Jist Pie

Submitted by: Marilyn Dominy Original submitter: Unknown



                      3 egg yolks

                      2/3 cup sugar

                      1 tbsp. flour

                      ½ tsp. salt

                       1 1/3 cup whipping cream

                      1 tsp. vanilla


Beat together yolks, sugar, flour, salt.  Then fold in whipping cream and vanilla.  Bake at 359 degrees until top is golden brown about fifty minuets.


Jist Pie” was called that for years.  It is better known now as “chess pie.”  legend has it that in illinois in the early 1840’s, a weary settler came in from working his fields one evening and after supper, asked about dessert.  his wife had no apples, peaches or berries in the cabin but she did have plenty of flour, sugar, cream fresh eggs and spices.

When she replied that she had pie, her husband asked, “what kind of pie?”

she replied “oh jist pie.”