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Socorro County, New Mexico

Town Histories

Luis Lopez, New Mexico
Luis Lopez is an unincorporated community between Socorro and San Antonio in New Mexico

In 1667 Captain Luis Lopez was alcalde mayor (mayor) of the Piro Pueblo of Senecú. It appears that he had an hacienda on the east bank of the Rio Grande. During the 18th century the estancia was mentioned in the journals of a few travelers though it had been abandoned after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The village of Luis Lopez appears to have been founded in the mid to late 1830s. At that time it was located on the west bank of the Rio Grande just east of its present day site.

Luis Lopez has been listed in United States census every decade since 1850, except for 1870. Since the village was not counted in that year, it is thought that it may have been abandoned for a short time and then relocated to its present position above the flood plain.

Today, the village of Luis Lopez consists of farms and a small suburb. New wells have brought growth to the community. The present population is estimated at 128. The village is a suburb of Socorro, New Mexico.

Magdalena is a village in Socorro County, New Mexico, USA. The population was 913 at the 2000 census.

The Lady on the Mountain is a rock formation on Magdalena Peak overlooking Magdalena. Spanish soldiers saw the face of a woman on the west face of the peak. A priest with them was reminded of a similar peak in Spain called "La Sierra de Maria Magdalena", so he called the New Mexico one "La Sierra de Magdalena". The natural pass to the south of the peak became known as Magdalena Gap, and when a town grew up it received the same name.

In 1883, about 2.5 miles south of Magdalena, the Kelly Mine opened in Kelly, New Mexico. In 1884, the village of Magdalena was named after Magdalena Peak when its post office opened. The next year the railroad completed a spur out from Socorro, New Mexico, orignally intended to ship cattle from the Plains of San Augustin, but which also proceeded to ship out ore from the Kelly Mine and others. Magdalena was incorporated in 1913.

San Antonio
The village of San Antonio is in Socorro County, New Mexico which is roughly in the center of the state. The entire population of the county is around 18,000; the population of San Antonio is hard to pin down because the area is somewhat ill-defined, but a reasonable estimate is several hundred.

San Antonio, when part of New Mexico Territory, was the birthplace of Conrad Hilton. Hilton was one of the original legislators in the newly formed State of New Mexico, and founded the Hilton Hotels Corporation. Hilton's name can still be seen ("C Hilton 1903") carved on the wall of what was once the schoolhouse, since then a mechanic's garage, and now a barn. The Owl Bar and Cafe, located on Highway 380, was once part of Hilton's store. Several workers from the Trinity site stopped there.

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