Cortland County, New York
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Albro Cemetery 424526N 0755502W  
Atwater Cemetery 424019N 0761303W  
Atwood Cemetery 423450N 0760315W  
Beardsley Cemetery 422704N 0755349W  
Blodgett Mills Cemetery 423412N 0760736W  
Brook Cemetery 424459N 0761202W  
Carpenter Farm Cemetery 422652N 0761450W  
Cheningo Cemetery 423928N 0755949W  
Cincinnatus Rural Cemetery 423243N 0755349W  
Cornell Lane Cemetery 422634N 0761444W  
Cortland Rural Cemetery 423541N 0761123W  
Cuyler Cemetery 424406N 0755703W  
Cuyler Hill Cemetery 424256N 0755512W  
East Homer Cemetery 424002N 0760611W  
Elmwood Cemetery 424421N 0760845W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 423402N 0760737W  
Freetown Cemetery 423135N 0760208W  
Gillett Cemetery 424313N 0761138W  
Glenwood Cemetery 423757N 0761142W  
Green Cemetery 422757N 0755517W  
Harford Cemetery 422529N 0761333W  
Harford Mills Cemetery 422435N 0761214W  
Hawley Cemetery 423529N 0755649W  
Holland Cemetery 423541N 0755721W  
Holmes Cemetery 423235N 0755424W  
Hunts Corners Cemetery 422530N 0760634W  
Keeney Settlement Cemetery 424712N 0755755W  
Lee Cemetery 424503N 0755653W  
Loope Cemetery 423402N 0755931W  
Lower Cincinnatus Cemetery 423201N 0755343W  
Maplewood Cemetery 423608N 0760103W  
Marathon Cemetery 422651N 0760201W  
McAllister Cemetery 423409N 0761313W  
McGrawville Rural Cemetery 423557N 0760526W  
Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery 424453N 0760728W  
Parker Street Cemetery 422838N 0760637W  
Potter Hill Cemetery 423836N 0755449W  
Quail Hill Cemetery 422648N 0760640W  
Saint Leo Cemetery 424632N 0760659W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 423624N 0761203W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 424237N 0760131W  
Scott Union Cemetery 424314N 0761435W  
Sessions Hill Neighborhood Cemetery 424047N 0760750W  
Seven Day Baptist Cemetery 424403N 0761442W  
Snyder Hill Cemetery 422950N 0760515W  
Taylor Rural Cemetery 423354N 0755340W  
Texas Valley Cemetery 422909N 0755827W  
Truxton Village Protestant Cemetery 424241N 0760124W  
Turner Cemetery 423330N 0760057W  
Union Valley Cemetery 423740N 0755306W  
Virgil Rural Cemetery 423025N 0761152W  
West Hill Cemetery 423848N 0761509W  
Willet Village Cemetery 422807N 0755453W  
Winne Cemetery 424241N 0755855W  



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