Morris County
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Source: "Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine", LVI, July 1922, No. 7; compiled by E.L. Henry"

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Bruce Selvage

The following marriages are taken from records of the First Church of Hanover, Morris, Co., N.J., during the pastorate of the Rev. Jacob Green, from the year 1746 to 1796.

Aakens, James and Mary Budd, 4th May, 1751.
Aber, --- and Samuel Campfield, 20th July, 1772;
Aber, Amos and Jerush Warren, 12th February, 1789.
Allen, Abigail and Uriah Smith, 28th March, 1770;
Allen, Anna and Thomas Baldin, 15th July, 1756;
Allen, Mary and Joseph Wood, 29th November, 1752.
Allerton, Jacob and Martha Baley, 23d December, 1755.
Allington, Orriongery and John White, 15th August, 1754.
Ames, Sarah and Alexander Brenan, 30th March, 1778.
Babbet, --- and Beach --- (of Mendham), 27th May, 1779.
Baldin, Esther and Joseph Duglas, 18th April, 1750;
Baldin, Jacob and --- Baley, 3d December, 1758;
Baldin, Rhoda and Asa Kitchel, 11th July, 1770;
Baldin, Sarah and Jedediah Leonard, 28th April, 1752;
Baldin, Thomas and Anna Allen, 15th July, 1756;
Baldin, William and Sarah Martin, 24th August, 1769.
Baldwin, Samuel and Lucy Fairchild, 30th May, 1782.
Baley, --- and Jacob Baldin, 3d December, 1758;
Baley, Martha and Jacob Allerton, 23d December, 1755.
Ball, Anne and Jacob Cory, 19th February, 1871;
Ball, Caleb and Martha Sergent, 8th December, 1748;
Ball, Caleb and Mary Parrot, 3rd April, 1755;
Ball, Daniel and Phebe Tuttle, 3rd December, 1758;
Ball, Daniel and Martha Price, 10th October, 1768;
Ball, Daniel and Anna Beach, 19th March, 1778;
Ball, David and Sarah Dikins, 18th April, 1754;
Ball, Miss Electa and (Moses?) Condit, 26th March, 1795;
Ball, Elizabeth and Abraham Cooper, 23rd April, 1778;
Ball, Ephraim and Mary Hedden, 9th January, 1775;
Ball, Hannah and David Philips, 29th January, 1772;
Ball, James and Eliza More, --- January, 1794;
Ball, Jemima and Philip Poste, 8th May, 1771;
Ball, Jemima and Lent W. Fairchild, 25th December, 1785;
Ball, Deacon John and Katharine Winchel, 25th December, 1760;
Ball, John Jr. and Lidia Jones, 19th January, 1775;
Ball, Joshua and Phebe Carmon, 26th November, 1746;
Ball, Lucretia and Isaac Winchel, 20th December, 1752;
Ball, Lucy and Solomon Munson, 31st December, 1781;
Ball, Moses and Lucretia Dalglish, 24th January, 1750;
Ball, Phebe and Robert Canfield, --- December, 1792;
Ball, Sally and Josiah Kitchel, 23d January, 1794;
Ball, Sarah and William Ball, --- May, 1777;
Ball, William and Sarah Ball, --- May, 1777.
Bates, Daniel and Mary Kitchel, 22nd November, 1787;
Bates, John and Miss Polly Lindsly, 28th December, 1794;
Bates, Phebe and Jesse Price, 7th June, 1769;
Bates, Rachel and David Kitchel, 1st April, 1778;
Bates, Sarah and Nathaniel Dalglish, 15th January, 1782;
Beach, --- (of Mendham) and --- Babbet, 27th May 1779;
Beach, Abraham and Phebe Kitchel, 27th May, 1784;
Beach, Anna and Daniel Ball, 19th March, 1778;
Beach, Anne and --- Day (of Morristown) sometime in year 1781;
Beach, Darling and Keturah Green, 31st March, 1790;
Beach, Electa and Silas Dickerson, 21st May, 1795;
Beach, Enoch and Hannah Wheeler, 31st December, 1777;
Beach, Hannah and Henry Smith, 25th November, 1747;
Beach, Hannah and Calvin Green, 28th December, 1787;
Beach, James and Elizabeth Morehouse, 22nd April, 1784;
Beach, Jedidiah and Mary Post, 31st December, 1781;
Beach, Mary and Nathaniel Squire, 24th April, 1751;
Beach, Mary and Isaac Winers, 4th January, 1787;
Beach, Phebe and Abner Wade, --- October, 1780;
Beach, Sarah and Garrerdus Drake, 27th February, 1753;
Beach, Sarah and Ezra Broadwell, sometime in the year 1781;
Beach, Stephen and Patience Bedford, 1st January, 1766.
Bealton, Thomas and Hannah White, 21st December, 1769.
Bebout, William and Hannah Ogden, --- November, 1777.
Bedford, --- and Rebecca Hoppen, 29th September, 1768;
Bedford, Elisabeth and William Cook, 15th December, 1785;
Bedford, Patience and Stephen Beach, 1st January, 1766.
Beers, John and Susannah Broadwell, 7th October, 1783.
Benjamin, John and Hannah Burnet, 21st October, 1761.
Berker, Mercy and Thomas Millage, 3rd December, 1758.
Biglow, Jonathan and Sarah Ladd, 14th April, 1752.
Blaricum, Icabod, and Mary Riker, 28th January, 1750/1.
Bond, Rachel and Matthew Canfield, 25th October, 1756.
Bolesby, George and Phebe Stiles, 24th December, 1767.
Bonnel, Hannah and (William?) Rague --- Jan., 1781.
Bowden, Matthew and Martha Corbe, 22d April 1784.
Bowers, ---and Hannah Fairchild, 30th January, 1794.
Bradford, Eben'r and E. Green, 4th April, 1776.
Brant, John and Temperance Hoppen, 4th December, 1749;
Brant, Phebe and David Cory, 4th July 1775;
Brant, Stephen and Sarah Young, about 20th June, 1775.
