Albany County
New York
Genealogy and History

The Freeholders of the
City and County of Albany, 1763

Source: "National Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol. 48, No. 4, December 1960"
Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by: Camellia C.

The list of freeholders was prepared in accordance with an act for returning of able and sufficient jurors which passed on 27 November 1741, (4) and made perpetual on 6 December 1746. (5) By these acts inhabitants of Albany County to be eligible for jury duty in trials before Provincial courts, had to be between 21 and 70 years of age and "have in their own Name or Right, or in Trust for them, or in their Wives Right, within the…City or County, a Freehold in Lands, Messuages, or Tenements, or of Rents in Fee, Fee-Tail, or for Life, of the Value of Sixty Pounds, free of all Reprizes or Incumbrances whatsoever". Inhabitants of the City of Albany, however, having personal effects to the value of sixty pounds, free of all incumbrances, were likewise eligible to serve. In a document of 1763 which lists the 801 freeholders subject to jury duty in Westchester County only between twenty and twenty-five percent of the white male population between the ages of 21 and 70 were eligible, (6) so that the property requirement of Albany County must have had much the same effect. The towns or localities listed in this paper comprised all or parts of the following present New York counties: Ulster (northern part), Greene, Columbia, Albany, Renselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Montgomery, Schoharie, Herkimer (lower half), and Otsego. The map was reproduced from a section of a manuscript map entitled "A Map of the Province of New York, part of New England with a Part of New France." The original scale was 16 miles to the inch. It was made about 1758-1764 by Francis Pfister and is now in the collection of the New York Historical Society, through whose courtesy it is reproduced. Places or localities not shown on Pfister's map have been added, in type script, on the basis of other old maps and manuscripts. The spelling of some of the towns or localities on Pfister's map varied from the spelling in this paper, and are given below. The spelling in this paper is given first and that of Pfister's map in parenthesis.

Claverak (Klaverack)
Cogsage (Coxacky)
Nestegaione (Nestaguina)
Schachtekok (Schachtocook)
Saratogue (Saratogen)
Stonrabie (Stone Rabie)

The listing of the names of the freeholders was by town or locality, starting with Albany and then the towns on the east side of the Hudson River and south of Albany; next, the towns on the west side of the Hudson River; then those east and north of Albany, and finally those to the west, with the city of Schenectady last. The names have been copied just as in the original manuscript except as explained in the next paragraph. The last few pages of the manuscript had additional names of Freeholders of Claverak and Colony with a few from the City of Albany and Kinderhook. These have been recopied and placed under the towns listed. To indicate them, a broken line(--------) has been used at the end of the regular list and before the recopied names. Altogether there were 1231 names of Freeholders.



