The 1920 census is a partial census for Jal, New Mexico.

The 1930 census for Lea County is complete.

The 1940 Lea County census is in progress and will be added as time allows.

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1920 Lea County, Jal, New Mexico Census - A-C

Jan 30, 1920 Enumerated by: William B. Harrison

Surname Given Name Age Place of Birth Occupation-Relation
Bailey Dick 27 Oklahoma Hired Hand
Bales Florence 44 California  Head of House
Bales Grace 4 8m New Mexico Daughter
Bales Oron 5 New Mexico Son
Bales Reed 2 1m New Mexico Son
Beckham Cleo L 10 Texas Daughter
Beckham Ernest 14 Texas Son
Beckham Mattie 38 Texas Wife
Beckham William L 50 Texas Head of House
Black Annetta 21 Texas Wife
Black Harvey 33 Texas Head of House
Brich Elizabeth 77 Ohio Mother
Bryant Louise 6 Texas Daughter
Bryant James F 45 Kentucky Head of House
Bryant James F Jr 7 Texas  Son
Bryant Janice 3 3m New Mexico Daughter
Bryant Pearl 30 Texas Wife
Buffington George 64 Alabama Head Of House
Buffington Lana 21 Mississippi Son
Buffington Learse 41 Mississippi Son
Buffington Lucy 57 Alabama Wife
Cooper Clyde 9 Texas Son
Cooper Ernest 1 11m New Mexico Son
Cooper Fred 4 9m New Mexico Son
Cooper George E 26 Oklahoma Son
Cooper Gladys 7 Texas Daughter
Cooper John 32 Texas Head of House
Cooper Johnniles 13 Texas Son
Cooper Joseph 20 Texas Head of House
Cooper Katie 11 Texas Daughter
Cooper Lillian 18 Texas Wife
Cooper Mark 2 1m New Mexico Son
Cooper Mary 62 Wisconsin Wife
Cooper Nannie 20 Texas Wife
Cooper Venice 4 New Mexico Daughter
Cooper Virgie 1 3m New Mexico Daughter
Costas Dock 41 Texas Head of House
Costas Ellen 34 Texas Wife
Cowden Rorie E 22 Texas Head of House
Cowden Esther 19 Texas Wife