarah ___

3. Sarah Farnsworth b. 1758
4. Joseph Farnsworth b. 1760
5. Benjamin Farnsworth b. 1763
6. James Farnsworth Jr. b. 1767
7. Jeremiah Farnsworth b. May 7 1773.

James Farnsworth Sr. was a member of Capt. Phineas Stevens Company for the defense of No. 4 in 1750 and also one of the grantees under New - Hampshire. He was Lieutenant and Captain in the war of the Revolution.

Oliver Farnsworth son of Josiah Farnsworth b. Jan l6, 1734/5 is reputed to be one of the early settlers of Springfield, VT. His son Oliver Farnsworth, Jr. m. Sarah Lynd on Aug 27, 1788.

Source: Farnsworth Memorial

Samuel Farnsworth b. Oct 8, 1669 at Groton, MA son of Matthias Farnsworth and Mary (Farr) Farnsworth m. Dec l2, 1706 Mary Whitcomb dau of Josiah Whitcomb of Lancaster, MA. She was the widow of Simon Willard who died in 1706 (see Willard file for their children) Samuel and Mary Farnsworth became early settlers of "Turkey Hills" now Lunenburg, MA. His will is dated June 9, 1727 and proved Aug l, 1730 and Josiah Willard was apptd guardian of his son, Stephen Farnsworth, then l5 years old. Their children:

1. Mary Crew Farnsworth b. Sep l3, 1707 at Kingston. m. Nov 8, 1727 Jonathan Page Jr. of Lunenburg, b. June 5, 1710 and d. Aug 30, 175l She d. May 22, 1770. Res: Fort 4, Charlestown, NH. Their children listed p. 361:

1. Peter Page b. 1745 m. 1765 Sarah Farnsworth. b. June 30, 1748 at Charlestown, NH (dau of Stephen Farnsworth and Eunice (Hastings) Farnsworth of Fort 4. He may have m. (2) Mary ___. He was a Selectman 1778 and 1784 He was a captain in 1780 in Col. Moses Nichols regiment, raised for the defense of West Pt.
2. Phineas Page m. Sarah Labaree dau of Peter Labaree of Charlestown, NH He b. June l2, 1754 Res: Fairfax, VT.
3. Benjamin Page m. Susanna ___ Res at Charles-town NH as of 1768 (four children) unlisted.

2. Samuel Farnsworth b. June 29, 1709 at Groton, MA Died unm. In 1740 he with his younger brothers, David and Stephen and their half brother, Moses Willard with others having grants of land at the place since called Charlestown, NH organized a settlement there. The place was considered by the MA Bay Colony to be within its jurisdiction and it was granted to them as one of a series, this one being called No 4. which singular name has adhered to it ever since altho the place was soon legally called Charlestown. The first actual settlement of the place was made by these brothers in 1740; their associates however followed in a short time. Soon after moving there the dividing line between the MA and NH Colonies was somewhat un-satisfactorily determined as it exists at the present day and by this settlement of boundaries, Charlestown came within jurisdiction of the NH Colony. This transfer caused the orig. grantees much trouble for the NH Colony under the lead of Gov. Benning Wentworth refused to recognize the validity of the MA Grants. After considerable delay and long negotiation the matter was compromised by the issuance of a new grant partially satisfying the claims of the orig. grantees. Samuel Farnsworth leader of the party was treasurer for the collection and expenditure of the means to build Fort 4. In an attack by Indians upon Fort 4 he was killed May 2, 1746. Ensign Obadiah Sartwell (spelled Sawtell at Groton, MA) was taken prisoner while Samue Farnsworth, Elijah Allen, Peter Perin Aaron Lyon and Joseph Massey were killed.

