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WILLARD FAMILY of Sullivan County, NH
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Source: History of Charlestown, NH - Fort 4 by Rev. Henry H. Saunderson pub 1876,
Claremont, NH

Maj. Simon and Mary (Sharpe) Willard

Simon WILLARD, bp. Apr. 7, 1605, Horsmonden, Kent, England; d. Apr. 24, 1676, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA. Probably son of Richard Willard and Margery Humphrey Simon Willard arrived in MA in1634. Lived at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA 1634 Concord MA 1635, Lancaster MA 1660, and Groton MA 1672, and Salem MA 1676.

Major Simon Willard had three wives: 1st was Mary Sharp, 2nd was Elizabeth Dunster, sister of Pres. Dunster of Harvard College. 3rd was Mary Dunster prob. sister to Elizabeth Dunster but some say cousin or neice. He had seventeen children by his 1st and 3rd wives.

Henry Willard his 4th son from whom the Willards of Charlestown NH are de-scended was born at Concord, MA June 4, 1655. He m. Mary Laken of Groton, MA on July 18, 1674 and settled at Lancaster, MA The 2nd son of this marriage was Simon Willard who married Mary Whitcomb and became the father of Lieut. Moses Willard and the grandfather of Mrs. Susanna Johnson. He died and his widow m. (2) Samuel Farnsworth of Groton, MA and their 3 sons, Samuel Jr., Lieut. David Farnsworth and Stephen Farnsworth founded Charlestown, (Fort 4) in 1740.

Henry Willard's wife, Mary Laken died in 1688 and he m. (2) abt 1689, Dorcas Cutler who survived him and m. (2) Benjamin Bellows of Lancaster, MA Henry by Mary Laken and Dorcas Cutler had these children:

1. Henry Willard b. Oct. 8. 1678
2. Simon Willard m. Mary Whitcomb Res: Lancaster, MA He d. and she m. (2) Samuel Farnsworth
His children by Mary Whitcomb were:

1. Aaron Willard b. at Lancaster 1701 m. 1724 Mary Wright dau of Capt.Samuel and Mary (Stevens) Wright of Sudbury and Rutland MA
2. Lieut Moses Willard b. at Lancaster, MA abt 1702/3 m. at Groton MA Sept 28, 1727 Susanna Hastings of Watertown, MA whose sisters Hannah Hastings and Eunice Hastings m. David Farnsworth and his brother Stephen Farnsworth founders of Fort 4. They lived 1st at Turkey Hills later Lunenburg, MA

1. Jemima Willard b. 1728 m. Sylvanus Hastings son of Dr. John Hastings.
2. Susanna Willard b. 1729/30 m. Capt. James Johnson
3. Hulda Willard b. 1732 m. Joseph Willard
4. James Nutting Willard b. 1734 m. Abigail Wetherbe dau of Capt. Ephraim and Joanna (Bellows) Wetherbe

1. James Willard b. 1762 d. 1762
2. James Willard 2nd b. 1763
3. Edward Willard b. 1765
4. Betsy Willard b. 1767
5. Abigail Willard b. 1770
6. John Small Willard b. 1772
7. Joanna Willard
8. Susanna Willard
9. Thales Willard

When James Nutting Willard died his widow m. (2) Capt. Isaac Farwell and then (3) J. B. Olive

5. Moses Willard Jr. b. at Groton, MA 1738 m. Lydia Farwell dau of Josiah & Lydia Farwell
6. Miriam Willard b. 1740 m. Rev. Phineas Whitney of Shirley MA
7. Aaron Willard m. Mary Smead
8. Capt. John Willard b. 1753 m. Eunice Clapp dau of Preserved Clapp of Amherst, MA and wife Eunice Atherton

3. Eunice Willard b. at Lancaster m. Joseph Doby, Jr. of Stow, MA
4. Alice Willard b. at Lancaster m. Capt. Jonathan Whitney of Lan-caster, MA
5. Miriam Willard a posthumous child was b. at Sudbury and m. Joseph Maynard of Sudbury Jan 29, 1723.

3. Mary Willard
4. John Willard
5. Hezekiah Willard
6. Joseph Willard
7. Samuel Willard
8. James Willard
9. Josiah Willard, Colonel and commander of Fort Dummer and one of the grantees and 1st settlers of Winchester.
10. Jonathan Willard
11. Sarah Willard
12. Abigail Willard
13. Susanna Willard
14. Tabitha Willard

Samuel, David and Stephen Farnsworth were the first settlers of No. 4, in the spring of 1740. They were the sons of Samuel Farnsworth of Groton, MA who married the widow, Mary (Whitcomb) Willard. Her first husband was Simon Willard of Lancaster, MA, grandson of Major Simon Willard. She was the mother of Lieut. Moses Willard step-brother to Samuel, David and Stephen Farnsworth.