Grenan, (Brenan) Alexander and Sarah Ames, 30th March, 1778.
Bridge, Joanna and Ezekiel Day, 23d March, 1774;
Bridge, John and Joanna Kitchel, 22d December, 1766.
Bright, Joseph and Deborah Zerreckson, 18th April, 1754.
Britten, Abigail and Joseph Green, 25th December, 1782;
Britten, Joseph and Elizabeth Ward, 28th November, 1782.
Broadwell, Ezra and Sarah Beach, sometime in the year 1781;
Broadwell, Fanny and Moses Broadwell, 5th November, 1788;
Broadwell, Hezekiah and Abigail Green, 29th May, 1769;
Broadwell, Joanna and Abraham Carle, 9th March, 1784;
Broadwell, Moses and Fanny Broadwell, 5th November, 1788;
Broadwell, Rebecca and Ebenezer Tuttle, 28th November, 1771;
Broadwell, Susannah and John Beers, 7th October, 1783.
Brookfield, Jacob and Jemima Camp, 18th January, 1784.
Brooks, Jonathan and Katharine Mathews, 18th Feb., 1787.
Brown, Aaron and Phebe Shores, 16th January, 1785;
Brown, Jabez and Hannah Cregers, 30th November, 1785;
Brown, Solomon and Densy Squire, --- January, 1790;
Brown, Thomas and Comfort Squire, 2nd October, 1781.
Budd, Joseph nd Mary Drake, --- March, 1775;
Budd, Mary and James Aakens, 4th May, 1751.
Burnet, Aaron and Dorothy Wade, 31st December, 1786;
Burnet, Aaron and Patty Harris, 18th March, 1790;
Burnet, Betsy and Samuel Merry, Jr., 30th January, 1795;
Burnet, Hannah and John Benjamin, 21st Oct., 1761;
Burnet, Linsly and Elizabeth Halsey, 23d Aug., 1769;
Burnet, Martha and Jedidiah Tompkins, 26th January, 1757;
Burnet, Phebe and Henry Tunis, 27th Aug., 1751;
Burnet, Sarah and Sylas Hand, 8th June, 1752;
Byram, Joseph and Esther Dalglish, 21st March, 1776.
Byrom, Japhet and Elizabeth Tappan, 10th January, 1754.
Camble, James and Mary Kilbourn, 26th March, 1789.
Camp, Bethyah and Joshua Seely, 1st December, 1782;
Camp, Daniel and Lucy Miller, --- May 1793;
Camp, Jemima and Jacob Brookfield, 18th January, 1784;
Camp, Phebe and Rev. Mr. --- White, --- February, 1792. (Calvin Green's diary.)
Campfield, John and Mary Dixon, 24th May, 1781;
Campfield, Kitty and --- De Hart, 8th February, 1795;
Campfield, Matthew and Electa Shipman, 15th December, 1783;
Campfield, Samuel and --- Abner, 20th July, 1772;
Campfield, William and Sarah Squire, 27th April, 1773.
Canfield, Johannah and John Tuttle, 3rd July, 1747; in Newark N.J.,
Canfield, Matthew and Rachel Bond, 25th October, 1756;
Canfield, Robert and Phebe Ball, --- December, 1792;
Canfield, Ruth and John Merrit, 8th May, 1748.
Carle, Abraham, and Joanna Broadwell, 9th March, 1784.
Carman, Deborah and Gershom Mott, 10th April, 1751.
Carmon, Phebe and Joshua Ball, 26th November, 1746.
Carr, John and Sinte Turens (?) 4th July, 1752.
Carter, --- and Lidia Stiles, 29th January, 1794;
Carter, Deborah and Jonas Genung, 5th January, 1758;
Carter, Lois and Nathaniel Wyllys, 19th May, 1782;
Carter, Mary and Jacob Minton, 17th November, 1748;
Carter, Mary and Zebediah Potter, 20th October, 1750;
Carter, Phebe and Michal Vanwinkle, 13th July, 1758;
Carter, Sarah and Rubin Riggs, 16th August, 1750;
Carter, U--- (Uzal?) and Rhoda Condit, 13th March, 1785.
Chapman, Jedidiah Rev. and Margaret Lecompte, 18th Feb., 1777.
Chidester, Abigail and John Slater, 31st Nov., 1747.
Chitester, Jemima and John Stewart, 1st January, 1750.
Clark, Pamelia and Othniel Luker, --- August, 1779;
Clark, Sarah and Samuel Crane, 9th August, 1750;
Clark, Sarah and John Genung, 22nd August, 1751.
Clason, Mary and Jacob Philip, 23rd January, 1765.
Cobb, Abial and Sarah Van Winkle, 4th January, 1750;
Cobb, Anne and John Gould, 3d March, 1757;
Cobb, Mehetable and Joseph Woodruff, 11th October, 1750.
Cocker, Margaret and Ellis Cook, 12th July, 1753;
Cocker, Sarah and Williams Cook, 5th June, 1755;
Cocker, William and Dorothy Green, 31st May, 1770.
Coe, Thomas and Sarah Dalgish, 11th January, 1749.
Coggswell, Nathaniel and Marget Shingleton, 16th July, 1752.
Cole, Sarah and William Squire, 22nd June, 1786.
Coleman, Job and Eunice Lee, 22nd October, 1781.
Condit, (?) and --- --- --- October, (?) 15th 1788;
Condit, (Moses?) and Miss Electa Ball, 26th March 1795;
Condit, Rhoda and U--- (Uzal?) Carter, 13th March, 1785.
Conger, John and Sarah Tuttle, 12th March, 1746/7.
Consolee, Mercy and Isaac Vaness, 16th July, 1786.
