Marriages in Luna County New Mexico



Hon, Laura

Rice, Minta

Ruebush, E.L.


Glenn, E.N.

Holtcamp, William

Leffler, George


A Quiet Home Wedding
     Married, at eleven o'clock a.m. Monday, November 14, at the home of the bride's parents, in the presence of a few special friends, Mr. William Holtcamp and Miss Minta Rice. Amid a shower of rice, old shoes and good wishes, the happy couple left at noon for their new home in Arizona.
     The following is capped from the Clifton Copper Era: "W.H. Holtcamp made a flying trip to Deming last week to see his relatives; while there he was united in marriage to Miss Minta Rice, one of Deming's most popular young ladies. They arrived in Clifton this week and will make their home here in the future. The bride and groom succeeded in making their escape from the depot without being discovered, but a trunk decorated with white ribbon and old shoes was unloaded from the baggage car and the secret was out. A large party, headed by former residents of Deming, waited on the couple at the Clifton hotel and extended congratulations. The Era wishes them a long and happy life."

November 19, 1904 Deming Headlight, Deming New Mexico

©Shauna Williams

Another Surprise Party
     Yesterday afternoon our well known young business friend, George Leffler, and his charming sweetheart, Miss Laura Hon, got into a buggy and drove out to Rev. Mr. W.E. Foulks' farm, where they called Brother Foulks in from the fields and handed him the necessary document to authorize the performance of a wedding.
     The ceremony took place at 6 p.m. in the cherry orchard. Mr. and Mrs. Foulks had kept their intentions an absolute secret, so the news of the event will come as a delightful surprise to their large circle of friends.
     The HEADLIGHT is proud of the distinction of being first to felicitate the happy couple. May they ever look upon yesterday as the real beginning of the truly happy life. May their joys be many and their sorrows few.
     The bride and groom at once left for a honeymoon trip to Cloudcroft, El Paso and Albuquerque.

June 21, 1912 Deming Headlight, Deming New Mexico

©Shauna Williams

Church Wedding
     A pretty church wedding was that which took place directly after the services at the Christ's church Sunday afternoon, October 27, when J.A. Harding united in holy wedlock E.N. Glenn and Miss E.L. Ruebush. The church had been beautifully decorated by friends of the bride and groom, and a very large audience was there to witness the ceremony.
     The contracting parties are well known and most highly esteemed by all their acquaintances.
     Mr. Glenn is the resident minister of Christ's church, and was at one time connected in a business way with the Headlight. He is a young man of clean character, quiet and unassuming, yet one who makes and retains friends among his fellowmen.
     He is the possessor of a fine homestead just north of town, and has prepared a pleasant and comfortable abode for his helpmate through the journey of life.
     Miss Ruebush had been on speaking terms with almost every man, woman and child in Deming, even though she may not have known them personally, for was she not the efficient telephone operator at the Deming exchange for many months? She was always courteous in her work to all patrons.
     The wedding supper was given at the home of the bride's uncle, S.W. Ruebush, at which the very close friends of bride and groom were sumptuously dined at which the bride and groom presided with grace and dignity.
      On Friday night of last week a surprise was given them at the home of J.W. McCurry. The couple were suddenly ushered into a room deeply darkened, when the lights were turned, and there the young couple were completely surrounded by all manner of useful and costly presents-from a rocker to a sad iron-after which the invited friends were served with an elaborate luncheon by the host and hostess.
      The Headlight joins with the host of friends of this young couple for a long, bright and happy future.

November 1, 1912 Deming Headlight, Deming New Mexico

©Shauna Williams


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