Italian Cream Pie

Leona Rickard Cleveland 1930's


      Italian Cream Cake


2 cups sugar    1/2 cup Crisco    1stick butter   not anything else    2 cups shifted flour    1 cup buttermilk    1teas.soda    1 teas. Vanilla    1 cup angel flake coconut 5 eggs


Cream sugar, butter Crisco add 5 eggs yolks 1 at a time beating well

Add buttermilk plus soda in it


Add 2 cups flour alternately with eggs

Add vanilla mix together, fold in coconut. Beat eggs white and fold into batter, pour into greased floured

Pam...bake 350deg. 25 -30 min.

Cool before icing.



1 8 0z cream Phil. Cheese soften

1 stick oleo soften

1cup chopped pecans

1 Box powder sugar sifted

1 teas. vanilla cream. oleo &cream cheese, very well, add sifted powder

Add a little milk for desire spreading stir in nuts


Grandmothers updated recipe 

Submitted by: Sue Long Cravens