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World War 1
Honor List of Casualties


Source: "Soldiers of the Great War", Volume II,
Compiled by W. M. Haulsee, F. G. Howe and A. C. Doyle,
Soldiers Records Publishing Assoc., Washington, D. C.; c. 1920

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Saggio

DOW = Died of Wounds
DOD = Died of Disease
KIA = Killed in Action
DOAcc. = Died of Accident



Home Town

Casualty Status

Private ABBOTT, Thomas H. Concord DOW
Private AGRAFULIS, Sam Manchester DOD
Private ALTOBELL, Frank Berlin KIA
Private ANSALDO, Andrew Milford DOD
Private AYER, Charles Henry Claremont KIA
Private BADGER, Armond J. Littleton DOW
Wagoner BAILEY, Burns W. Boston DOD
Corporal BAILEY, Harold E. Winchester KIA
Private BAILEY, Percy H. Hillsboro DOD
Private BALDWIN, Silas F. Keene KIA
Sergeant BARKER, Floyd Portsmouth KIA
Private BARRY, Bernard B. Manchester KIA
Private BBRADBURY, Henry D. Keene KIA
Lieutenant BEAUCLARK, Sidney W. Concord KIA
Private BECK, James H. Mason DOAcc.
Sergeant Major BECKETT, Robert Concord DOD
Second Lieutenant BEDIE, Harold F. Tilton KIA
Private BELANGER, Eugene J. North Stratford DOD
Private BEMIS, Frank O. Hillsboro KIA
Private BENJAMIN, Russell Derry Village DOW
Private BENOIT, Aime Nashua KIA
Private BERGEN, Percy Lisbon DOD
Corporal BISSELL, James H. Keene KIA
Private BITGOOD, Charles E. Derry DOD
Private BLACKSTONE, Guy Herbert The Weirs DOD
Private BOISSONNEAU, Omer Manchester DOW
Private BONFORD, Edward Troy DOW
Sergeant BOSSIE, Dennis J. Nashua KIA
Private BOULAY, Raymond Somersworth DOD
Corporal BOULEY, Eli Nashua KIA
Corporal BOURASSA, Emil J. Gorham KIA
Private BOURDEN, Edward Northwood KIA
Private BOUSQUET, Alfred Homer Manchester KIA
Private BRENNEN, William Frederick Tamworth DOW
Private BRENNEN, William Frederick Tamworth DOAcc.
Private BREWSTER, Claude J. Newport KIA
Corporal BRIEN, Armand A. Manchester DOD
Private BRITTON, Carl P. East Alsted DOW
Private BROOKS, Frank L. Keene KIA
Private BROWN, Robert A. Concord DOD
Private BUGALL, Julian J. Nashua KIA
Private BURNS, Emile T. Nashua KIA
Private CADY, Leslie Charles Claremont DOD
Corporal CAGNE, Odilon Berlin KIA
Private CALDERARA, Carlo J. Milford DOW
Private CALL, Ernest J. Manchester KIA
Private CAQUETTE, George Berlin KIA
Sergeant CAREY, Austin H. Westmoreland Depot KIA
Mechanic CARNIGAN, Joseph Manchester KIA
Private CARPENTER, Charles Samuel Littleton DOD
Private CHAGNON, Eugene Nashua KIA
Private CHAMPA, Mike T. Manchester KIA
Private CHARTIER, David Manchester KIA
Private CHARTIER, Louis U. Manchester KIA
Corporal CHASE, Frank H. Nashua DOW
Private CHASE, Lester W. Derry DOW
Private CHRISTIANSEN, Conrad J. Berlin Mills KIA
Private CHRISTIE, John W. Dover KIA
Wagoner CLARK, William H. T. Nashua DOD
Musician CLOUGH, William O. Manchester DOD
Private COFFEY, James E. Nashua KIA
Private COLLINS, John Joseph Manchester DOW
Private CONSTANTINE, David S. Rochester DOD
Wagoner COOPER, Ray E. Sunapee KIA
Private COTE, Alfred J. Warren KIA
Private COTE, Philias Claremont DOW
Private COTE, Theobald P. Manchester DOW
Private COTE, William Etchin Dover DOD
Corporal COVEY, Earl A. Exeter KIA
Private COX, Charles Manchester DOW
Private CRAM, Earle W. Pittsfield KIA
Private CROTEAU, Clarence J. Marlborough KIA
Private CURRIE, Arthur W. Oxfordville KIA
Private CURTIS, Harry L. North Stratford DOD
Private DAUDIER, Thomas Manchester KIA
Private DESCHENES, Amedee Nashua DOW
