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Rio Arriba County, NM
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Source: Polk's Arizona and New Mexico Pictorial State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913 -Transcribed by J.S.

Members of the Legislature, 1912
Senators - Terms expire January 1917
Fourth District - Thos. D. Burns, Tierra Amarilla

District Court
First Judicial District - Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and San Juan Counties
Edmund C. Abbott, Judge - Santa Fe
Alex Read, District Attorney - Santa Fe

Sheep Sanitary Board
A.E. Echwald

State Institutions
Spanish American Normal School - El Rito - Francisco Delgado, Pres.

County Officers of 1912
County Seat - Tierra Amarilla
Sheriff - Elias Garcia
Treasurer - Venceslao Jaramillo
Assessor - Naricos Sanchez
Probate Judge - Evaristo Martinez
County Clerk - M.A. Gonzales
Superintendent of Schools - David Martinez Jr.
Surveyor - W.G. Turley
Chairman County Commissioners - J.P. Valdez

Pop. 500. Rio Arriba County.
A village 21 miles N.W. of Chamita on the D&RGRR the shipping point and 60 N.W. of Santa Fe the banking point.
A Chavez P.M.
Grant Henry, general Store and wool
Martinez, Julian, saloon
Martinez, Patricio, saloon
Ortiz, Ignacio, saloon

Rio Arriba county.
A P.O. 3 miles N. of Chamita on the D&RGRR the shipping point and 35 N. of Santa Fe the banking point.
Exp Globe
Elias Clark P.M.
Alcalde Mercantile Co., gen. store
Clark, Elias, general store
Salazar T., saloon
Sanchez, J.E., saloon

Pop. 500 Rio Arriba county.
A town on the D&RGRR 20 miles N. of Tierra Amarilla the county seat and 65 S.W. of Antonito, Colo. the banking point. Has Catholic and Methodist churches and a hotel. Altitude 7.853 feet.
Exp Globe
Tel W.U.
Thos. J. Thompson, P.M.
Biggs, E.M., Tie & Store Co. (inc), E.M. Biggs, pres; C.H. Eddy, treas.
Branson, Robt., saloon
Broad, Frank W. & Co., F.W. Broad pres and mngr, real estate
Boyer & Cobble (Jno. F. Boyer, Elan Cobble), saloon
Chama Hotel, Henry N. De Yapp propr.
Dagge, Chas. E., gen store
De Herrera, Carlos, saloon
De Yapp, Henry N., propr. Chama Hotel
Fernandez, Mac, saloon
Garthwaite, Isaac S., phys.
Hagedoran, Carl H., propr. pastime Theatre
Hall, Henry R., gen. store
Huntington, Harry P., dentist
Johnson, Frank C., drugs
McFadden, Calvin, conf.
Macedonia, Fernandy, saloon
Moreno, Jose L., barber
Rice, Wm., livery
Pastime Theatre, C.H. Hagedoran, propr., moving pictures
Sewell, Harry, phys.
Waters, Saml A., vet surgeon
Wynne, Chas. D., RR exp and tel agent

Santa Fe county.
A country P.O. 9 miles of Espanola on the D&RGRR the shipping point and 35 N. of Santa Fe the county seat and banking point. Mail tri-weekly.
Victor Ortega P.M.
Jaramillo, E., saloon
Martinez, Nicholas, gen store
Ortega, Victor, general store
Ortiz, Jose, gen store
Trujillo, Abelino, gen store
Trujillo, Gabino, gen store
Trujillo, Julian, gen store

Rio Arriba county.
A country P.O. 7 miles E. of Lyden on the D&RGRR the shipping point and 22 S.W. of Taos the banking point.
Atencia, J.D., gen store
Lujan, J.T., gen store
Rendon, J.D. & Co., grocers

Rio Arriba county.
A P.O. on the D&RGRR 45 miles S. of Pagosa Springs, Colo. the banking point.
Exp Globe.
Garfield & Velerda, gen store
Wirt, Emmet, gen store

El Rito
Rio Arriba county.
A country P.O. 25 miles N.W. of Barranca on the D&RGRR the shipping point and 60 N.W. of Santa Fe the banking point.
J.W. Beck P.M.
Beck, J.W., saw mill
El Rito Mercantile Co., gen store
Lopez, Martin, gen store
North Lavato Lumber Co.
Sargent, J.H., gen store
Sargent & Gorzalls, saloon

Pop. 400. Rio Arriba county.
A village on the D&RGRR 34 miles N. of Sante Fe the banking point. Has a Methodist church, 2 hotels, a flour mill and a grain elevator. Ships fruit and live stock. Altitude 5, 578 feet.
Exp Globe.
Tel W.U. F.R. Frankenburger P.M.
Archuleta, Jno., blksmith
Blackmar, Fred S., dentist
Bond, Frank, hides
Bond & Nohl, Frank Bond, pres.; L.F. Nohl, sec; gen store
Brown, W.L., phys
De Lucero, Joseph L., groceries, hay, grain, liquors, cigars, real estate and sheep breeder
Dodge & White (Morris A. Dodge, Wm. C. White), livery
Espanola Mercantile Co., F.R. Frankenburger, pres; Mrs. F.R. Frankenburger, Sec and Treas; general mdse, lumber and building material
Espanola Milling & Elevator Co., Geo. Bond, pres; L.F. Nohl, sec and treas.
Frank, Alb, hotel
Frankenburger, Fred R., pres Espanola Mercantile Co. and Postmaster
Hastings, Wm. E., phys
Hill, Phil H., gen store
Livingstone, Wallace H., phys
McBride, Saml S. RR, exp and tel agt
Martinez & Salazar (Faustino Martinez, Silviano Salazar), saloon
Montoya, Lorenzo, blksmith
Salazar, Roman, meats
Stafford & Son, hotel
Woffensmith, J.W., phys

Santa Clara
Rio Arriba county.
A station on the D&RGRR 27 miles N. of Santa Fe the banking point and 3 S. of Espanola the P.O.

Tierra Amarilla
Rio Arriba county.
The county seat 20 miles S. of Chama on the D&RGRR the shipping point and 100 S.E. of Durango, Colo. the banking point. A weekly Spanish Newspaper the Nuevo Estado is published.
T.D. Burns P.M.
Amador Mercantile Co., Julian Amador, pres; B.C. Hernandez, sec and treas; gen store
Burns, Thos. D., gen store
Espinso, Sisto, barber
Espinso, Tobias, blksmith
Matinez, Jul R., gen store
Nuevo, Estada (Spanish), E.M. Valdez pub.
Read, Alex, district attorney
Salazar, Cipriano, saloon
Ulibarri, Jose, blksmith
Ulibarri, Roque, propr Tierra Amarilla Hotel
Valdez, Elixo M., pub El Nuevo Estado (Spanish)
Vargas, Cirilo D., saloon
Vejil, Manuel G., blksmith

Pop. 800. Rio Arriba county.
A country P.O. 20 miles N.E. of Espanola on the D&RGRR teh shipping point and 40 N. of Santa Fe the banking point. Has Catholic and Presbyterian churches.
Santiago Martinez P.M.
Cordova, M. & Son, general store
Martinez, Rafael, saloon
Martinez, Santiago, gen store
Pacheco, F.R., gen store
Truchas Land & Lumber Co.
Vigil, E.N., saloon

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