Broome County
New York
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Adams Street Cemetery 421555N 0755505W  
Alexander Hill Cemetery 420505N 0753235W  
All Saints Cemetery 420850N 0755711W  
Allentown Cemetery 421359N 0760059W  
Anthony Cemetery 420759N 0752722W  
Arctic Cemetery 421052N 0752536W  
Baptist Church Cemetery 421348N 0755506W  
Brady Hill Cemetery 420101N 0755326W  
Broas Family Cemetery 420738N 0760139W  
Bunn Hill Cemetery 420428N 0755935W  
Calvary Cemetery 420732N 0755800W  
Cascade Valley Cemetery 420053N 0753441W  
Center Lisle Cemetery 422124N 0760312W  
Chenango Valley Cemetery 420850N 0755248W  
Choconut Center Cemetery 420834N 0755642W  
Chrysler Road Cemetery 420827N 0760140W  
Cline Family Cemetery 420101N 0755326W  
Coles Hill Cemetery 420857N 0753953W  
Collins-Hall Cemetery 421311N 0755154W  
Conklin Center Cemetery 420319N 0754829W  
Conklin Forks Cemetery    

located on Brady Hill Road

Corbettsville Cemetery 420048N 0754704W  
Damascus Cemetery      
Danville Cemetery 420025N 0752825W  
Dimmick Hill Cemetery 421212N 0755653W  
Dorchester Cemetery 422121N 0755811W  
East Maine Cemetery 421053N 0755921W  
East Windsor Cemetery 420640N 0753636W  
Edwards Cemetery 420340N 0753720W  
Finch Family Cemetery 420216N 0755020W  
Floral Park Cemetery 420621N 0755721W  
Glen Aubrey Cemetery 421533N 0760027W  
Glen Castle Cemetery 421058N 0755427W  
Glenwood Cemetery 420703N 0755619W  
Green Cemetery 422121N 0755810W  
Hale Eddy Cemetery 420008N 0752345W  
Harpur Cemetery 420813N 0753607W

aka Bevier Cemetery;
aka Bryant's Grove

Hawleyton Cemetery 420110N 0755441W  
Hazard Corners Cemetery 422357N 0755235W  
Holy Spirit Cemetery 421132N 0755221W  
Huggins Cemetery 420821N 0753017W  
Hyde Street Cemetery 421730N 0755652W  
Ingraham Hill Cemetery 420312N 0755711W  
Itaska Cemetery 421748N 0755442W  
Kattellville Cemetery 421140N 0755206W  
Killawog Cemetery 422406N 0760124W  
King Street Cemetery 421643N 0755428W  
Knox Cemetery 420658N 0753849W  
La France Cemetery 420405N 0755337W  
Levee Family Cemetery 420300N 0755216W  
Lilly Cemetery 421149N 0755417W  
Lisle Cemetery 422040N 0755957W  
Loomis Hill Cemetery 420621N 0752706W  
Lord Road Cemetery 420949N 0752859W  
Maine Cemetery 421048N 0760402W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 421343N 0755438W  
McClure Cemetery 420309N 0752953W  
Methodist Church Cemetery 420111N 0755114W  
Mount Hunger Cemetery 421823N 0760242W  
Mount View Cemetery 420336N 0754320W  
Nanticoke Valley Cemetery 420902N 0760408W  
New Ohio Cemetery 421341N 0754238W  
Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery 421128N 0753637W  
North Maine Cemetery 421456N 0760415W  
North Windsor Cemetery 420545N 0753834W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 420942N 0760113W  
Old South Windsor Cemetery 420209N 0753712W  
Page Brook Cemetery 422200N 0755634W  
Perch Pond Hill Cemetery 421002N 0753326W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 420349N 0752544W  
Polish Cemetery 420942N 0755640W  
Pratts Cemetery 421124N 0753855W  
Riley Farm Cemetery 420722N 0754428W  
Riverhurst Cemetery 420610N 0760200W  
Riverside Cemetery 420406N 0753825W  
Riverside Cemetery 420537N 0760331W  
Riverside Cemetery 421921N 0755740W  
Riverside Cemetery 420036N 0754602W  
Riverview Cemetery 421038N 0753720W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 421310N 0755522W  
Saint Cyril's Cemetery 420550N 0755703W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 420740N 0755742W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 420317N 0752627W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 420700N 0755614W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 420711N 0755604W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 420553N 0755713W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 421947N 0755851W  
Sanford Cemetery 420559N 0752901W  
Sanitaria Springs Cemetery 420935N 0754602W  
Shawsville Cemetery      
Slovak Cemetery 420614N 0755718W  
South Street Cemetery 421831N 0755227W  
South Windsor Cemetery 420136N 0753724W  
Spring Forest Cemetery 420638N 0755531W  
Standley Cemetery 420735N 0754655W  
State Road Cemetery 420843N 0754811W  
Taft Cemetery 422113N 0755248W  
Temple Israel Riverside Cemetery 420603N 0755114W  
The Plains Cemetery 421056N 0753619W  
Toombs Cemetery 421443N 0755104W  
Tracy Creek Cemetery 420226N 0760459W  
Upper Lisle Cemetery 422335N 0755734W  
Vestal Center Cemetery 420214N 0760104W  
Vestal Hill Cemetery 420557N 0755845W  
Vestal Park Cemetery 420458N 0760317W  
Willis Cemetery 420609N 0760010W  
Windsor Village Cemetery 420432N 0753844W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 420615N 0755711W  


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