Johannes Van Der Heyden Thomas Cooper
Hendrick M. Roseboom John Flensburg
James Stevenson Harme Hun
Deles De Garmo Harme J. Fisher
John Lansing, Jr. David Foreest
Robert Sanders Johannes Van Santen
John Rutse Bleecker Lucas Yates
John H. Lydies Jacobus Hilton
John G. Rooseboom John Massa
John D. Peyster Benjamen Hilton
Johannes De Garmo Anthony G. Van Schaick
Daniel Husten Basteaen Fisher
Gerret Van Vranke Helmes Van Antwerpe
John H. Ten Eyck Peter Williams
Peter Lansing Gerret J. Lansing
Hendrick Cuyler Barent Bratt
Jacob Everse Ephreim E. Wendell
Peter Schuyler William G. Van Den Bergh
Barent H. Ten Eyck Barent Van Buren
Marte Mynderse Jacobus Parker V. Benthuisen
Philip Lansing Cornelius Masse
Gerardis Groesbeek Abraham H. Wendell
Peter P. Schuyler Wessell Van Schaick
Cuenrat Look Peter Quackenboss
Jacob Ten Eyck, ( dead ) Barent A. Bratt
Joseph Yates Johannes Becker, Jr.
Joseph Yates Jacob J. Lansing
John Jo. Wendell Melchert Van Der Pool
Robert Berret William Van Santen
Isaac Lansing Dirk Hun
John M. Beekman Johannes Seeger
Peter Waldron Barent Sanders
Isaac Switts Anthony Van D See
William Winne John Price
Layckas Van Vechten Volckert Oothout
Isaac Kipp Peter Granswoort
Benjamin Bratt Nicholaas Cuyler
Asveres Roseboom Johannes Winegaart
John Gansevort Abraham Witbeek
Gerret Van Santen Peter Messell
John Fryer Robert Rooseboom
David Groesbeek John Flensburgh, Jr.
Johannes Van Santen William Waldron
John Glen Arent Van Duzen
Harme Gansevoort Adam Yates
Cornelius Ten Broeck Johannes Lansing
Gerret Marselis Ruliff Kidney
Isaac Ver Plank, Jr. Thomas Sharp
David A. Schuyler Jacob Van Woort
Jacob Bleecker Claes Fond
Hendrick Ten Eyck Abraham Lansing
Hendrick Bleecker Sybrant Van Schaick, Jr.
Isaac Staats Sander Ja. Lansing
Killean Winne Peter Jones
Johannes Look, Manner Renseler Hermanus H. Wendell
John Winne Gysbert Marselis
Jacob Look, Colony Ren: Johannes Van Schaick
Abraham Douw, Esq. Johannes Van Schaick
John J. Lansing William Rogers
Peter D. Wandelaar Thomas Williams Jr.
Isaac Fryer Peter Bogert
Tabias Ryckman Johannes Cluet
Hendrick Van Dyck Lucas Hoogkerk
Robert Lansing Johannes Goewy
Lendert Gansevoort Abram J. Lansing
John J. Lansing Jonathan Broocks
Jacob Cooper Michael Besset
John Cuyler Antony P. Bratt
Abraham Mynderse Hendrick Bogert
Lagelas Winegaart William Van Den Bergh
Antony Flensburgh Stephanus Van Schaak
Schebalet Bogardus Jacobus Redliff
Hendrick Halenbeek John Spoor, Jr.
Simon Veeder Cornelius C. Van Den Bergh
Johannes Redliff Benjamen Bogert
Luyckas Witbeek Abram Bogert
Sybrant D. Van Schaick Petrus Hilton
Isaac G. Ver Plank Jacob Pruyn
Johannes Everse Cornelius M. Bloomendal
Claes Van Den Bergh Hendrick Roseboom
Garrardus Lansing Gerret Roseboom
Johannes Pruin Barnardus Harson
Abraham Rooseboom Daniel Halenbeek
Frans Pruyn Antony D. Bratt
Johannes M. Roseboom Volkert Doun
David Van Der Heyden Jacob Lansing
Isaac Bogart Elbert Greveraat
Abraham G. Lansing Cornelius Van Ness
William G. Van Den Bergh John Kidney
Tunis Visher Gysbert Van Den Bergh
Johannes Van Olende Peter Lockerman
Isaac DeForeest William Hogan
Wilhelmus Van Den Bergh William Hogan Jr.
Lambert Redliff Hendrick Rooseboom
Peter Yates John Davids
William Ver Plank Lucas G. Winegaart
John Roseboom Jr. Hendrick Gerretse
Philip Foreest Richard Hilton
William Hilton Jacob Rooseboom
Barent Ten Eyck John Daneeley
Volckert Van Den Bergh Staets Van Santfort
Gysbert Fonda Barnardus Bratt
John R. Lansing Tobias Ten Eyck
Egbert Bratt Abram J. Fonda
John Kidney Jr. Johannes S. Pruyn
John Van Duzen Marte Beeckman
William Frier Peter Doun
Hendrick G. Van Ness Jacob Visher
Cornelius Cuyler Peter Winne
Claas Van Woort Jacob H. Ten Eyck
Gerret J. Lansing John Beeckman
Abraham Yates Jacob D. Ten Eyck
Cornelius Bogart Richard Cartwright
Gerret Van Ness _______
Gerret Lansing Isaac Kipp
Johannes Hun Jacob C. Ten Eyck
Jacob Groesbeek David Groesbeek
Volckert P. Douw Claas Vanden Berg
Gerret Van Sante Jr. John Depeyster
John Clute Jr. William Rogers
Jacob Van Schaick Wouter Knikerbaker
Thomas Lansing Jacob Ten Eyck
Gerret Lansing Gysbert Van Den Berg
Dowe Bogert Isaac Bogert
Jacob Bogardus Robert Sanders
Ephreim Wendell Barnardus Bratt Jr.
Stoffel Abeel William Hogan Jr.
John Beekman Jr.