Simon Willard was the son of Henry Willard and his wife, Mary Lakin of Groton, MA; married July 18, 1674. Henry Willard was born at Concord, MA June 4, 1655, son of Major Simon Willard. When Mary Lakin died, Henry Willard m. (2) in 1689 Dorcas Cutler and when Henry Willard died Dorcas (Cutler) m. (2) Benjamin Bellows of Lancaster, MA and the ancestor of the Bellows family of Walpole. Henry Willard had the following children by his two wives:
1. Henry Simon Willard b. Oct 8, 1678. m. Mary Whitcomb
2. Mary Willard
3. John Willard
4. Hezekiah Willard
5. Joseph Willard
6. Samuel Willard
7. James Willard
8. Josiah Willard who was Colonel and Commander at Fort Dummer and one of the grantees and first settlers of Winchester.
9. Jonathan Willard
10. Sarah Willard
11. Abigail Willard
12. Susanna Willard
13. Tabitha Willard.

Major Simon Willard b. Kent County, England emigrated to Newtown, (now Cambridge, MA) in l634. One of the orig. purchasers at Concord, MA.

Simon resided there thru to l635. In l654 he was com-issioned commander-in-chief of the forces of MA in the Ninigret and Philips wars. In l660 he removed to Lan-caster, MA and then to Groton, MA in l672. He died at Charlestown, MA April 24, l676 He m. (l) Mary Sharp and (2) Elizabeth Dunster He m. (3)_____(17 children, 9 sons and 8 daughters) Note: his 4th son, Henry Willard (ancestor of the Charlestown Willards0 was b. June 4, l655 at Concord, MA m. July 18, l674 Mary Lakin of Groton MA Res: Lancaster, MA He m. (2) l689 Dorcas Cutler. It was his son, Simon Willard who m. Mary Whitcomb.

Henry Willard and his wives Mary Lakin and Dorcas Cutler had issue:
l. Henry Simon Willard b. Oct 8, l678
2. Simon Willard b.___m. Mary Whitcomb
3. Mary Willard
4. John Willard
5. Hezekiah Willard
6. Joseph Willard
7. Samuel Willard
8. James Willard
9. Josiah Willard - became colonel and commander of Fort Dummer and one of the lst settlers of Winchester
l0. Jonathan Willard
ll. Sarah Willard
l2. Abigail Willard
l3. Susanna Willard
l4. Tabitha Willard

p. 6l9
Simon Willard son of Henry Willard and his wife, Mary Lakin, m. Mary Whitcomb. Their res: Lancaster, MA. He d. 1706. His widow, Mary Whitcomb Willard m. Dec. l2, 1706, Samuel Farnsworth, son of Matthias Farnsworth and Mary Farr of Groton, MA. Simon Willard and Mary Whitcomb had issue:
l. Aaron Willard b. 170l at Lancaster MA m. Dec. l6, 1724 Mary Wright, dau of Capt Samuel Wright and Mary Stevens of Sudbury, Rutland, MA. Mary Wright was the grandaughter of Ciprian Stevens and his wife, Mary (Willard) Stevens.
2. Moses Willard b. 1702/3 at Lancaster
3. Eunice Willard b. ___at Lancaster MA m. Joseph Doby of Stow, MA
4. Alice Willard b. _____ at Lancaster, MA m. Jan. 29, 1718/19 Capt Jonathan Whitney of Lancaster, MA.
5. Miriam Willard born posthumously at Sudbury, MA m. Joseph Maynard of Sudbury on Jan. 29, 1723.

Moses Willard son of Simon Willard and Mary Whitcomb b. 1702/3 m. at Groton, MA Sep 28, 1727 Susanna Hastings orig of Watertown, MA. Her sister, Hannah Hastings m. Moses Willard's half-brother, David Farnsworth of Groton MA son of Moses Willard's mother Mary Whitcomb and his step-father Samuel Willard, Sr. of Groton, MA. Susanna's sister, Eunice Hastings m. Simon Willard half-brother, Stephen Farnsworth. Moses Willard and Susanna Hastings resided lst at Lunen-burg (Turkey Hills), MA In May, 1742 they moved to Fort No. 4, Charlestown, New Hampshire, following his 3 half brothers: Stephen, David and Samuel Farnsworth who found ed the Fort. This became Moses Willard and his family's permanent home. Moses Willard was killed by Indians on June 18, 1756 at Fort No. 4.