Cook, Dr. Ambrose and Miss Sally P. Wheeler, 27th June 1794;
Cook, Elizabeth or Betsy and Benjamin Williams, 30th July, 1787;
Cook, Ellis and Margaret Cocker, 12th July, 1753;
Cook, Ellis (of Bottle Hill) and Sarah Wortman, 28th Sept., 1789;
Cook, Epaphras and Sarah Smith, 4th October, 1762;
Cook, Jonathan and Margaret Tappan, 30th Nov., 1757;
Cook, Lotta and William O. Grigory, --- Sept., 1792;
Cook, Marth and William Kitchel, 9th June, 1783;
Cook, Matilda and David Plumb, 27th Feb., 1794;
Cook, Nancy and George Dotee, 20th Sept., 1791;
Cook, Polly and Jacob Green, --- --- 1794;
Cook, William and Margaret Cocker, 12th Feb., 1778;
Cook, William and Elisabeth Bedford, 15th Dec., 1785;
Cook, William and Sarah Cocker, 5th June, 1755;
Cook, Zebulon and Mary Jones, 15th Feb., 1775.
Cooper, Abraham and Elizabeth Ball, 23d April, 1778;
Cooper, George and Sissel Tappan, 11th October, 1753;
Cooper, James and Phebe Young, 26th December, 1786;
Cooper, Jerusha and Aaron Gillet, 2nd Feb., 1761;
Cooper, Margaret and William Cook, 12th February, 1778;
Cooper, Mary and Cornelias Vooris, 10th May, 1780;
Cooper, Thomas and Elisabeth Dixon, 16th March, 1763.
Corbe, Martha and Mathew Bowden, 22nd April, 1784.
Cory, David and Mary Hambleton, 29th Dec., 1746;
Cory, David and Phebe Brant, 4th July, 1775;
Cory, David and Hannah Richards, 1st January, 1781;
Cory, Jacob and Anne Ball, 19th Feb., 1781.
Crane, Amos and Elizabeth Luker, 12th January, 1775;
Crane, Asa and Abigail Young, 28th December, 1784.
Crane, Elizabeth and William Dixon, 16th October, 1765;
Crane, Eunice and Jonathan Squire, Jr., 5th June, 1755;
Crane, Samuel and Sarah Clark, 9th August, 1750.
Cregere, Hanah and Jabez Brown, 30th Nov., 1785.
Cumberford, William and Jane Waters, 20th Jan., 1750.
Dalglish, David and Jane Dixon, 3d Jan., 1771;
Dalglish, Dosia and Josiah Post, 2nd November, 1769;
Dalglish, Esther and Joseph Byram, 21st March, 1776;
Dalglish, Esther and William Ely, 22nd August, 1782;
Dalglish, Hannah and William Dixon, 13th July 1758;
Dalglish, Joseph and Martha Dixon, 19th September, 1771;
Dalglish, Lucretia and Moses Ball, 24th January, 1750;
Dalglish, Mary and Benj. Green, 18th Jan., 1750;
Dalglish, Nathaniel and Sarah Bates, 15th Jan., 1782;
Dalglish, Patty and E. Prudden, Nov., 1792;
Dalglish, Phebe and John Grover, 3d Sept. 1793.
Dalgish, Sarah and Thomas Coe, 11th January, 1749.
Darling, Hannah and Stephen Kitchel, 24th October, 1775.
Darlington, Mary and John Joline, 11th June, 1779.
Daton, Rachel and James Leonard, 31st August, 1768.
Day, --- (of Morristown) and Anne Beach, sometime in the year 1781;
Day, Ezekiel and Joanna Bridge, 23d March, 1774;
Day, Thomas and Diadema Gardner, 16th January, 1770.
Decamp, Lambert and Mary Wood, 7th July, 1758.
Degrow, Betsy and John McKillop, 29th August, 1776.
De Hart, --- and Kitty Campfield, 8th Feb., 1795.
Denton, James and Mary Halsey, 29th November, 1784.
Dickerson, Silas and Electa Beach, 21st May, 1795,
Dickinson, (John?) and Sylvesta Wade, 12th Feb., 1795.
Dickson, Thomas and Hannah Stephens, 19th December, 1751.
Dikins, Sarah and David Ball, 18th April, 1754.
Dixon, Elisabeth and Thomas Cooper, 16th March, 1763;
Dixon, Jane and David Dalglish, 3d Jan., 1771;
Dixon, John and Mary Williams, 26th December, 1768;
Dixon, Martha and Joseph Dalglish, 19th Sept., 1771;
Dixon, Mary and John Campfield, 24th May, 1781;
Dixon, William and Hannah Dalglish, 13th July, 1758;
Dixon, William and Elizabeth Crane, 16th Oct., 1765.
Dobben, Betsy and Ephraim Manning, 10th November, 1782.
Dotee, George and Nancy Cook, 20th September, 1791.
Drake, Garrerdus and Sarah Beach, 27th February, 1753;
Drake, Mary and Joseph Budd, --- Mar., 1775.
Douglas, Joseph and Esther Baldin, 18th April, 1750.
Easton, Desire and Joseph Fox, 16th Oct., 1783.
Edeson, John and Sarah Ogden, 10th Oct., 1765.
Edwards, Rachel and Aaron Magee --- --- 1794.
Ely, Lois and Thomas Parsel, 22d September, 1768;
Ely, Sarah and Benj. Green, Jr., 10th Aug., 1791;
Ely, William and Ester Dalglish, 22nd August, 1782.
Fairchild, Abner and Phebe Russel, 18th May, 1780;
Fairchild, Hannah and David Osburn, 15th May, 1758;
Fairchild, Hannah and --- Bowers, 30th January, 1794;
Fairchild, Lent W. and Jemima Ball, 25th December, 1785;
Fairchild, Lucy and Samuel Baldwin, 30th May 1782;
Fairchild, Martha and Joel Wilkinson, 28th November, 1765;
Fairchild, Moses, and Mary Gardner, 5th Dec., 1770.
Farrand, Anna and Ephraim Stiles,31st May, 1758;
Farrand, Daniel and Phebe Plum, 6th Jan., 1785;
Farrand, Ebenezer, Jr. and Rebecca Parrot, 16th November, 1757.