Peter Yeralewyn Samuel Wheeler
Lourance Van Der Pool Peter Van Valkenburgh
Abraham Vosburgh Abram Van Alestyn
Dirik Gardenier Jacob Moore
Tobias Van Buren Jacob Gardenier
Marten Van Allestyn William Clauw
Abraham Hugenaer Teunis Van Slyk
Patrick Flood Peter Vosburgh
Jacobus Gardenier Richard Van Valkenburgh
Johannes Van Der Pool Johannes Staets
Isaac Van Alestyn Marte Vosburgh
Peter Van Slyck John Burger
Thomas Van Alstyn Abraham Winegaart
Barent Van Buren Frans Clauw
Cornelius Van Buren Lourence Van Alen
Evert Van Alen Johannes Van Alen
Jochem Van Valkenburgh Tewes Hous
Gerret Dingman Frans Clauw
Andries Huyck Arie Gardenier
Samuel Gardenier Francis Van Valkenburgh
Dirick Woodcock Isaac Van Valkenburgh
Jacobus Van Alen Jacob Van Valkenburgh
Anthony Quackenboss Jacob Sherp
Leendert Conyne Salomon Sherp
Barent Vosburgh Johannes Sherp
Johannes Huyck Peter Sherp
Stephen Van Alen Jacob Vosburgh
Arent Pruyn John Gardenier
Gerret Van Schaick Marte Van Deusen
Andries Sherp John Van Alestyn
Lambert Van Valkenburgh William Huyck
Johannes Van Derpoel Evert Wheeler
Johannes Van Valkenburgh William Clerk
Cornelius Van Schaak Jacob Miller
Isaac Staats John Woodcock
Robert Van Deusen Gerret Van Hoesen
Johannes Van Deusen Tobias Van Slyck
Lourence Van Deusen ________________
Jochem Van Valkenburgh Johannes Van Alen
Dirk Vosburgh Thomas Van Alestyn


Jochem Staats Wouter Barheyt
William Halenbeek Jacob Hagedorn
Ephreim Moor William Philip
Cornelius Van Hooson Jacob Philip
Casper W. Halenbeek Hendrick Gratt
Samuel Staets Johannes Holsapple
________________ Hendrick Van Beuren
Casper Van Salsbergen Jacob Schermerhorn Jr.
Hendrick Endes Peter Fonda
Philip DeForeest Waldron Cluet
Benedictus Van Valkenier Jan Van Beuren
Francis Harding Jr. Gerret C. Van Den Bergh
Jacobus Van Renselaar Johannes Lant
Abram Witbeeck Isaac Slingerlant
Abram Thomas Witbeek Albert Slingerlant
Hendrick Gardenier Davit DeForeest
Andries Huyck Jr. Harme Van Hoesen
Peter Van Wort Maes Van Vranke
Johannes Fonda Jacob Van Woort
Wynant Vanden Bergh Jacob Herder
Gerret Van Schaick Zacharias Haf
Volckert Van Den Bergh Johannes Hogebom
Abram Moll Johannes Smith
Philip Van Vechten Peter Smith
Cornelius Muller John Van Deusen
Johannes Huyck Jr. John Ten Broeck Jr.
Cornelius Muller Jr. Jacob Van Hoesen
John DeLamater Peter Helm
William Van Ness John P. Cass
Jeremiah Muller Jr. Killean Muller
Hendrick Van Hoesen Jacob Van Alestyn
Luyckas Witbeek Hendrick Els
Andries Witbeek Henry Ten Broeck
Johannes V. Hoese Aron Van Der Kar
Ephreim Moor Peter Van Buren
Johan Adam Smith Jacob Mesieck
Johan Adam Smith Jurean Van Hoesen
William Bartte Jacob J. Van Hoesen
Joseph Wright Thomas Miesick
Solomon V. D. Kar Jores Decker
Nicholas V. D. Kar Omphrie Moor
Hendrick Shinkel Yurie Van Hoesen
Mathies Van Deusen Peter Van Hoesen
John Upham John Van Hoesen
Casparus Conyne


Andries Witbeek Jr. Andries Witbeek
Lucas Witbeek Teunis Egberse
Jones Witbeek Robert Livingston


