Lea's Vanished Towns, Camps and Schools
Lea Towns Click image for large view
Lea County hosted many schools, townships, and camps that for one reason or another, never survived into the 21st century, many surviving only a year or two and then vanishing, leaving only their names and the fading memories that were made there.

Settlement and school information taken from "Lea, New Mexico's Last Frontier" by Gil Hinshaw. Copies available thru the Lea County Museum.

Antelope, Antioch, Arkansas Junction, Bagley, Baker Flat, Beauty, Bennett, Blue Weed Flat, Borger, Brasher, Buckeye, Caprock, Causey, Center Point, Cooper, Crawford, Culp, Crile, Crossraods, Custer Mountain, Dallas Stores, East Barber, Echo, Eden Valley, Eighteen, Eighties, Eldorado, Enterprise, Eunice, Ford, Gladiola, Harmony, Henry, Hester, High Lonesone, High Top, Hillburn City, Hiway, Humble City, Jenkins, Jones City, Kimbrough, King, Knowles, Kornegay, Lane Salt Lake, Lea, Leck, Little Baker, Lone Star, Longview, Lynch, Maljamar, Maypens, McDonald, McIntyre, Mexico City, Micho, Midway, Mitchell, Mims, Monument, Muleshoe, Murphy's Chapel, Nadine, New Hobbs, Lea, Oasis, Ochoa, Oil Center, Pearl, Pick Handle Flat, Pitchfork, Plainview, Planet, Pleasant Valley, Prairieview, Punkin City, Querecho Plains, Ranch House, Ranger Lake, Rat, Record, Roberts, Salem, San Simon, Scott, Shaw, Skeen, Slatton, Soldier Hill, Southview, Swamp, Teague, Thornhill, Warren, Welch, White and Williams.

Schools: Adamson-Salem, Alexander-Ochoa, Allen's Chapel, Andeerson Ranch School, Bagley, Baker Flat, Beauty, Beb, Blue Weed Flat, Brasher, Buffington Ranch School, Center Point, Collum, Cooper, Crossroads, Crowley, Culp, Custer Mountain, East Barber, Echo, Eden Valley, Eighteen, Eightys, Enterprise, Eunice, Fightin Holler, Ford, Gladiola, Harmony, Henry, Hester, High Lonesome, High Top, Hiway, Hobbs, Home Sweet Home, Humble City,  Independence, Jal, Jenkins, King, Knowles, Lea, Leck, Little Baker, Lone Star, Longview, Longview-Leak, Lovington, Maljamar, McDonald, Midway, Mims, Monument, Moster Lewis, Murphy's Chapel, Nadine, Needmore, North Barber, Ochoa, Patillo, Pearl or Pearl Valley, Pitchfork, Plainview, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Valley, Prairieview, Punkin Center, Ranch House Eighty, Ranger Lake, Rat, Salem, San Simon, Scott, Shaw, Slatton, Soldier Hill, Southview, Sweet Home, Tatum, Taylor Ranch School, Thornehill, Warren, Welch, White, Zimmerman Ranch School 


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