Finn, Solomon and Elizabeth Wheeler, 17th Nov., 1758.
Force, Elizabeth and Daniel Lyon, 16th Jan., 1753;
Force, Manan and Lucretia Wirxhel, 10th May, 1753;
Force, Martha and John Roll, 8th June, 1783;
Force, Squire and M. Johnson, 6th March, 1770.
Ford, Elizabeth and Samuel Gardner, 19th Sept., 1784;
Ford, Phebe and Moses Ross, --- --- 1788;
Ford, Samuel and Grace Kitchel, 20th Jan., 1757.
Fordham, Triphena and Jonathan Rainer, 17th Oct., 1771.
Fox, Joseph and Desire Easton, 16th October, 1783.
Francisco, John and Hannah Van Zile, 7th August, 1752;
Francisco, Solomon and Phebe Shipman, 4th July 1782.
Frazey, Anna and Joseph Green, 14th April, 1788.
Freeman, Margery and Robert Philips, 3d September, 1761.
Garner, --- and Miss Pierson (Morristown), 12th June 1794;
Garner, Diadema and Thomas Day, 16th Jan., 1770;
Garner, Elijah and Mary Hymes, 26th October, 1762;
Garner, Jotham and Hannah Russel, 20th June 1782;
Garner, Mary and Moses Fairchild, 5th December, 1770;
Garner, Sally and Joseph Squire, 8th November, 1787;
Garner, Samuel and Elizabeth Ford, 19th September, 1784.
Genung, Benjamin and Hannah Whitehead, 9th May, 1780;
Genung, Cornelius and Abigail Parrot, 18th October, 1775;
Genung, John and Sarah Clark, 22nd August, 1751;
Genung, Jonas and Deborah Carter, 5th January, 1758;
Genung, Martha and Jeremiah Poste, 22nd August, 1751.
Gill, Robert and Phebe Shipman, 26th Nov., 1770.
Gillet, Aaron and Jerusha Cooper, 2nd Feb., 1761.
Ginnings, James and Polly Williams, 27th November, 1787.
Glover, Miss and Jonas Young, 20th Feb., 1795.
Goble, Ezekiel and Phebe Peck, 11th May, 1758.
Gordon, Sarah and Gidion Hoel, 2nd April, 1753.
Gould, Isaac and Anna Stephens, 5th May, 1760;
Gould, Jacob and Rachel Kimble, 8th March, 1758;
Gould, John and Anne Cobb, 3d March, 1757;
Gould, Joseph and Sarah Ward, 19th December, 1768;
Gould, Rachel and Samuel Tuttle, 14th November, 1749;
Gould, Theodosia and David Young, 25th November, 1784.
Green, Abigail and Hezekiah Broadwell, 29th May, 1769;
Green, Anne and James Tuttle, 2d Feb., 1767;
Green, Benjamin and Mary Dalglish, 18th January, 1750;
Green, Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Ely, 10th August, 1791;
Green, Calvin and Hannah Beach, 28th December, 1787;
Green, Dorothy and William Cocker, 31st May, 1770;
Green, E. and Eben'r Bradford, 4th April, 1776;
Green, Jacob and Polly Cook, --- --- 1794;
Green, Jemima and Phineas Jones, 22d April, 1779;
Green, Hannah and Horton Magee, --- June, 1793;
Green, Joseph and Abigail Britten, 25th December, 1782;
Green, Joseph and Anna Frazey, 14th April, 1788;
Green, Keturah and Darling Beach, 31st March, 1790;
Green, Mary and John Hamilton, 7th January, 1772;
Green, Sarah and Ebenezer Smith, 15th Feb., 1787.
Grigory, William O. and Lotta Cook, --- September, 1792.
Groticlass, Elizabeth and Thomas Parsel, 24th Oct., 1779.
Grover, John and Phebe Dalglish, 3d Sept., 1793.
Hains, Jemima and Joseph Tuttle, Jr. 25th July, 1757.
Halsey, Elizabeth and Linsly Burnet, 23d August, 1769;
Halsey, Elizabeth and Frederick Jones, 12th August, 1772;
Halsey, Hannah and Lion Loper, 25th October, 1768;
Halsey, Mary and James Denton, 29th November, 1784;
Halsey, Ruth and Sylas Howel, --- August, 1756.
Hambleton, Mary and David Cory, 29th December, 1746;
Hambleton, Stephen and Jane More, 19th November, 1750.
Hamilton, John and Mary Green, 7th January, 1772.
Hand, Sylas and Sarah Burnet, 8th June, 1752;
Hand, Uriah and Mary Hygby, 23d July 1753.
Hanneon, Nancy and John Plumb, 18th Feb., 1754.
Hardy, Mary and Thomas Squire, 12th March, 1786.
Harris, David and Catharine Ridner, 12th January, 1752;
Harris, Lidia and Simeon Squier, 12th September, 1791;
Harris, Patty and Aaron Burnet, 18th March, 1790.
Harrison, Daniel and Mary Parrot, 8th Jan., 1786.
Haven, Jeremy and Polly Merry, 27th Dec., 1789.
Hedden, Mary and Ephraim Ball, 9th January, 1775;
Hedden, Sarah and Zopher Williams, 3d September, 1765.
Hill, James and Sarah Tompkins, 17th December, 1756.
Hoel, Gidion and Sarah Gordon, 2nd April, 1753;
Hoel, Luther and Mary Young, 24th February, 1783;
Hoel, Marget and Stephen Osbourn, 17th February, 1777;
Hoel, Sarah and Samuel Serren, 24th March, 1767.