Adam Beetcher Coenrat Snyder
William Linke Hans H. Coenrat
Bastean Jocobie William Hagedorn
Jacob Byar Pawell Dick
Hendrick Dunsbagh Jurie Shelts
Andries Wies Dederick Dick
Peter Jarder Killean Stoppelbeen
Adam Hoof Philip Sattpoot
William Will Johannes Daet
Hendrick Philip Peter Sharp
Johannes Lesser Barent Hainer
Philip Shuttis Johannes Like
Kris Daderick Peter Hesser
Jacob Best Lodewick Batts
Edmund Mathews Christean Haver
Coenrat Lasser Johannes Curst
Christean Philip Christean Dedrick


Jurie W. Dederick Adam Walf
Wilhelmus Emmery Gadfrey Walf Jr.
Dedrick Materstock Hendrick Faase
Jacob Jegneaer William Oarda
Harmanis Bear Fealta Fiera
Jurie Moefer Ares Van Steenbergen
Johannes Winecope


Abraham Pears Anthony Van Schaick


Gadfrey Walfin Dederick Materstock
Johannes Schut Johannes Burhans
Johannes Trompoor Christean Dederick


Jacob Ten Broeck Johannes Overpagh
Jurie Cryselaar Nicholas Britts
William Laymant Frederick Deiderick
William Ealik Jurean Overpagh
Frederick Brando Samuel Whitieur
Henderick Stroop Davit Van Dyck
Frederick Row Benjamen Dubois
Cornelius Schermerhorn William Salsbury
Samuel Schoemaker Marte G. Van Bergen
Christean Overpagh Wilhelmus Van Berge
William Van Berge Peter Saucer
Adam Spoen John Spoor


Claes Sieverse Johannes Clauw
Casper Calier Albert Van Schaak
Casper Halenbeek Dirik Van Vechten
Casper Halenbeek Jr. Johannes J. Halenbeek
William Halenbeek Isaac Calier
John Van Schaiek Casper Van Hoesen


Ruliff Schermerhorn John Bronck
Hendrik Hoogteling Philip Bronck
Peteres Van Bergen Jonas Bronck
Philip Conyne Lendert Bronck
Anthony Winne Barent Lewes
John C. Halenbeek Robert Van Den Bergh
Marte Halenbeek Hendrick Van Den Bergh
Peter Bronck Gerret Tu. Van Slyck
Matis Van Den Bergh Hendrick Van Slyck
Teunis Hoogteling Hendrick Halenbeek Jr.
Dirik Vasburgh Johannes Halenbeek
Johannes Conyne Jacob Jo. Halenbeek


_________________ Dowe Fonda
Isaac Ja. Lansingh Johannes Ouderkerk
Johannes Van Beuen Abram D. Berret
Jacob Schermerhorn Gerrit Vielen
Jacob Van Derheyden Isaac Delagrancey
Larines Winne Myndert Veeder
John P. Fonda Abram Truex
Johannes Groesbek Jacob Delagrancey
Daniel Winne Wouter Slingerlant
Jan Witbeek Tunis Slingerlant
Hendrick H. Van Wee Albert Slingerlant
Kitchen Holland Christean Delagrancey
Jan Bratt Coenrat Look
Jochem Staats Johannes Cluet
Gerret Staats Evert Van Ness
Jan Van Wee Abram De Weever
Johannes Yates William Lieversen
Gerret M. Marselis Yurie Sharp
Luyckas Van Vechten Abram Van Valkenburg
John Banker Ruliff Janse
Jure Van Arnum Charles Gilchrest
Cornelius W. V. D. Bergh Benjamin Goewy
Douwe J. Fonda Jacob Bogert Jr.
Symon De Ridder Frederick Wurmer
John Perry Thos. Schuyler
Dirick Jo. V. D. Heyden Barent An. Bratt
Dirick Bratt Dirik Van Derheyden
Benjamin Winne Tunis Vielen
Isaac A. Vosburgh Cornelius V. D. Berg
Ghose Van Schaick Jacob R. Van Wort
Lendert Muller Abram Slingerlant
Tunes Van Woort Isaac Vielen
Jonas OOthout Peter Vielen
John Van Renselaar John OOthout
Johannes Dow Barent Van Buren
Francis Lansing Huge Vielen
Hendrick Lansing Anthony Van Jeuren
Peteres Douw William G. V. D. Bergh
Abram Van Arnum Peter M. Van Buren
Robert Wendell Gerret Van Den Bergh
Jacob J. Lansing Johannes Marselis
Mathew Vanderheyden Dirik Heemstraat
Mathies Bover Harme Vander Lee


