Eunice, New Mexico

 On June 9th, 1909, the US Postal Service picked the name "Eunice" from a list of names submitted for a post office on the homestead that John N Carson had established in 1908. Carson a mercantilist from the Shafter Lake, Texas just across the Texas boarder set up the homestead on what was part of the lands of the "84" ranch.

In February 1910, on land that had been donated by Martha  Downes for a school, Mrs. Willie Wyatt began instructing 28 students in a one room wooden. The school lasted only four months.

In a 1910 photo of the Eunice school, the following people are listed: Nannie Marshall, Earl Grizzel, Hester Turner, Louis Ellison, Virgil Barron, Hazel Marshall, Virgie Norton, Conner Carson, Willie Norton, Vernie Hardison, John Pearl Carson, Grace Carson, Ralph Barron, Inez Forbes, Lura Barron, Valerie Cochran, Burl Hardison, Lanier Hardy, Estella Mallon, Cecil Carson, Felix Hardy, Fannie Hardison and teacher, Willie Wyatt in the doorway of the school.

In a 1916 photo of the Eunice and students, the following people are listed; Prim Wood, Bill McCormick, Beal Forbes, Jessie Norton, Clyde Owens, Kenneth Turner, Leonard Grizzell, Roy Estlack, Horace Owens, Margurite Pierce, Dollie Mustian, Gertrude Turner, Bessie Norton, Lois Turner, Maud Turner, lla McCormick, Harriett Speed, Felis Hardy, Olen Turner, Clara Stephens, Lola Cobb, Orie Turner, Tommy Mustin, Robie Norton, Elmer Turner, Wesley Owens, Lanier Hardy, Josie Cobb, Grace Carson, Lizzie Cobb, Inez Forbes, Fannie Cobb, Cecil Carson, Lois Grizzell, Miss Lucille Woodward and Meda Turner. (Note)

William E. Reeder and Emery H. Norton, opened a second store in Eunice in 1910, the store was later sold to John Carson in 1914.

Eunice Area Homesteaders 1909-1937

Land for the original Eunice cemetery was donated by Martha A. Downes, whose husband John D. Downes died in December 1908. The second person buried in the Eunice cemetery was James H. Taylor in March 1909. The Eunice cemetery was later expanded with the purchase of land from Rollen Brunson.

Lynn C. Mauldin's book: "Lea County, New Mexico, A Pictorial History", lists other businesses and names associated with Eunice.

Gil Hinshaw's book: "Lea, New Mexico's Last Frontier" published by the Hobbs News-Sun,  has an excellent article on the beginnings of Eunice.

Note: Names taken from a photograph dated 1916 of Eunice School. This photo can be found in the Lea County Family and Histories, Then and Now, Vol II, or in the Kenneth Turner collection at New Mexico Junior College at Hobbs, New Mexico