Hoppen, Anna and Joseph Post, 17th October, 1775;
Hoppen, Daniel and Patty Stiles, December, 1792;
Hoppen, Ezekiel and Eunice Price, 3d Jan., 1771;
Hoppen, Jerusha and Samuel Tisler, 30th Dec., 1765;
Hoppen, Hannah and Laban Ward, 24th July, 1754;
Hoppen, Rebecca and --- Bedford, 29th Sept., 1768;
Hoppen, Samuel and Sarah Smith, 1st April, 1778;
Hoppen, Silas and Joanna Miller, 12th Sept., 1787;
Hoppen, Temperance and John Brant, 4th December, 1749.
Howel, Sylas and Ruth Halsey, August, 1756.
Hygby, Mary and Uriah Hand, 23d July, 1753.
Hymes, Mary and Elijah Gardner, 26th October, 1762.
Jewel, Abigail and Moses Stiles, 4th December, 1788.
Johnson, Benjamin and Phebe Wade, 14th February, 1787;
Johnson, James and Eunice Sergeant, 18th October, 1758;
Johnson, Joanna and Levi Shadick, 26th January, 1775;
Johnson, John and Lois Robertson, 26th March, 1787;
Johnson, M. and Squire Force, 6th March, 1770.
Joline, John and Mary Darlington, 11th June, 1779.
Jonas, Tompkins and Jane Lion, 6th March, 1770.
Jones, Fredrick and Elizabeth Halsey, 12th August, 1772;
Jones, Lidia and John Ball, Jr. 19th Jan., 1775;
Jones, (or Price) Lucy and Richard Woods, 14th May, 1750;
Jones, Mary and Zebulon Cook, 15th February, 1775;
Jones, Phinehas and Jemima Green, 22nd April, 1779;
Jones, Sarah and Philip Price (in Morristown) 14th May, 1750.
Kelly, Mary and John Miller, 21st January, 1768.
Kelso, Robert and Puah Merry, 7th February, 1770.
Kilburn, Elizabeth and Edward ---, 12th November, 1746.
Kilbourn, Mary and James Camble, 26th March, 1789.
Kimble, Rachel and Jacob Gould, 8th March, 1758.
King, John and Margret Miller, 24th December, 1754;
King, Mark and Elizabeth Miller, 25th June, 1751.
Kitchel, Abigail and Joseph Wood, 1st June, 1769;
Kitchel, Asa and Rhoda Baldin, 11th July, 1770;
Kitchel, David and Rachal Bates, 1st April, 1778;
Kitchel, Farrand and Ester Mulford, --- February, 1793;
Kitchel, Grace and Samuel Ford, 20th January, 1757;
Kitchel, Joanna and John Bridge, 22d December, 1766;
Kitchel, Joanna and Philo Miller, 20th September, 1791;
Kitchel, John and Abigail Parkhurst, 18th March, 1778;
Kitchel, John Jr. and Nancy Kitchel, 17th October, 1787;
Kitchel, Josiah and Sally Ball, 23d January, 1794;
Kitchel, Mary and Daniel Bates, 22nd November, 1787;
Kitchel, Matthew and Sally Post, 13th August, 1794;
Kitchel, Nancy and John Kitchel Jr. 17th October, 1787;
Kitchel, Phebe and Abraham Beach, 27th May, 1784;
Kitchel, Stephen and Hannah Darling, 24th October, 1775;
Kitchel, William and Martha Cook, 9th June, 1783.
Ladd, Sarah and Johnathan Biglow, 14th April, 1752.
Lanah (Negro) to Prince, September, 1791.
Lane, Ruth and Caleb Ward, 3d October, 1771.
Lecompte, Margaret and Jedidiah Chapman, 18th February, 1777.
Lee, Eunice and Job Colman, 22d October, 1781.
Leonard, James and Rachel Daton, 31st Aug., 1768;
Leonard, Jedediah and Sarah Baldin, 28th April, 1752.
Lewis, Samuel and Lidia Squire, 4th March, 1776.
Linsly, Joseph and Anna Lum, 12th March, 1761.
Lindsly, Polly and John Bates, 28th December, 1794.
Lockwood, Mary and John Warren, 25th January, 1784.
Loper, Lion and Hannah Halsey, 25th October, 1768.
Luker, Elizabeth and Amos Crane, 12th January, 1775;
Luker, Othniel and Pamelia Clark, --- August, 1779.
Lum, Anna and Joseph Linsley, 12th March, 1761;
Lum, Samuel and Dorcas Riggs, 7th June, 1772.
Lyon, Daniel and Elizabeth Force, 16th Jan., 1753;
Lyon, Henry and Martha Tompkins, --- Jan., 1773.
McKillop, John and Betsy Degrow, 29th August, 1776.
Magee, Aaron and Rachel Edwards, (Baptists) --- --- 1794;
Magee, Horton and Hannah Green, --- June, 1793;
Magee, Margaret and Stephen Squire, 23d September, 1789;
Magee, Miss --- and Elias Reeves, 19th Oct., 1794.
Manning, Ephraim and Betsy Dobben, 10th November, 1782.
Martin, Sarah and William Baldin, 24th August, 1769.
Massaker, Katee and Christopher Strait, 21st June, 1769.
Matthews, Kathrine and Jonathan Brooks, 18th Feb., 1787.
Meleck, Aaron, and Sherlotte Miller, 28th Dec., 1756.
Merrit, John and Ruth Canfield, 8th May, 1748.
Merry, Mary and Joseph Tuttle, Esq. 27th August, 1760;
Merry, Polly and Jeremy Haven, 27th December, 1789;
Merry, Puah and Robert Kelso, 7th Feb., 1770;
Merry, Samuel Jr. and Betsey Burnet, 30th January, 1795.
Miller, Elizabeth and Mark King, 25th June, 1751;
Miller, Fredreck and Ann Van Winkle, 20th November, 1753;
Miller, Joanna and Silas Hoppen, 12th September, 1787;
Miller, John and Mary Kelly, 21st Jan., 1768;
Miller, Lucy and Daniel Camp, --- May, 1793;
Miller, Margaret and John King, 24th December, 1754;
Miller, Philo and Joanna Kitchel, 20th September, 1791;
Miller, Sherlotte and Aaron Meleck, 28th December, 1756.