3. David Farnsworth b. Aug 4, 17ll at Groton, MA m. Aug l5, 1735 Hannah Hastings b. Jan 24, 1716/17 at Watertown, MA. One of the orig. settlers of Fort 4. Their children page 36l:

l. Hannah Farnsworth b. 1730/5 m. 1758 John Tarball of Groton, MA She d. 1829.
2. Mary Farnsworth b. 1739 m. 1762 Elisha Rockwood, Jr. of Groton, MA (two children)
3. Eunice Farnsworth b. 174l m. 1759 Oliver Parker of Groton, MA b. 1738. She d. 1767 (5 Parker children listed p. 36l)
4. Relief Farnsworth b. 1743 m. 177l Reuben Tucker of Townsend, MA removed to Digby Nova Scotia and had four children listed p.362.
5. Samuel Farnsworth b. 1750 m. Anna Wasson b. 175l d. 1842 he d. 183l. He was a drummer at the battle of Bunker Hill. Res: Hollis NH and Stoddard NH thence to Eaton, Lower Canada in 1799.
6. David Farnsworth b. 1760 d. 1778 He was executed by the British at Hartford CT as a spy when he was only eighteen years old. He was a drummer at Cambridge and also at Bunker Hill 1775.

Note - It is the gr.son of Samuel Farnsworth and wife, Anna Wasson Farnsworth that the Michigan Congressman mentioned by Rev. Henry H. Saunderson mentions in his book, Hist. of Fort 4, Charlestown, NH. i.e. Gen. John Franklin Farnsworth, who was also brother of the father of the hero of Gettysburg, Brig. Gen. Elon Farnsworth who died in battle July 3, 1863 and is the subject of the Farnsworth Museum at Gettysburg.

4. Abigail Farnsworth b. 17l3 m. ____Thompson.

5. Stephen Farnsworth b. 17l5 m. Dec 22, 174l Eunice Hastings sister of brother David Farnsworth's wife Hannah Hastings. She b. Sep 3, 1722 He d. 177l She d. 18ll. He was an orig. settler at Fort 4. He was a member of Captain Steven's Company for the defense of No. 4 formed June 2l, 1750 (See Muster Roll) Note the roll is said to be imperfect but it is headed: "Captain Phineas Stevens"

Samuel Farnsworth
David Farnsworth
Stephen Farnsworth
(et al)

Their children (p.362)
l. Oliver Farnsworth b. 1742 m. 1768 Elizabeth Wheeler b. 1750 dau of Moses Wheeler and his wife, Elizabeth (Holden) Wheeler of Groton, MA. Res: five years at Fort 4 thence to Woodstock, VT purchasing 420 acres in Dist. Nine. D.A.R listed him for Civil Service and Patriotic Service. He was a printer. He took sick Nov l, 1785 and d. shortly after at Woodstock, VT.
2. Sarah Farnsworth b. Jun 30,1748 m. 1765
Peter Page. (see Page file)
3. Submit Farnsworth b. 1750 m. 1773 John Hart.
He was a soldier in Capt. Abel Walker's Co. during the Revolution. their 5 children listed p.362.
4. Eunice Farnsworth b. 1752 m. Nathan Cook.
5. Jonathan Farnsworth b. 1754 d. 1822 m. (1) Martha (or Rebecca) Cottle. He m. (2) Susannah Brewer. Removed to S. Woodstock in 1774. A farmer. Was in the Revolution as a Vermont soldier.
6. Azubah Farnsworth b. 1756 m. 1776 Thomas Adams son of Daniel and Deborah (Cooley) Adams of Cha
rlestown, NH.
7. Mary Farnsworth b. 1759 d. 1832 m. at Woodstock William McCloy (8 McCloy children, listed p. 363)
8. Relief Farnsworth b. 1762 d. 1842 at Cottle-ville MO. She m. 178l at Woodstock, VT Warren Cottle b. 1755 at Tisbury, MA d. 18ll at St. Charles County, MO (5 Cottle children are listed).
9. Stephen Farnsworth Jr. b. 1764 d. 1829 m. 1785 at Woodstock, Deborah Bennett b. 1763 and d. 1845.

6. Joshua Farnsworth b. 1721 was a soldier in the Louisburg Expedition of 1745 and died while on that expedition. His will is dated Mar 10, 1746 which he made his brother David sole executor and left legacies to "sister Mary Page; sister Abigail Thompson and to his brothers, Samuel, David and Stephen". He d. unm.


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