Eunice Homesteaders

By Bess Sims Daugherty

These are the names of the homesteaders who filed and Proved Up on a claim extending North of the Weir drift fence, East to the Texas line and West to the San Simon drift fence. This area can be more accurately described as Township 21,22,23 and the first North row of Sections 24 South, Ranges 36, 37 and 38 East. This includes the surrounding areas of the present community of Eunice (established in 1909); Oil Center (established in 1937); Henry (1909-1913). once a post office and a one-teacher school, and White (1914-1935), once  one-teacher school.


Adkins, Andrew J. Alexander, Joseph V.
Adkins, Ernest C. Alexander, Julius P.
Adkins, Joseph A. Alexander, Mae F.
Alexander, Eula A. Anderson, Mary


Bailey, Charles R. & Della Baker, Joseph V. Baker, Monroe M. Belcher, William R. Boyd, Olie
Bailey Henry & Lillie Baker, Julius J. Bannosky, William U. Benton, Sterling P. Brandon, Lee
Baker, Abraham B. Baker, Laura M. Beach, Emma Boyd, Asa L. Brunson, Rollon L.
Baker, Albert D. Baker, Louie B. Belcher, James T. Boyd, Blanch E. Bryant, Bass


Cameron, James O. Cary, Will Cobb, Elizabeth K. Combest, William H.
Carr, Sarah J. Chaney, Don Cochran, George Cotton, De Roa
Carson, Edgar O. Chaney, Troy T. Cole, Cary C. Cowden, Lidden
Carson, Eunice A. Christmas, Benjamin A. Coleman, Ottenburg L. Cowden, Thomas J.
Carson, John N. Coates, William L. Collins, Frona Leck Crenshaw, Gideon P.
Carson, John P. Cobb, Allen M. Combest, John P.


Crook, Ruben A.
Carter, Enoch C. Cobb, Calvin M. Combest, Sarah Curry, Isaac & Carry A.



Daugherty, James M. Day, James H. Downes, Martha A.
Davis, Benjamin C. Donavan, Fredrick Drinkard, Allen M.
Davis, Benjamin F. Downes, Alexander Drinkard, Amanda E.
Davis, Edith E. Downes, William M. Drinkard, Ella E.
Davis. Mattie L. Downes, Annie A. Drinkard, Vivian H.
Davis, Shady P. Downes, Elijah D. G. Dupue, Uriah A.
Davis, Thornton E. Downes, John D.  


Esmond, Hubert E. Estlack, Jesse C.
Estlack, Alfred Estlack, L. J.
Estlack, Allen A.  


Felton, Amanda E. Fisher, Mary C. Forbes, William A.


Gann, Nathan H. Greer, Henry D.
Gann, Robert L. Grizzell, James W.
Glier, Frank S. Grizzell, Laura E.
Greenwood, Jesse L.  



Hair, John W. Hardy, Dayton C. Henson, Georgian E. Houlihan, Rena A.
Haley, William D. Harper, Florence C. Henson, Robert L. Houston, Harris L.
Ham, Jeff M. Harris, Tyra E. Herring, Billy V. Houston, John L.
Hardison, Alvin A. Harrison, Benjamin F. Hill, Elmer C. Houston, Robert L.
Hardy, Put D. Harrison, Flora B. Hill, Lonnie G. Houston, Tom W.
Hardy, Cornelia L. Harrison, Wrenna E. Hooper, Albert C. Hughes, Jennie


No "I" names


Johnson, Eugene S. Jones, Otis L.
Johnson, James C. Jones, Rodman M.
Jones, Curran Jones, Willie V.


Kelly, William L. King, Emery F. King, William H.
King, Bertha L. King, Fred C. Knox, Alonzo E.
King, Dandle B. King, Inez B. Kubat, John


Lambert, Coke L. Long, Thomas
Lambert, John Long, Sallie
Lankford, Thomas M. Long, Wiley
Leonard, James A. Lynch, Walter


Marshall, Claudie W. Matkins, William T. May, Winfred J.
Marshall, Mary L. May, Arlie G. Meadows, Lon A.
Marshall, Robert M. May, Elma Monk, Amos
Marshall, William S. May, Henry B. Muncy, John L.
Martin, Sherwood C. May, Lee Mustian, Robert H.
Matkins, David L. May, Thomas H. McCormack, William T.
Matkins, James E. May, Thomas O. McCrory, Willie E.


Nabors, Willie L. Nash, William A. Norton, Emery H.
Nash, Thomas J. Nix, William L. Nymeyer, Fred A.


Oakley, Charlie Owens, James W. Owens, Wesley M.


Paddock, Elijah T. Patterson, Paul
Paddock, Henry Price, John W.
Paddock, Lochie B. Price, Thomas W.
Patton, Jones  


No "Q" names


Randle, James G. Richards, Arthur D.
Reeder, William E. Rogers, Alexander


Scott, W. E. Sims, Ellen Steeler, Bert
Sharp. Milton Sims, George W. Steeler, Edward L.
Shipley, Clarence E. Sims, Hugh O. Steeler, Martha E.
Shipley, Ethel Sims, Raleigh R. Stephens, Francis M.
Shipley, James F. Sims, William P. Stephens, Jonas & Lula
Shipley, Thomas E. Smith, Mary E. Stephens, William V.



Taylor, James H. Turner, Addis T.
Terry, Samuel E. Turner, William F.
Thomason, Sam H. Turner, William H.
Toby, George W.  


No "U" names


Veach, Northern R. E.


Walden, William P. Watkins, John P. Williams, Thomas J.
Walden, Anna Wells, Rhoda E. Williamson, Daniel A.
Walden, Ernest W. Whitten, Mary A. Wood, St.John S.
Warlick, L. G. Whitten, Roy E. Wooley, Thomas W.
Warlick, Lewis M. Williams, James L. Wortham, Richard L.
Watkins, Minnie A. Williams, Mack L. Wright, Roy E.