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County Information
Settled in 1624, New York City isn't actually a county.
It's the county seat of 5 counties (also known as boroughs):

The Bronx (
Bronx County)
Brooklyn (
Kings County)
Manhattan (
New York County)
Queens (
Queens County)
Staten Island (
Richmond County)

Midtown Manahattan Skyline
Author: Andreas Meck
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

New York City has the most number of people living in it than any other city in the U.S, well over 8 million, and they're all packed in... making NY City the most densely populated city in the country, and the world as well. That poses a big challenge for researchers, especially when many sources simply cite "New York City" as the location of the individual. So this site will be for all those pieces of genealogical data designated simply as "New York City". If something says Brooklyn or Manhattan or any of the other boroughs, we'll put it on those county sites, so check those sites as well as here.

New York City consolidated with the Counties of
Bronx (The Bronx),
Kings (Brooklyn),
New York (Manhattan),
Queens (Queens),
Richmond (Staten Island) in 1874.

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Website Updates:
Aug 2016:  marriage announcement for McCormick-Brownlee.  Fire News.  obit for KENT.  Sicklist news for MCCULY, HUTCHINSON
May 2015:  Marriage announcements for PEASE-COFFIN, LYON-LUTHER;  obit for WILLETT



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Surrounding Counties:

New York City is the county seat for these 5 boroughs:

The Bronx (Bronx County)
Brooklyn (
Kings County)
Manhattan (
New York County)
Queens (
Queens County)
Staten Island (
Richmond County)

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