Open Range Cowboy's Association Queens

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Queens and Sweethearts who have been named throughout the year are: 1959, Mrs. Minnie Anderson, Lovington Queen; 1960, Mrs. Eva Woodward, Lovington Queen. The next year it was decided to add a Sweetheart. 1961, Mrs. J.B. "Jim" Love, Lovington Queen; Mrs. Nell Taylor Sweetheart; 1962, Mrs. C.B. Cochran, Hobbs Queen, Mrs. Jack Jackson, Loving Sweetheart; 1963, Mrs. Dick Lee, Mrs. H.H. Harris, Tatum Sweetheart; 1964, Mrs. Bessie Frier, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Clyde Browning, Lovington Sweetheart; 1965, Mrs. Minnie Byers, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Charlcia Taylor, Hobbs Sweetheart; 1966, Mrs. Howard (Bernice) Hamilton, Lovington Queen, Mrs. John (Aye) Frier, Lovington Sweetheart; 1967, Mrs. Boon (Vallye) Hardin, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Lillie Lynch, Lovington Sweetheart; 1968, Mrs. Ace Breckon, Tatum Queen, Mrs. Clara Fowler, Hobbs Sweetheart; 1969, Mrs. Rob Garrett Thurmond, Carlsbad Queen, Mrs. Lottie York, Lovington Sweetheart; 1970, Mrs. Jim Caldwell Lovington Queen, Mrs. Ida Foreman, Tatum Sweetheart; 1971, Mrs. Katie Beverly, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Sleta Medlin Franklin, Hobbs Sweetheart; 1972, Mrs. Eula Howell, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Tommie Cooper, Hobbs Sweetheart; 1973, Mrs. W.M. (Grace) Beauchamp, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Edith Fanning, Eunice Sweetheart; 1974, Mrs. Will Terry, Hobbs Queen, Mrs. Tom (Libby) James, Tatum Sweetheart; 1975, Mrs. Mattie Price, Tatum Queen, Mrs. Ethyl Taylor Graham, Lovington Sweetheart; 1976, Mrs. Fannie Holloway, Hobbs Queen, Mrs. Minnie Medlin Taylor, Hope, New New Mexico, Sweetheart; 1977, Mrs. Ruth Graham, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Leona Anderson Easley, Lovington Sweetheart; 1978, Mrs. Bess Peveler, Tatum Queen, Mrs. Emma Love Hooper, Crane, Texas Sweetheart; 1979, Mrs. Brooke Anderson, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Dollie York Russell, Sweetheart; 1980, Mrs. Georgia Campbell, Hobbs Queen, Mrs. Mamie Love, Lovington Sweetheart; 1981, Mrs. Willlie May Evans, Hobbs Queen, Mrs. Pearl Yadon, Lovington Sweetheart; 1982, Mrs. Elizabeth Clardy, Lovington Queen, Mrs. Lila Allen, Lovington Sweetheart; 1983, Mrs. Luke (Bert) Taylor, Queen, Mrs. Joel M (Mary Lou) Carson, Sweetheart. 

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