Millage, Thomas and Mercy Berker, 3d December, 1758.
Minton, Jacob and Mary Carter, 17th Nov., 1748.
Moffat, Walter and Jemima Tuttle, 29th September, 1785.
Moffatt, Walter and Jemima Tuttle, 29th September, 1785.
Molleneau, Elizabeth and David Wheler, 10th February, 1754.
Montanny, Rebecca and David Morehouse, 8th June, 1785.
Moore, Nancy and Stephen Taylor, --- Feb., 1793.
More, Elizabeth and James Ball, --- January, 1794;
More, Jane and Stephen Hambleton, 19th Nov., 1750.
Morehouse, David and Rebecca Montanny, 8th June, 1785;
Morehouse, Elizabeth and James Beach, 22nd April, 1784;
Morehouse, John and Betsy Tompkins, 10th Dec., 1789.
Mott, Gershom and Deborah Carman, 10th April, 1751.
Mulford, Abigail and Simon Squire, 22nd March, 1787;
Mulford, Ester and Farrand Kitchel, --- February, 1793.
Munson, Solomon and Lucy Ball, 31st December, 1781.
Ogden, Hannah and William Bebout, --- November, 1777;
Ogden, Sarah and John Edeson, 10th October, 1765;
Ogden, Unice and Philip Post, 4th October, 1794.
Osborne, --- and Betsey Sayre, --- May, 1793;
Osborne, Esther and Moses Tappen, --- March, 1793;
Osborne, David and Hannah Fairchild, 15th May, 1758.
Osbourn, Stephen and Marget Hoel, 17th Feb., 1777.
Parkhurst, Abigail and John Kitchel, 18th March, 1778.
Parrot, Abigail and Cornelius Genung, 18th October, 1775;
Parrot, John and Anne Rioson, 27th June, 1765;
Parrot, Martha and Joseph Tayler, 26th December, 1765;
Parrot, Mary and Caleb Ball, 3d April, 1755;
Parrot, Mary and Daniel Harrison, 8th Jan., 1786;
Parrot, Phebe and William Runnals, 3d Oct., 1783;
Parrot, Rebecca and Ebenezer Farrand Jr., 6th Nov., 1757;
Parrot, William and Phebe Wade, 11th September, 1777;
Parrot, William Jr. and Katy Williams, 15th July, 1779.
Parsel, Thomas and Lois Ely, 22nd September, 1768;
Parsel, Thomas and Elizabeth Groticlass, 24th Oct., 1779.
Peck, Phebe and Ezekiel Goble, 11th May, 1758.
Pettet, Benjamin and Phebe Potter, 6th Feb., 1752.
Philip, Jacob and Mary Clason, 23d January, 1765.
Philips, David and Hannah Ball, 29th January, 1772;
Philips, Robert and Margery Freeman, 3d Sept., 1761.
Pierson, Miss --- (Morristown) and --- Garner, 12th June, 1794;
Pierson, David and Abigail Thompson, 17th Dec., 1789;
Pierson, John and Susannah Russel, 20th Sept., 1787.
Plum, Phebe and Daniel Farrand, 6th January, 1785.
Plumb, David and Matilda Cook, 27th Feb., 1794;
Plumb, John and Nancy Hanneon, 18th Feb., 1754.
Post, Joseph and Anna Hoppen, 17th October, 1775;
Post, Josiah and Dosia Dalglish, 2nd November, 1769;
Post, Mary and Jedidiah Beach, 31st Dec., 1781;
Post, Philip and Unice Ogden, 4th Oct., 1794;
Post, Sally and Matthew Kitchel, 13th August, 1794.
Poste, Jeremiah and Martha Genung, 22d August, 1751;
Poste, Philip and Jemima Ball, 8th May, 1771.
Potter, Phebe and Benjamin Pettet, 6th Feb., 1752;
Potter, Zebediah and Mary Carter, 20th October, 1750.
Prat, Constantine and Phebe Williams, 8th August, 1765.
Price, Betty and Elijah Stiles, 25th February, 1768;
Price, Eunice and Ezekiel Happen, 3rd Jan., 1771;
Price, Hannah and Ephraim Woodruff, 26th Feb., 1782;
Price, Jesse and Phebe Ball, 7th June, 1769;
Price, Lidia and David Young, 19th Feb., 1781;
Price, Martha and Daniel Ball, 10th Oct., 1768;
Price, Philip and Sarah Jones (Morristown) 14th May, 1750.
Prince (Negro) to Lanah, Sept., 1791.
Pritchard, James and Leah Saunders, 30th July, 1774.
Prudden, E. and Patty Dalglish, --- November, 1792.
Rague, (Wm?) and Hannah Bonnel, --- January, 1781.
Rainer, Jonathan and Triphena Fordam, 17th Oct., 1771.
Reeves, Elias and Miss Magee, 19th Oct., 1794.
Richards, Hannah and David Cory, 1st January, 1781;
Richards, Jemima and Ruben Shadrick, 26th Nov., 1783.
Ridner, Catharine and David Harris, 12th Jan., 1752.
Riggs, Dorcas and Samuel Lum, 7th June, 1772;
Riggs, Rubin and Sarah Carter, 16th August, 1750;
Riggs, Samuel and Elizabeth Tompkins, 5th Jan., 1749.
Riker, John and --- --- 2nd March, 1758;
Riker, Mary and Icabod Blaricum, 28th Jan., 1750/1.
Rioson, Anne and John Pattot, 27th June, 1765.
Robertson, Lois and John Johnson, 26th March, 1787.
Roll, John and Martha Force, 8th June, 1783.
Ross, Moses and Phebe Ford, --- --- 1788.
Runnels, William and Phebe Parrot, 3d October, 1783.
Russel, Hanah and Jotham Gardner, 20th June, 1782;
Russel, Phebe and Abner Fairchild, 18th May, 1780;
Russel, Susannah and John Pierson, 20th September, 1787.
