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Taos County, New Mexico

Community News

Bernal, operator of the Taos Pueblo Taxi Service, has received a franchise from the State Corporation Commission authorizing him to conduct a taxi-passenger service between Taos and Raton. "This special service will be operated at the convenience of patrons and they may contact me at La Fonda Hotel here," Bernal said today. Bernal said he would continue in operate a regular taxi service between the plaza and Taos Pueblo. ["THE TAOS NEWS", Thursday, July 30, 1959 - Tr. by R. Ramos]

Former Secretary of State Natalie Smith
Buck has been named personnel director of the Welfare Department at a salary of $480 a month. Director Murray Hintz said Mrs. Buck met all qualifications under the merit system. ["THE TAOS NEWS", Thursday, July 30, 1959 - Tr. by R. Ramos]

Governor John
Burroughs was the guest of honor at a barbecue Friday night staged by the Red River Chamber of Commerce. Lots of Red River people asked questions about when the Red River Questa highway will be completed and the governor indicated they will definitely get the improvement. The decisions will be made in August, he indicated. Most of the Red River-Questa highway was blacktopped a couple of years ago but some eight miles remain to be finished. Anyone who has been over the road in dry weather and battled the dust clouds will agree the improvements should be high on the list of state projects. ["THE TAOS NEWS", Thursday, July 30, 1959 - Tr. by R. Ramos]

Despite the heavy rains which hit Red River on Tuesday, the area is booming with a number of special community projects. S. E. Bolton, installing a line new ski facility at Red River for next winter, is amazing local folks and visitors alike with the tall ski-lift towers which are being erected on the mountain side. Some 13 towers have already been placed and the work continues to go forward, They are put in place by a big "cat" and Mrs. Harold
Lintznish says it's hard to attend to her work the project is so fascinating.
The swimming pool, under construction by Jack
Chamblis is nearing completion and all the Red River visitors are anxious to take advantage of the facility. ["THE TAOS NEWS", Thursday, July 30, 1959 - Tr. by R. Ramos]

Lujan of the pueblo said many of the men there are very interested in the proposal to erect a memorial to men who lost their lives on Bataan during World War II. A large number of Taos Pueblo men served in the Armed Forces of the U.S. during the war and several died on Bataan. The Veterans Association recently presented the plan to the Taos Kiwanis Club which will spearhead a community drive to construct the memorial. Cost of the project is $519. If a contractor carries out the work or "much less" if materials and labor are donated locally, according to a spokesman for the Bataan group. ["THE TAOS NEWS", Thursday, July 30, 1959 - Tr. by R. Ramos]

Pecos Conference set At Pot Creek Aug. 29
The annual Pecos Conference will be held at the Fort Burgwin research center at Pot Creek on August 29th and 30th when approximately 100 anthropologists and archaeologists from all sections of the United States are expected here, according to Dr. Fred Wendorf. Dr. Wendord is director of the laboratory of anthropology at the Museum of New Mexico, and also director of the Fort Burgwin research center, which is an affiliate of the Wichita Foundation. Graduate anthropology students and hired laborers have been working under his direction at the research center during the past three summers, not only restoring the old fort itself, but excavating a number of indian ruins in the vicinity. The famous old fort, which was used as a garrison for U. S. Army troops from 1852 to 1860, is being faithfully reproduced in its general outline and construction, but will be fitted with modern facilities so that it can be used as laboratories and offices for the anthropological researches which it is planned to continue for some years in a gradually extended area. So far the exploration and excavation activities have been confined to a radius of a few miles, but already a number of interesting pit-houses have been unearthed, and the remains of an ancient pueblo, probably inhabited as early as 1200 or 1300 A.D. Students working with Dr. Wendord this season include LaVerna Pendleton of Santa Fe, a graduate of the University of New Mexico, Laurens Hannack of Albuquerque, a New Mexico University graduate, Natalie Vytlach, a graduate of Mills College who is doing graduate work at New Mexico University, Ronald Wetherington, a Harvard graduate, and John Whillum, a history instructor at Hebron Academy, Herbon, Maine. The board of directors of the research center will meet at Fort Burgwin on Tuesday, Aug. 25, to make plans for the conference of anthropologists and archaeologists which will convene later in the week, and to discuss problems of the work in progress. Members of the board include: Jack Brandenburg, Taos, Stephen Mitchell, Chicago and Taos, C. A. Erwin, Santa Fe, W. J. Keller, Santa Fe, Oliver Seth, Santa Fe, Dwight M. Rounds, San Francisco, and Mrs. Mary Meyers, William Rounds and Ralph Rounds, all of Wichita, Kan.
["THE TAOS NEWS", Thursday, July 30, 1959 - Tr. by R. Ramos]

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