Private DESFOSSE, Frank F. Manchester KIA
Corporal DESILETS, Leo A. Keene KIA
Corporal DICKINSON, Timothy Lisbon DOW
Private DONNELLY, Thomas M. Groveton DOAcc.
Private DORAN, Charles P. Wilmot DOW
Corporal DOW, Leroy E. Center Harbor DOW
Sergeant DOWD, Harold E. Manchester KIA
Private DOWNING, Charles J. Rochester KIA
Private DREW, Herbert Cummings Concord DOD
Wagoner DREW, Walter T. Concord DOD
Private DROUIN, George W. Dover DOD
Private DUBE, Adelard Nashua DOD
Private DUBUQUE, Charles Nashua KIA
Private DUMOND, Alphonse Somersworth KIA
Private DUNT, Alfred Berlin DOD
Private DUPUIS, Ezra Oakland KIA
Captain DURGIN, Robert G. New Market DOD
Corporal DUTTON, Harold L. Portsmouth DOW
Private EASTMAN, Wesley M. Easton KIA
Private EDWARDS, Orrin H. Antrim KIA
Captain ELLIOTT, Wilkie Irwin Nashua DOD
Saddler EMERSON, Alvah W. Rochester DOD
Private EMERSON, Harold B. Oxford DOD
Cook EMERSON, Lloyd F. Lebanon DOD
Private EMERSON, Maple Chester KIA
Private ERLANDO, Geroge N. Mt. Vernon KIA
Private FEENY, George F. Alton DOD
Corporal FELLOWS, Erroll S. Charlestown DOW
Private FENALSON, William A. Franklin DOD
Lieutenant FINLAYSON, Allan Keene KIA
Private FIORI, Amedio Portsmouth KIA
Private FLANDERS, Alfred S. Kelleyville KIA
Private FLETCHER, Robert H. Lancaster DOD
Private FLYNN, James B. Nashua KIA
Private FOLEY, Martin J. Manchester DOW
Corporal FORSAITH James M. Chester DOW
Private FORTIER, Napoleon Berlin DOD
Corporal FOUNTAIN, William F. Manchester KIA
Private FOURNIER, Louis Manchester DOW
Corporal FRASER, Louis P. Nashua DOAcc.
Private FRECHETTE, Fred Berlin DOD
Lieutenant FULLER, Kenneth E. Exeter KIA
Corporal GAGNE, Odilon Berlin KIA
Private GARRETT, Henry J. Manchester KIA
Private GERVE, Christopher Nashua KIA
Private GILDEA, Patrick Joseph Manchester KIA
Private GILLINGHAM, Arthur J. Newport DOD
Private GLANDIN, Paul G. Amherst KIA
Private GODDARD, Leroy Kingston DOD
Private GODREAU, Ernest Derry DOW
Private GOODELL, Harold Lebanon DOD
Private GORDON, Grant H. Keene KIA
Private GORDON, William O. Salem Depot DOD
Private GOSSLER, Henry Manchester KIA
Private GOUDIE, C. A. Lisbon DOD
Private GOYER, Joseph Ovila Manchester KIA
Private GRADY, Edward J. Manchester KIA
Private GREGOIRE, Arthur Manchester KIA
Private GRIGGS, Roy B. Meredith KIA
Private GRODZKI, Julian Manchester DOW
Private GUINGARD, Lue Somersworth KIA
Private GUYER, Arthur G. Lebanon KIA
Private GUYETTE, Joseph N. Penacock KIA
Private HAAS, Albert P. Bennington DOD
Private HADLEY, Collin L. Newport DOD
Private HAGAN, Woodbury D. Concord DOD
Private HAGEMANN, Eugene C. Nashua DOAcc.
Private HAGEMANN, Eugene O. Nashua DOW
Private HAIRE, Walter R. Tilton KIA
Private HAKEY, Leo G. Marlboro DOAcc.
Private HANNAFORD, Lester R. Dover DOW
Mechanic HANSCOM, Karl N. Portsmouth DOW
Lieutenant HARKINS, Matthew Joseph Province Lake KIA
Private HARRIMAN, Harry A. Wolfboro KIA
Private HARTFORD, Edgar C. Manchester KIA
Private HARTSHORN, Louis S. Milford KIA
Private HATT, Fay Eugene Portsmouth KIA
Private HEATH, Everett M. Hillsboro KIA
Private HERRON, Martin Littleton DOD
Private HICKEY, Frederick J. Keene DOW
Corporal HILL, Hugh C. Portsmouth KIA
Private HODGES, David H. Antrim DOD
Private HOLLAND, Frederick F. Manchester DOD
Corporal HOLLAND, William H. Litchfield KIA
Private HOLT, Grant Newport DOW
Private HOOPER, Don Sylvester Lempster KIA
Private HORAN, Charles F. Manchester DOW
Private HOUSTON, George S. Boscawen DOD
