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Erie County
New York
Genealogy and History

1832 Buffalo City Directory




Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Hill


1st Ward - ISAAC S. SMITH,
2d Ward - HENRY ROOT,
3d Ward - IRA A. BLOSSOM, Aldermen.
4th Ward - MAJOR A. ANDREWS,

HENRY R. SEYMOUR, Treasurer.
DAVID M. DAY, City Printer.
ISAAC S. SMITH, Chief Eng. of Fire Department.
JOHN W. BEALS, Assistants.
WILLIAM JONES, Constables.
EDWARD BALDWIN, Street Commissioner.
JAMES J. BALDWIN, City Surveyor.
JOSEPH DEAN, Clerk of the Markets.

E. JOHNSON, (Mayor)
L.F. ALLEN, Board of Health.
J. E. MARSHALL, Health Physician.


The City of Buffalo is situated in the county of Erie, and state of New-York; is built upon the land adjoining Buffalo Creek and Lake Erie, at the junction of these waters, and contains 10,119 inhabitants. Most of the City is situated upon a bluff of table land that rises about fifty feet above the level of the Lake. The low lands that extend from the foot of this bluff, (or Terrace, as it is generally called,) to the margin of the Creek and Lake, offering many inducements to particular business pursuits, have been overspread with buildings, and are becoming thickly populated.

The village was originally surveyed and laid out, by the Holland Land Company, to whom the site belonged in 1801; and the settlement may be said to have begun in the following year. Owing to the usual causes which retard new settlements in their advancement, the village made but inconsiderable progress in its growth, until the commencement of the war, in 1812, when it became a military resort. In December, 1813, the place was entered by the British and Indians, and every building but two was burnt. The inhabitants were many of them carried captives to Montreal, while others preserved their liberty by a precipitate flight. The loss of property fell mostly upon individuals, and was not only severe, but, in its consequences, truly calamitous-leaving in many instances, families destitute of house, clothing or provisions, with which to combat the severity of the season. From this period to the close of the war, nothing like a regular and permanent attempt was made to rebuild the town, although such of the inhabitants as could, returned and made temporary locations upon the sites of their former habitations. The news of peace was the signal for renewed exertions to rebuild the place, but pecuniary embarrassments, and remoteness from market, paralyzed all efforts so effectually as to keep back the place, and retain for it the character of a hamlet only, until the near approach of the Grand Canal, in its progress westward, in 1822, gave brighter prospects to those on whom exertions devolved. In 1825, payment was received from the United States, under certain restrictions, for the buildings destroyed in 1813, but all remuneration for other property lost, was rigidly withheld. Exertions for public advancement now became more visibly efficient; and the attempts which had been several years making to render Buffalo Creek a commercial resort, were now first completely successful. The mouth of that stream had been obstructed by a sand bar which shut out most vessels that navigated the lake, and forced them to resort to Black Rock, where a temporary shelter only could be afforded them, in the open river. To effect the desired object, a loan had been procured from the state, of $12,000, which, aided by private donations, had so far perfected a pier on the south side of the mouth of the Creek, as to exclude sand, and leave an open channel for vessels into the mouth of the harbor. The consequences of this were to create a new resort for vessels, and to arrest them in their passage to Black Rock. This necessarily caused the building of wharves, store houses, and such other conveniences as were required by the new business pursuits thus created.

The village of Buffalo was incorporated in 1822 and its municipal government was administered by a President and board of trustees. The Act to incorporate the City of Buffalo, was passed April 20, 1832. The common council were elected on the 26th day of May, and held their first meeting for the choice of Mayor, &c. on the 28th.

The Public Buildings consist of 6 houses of public worship, and 1 now building; Court House, jail, U. S. Branch Bank, Bank of Buffalo, Buffalo Literary and Scientific Academy, Land Office, 2 Markets, 3 Engine Houses, and a Light-House.


The U. S. Branch Bank, was established here in 1829.

Wm. B. Rochester, President.
J. R. Carpenter, Cashier.

Directors. - Wm. B. Rochester, J. Wadsworth, D. E. Evans, C. Townsend, H. B. Potter, A. H. Tracy, W. A. Bird, Wm. Hollister, Geo. Palmer, Wm. Ruxton, B. D. Coe, E. Walden, Geo. B. Webster.

The Bank of Buffalo, was incorporated in 1831. Capital $200,000.
G. H. Goodrich, President.
Hiram Pratt, Cashier.