Martinis Van Olende

Anthony Bratt

Wouter Groesbeeck

Johannes Fort

Barnardus Bratt

Jacob Fort

Maties De Garmo

Peter Benneway

Johannes DeWandelaer

Hugo Vielen

Abraham Foreest

Marte Winne

Hendrick Fonda

Frederick Fort

Jacob Vielen

Johannes Knickerbaker

Dirik Van Vechte


Peter Vielen

Johannes Becker


Waldren Clutt

Gerret De Ridder

Killean De Ridder


Federick Van Petten

Arent A. Vedder

Dirik Van Petten

Abram Meebe

Samuel A. Bratt

Johannes Schermerhorn

Joseph Braghin

Nicholas A. Van Petten

Philip Van Petten

Christean Lagrange


Hendrick Coenrat

Cornelius Vrooman

Jacob Lawyer

Nicholas Mathys

Johannes Becker Jr.

William Mentes

Hendrick Weever

Johannes Burst

Johannes Brown

Nicholas Ecker

Christean Bough

Josias Swort

Hendrick Sheefer

Johannes Beecker Jr.

Battis Barst

Johannes Sheefer Jr.

Lambert Starenbergh

Joost Matys

Bartholomewy Vrooman

Yurre Tester

Hendrick Sheefer

Peter Young

Johannes Lawyer Jr.

Johannes Feek

Lourance Lawyer

Michael Frymer

Adam Sheefer

Jacob Burst Jr.