Bugler HUMISTON, John East Jaffrey KIA
Lieutenant HUNT, Jason S. Woodsville DOW
Corporal INGERSON, Dewey W. Whitefield DOW
Nurse IRWIN, Katherine P. Exeter DOD
Private JACQUES, Alfred Colebrook DOD
Private JESSEMAN, Arthur F. Warren KIA
Private JOHNSON, Arthur Manchester DOW
Private JOHNSON, Homar Berlin Mills DOAcc.
Lieutenant JUTRAS, William H. Manchester DOW
Private KALIVAS, Christos N. Manchester KIA
Private KARVELES, Anicetas Walpole DOW
Private KELLEY, Clarence F. Manchester DOD
Private KELSEY, Ralph Henry Claremont KIA
Private KENNEDY, Joseph A. Manchester KIA
Sergeant KING, Chauncey A. North Walpole DOW
Private KIRKGAARD, Lauge Gerhard Laurel DOD
Captain KNAPP, Lee Henry Danbury DOD
Private LA BOUNTY, Nelson A. Keene KIA
Private LA MAY, Victor W. Concord DOW
Sergeant LACASSE, Oliver Claremont KIA
Private LAGASSE, Albert J. West Peterboro KIA
Private LAMBRUKES, Harry Penacock DOD
Private LAMONT, Owen B. Rumney KIA
Private LANG, Harold H. Bethlehem DOD
Private LE CLAIRE, Henry J. Greenville DOW
Private LEBLANC, Edmond Nashua DOW
Sergeant LEVASSEUR, Ralph Manchester DOW
Private LITDKER, Frank L. Exeter DOD
Private LITTLE, Herman F. Manchester DOW
Corporal LONG, Harry R. Manchester KIA
Private LONGEVER, William J. Lebanon DOD
Private LORICK, Edward W. Nashua DOD
Private LOVERN, Ralph J. Hancock KIA
Private MACK, Ralph Center Harbor DOD
Corporal MAHANEY, Arthur P. Lancaster KIA
Private MANNION, John P. Concord DOD
Corporal MARSH, Harold F. Littleton DOW
Private MARTEL, Albert S. Manchester DOW
Private MARTEL, William Salmon Falls KIA
Private MASEVICH, Joseph A. Manchester KIA
Private MASON, Walter D. Claramont KIA
Private MASSICOTTE, Leander Franklin DOD
Private MAXFIELD, George Rochester KIA
Sergeant McDONALD, Charles J. Concord DOD
Private McGOFF, Patrick Dalton KIA
Private McGOWN, Clarence Main Gorham DOW
Private McGRATH, Earl O. Lakeport KIA
Sergeant McLELLAN, Arthur W. Berlin DOD
Corporal MERRILL, George E. South Hooksett KIA
Private MILLIKEN, Herbert H. Freedom DOW
Corporal MINNATT, John E. Winchester KIA
Corporal MOBERT, Charles Henry Concord KIA
Private MONTINY, Valere Manchester KIA
Private MOONEY, Joseph Arthur Berlin DOD
Private MOREHOUSE, Oscar G. Union DOD
Sergeant MORLEY, Jaremaih T. Manchester KIA
Corporal MORTON, Ashley M. Warner DOAcc.
Private MOULTON, John H. Water Village KIA
Private MUDGETT, Orris Pearl Meredith DOD
Sergeant MULROY, Michael Manchester KIA
Private MUNDELL, William Manchester KIA
Private MYERS, William M. Antrim KIA
Corporal NARTOFF, Victor J. Nashua KIA
Private NIDING, Joseph Manchester DOD
Private NOONAN, Edward B. Exeter KIA
Private NORCROSS, Edgar I. Portsmouth DOD
Private O'BRIEN, Walpole. E   DOD
Private OCLAIR, Albert Nashua KIA
Private ONEIL, George L. Colebrook KIA
Private OPIE, Frank Concord DOW
Private PALADAS, John Nashua DOAcc.
Private PAPANASTASION, Stratis Nassau KIA
Private PARENT, Fabin Salmon Falls KIA
Lieutenant PARNELL, George D. Manchester KIA
Private PARTRIDGE, Merrett E. Keene KIA
Private PAYSON, Charles H. Greensboro KIA
Sergeant PELL, Lyman F. Hanover KIA
Private PERKINS, Clarence L. Manchester KIA
Private PETERSON, William A. Manchester DOW
Private PETRY, Carlton L. Brookline KIA
Private PHILLIPS, Vernon N. Littleton DOAcc.
Private PICKLES, Sidney R. Portsmouth KIA
Private PIERCE, Louis Alvin North Groton DOW
Sergeant PLANT, Murray S. Bethlehem KIA
Private POMBRIO, Oliver Nashua DOD
Private POPPLE, Clarence J. West Rindge DOD
