Lincoln County New Mexico
Genealogy and History


History Topics

Characters and Outlaws of the Lincoln County War
Lincoln County War
Blazer's Mill
Charles Bowdre
Alexander McSween
Sheriff Pat Garrett

The Lincoln County War and Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid and his exploits as told by Francisco Trujillo
Story of Baca/Brent Family and Billy the Kid as told by Josh Brent 

County History
Town and Village Histories
County and City History
Smokey Bear Birthplace
Executions in Lincoln County
Oldest Citizen Lived at Arabella
Extinct Towns
History of the Casey Ranch
Lincoln County Post Offices
Overview of Corona in 1911

Pioneers and Early Families
Pioneer Story of Abran Miller
Pioneer Story of Henry Lutz 
Pioneer Story of Francisco Gomez 
Pioneer Story of Ina W. Mayer
Pioneer Story of Elisha Leslie
Book: "MRS. JAB" by Wanda Browning Falk

  Lincoln County Photos

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