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Morris County, New Jersey Biographies

Anthony, Nathan

Axford, Andrew W.


Bockoven, Abram B.

Budd, Jacob Z.

Burnet, Matthias

Burr, John R.

EDDY, William J

Hall, George E.

Harrison, Anna Symmes

Hill, John

Hirschberg, Alice

Howley, Bartholomew M.

Jaqui, Philip

McCormack, William L.

Milledge, John H.

Mills, George Augustus

Monks, Charles A.

Pierson, Samuel F.

Reeve, George E.

Rosevear, William

Sheppard, Thomas

Smith, John D.

Stephens, Richard H.

Van Cleve, Rev. William

Voorhees, Daniel S.
Wise, John V.

Young, William E.

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