Private POTVIN, Morris P. Farmington DOD
Private PRENTISS, Cecil H. Antrim DOD
Private PROVENCHER, Wilfred R. Manchester DOW
Private PYNE, Albert N. Walpole KIA
Private QUINLAN, Benjamin F. Rochester DOD
Private RAND, Wallace E. Rye Center DOD
Private RAZA, Hypolite J. Manchester KIA
Private REDDDINGTON, John J. Manchester KIA
Private RICCIARDI, Rosario Milford KIA
Corporal RICHARDS, Joseph L. Manchester DOW
Private RIVERS, Joseph M. Winchester DOW
Private RIVERS, Leroy East Hamstead DOW
Private ROBERGE, Alfred Manchester DOW
Private ROBERGE, Joseph H. Manchester KIA
Private ROBERTS, Maurice H. Derry KIA
Private ROGERS, Perley F. Bartlett DOD
Corporal ROSS, Frank L. Manchester KIA
Private ROY, Louger Nashua KIA
Private RYAN, Matthew M. Berlin KIA
Wagoner RYAN, Thomas J. Nashua DOW
Private RYDER, George A. Hanover DOD
Private SANNELL, Joe Concord KIA
Lieutenant SCHMIDT, Theodore D. Portsmouth DOW
Captain SCOTT, Francis A. Portsmouth DOW
Sergeant SEELING, Frederick R. Manchester DOW
Private SEMONIAN, Sarkis H. Nashua KIA
Private SHAW, Arthur E. Franklin KIA
Private SHAWNEY, Howard Littleton KIA
Private SHEDD, Daniel K. Manchester KIA
Private SHELDON, Arthur L. Westmoreland KIA
Sergeant SMITH, Archibald L. Manchester DOD
Private SMITH, Joseph N. Plymouth KIA
Private SMITH, Perley V. Lebanon DOD
Private SNOW, Robert P. Lebanon KIA
Private SOUTHMAYD, Wm. Baker Campton DOW
Private SPAULDING, Harold M. Hudson DOD
Private ST. HILAIRE, Emile Berlin KIA
Corporal STAPLES, Herbert E. Mountainview KIA
Private STEFANSKI, Stanislaw Manchester KIA
Mechanic STRONG, Riley V. Littleton DOD
Private SULLIVAN, Edward J. Manchester KIA
Sergeant TALBOT, Omar J. Berlin DOD
Sergeant TAYLOR, Carl C. Dover DOW
Private THIBEAULT, Albert Manchester KIA
Lieutenant THOMAS, William H. Candia KIA
Corporal THOMPSON, Forrest A. Keene KIA
Private THOMPSON, Wm. S. Manchester DOW
Private TOOMER, Frederick A. Franklin DOD
Private TOWN, Milton S. Tilton DOD
Private TURCOTTE, Harry H. Center Sandwich DOW
Corporal TURGEON, Ralph A. Concord DOD
Corporal VAUGHAN, Charles A. Manchester DOW
Private VEILLEUX, Cyrille Manchester KIA
Sergeant VIOLET, Edmund Berlin DOW
Private WAITT, Roland H. Berlin DOW
Private WALTON, Raymond Everett Seabrook KIA
Corporal WARREN, Clyde A. Groveton DOD
Bugler WEBSTER, Earl A. Manchester KIA
Corporal WELD, Vern H. Canaana KIA
Private WENTWORTH, George H. Gorham DOD
Private WHATLEY, Ike Lincoln DOD
Private WHEELER, Ralph W. Westmoreland DOD
Private WHITTEMORE, Franklin H. Nashua DOD
Private WILSON, Alexander E. Woodsville KIA
Private WILSON, Fred Salem Depot DOD
Corporal WING, Edward P. Hampton KIA
Private WOODS, Rene Sandown KIA
Private WORMHOOD, Clifton Rochester DOAcc.
Private YOUNG, Gleeson W. Henniker KIA

Casualties Reported in Newspapers
Contributed by Rose Stout

The following casualties are reported by the Commanding General of the American Expeditionary Forces:  









Date of Newspaper

Ashford Langston Navasota NH Sergeant Marine Wounded in Action (Severely) Hutchinson (KS) News October 10, 1918
Dagennis Oscar Laconia NH Sergeant Marine Wounded in Action (Severely) Hutchinson (KS) News October 10, 1918
Moore Noyes V. no address given NH Sergeant Marine Severely Wounded in Action Hutchinson (KS) News October 3, 1918
Sinclair Wilbur W. Woodstock NH Private Marine Wounded in Action, Severely (Previously Reported Missing) Hutchinson (KS) News October 9, 1918


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