Saunders, Leah and James Pritchard, 30th July, 1774.
Sayre, Betsey and --- Osborn, --- May, 1793.
Scaword? Jemima and David Tuttle, --- Oct., 1793.
Seely, Joshua and Bethyah Camp, 1st December, 1782.
Sergeant, Eunice and James Johnson, 18th Oct., 1758;
Sergeant, Mary and John Tichener, 26th Oct., 1752.
Sergent, Martha and Caleb Ball, 8th Dec., 1748.
Serren, Samuel and Sarah Hoel, 24th March, 1767.
Shadick, Levi and Joanna Johnson, 26th Jan., 1775.
Shadrick, Ruben and Jemima Richards, 26th Nov., 1783.
Singleton, Margaret and Nathaniel Coggswell, 16th July, 1752.
Shipman, Electa and Matthew Campfield, 15th Dec., 1783;
Shipman, Phebe and Robert Gill, 26th Nov., 1770;
Shipman, Phebe and Solomon Francisco, 4th July, 1782.
Shoves, Phebe and Aaron Brown, 16th January, 1785.
Slater, John and Abigail Chidester, 31st Nov., 1747.
Smallpiece, Mary and Elisha Sutton, 29th March, 1758.
Smith, Ebenezer and Sarah Green, 15th Feb., 1787;
Smith, Henry and Hannah Beach, 25th November, 1747;
Smith, John and Elizabeth Williams, 8th November, 1758;
Smith, Mary and Thos. Welles, 15th August, 1781;
Smith, Sarah and Epaphras Cook, 4th October, 1762;
Smith, Sarah and Samuel Hopper, 1st April, 1778;
Smith, Susana and Benj. Tappan, --- March, 1793;
Smith, Uriah and Abigail Allen, 28th March, 1770.
Squire, Comfort and Thomas Brown, 2nd Oct., 1781;
Squire, Densy and Solomon Brown, --- January, 1790;
Squire, Jonathan Jr. and Eunice Crane, 5th june 1755;
Squire, Joseph and Sally Gardner, 8th November, 1787;
Squire, Lidia and Samuel Lewis, 4th March, 1776;
Squire, Mary and Uzal Ward, 19th July, 1786.
Squire, Nathaniel and Mary Beach, 24th April, 1751;
Squire, Sarah and William Campfield, 27th April, 1773;
Squire, Simeon and Abigail Mulford, 22nd March, 1787;
Squire, Simeon and Lidia Harris, 12th September, 1791;
Squire, Stephen and Margaret Magee, 23rd Sept., 1789;
Squire, Thomas and Mary Hardy, 12th March, 1786;
Squire, William and Sarah Cole, 22nd June, 1786.
Stephens, Anna and Isaac Gould, 5th May, 1760;
Stephens, Hannah and Thos. Dickson, 19th Dec., 1751.
Steward, John and Jemima Chitester, 1st January, 1750.
Stiles, Elijah and Betty Price, 25th Feb., 1768;
Stiles, Ephraim and Anna Farrand, 31st May, 1758;
Stiles, Jonathan and Joanna Tuttle, 10th August, 1750;
Stiles, Lidia and --- Carter, 29th January, 1794;
Stiles, Moses and Abigail Jewel, 4th Dec., 1788;
Stiles, Phebe and George Bolseby, 24th December, 1767;
Stiles, Phebe and Daniel Hoppin, --- Dec., 1792;
Stiles, Samuel and Margaret Vanderhoof, 24th Dec., 1767;
Stiles, Stephen and Elizabeth Taler, 31st Jan., 1758.
Strait, Christopher and Katee Massaker, 21st June, 1769.
Sutton, Elisha and Mary Smallpiece, 29th March, 1758.
Taler, Elisabeth and Stephen Stiles, 31st Jan., 1758;
Taler, Elisabeth and Solomon Zeluff, 8th June, 1785.
Tappan, Benjamin and Susana Smith, --- March, 1793;
Tappan, Elizabeth and Japhet Byron, 10th January, 1754;
Tappan, Isabel and John Wilkinson, 18th October, 1768;
Tappan, Margaret and Jonathan Cook, 30th Nov., 1757;
Tappen, Moses and Esther Osborn, --- March, 1793;
Tappen, Sissel and George Cooper, 11th October, 1753.
Tayler, Joseph and Martha Parrot, 26th Dec., 1765.
Taylor, Stephen and Nancy Moore, --- Feb., 1793.
Thompson, Abigail and David Pierson, 17th Dec., 1789.
Tichener, John and Mary Sergeant, 26th October, 1752.
Tisler, Samuel and Jerusha Hoppen, 30th December, 1765.
Tompkins, Betsey and John Morehouse, 10th Dec., 1789;
Tompkins, Elizabeth and Samuel Riggs, 5th January, 1749;
Tompkins, Jedidiah and Martha Burnet, 26th January, 1757;
Tompkins, Jonas and Jane Lion, 6th March, 1770;
Tompkins, Lucretia and Stephen Tompkins, 10th February, 1783;
Tompkins, Martha and Henry Lyon, --- Jan., 1773;
Tompkins, Sarah and James Hill, 17th Dec., 1756;
Tompkins, Stephen and Lucretia Tompkins, 10th Feb., 1783.
Tunis, Henry and Phebe Burnet, 27th Aug., 1751.
Turens, (?) Sinte and John Carr, 4th July, 1752.
Tuttle, David and Jemima Scaword (?) --- Oct., 1793;
Tuttle, Ebenizer and Rebecca Broadwell, 28th Nov., 1771;
Tuttle, James and Anne Green, 2nd Feb., 1767;
Tuttle, Jemima and Walter Moffat, 29th September, 1785;
Tuttle, Joanna and Jonathan Stiles, 10th August, 1750.
Tuttle, John and Johannah Canfield, 3d July, 1747; (Newark N.J.)