Lieut Moses Willard and his wife, Susanna Hastings had issue:
l. Jemima Willard b. June 29, 1728 m. Sylvanus Hastings eldest son of Dr. John Hastings.
2. Susanna Willard b. Feb. 20, 1729/30 m. Captain James Johnson (she is famous for her memoirs of her captivity for 3 yrs in Canada)
3. Huldah Willard b. May 27, 1732 m. Joseph Willard son of Rev. Joseph Willard and Susan Lynde.
4. James Nutting Willard b. May 28, 1734 m. Abigail WETHERBE dau of Capt. Ephraim Wetherbe and his wife, Joanna (Bellows) Wetherbe. Their issue:

l. James Willard b. Apr. 30, 1762 d. 1762
2. James Willard 2d b. Nov. 9. 1763
3. Edward Willard b. Dec. 9, 1763
4. Betsy Willard b. Oct 28, 1767
5. Abigail Willard b. Jan 25, 1770
6. John Small Willard b. Jan 3l, 1772
7. Joasnna Willard b. at Hartland Vt.
8. Susanna Willard b. at Hartland Vt.
9. Thales Willard b. at Hartland Vt.

James Nutting Willard died and his widow, Abigail Wetherbe Willard m. (2) Capt. Isaac Farwell m. (3) J. B. Olive.

5. Moses Willard Jr. son of Lieut Moses Willard and his wife, Susanna Hasting was born at Groton MA on Aug. l5, 1738, m. Lydia Farwell dau of Josiah and Lydia Farwell. She b. Groton MA. He d. Aug 17, 1822 and Lydia (Farwell) Willard d. Apr 28, 1837 age 85. Their issue:

l. Marcian (son) b. 1769 m. Mary Baker, dau of Capt. Osmy Baker and his wife, Mary Farnsworth. Mary Baker was b. July 4, 1776 Marcian d. 1855 She died 186l. He was a farmer. Their issue:
l. Mary Baker Willard b. 1797 m. Simeon Hey-wood in 1827
2. Charles Willard b. 1807 m. 1839 Nancy Shurtleff b. 1805
3. Moses Willard b. 1773 d. 1808 m. 1796 Peggy Glidden b. 178l d. 1852
4. Lydia Willard b. 1778 m. 1795 Phineas HUTCHINS son of Capt. Phineas Hutchins and Sarah (Reed) Hutchins b. 1774 at Lunenburg, MA
5. Nancy Willard b. 1784 m. 1808 Josiah Whitmore b. 1783 Middletown, CN.
6. Abel Willard b. 1788 m. 18l2 Fanny Grout dau of Jonathan Grout and Parthena PAGE
1. Fanny Grout Willard b. 18l3 m. m. Ebenezer Dunsmoor
2. Sophia Willard b. 18l5 m. Newton ALLEN
3. Jonathan Willard b. 1825 m. Lemira Sanders
7. Levi Willard b. 179l m. 18l4 Phebe Curriel b. 1792 She d. 1866 He d. 187l
l. Harriet Willard b. 1817 m. 1840 Colonel Jonathan Baker
2. Henry Willard b. 1818 d 1846

6. Miriam Willard dau of Lieut Moses Willard and his wife Susanna Hastings: Miriam b. Sep 25, 1740 m. Rev. Phineas Whitney of Shirley MA (no children) She d. 1769 Phineas Whitney m. (2) 1770 Lydia Bowes and had l0 children. Note Rev. Whitney preached at Shirley MA. The Hon. JOHN HANCOCK of Boston MA gave Phineas Whitney the Pulpit Bible. Phineas was one of Groton Academy's founding Trustees, which apptmt he held til his death Dec. l3, 18l9 He was minister to the church at Shirley MA for 50 yrs.
7. Aaron Willard m. Mary Smead Res: Charlestown, NH until 1755 then moved to Hartland, Vt.

l. Clarissa Willard b. 1767 d. 18l6 m. William Symmes
2. Miriam Willard b. 1769
3. Charlotte Willard b. 1770 d. 1845 m. (l) Mr. Crandall m. (2) Mr. Rogers
4. Martha Willard b. 1773 m. Mr. WETHERBE Res: New York
5. Mary, twin to Martha b. 17873 m. Roswell Hunt
6. _____Willard b. 1775 d. 18l9 m. Elizabeth Taylor b. 178l
7. Aaron Willard Jr. b. 1778 m. Mary Lull of Vt.

