The 1920 census is a partial census for Jal, New Mexico.

The 1930 census for Lea County is complete.

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1910 Monument Precint#5, 1A - Eddy County New Mexico Census, 13th US Census

April 23, 1910 Enumerated by: John F. Keys

Surname Given Name Age Place of Birth Occupation-Relation
Hardin Bee 31 Texas Cattleman
Hardin Eva 29 Texas  Wife
Hardin Margart 8 Texas Son
Hardin Clangford 2 New Mexico Son
Rancing David C. 25 Iowa Sheepman
Bingham Thomas S. 37 Texas Cattleman
Bingham Louella M. 35 Missouri Wife
Bingham Mary F. 9 Oklahoma Daughter
Bingham Tomie L. 7 Texas Daughter
Bingham Hope E. 4 Texas Daughter
Bingham George H. 1 New Mexico Son
McMillan John A. 59 Texas Cattleman
McMillan Zora A. 52 Texas Wife
Taylor James W. 25 Arkansas


Taylor Nellie E. 23 Texas Wife
Taylor Martha E. 5 New Mexico Daughter
Taylor Thelma E. 3 New Mexico Daughter
Taylor John W. 1 New Mexico Son
Byrd William P. 43 Alabama Farmer
Byrd Francis E. 33 Texas Wife
Byrd Bonnie B. 16 Texas Daughter
Byrd Vira E. 13 Texas Daighter
Byrd William C. 11 Texas Son
Byrd Richard D. 7 Texas Son
Byrd Bernice J. 5 Texas Daughter
Byrd Ina A. 3 New Mexico Daughter
Byrd Mary J. 63 Georgia Mother
Edington Hamilton 36 Texas Farmer
Edington Annie S. 30 Texas Wife
Edington Willie F. 10 Texas Son
Edington Effie S. 8 Texas Daughter
Edington Florence A. 6 Texas Daughter
Byrd Freddie J. 1 New Mexico Son
Linam James V. 47 Texas Cattleman
Linam Ellie E. 41 Texas Wife
Linam Virgil J. 15 Texas Son
Linam Walter T. 9 Texas Son
Linam Lois R. 8 Texas Daughter
Linam Wanda A. 4 Texas Daughter
Thorpe Sarah A. 66 Mississippi Mother
Byars Edgard B. 36 Mississippi Farmer
Byars Minervie 33 Texas  Wife
Byars Joseph B. 14 Texas Son
Byars Gertrude 12 Texas Daughter
Byars Tom D. 9 Texas Son
Byars Rayten 7 Texas Son
Byars Florie 5 Texas Daughter
Byars Homer 3 Texas Daughter
Recozia Juan 45 Od Mexico Hired Hand
Ranos Cortez 40 Texas Hired Hand

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