Jost Bast

Cornelius Ecker

Soloman Myer

Gerret Seeger

Jacob Sheefer

Johannes Freemye

Jurie Reghtmyer

Peter Knieskern

Johannes Lawyer

Thomas Ecker

Peter Snyder

Abraham Berg

Johannes Sheefer

William Teats

William Brown

Yurry Warrener

Frederik Hanshall

Hendrick Sturag

Peter Man

Johannes Beecker

Jacob Starenbergh

Frederik Bongh

Nicholas Becker

Gadfrey Knieskern

Jacob Feek

Hendrick Heins

Johannes Bough

Hendrick Honck

Adam Sea

Adam Brown

Martines Van Allestyn

Peter Vrooman

Joost Warrenaer

Christean Sea

Barent Vrooman

Jan Ecker

Harme Sidnig

Jacob Merkel

Hendrick Heeger

William Bongh


James Remsay

John Wells

John Camble

John Asenlin

William Galt

John Reet

James Dunlap

William Ramsay

Thomas Ramsay

Robin Flint

James Camil

John McCallim

Samuel Dunlap

William McConil

William Wasson

John Line


James MacMaster

Archibald Boyd

Thomas Little


Jacobus Philipse

Marte Van Olende

Philip Philipse

Lewes Groet

Claes DeGraf

Wouter Swart


Cornelius Potman

Yelles Fonda

Johannes Potman

Carel Hanse Van Eps

Jacob Potman

Hendrick Vrooman

Sander Philipse

Johannes Veeder

William Murphy

James Davis

Adam Docksteder

Doune Fonda

Adam Winne Gardenier

John Clement

Hendrick Snook

Lewes Clement

Peter Young

John Maybee

Joseph Wallis Loun

Peter Maybee

Fran Salts

Peter Lewis

Lowdowick Pattman

Abraham Van Alestyn

Johannes Kline

Johannes E. Van Eps

Ephreim Wimp

David Quack

John Lenderse

William Johnson

John Cain

Frederick Cloot

Jacobus Crammel

Jacob Evendorp

Nicholas Van Brakel

Sander Van Brakel

Peter Conine

Johannes Quackenboss

Cornelius Smitt

William Wormwood

Johannes H. Vrooman

Harme F. Visher

Gysbert Van Alestyn


Yurry Scrimling

Peter D. Schuyler

Adam Waldran

David Young

Frederick Windeker

William Bongh

Peter Miller

William Fix

Nicholas Horning

William Fox

Coenrat Timmerman

William Nelles

Coenrat Windecker

Jacob Clock

Hendrick Waldratt

Peter Wagenaer

Johannes Van Der Werken

Marte Van Alestyn

Jacob Christman

Yurry Clock

Jacob Bowman

Johannes Clock

Johannes Hess

Adam Walrat

Casper Lipe

Peter Tiger

Jacob Dederick

David Schuyler

Johannes Walgemoet

Jacob Van Alestyn

Abram M. Van Alestyn

Cornelius Van Alestyn

William Finck

Hendrick Schremeling

Goose Van Alestyn

Harmanus Van Slyck

Adam Young

Christeaen Nilles

Frederik Young

Jacob Crous

John Jacob Eally

Thomas Davie

David Marenes

Hendrick Fry

Adam Ecker

Johannes Van Alestyn

Frederick Pellinger

Sander Lansingh

Lendert Helmer


Hendrick Lucks

Christean Delipag

Leendert Byer

Hendrick Delipag

William Brown

Johannes Empie

Peter Craims

Nicholas Stansel

Frederick Kitman

Hendrick Craims

William Coppernoll

Melchert Pater

Coenrat Kitts

Saffunis Tiger

Stoffel Shoats

Michael Frank

Coenrat Lipper

Hendrick Riemsnider

William Lucks

Philip Empie

William Stansel

Hendrick Markel

Wilhelmus Delopag

Peter Sutts

Johannes Kesser

Jacob Shulties

Volantine Storn

Martines Tielibag

Yurry Saltman

Frederick Snell

Johannes Shulties

Joast Snell

Johannes Snell Jr.

Robert Garter

Johannes Walraet

Warner Tiger

Johannes Snell

Harme Sheffer

Johannes Shulties

Peter Kells

Michael Saltsman

Harme Vedder

Andries Finck

Christean Dogsteder

Casper Caugh

Johannes Shulties


Nicholas Weever

Frederick Grandorf

Andries Piper

Hans Michael Eadick

Jacob Kesselaer

Yurrie Gitman

Jury Docksteder

Philip Pellinger

Christean Folmer

John Just Petrie

Frederick Helmer

Yurry Hitts

Dirick Demout

Hendrick Orendorf

Patrick Deleny

Frederick Leer

Johannes Bierman

Joast Demaet

Johannes Raaspaat

Lourance Herder

Hendrick Mayer

Coenrat Frank

Gadfrett Rell

Jacob Folls

Rudalf Steel

Hans Jurry Cass

Andries Tike

Lodowick Smitt

Hendrick Spaar

Coenrat Folts

Andries Weever

Dirick Steel

Adam Halmer

Frederick Kittman

Adam Storm

Ephreim Bogardus

Jacob Simon Hitts

Albert Van Loon

Nicholas Wallever

Tiss Van Loon

Johannes Christman

Samuel Provoost

Adam Pears

Isaac Provoost

Adam Bowman

Johannes Provoost

James Camil

Peteres Van Loon

Jurry Winns

Yury Van Loon

Coenrat Folmer

Mathies Van Loon Jr.

Jacob Weever

Jacob Halenbeek

William Cunnigum

Evert Everse

Andries Claapsadle

Nannen Halenbeek

George Cost

Jacob Fries

Marcus Peterie

Mathys Halenbeek

Thomas Shoemaker

Peteres Ep. Bogardus

Roedalf Shoemaker

Robert Petterson

Frederick Shoemaker

Alexander McKay

Jacob Ealick

Lambert Van Valkenburgh

Joseph Storn

Huybert Van Vechten

Achistenes Hess

Guert Rose

Peter Pellinger

Isaac Colyer


John J. Cuyler

Yeron Barheyt

Joseph R. Yates

John Tallor

Nicholas Van Petten

Abraham Van Eps

Isaac Quackenboss

Philip Groot

Rynier Mynderse

Cornelius Groot

William Schermerhorn

Daniel Fort

Jacobus Van Eps

Frederick Cloet

Abram Wemp

Philip Van Petten

Rykert R. Van Vranke

Thomas Allemond

John Sanders

Andries Burdin

Johannes Vedder

Peter Conine

Moss Van Vrakke

John Butler

Dirik Bratt

Jelles Fonda

Peter Fonda

Philip Truax

Claas Vander Valge

Jacob H. Ten Eyck

Abraham Fonda

Frederick Van Petten

Peter Clement

Peter Veeder

Johannes Schermerhorn

Harmanus Peek

Harme Van Slyck

Elyes Post

Joseph Yates Jr.

