Lea County, New Mexico

Hat Ranch

HAT RANCH. The Hat Ranch, begun around 1890 by the partnership of Andrew B. (Sug) Robertsonqv and Winfield Scott, was based in Colorado City, Mitchell County. Sometime before 1890 Robertson and Winfield registered the brand, which was made with a half circle over a bar, thus resembling a hat. During the next five years the partners bought out several large ranches, including that of the McKenzie brothers in New Mexico and the 3R and SC ranches, cattle, and horses of the Brunson brothers in Texas. In addition they purchased several thousand 9K cows in Van Horn County and moved them to the newly acquired range. By 1896 more than 50,000 cattle bore the Hat brand on a range area of over 100 square miles, extending from about six miles east of the site of present Seminole in Gaines County to the vicinity of Carlsbad in Eddy County, New Mexico.

Used with permission of the Texas State Historical Association, Denton.

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