Directors.- G. H. Goodrich, R. H. Heywood, Henry Root, Wm. Ketchum, George Burt, N. P. Sprague, Hiram Pratt, Thaddeus Weed, J. Stocking, Augustus Porter, M. A. Andrews, Henry Hamilton, S. G. Austin.

Buffalo Fire and Marine Insurance Company, incorporated in March, 1830. Capital $100,000.
E. Walden, President. L. F. Allen, Secretary.
Directors.- E. Walden, C. Townsend, Sheldon Thompson, Henry Root, Hiram Pratt, Lyman A. Spalding, G. H. Goodrich, Joseph Clary, George Palmer, Wm. Hollister, Thomos C. Love, Joseph Dart, Horatio Shumway.

Buffalo Literary and Scientific Academy, incorporated in 1827. Capital $25,000.
Ebenezer Johnson, President.
D. Tillinghast, Secretary.
J. W. Clark, Treasurer.

Trustees.- Ebenezer Johnson, Charles Townsend, Henry White, S. Wilkeson, David Burt, Sheldon Thompson, Lewis F. Allen, Bela D. Coe, Hiram Pratt, Thomas C. Love, Heman B. Potter, R. W. Haskins, David M. Day, William Ketchum, John W. Clark, Dyre Tillinghast.

Theodotus Burwell, Principal.

Buffalo Hydraulic Association, incorporated in 1827. Capital $25,000, which may be increased to 50,000.
The object of this association was to create mill privileges within the city. This object was accomplished by taking the water out of the Buffalo Creek about four miles from the city, and conveying it by a canal to the eastern boundary about a mile from the city, where there is sufficient fall for the purposes intended. This canal was begun in 1828, and is now in successful operation.

There is now in full operation on this canal, the following works:---1 Woolen Factory; 1 Hat body do; 1 Pail do; 1 Last do; 1 Grist Mill; 1 Brewery. The village which has grown up in its vicinity contains nearly 500 inhabitants.

Buffalo and Black Rock Jubilee Water Works Company, incorporated in 1827. Capital $20,000. The object of the company is to supply Buffalo and Black Rock with water. It has already been generally introduced, into both places, nearly 16 miles of aqueduct being already laid.

Peter B. Porter, President. Donald Fraser, S.C. Brewster, Peter B. Porter, Directors. Absalom Bull, Secretary & Treasurer. Donald Fraser, Superintendent.

Buffalo Lyceum, incorporated 1832.
Oran Follett, President. James Stryker, Millerd Fillmore, Vice President. Alfred Handy, Recording Secretary. Lucien W. Caryl, Corresponding Secretary. Wm. Ketchum, Treasurer. John W. Clark, Oliver G. Steele, William Hull, Curators.

This Institution was commenced in the winter of 1830-31 by a number of enterprising citizens, and has gradually risen in value and importance. The objects of the Institution are mutual improvement in useful knowledge, the advancement of popular education, and the promotion of science generally. There is now belonging to the institution a library of several hundred volumes, and a quantity of chemical and philosophical apparatus. Weekly lectures are delivered before the Lyceum during the winter season, which are extremely well attended.

Buffalo Library Association, incorporated in 1816, and now contains nearly 700 volumes.
Trustees.-H. B. Potter, John G. Camp, George Stow, Joseph Dart, Jr., H. A. Salisbury, Nathaniel Vosburgh, James Miller.
J. Wilcox, Librarian.

Religious Societies
There are, 1 Episcopal, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Free Congregational, 1 Baptist, 1 Bethel, 1 Methodist, 1 Universalist, 1 Unitarian, and 1 Roman Catholic.

There are 16 district and private schools, exclusive of the Buffalo L. & S. Academy, embracing 1 Female Seminary, conducted on the most approved plan, by competent teachers, in which the higher branches of female education are taught.

There are 60 mails per week, received at, made up and despatched from, the Post Office in this city, during the winter season, and during the summer, or season of navigation, there are 88 per week. The first mail received here was in March, 1803, on horseback. It was conveyed from the east once in two weeks in this manner, until 1805. A weekly route was then established, and continued until 1809. In 1810, the mode of conveyance was changed, and a state wagon was used. As the country advanced in improvements, the route was changed to twice and three times a week, and subsequently to a daily route.

The following is a list of mails arriving and departing from the Post Office in this city in each week: Eastern Mail, two large and one small, daily.
Northern " one " " " "
Western " " " " " "
One large mail for the West by water to Portland Harbor, daily.
Two small do. to Dunkirk and Portland Harbor, daily.
One large do. For Michigan, by steamboat, daily.
There is also a mail leaving three times a week to Batavia, via Cayuga Creek and Alexander; one do three times a week, to Warsaw, via Aurora; one do. three times a week, to Olean and the north of Pennsylvania, via Springville; and one twice a week to Fredonia, via Lodi.