Thomas Christianse

Takerus Vander Bogert

Harmanus Vedder

Joseph Bragham

John Banker

Alexander Lansing

Hendrick H. Veeder

Helmes Vader

Johannes H. Veeder

Jacob Glen

John Brown

Doune Van Vorst

Isaac Truax Jr.

Abraham Yates

Lewes Peek

Ryer Wempell

Symon Vrooman

John Farley

John Barheyt Jr.

Claas De Graff

William Vrooman

Barent Veader

Aron C. Potman

Andries Sauex

Ruben Horseford

Harmanus Bratt

Abraham Switts

Lancester Conner

Peteres Van Der Volgen

Aswerus Marselis

Thomas Nixon

Hans V. Vorst

Richard Collins

Symon Schermerhorn

David Marrenis

Symon Brackum

Answerus G. Marselis

Isaac Truax

Isaac De Graff

Jacobus Van Slycke

Arent Delyne

Walter Swart

Abraham Groot

Hendricus Veeder

John V. Potman

Harme Vedder

Juria Sieverse

Ephreim Smith

Harmanus H. Wendell

Jacobus Mynderse

Satts Van Santfort

Abram Van Antwerpe

Arent Pottman

Jan Van Syce

Gerret Marselis

Arent Vedder

Evert Wendell

William Peters

Cornelius Potman

Daniel Campbell

Jacob Potman

James Wilson

William Hall

Volckert Dousen

John Mabb

Christophel Yates

Abraham J. Van Eps

Dirik Van Vranke

Abraham Truax

Tobias Ten Eyck

John Vrooman

John Steavens

Bartelmaus Vrooman

Mindert Wempell Jr.

Lyas Swartt

Jacobus Peek

Sander Glen

John Newkerk

James Mills

Aces Peek

Harme Van Antwerpe

William Banker

Abraham Mabie

Sander Vedder

John D. Van Antwerpe

Cornelius Groot

Cornelius Brower

Jacob Switts

Jelles Van Vorst

Daniel McKinney

Isaac Marselis

Christopher Vilhersen

John Groot

John Babtist Wendell

Henderickus Wempel

Claas Van Petten

Crownage Kincade

Isaac J. Truax

Joseph Brachum

Benjamin Van Vreeke

Jacobus Tellor

Myndert Gaysling

John Shoemaker

Daniel De Graff

John Babtist Van Vorst

Sett Vrooman

Peter H. Veeder

Harma Vedder

Peteres Van Driesen

Johannes Hall

Ephreim Bratt

Albert J. Vedder

Dirik Marselis

Edward Collins

Peter Cloet

Arent Schermerhorn

Nicholas Spaack

Frans Van Den Bogert

Albert A. Vedder

Hendrick Brower

Sybrant Van Schaick

Jacobus Schermerhorn

Samuel Acres Bratt

Jeremiah Swart

Daniel Kittel

Myndert Wimpell

Harme Vedder

John Glen Jr.

Carell H. Toll

Isaac Swits

Abraham Delemond

Cornelius Van Ness

Symon Vedder

Nicholas Visger

Abraham Bratt

Isaac J. Switts

John Babtist Van Eps Jr.

Simon Toll

Dirik Van Voerst

Abraham Schermerhorn

Takel Marselis

Peter Cermie

Isaac H. Truax

Cornelius Vrooman

Lewes Peek

Jacobus A. Bratt

Claas A. De Graaf

Cornelius Vander Volgen

Cornelius Barheyt

Hendrickus V. Veeder

Arent Marselis

Jacob Lansing

Jacobus Bratt

Gerret A. Lansing

Arent Bratt

Jacob Truax

Harme Vedder

Hendrick Carrel

Jan Dellemond

Symon J. Schermerhorn

John J. Vrooman

Claas Veelin

Cornelius Lansing

John Glen

Thunis Potman

Jacob C. Ten Eyck

John Sy. Vrooman

Abraham Glen

Johannes T. Hall

Jan Vrooman

Jacob Schermerhorn

Samuel Bratt

William Stevens

Arent A. Bratt

Ryer Veeder

John Vischer

John Mabie

Isaac Vrooman

Samuel Bratt

John Babtist Van Eps

Nicholas Stevens

Jacob Fonda

Harmanus Hagadorn

Adam Van Slyck

Hans Barheyt

Symon J. Veeder

Jacob Vrooman

Peter Truax


Ceagir Van Santfort

Har. Schuyler Shireff

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