8. Capt. John Willard b. 1753 d. 1832 m. Eunice CLAPP dau of Preserved Clapp and his wife, Eunice Asherton of Bolten MA
Note: Mrs. Susanna Willard Johnson dau of Lieut Moses Willard and his wife, Susanna Hastings, says in her narrative of captivity that her parents had l2 children, all told, as follows:
9. Abigail Willard
l0. Elizabeth Willard
ll. Mary Willard
l2. unknown Willard.
Rev. Saunderson was unable to find any facts on these last four children.

Subject: The Captivity of Joseph Willard and his family, by Indians June 7, 1760
Source: History of Charlestown, NH, The Old No. 4, by Rev. Henry Saunderson printed by the Claremont Mfg. Co., Claremont, NH 1876

June 1760
Colonel Goffe had his headquarters at Charlestown, NH. His regiment was employ-ed in clearing the road between Charlestown and the mountains. The trails of the Indians were occasionally seen in the adjacent woods but they were too few to make, under the circumstances, any general attack. Before this regiment had reached Charlestown they (Indians) had made an incursion and carried off Mr. Joseph Willard, his wife and five children. They were taken at their homestead on the edge of the Great meadow, a short distance from the the later residence of Peter A. Evans. It was June 7, 1760. Considering that Samuel Willard, the youngest, who was an infant, somewhat burdensome to them, the Indians took him aside, the next day (June 8) and beat out his brains against a tree. The family were taken to Canada, their journey through the wilderness occupying fourteen days.

They remained in captivity till the surrender of Montreal, into which city they had been taken a few days previous to its capitulation, when, with other prisoners, they were released. This was the last incursion of the Indians on the frontiers of New England and the bloody scene which had so long been opened, now closed. The eastern Indians soon agreed on articles of peace and acknowledged themselves subjects of the crown of England. Notwithstanding, the war still continued in Europe, and a few provincial troops were raised in 1761-62. New England was still exempted from further hostilities - and, on the tenth of February 1763, a general peace was signed at Paris, and soon after ratified by the belligerent powers of Europe by which Canada and all the other northern French settlements passed quietly under the jurisdiction of the British Crown.

p.627 -- Joseph Willard was the son of Rev. Joseph Willard and his wife, Susanna (Lynde) Willard. He was born 3 mos posthumously after the Indians killed his father in 1723 at Rutland at which time Joseph Stevens two sons, Phineas and Isaac Stevens were taken prisoners and two sons killed. This on August 14, 1723. Rev. Willard returned the fire and wounded one of the Indians, mortally it is said. Another Indian closed in with Mr. Willard who would have been more than a match for him, had not the other three (Indians) come to his assistance and it was some time before they killed him. His scalp was carried to Quebec. The widow of Rev. Joseph Willard married sometime after the death of her husband, to Rev. Andrew Gardner into whose family her children William Willard and Joseph Willard were received and brought up.

Joseph Willard b. 1623 m. Huldah Willard dau of Lieut Moses Willard and his wife Susanna (Hastings) Willard and settled at Charlestown (Fort 4).
Their children were:
1. Francis Willoughby Willard b. July 14, 1751 m. Deborah Blood in 1772.
2. Susanna Willard b. Feb 5, 1753 died the 16th of the same month.
3. William Willard b. Mar 13, 1754 d. Apr 1, 1825 aged 71; m. Elizabeth Shepley
of Groton, MA b. June 5, 1759. d. Sept. 25, 1851.
4. Susanna Willard b. Apr 15, 1756
5. James Willard b. Mar 8, 1758 d. Sept. 29, 1760
6 Samuel Willard b. Apr 16, 1760 killed by Indians June 8, 1760 (see p. 88)
7. Joseph Willard b. Nov 22, 1763 m. the widow, Mrs. Pierce and had 6 children
and lived and died in Langdon.
8. Samuel Willard b. Nov. 28 1763 (says town records) was prob. twin to Joseph,
an error made in recording dates.
He m. Abigail ___ who had two children and died. 1. Samuel Willard, Jr.
Jan 15, 1784 and 2. Jotham Willard b. 1785
Samuel m. (2) Joanna Putnam b. 1763
Joseph Willard the progenitor of the above families with his wife and children were taken by the Indians June 7, 1760 and carried to Canada (see p. 88) The place is still shown on the hill to the east of where his cottage stood, where the party who took them prisoners halted, while a portion of them returned to the house for provisions to sustain them on their way. They were conducted by the old route up Black River to the Green Mountains and thence to Otter Creek and Lake Champlain. They returned to Charlestown after the surrender of Montreal. Mr. Willard died in Charlestown after a brief illness in 1799 and was buried on the 12th of September of that year. Joseph Willard was under Colonel Josiah Willard at Fort Dummer from Feb. 12 to July 1st 1748. He was also a member of Capt. Phineas Steven's Company in No. 4 in 1750


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