Tuttle, Joseph and Mary Merry, 27th August, 1760;
Tuttle, Joseph Jr. and Jemima Hains, 25th July, 1757;
Tuttle, Phebe and Daniel Ball, 3d Dec., 1758;
Tuttle, Samuel and Rachel Gould, 14th Nov., 1749;
Tuttle, Sarah and John Conger, 12th March, 1746/7;
Tuttle, Timothy and Mary Ward, --- Oct., 1779.
Vanderhoof, Margaret and Saml. Stiles, 24th Dec., 1767.
Vaness, Isaac and Mercy Consolee, 16th July, 1786.
Van Winkle, Ann and Fredreck Miller, 20th November, 1753;
Van Winkle, Michal and Phebe Carter, 13th July 1758;
Van Winkle, Sarah and Abial Cobb, 4th January, 1750.
Van Zile, Hannah and John Francisco, 7th August, 1752.
Vooris, Cornelius and Mary Cooper, 10th May, 1780.
Wade, Abner and Phebe Beach, Oct., 1780;
Wade, Dorothy and Aaron Burnet, 31st December, 1786;
Wade, Henry and Margaret Ward, 23d Sept., 1773;
Wade, Mary and Jacob Wright, 4th Feb., 1752;
Wade, Phebe and William Parrot, 11th September, 1777;
Wade, Phebe and Benj. Johnson, 14th February, 1787;
Wade, Rachel and John Williams (in Connecticut Farms), 18th Feb., 1748;
Wade, Sylvesta and John (?) Dickinson, 12th Feb., 1795.
Ward, Caleb and Ruth Lane, 3d October, 1771;
Ward, Elizabeth and Joseph Britten, 28th November, 1782;
Ward, Laban and Hannah Hoppen, 24th July, 1754;
Ward, Margaret and Henry Wade, 23d September, 1773;
Ward, Mary and Timothy Tuttle, --- October, 1779;
Ward, Sarah and Joseph Gould, 19th Dec., 1768;
Ward, Timothy and Hannah Zelop, 22nd January, 1782;
Ward, Uzal and Mary Squire, 19th July, 1786.
Warren, Jerusha and Amos Abner, 12th February, 1789;
Warren, John and Mary Lockwood, 25th January, 1784.
Waters, Jane and William Cumberford, 20th Jan., 1750.
Welles, Thomas and Mary Smith, 15th August, 1781.
Wheler, David and Elizabeth Molleneaux, 10th Feb., 1754
Wheeler, Elizabeth and Solomon Finn, 17th Nov., 1758;
Wheeler, Hannah and Enoch Beach, 31st Dec., 1777;
Wheeler, Sally P. and Dr. Ambrose Cook, 27th June, 1794.
White, (Rev.) Mr. and Phebe Camp (Calvin Green's diary), Feb., 1792.
White, Hannah and Thomas Bealton, 21st Dec., 1769;
White, John and Orriongery Allington, 15th Aug., 1754.
Whitehead, Hannah and Benjamin Genung, 9th May, 1780.
Wil- Lidia and Benjamin Woodruff, 10th Jan., 1786.
Wilkinson, Joel and Martha Fairchild, 28th November, 1765;
Wilkinson, John and Isabel Tappen, 18th Oct., 1768.
Williams, Benjamin and Betsy or Elizabeth Cook, 30th July, 1787;
Williams, Elizabeth and John Smith, 8th November, 1758;
Williams, John and Rachel Wade, 18th Feb., 1748; (in Connecticut Farms).
Williams, Katy and William Parrot, Jr. 15th July, 1779;
Williams, Mary and John Dixon, 26th December, 1768;
Williams, Phebe and Constantine Prat, 8th Aug., 1765;
Williams, Polly and James Ginnings, 27th Nov., 1787;
Williams, Zopher and Sarah Hedden, 3d Sept., 1765.
Winchel, Isaac and Lucretia Ball, 20th December, 1752;
Winchel, Katharine and Deacon John Ball, 25th Dec., 1760.
Winers, Isaac and Mary Beach, 4th January, 1787.
Wirxhel, Lucretia and Manan Force, 10th May, 1753.
Wood, Joseph and Mary Allen, 29th November, 1752;
Wood, Joseph and Abigail Kitchel, 1st June, 1769;
Wood, Mary and Lambert Decamp, 7th July, 1758.
Woodruff, Benjamin and Lidia Wil- 10th January, 1786;
Woodruff, Ephraim and Hannah Price, 26th Feb., 1782;
Woodruff, Joseph and Mehetable Cobb, 11th Oct., 1750.
Woods, Richard and Lucy (Jones or Price), 14th May, 1750.
Wortman, Sarah and Ellis Cook (of Bottle Hill), 28th Sept., 1789.
Wright, Jacob and Mary Wade, 4th Feb., 1752.
Wyllys, Nathaniel and Lois Carter, 19th May, 1782.
Young, Abigail and Asa Crane, 28th Dec., 1784;
Young, David and Lidia Price, 19th Feb., 1781;
Young, David and Theodosia Gould, 25th Nov., 1784;
Young, Jonas and Miss Glover, 20th Feb., 1795;
Young, Mary and Luther Hoel, 24th February, 1783;
Young, Phebe and Joseph Youngs 25th February, 1768;
Young, Phebe and James Cooper, 26th Dec., 1786;
Young, Sarah and Stephen Brant, about 20th June, 1775.
Youngs, Joseph and Phebe Young, 25th February, 1768.
Zelop, Hannah and Timothy Ward, 22nd January, 1782.
Zeluff, Solomon and Elisabeth Taler, 8th June, 1785.
Zerreckson, Deborah and Joseph Bright, 18th April, 1754.
Cyruss (Black) and Susanna (Black) 1st January, 1795.
--- Edward and Eliz. Kilburn, 12th November, 1746.
--- --- (?) Condit., 15th Oct., (?) 1788.
(Black) Susanna and Cyrus (Black), 1st January, 1795.
--- Venas (Blacks), --- 5th April, 1795.


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