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The 1930 census for Lea County is complete.

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1910 Roberts-Nadine Precint#12, - Eddy County New Mexico Census, 13th US Census

Enumerated: 16 May 1910 Eumerator: William DeRodenPos

Surname Given Name Age Place of Birth Occupation-Relation
Larkins Andrew 26 Alabama Head - Farmer
Larkins Nancy L. 25 Texas Wife
Larkins Francis F. 6 Texas Daughter
Larkins Henry B. 4 Texas Son
Larkins Mittie E. 11m New Mexico Daughter
Barnett Burr A. 26 Texas Head - Farmer
Barnett Maggie E. 27 N. Carolina Wife - Teacher
Barnett Henry W. 6 Texas Son
Barnett Lend L. 5 Texas Daughter
Barnett Nellis 3 Texas Son
Ammons Ealon J. 22 Texas Head - Farmer
Ammons Cora M. 20 Texas Wife
Ammons Aris M. 3m Texas Daughter
Cochran Chas. B. 26 Texas

Head - Farmer

Cochran Stella P. 23 Texas Wife
Cochran Lila P. 4 New Mexico Daughter
Cochran Wayne A. 5m New Mexico Son
Hughes James H. 45 Kentucky Head - Postmaster
Hughes Jennie 40 Texas Wife - Bookkeeper
Hughes Mary E. 14 Texas Daughter
Hughes Martin 12 Texas Son
Hughes Anabell 11 Texas Daughter
Hughes Henry J. 5 Texas Son
Hughes Nadine 1 New Mexico Daughter
Bales Early R. 37 Texas Head - Farmer
Bales Vassie D. 27 Arkansas Wife
Bales Mattie A. 8 Texas Daughter
Bales Annie 7 Texas Daughter
Bales Dessie 5 Texas Daughter
Bales Minervie T. 3 New Mexico Daughter
Bales Linzie T. 3 New Mexico Daughter
Bales John J. 1m New Mexico Son
Bales May 25 Texas Cousin
Van Hellebeck Jerome J. 28 Belgium Head - Farmer
Van Hellebeck Minnie S. 23 Texas Wife
Van Hellebeck William L. 7 Texas Son
Van Hellebeck Solomon F. 3 Texas Son
Owens William R. 53 N. Carolina Head - Farmer
Prueitt Robert 45 Texas Head - Farmer
Prueitt Lena P. 35 Texas Wife
Prueitt Della L. 18 Texas Daughter
Prueitt Ollie T. 16 Texas Son
Prueitt Minnie E. 14 Texas Daughter
Prueitt Ernest T. 12 Texas Son
Prueitt Dovie 10 Texas Daughter
Prueitt Weslie S. 8 Texas Son
Prueitt Mandie 6 Texas Daughter
Callahan Henry A. 26 Alabama Head - Farmer
Callahan Margret V. 24 Alabama Wife
Callahan Mildred V. 3 Alabama Daughter

1910 Eddy County,Roberts-Nadine Precinct# 12

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