There are the Buffalo Patriot, Buffalo Journal, Buffalo Republican, and Buffalo Bulletin, all published weekly. The Patriot is the oldest establishment, having been commenced in 1811, under the name of the Buffalo Gazette. The Journal was commenced in 1815, under the name of the Niagara Journal.

Public Works
The principal of these is the pier, built to protect the entrance of the harbor from encroachments of sand, and upon which the United States have bestowed the following appropriations: May 20, 1826, $15,000; March 2, 1827, $6,500; May 19, 1828, $34,206; April 23, 1830, $15,488; Total $71,194. It is built with great strength, with stone, and is ¼ of a mile in length. A Light-House is to be built on the outer extremity of the pier the base of which will connect with and strengthen that work. To this must be added the termination of the Erie canal, and its dependencies.

The Erie Canal approaches the village across the low lands which form the shore of the Niagara river at its head, and terminates in the Little Buffalo Creek, a few rods from the foot of the Terrace. From the point of intersection with the Little Buffalo, to where that stream is lost in Big Buffalo Creek, extensive excavations have been made, which render the whole distance a continued basin, and the same is true of a considerable distance above the point of intersection; making in all one of the most extensive and convenient resorts for boats to be found upon the Canal. From this basin, boats pass when necessary into the harbor, and assume their stations either by the side of lake vessels, or at the wharves of store-houses, as convenience of discharging and receiving cargoes may require.

Buffalo Harbor, with which the Canal thus communicates, is formed by Buffalo Creek, which is of sufficient depth to receive the lake vessels for a distance of about one mile from its mouth, and is considered by mariners as affording the most secure and convenient harbor to be found on the American shore of the lake. The present Light-House is situated on the shore of the lake, upon a tongue of land formed by the shore of the lake and Buffalo Creek.

The number of vessels of various descriptions employed in the commerce of Lake Erie and the upper Lakes is about 100, and the amount of tonnage about 8000. The increase of lake commerce at Buffalo may be seen by the following table, show-
(Table missing)

Judges - Philander Bennett, William Mills, Samuel Russel, Edward Paine, James Stryker.
District Attorney - Henry White.
Surrogate - Martin Chittenden.
Clerk - Noah P. Sprague.
Sheriff - Stephen Osborn.
Under Sheriff - Lester Brace.
Justices of the Peace - Absalom Bull, Joseph Clary, Stephen K. Grosvenor, Harry Slade.
Pierre A. Barker, Collector of U. States Customs.
Zenas W. Barker, Collector of the Canal Revenue.

Albert H. Tracy, Ebenezer Walden,
Love & Norton, Harry Slade,
Potter & Babcock, Stephen G. Austin,
William A. Moseley, Major A. Andrews,
White & Ford, Dyre Tillinghast,
Root & Carver, Alfred Handy,
Tredwell & Smith, James Stryker,
Barker & Hudson, George W. Johnson,
Clary & Fillmore, C. G. Van Rensselaer,
Horatio Shumway, Henry Morris,
Thomas T. Sherwood, Peter B. Porter, Jr.
Samuel Caldwell, James M'Kay,
Philander Bennett, Roswell Chapin,
I. T. Hatch, Sidney S. Taplin,
Daniel Lockwood, Henry Crawford,
Martin Chittenden, Gilbert S. Forsyth,
Artemas Thompson,

House, between the Churches, Main Street.

FOREMAN - Henry Root,
ASSISTANT - Nathaniel Wilgus,
SECRETARY - Henry Hamilton.

House, near the Court House, Washington street.
FOREMAN - James Brown Bach,
ASSISTANT - Augustus Colson,

House, on the Terrace, near the Market.
FOREMAN - Edward Baldwin,
ASSISTANT - William C. Smith,
SECRETARY - Rushmore Poole.

Peter West, Charles Tillman,
John Freeman, -------- Liscom,
George Henderson, John Thomas,
Henry Hawkins, James M'Intyre,
Horatio Nelson, Robert Bristol,
John Carey, John Ward,
Abram Young, Ephraim Graves,
P. Hopkins, Fred. Mills,
William Hall, John Miner, Jr.
Henry Johnson, John C. Ward,
Charles Buckner, Robert Banks,
John Miner, Robert Johnson,
John Banks, Isam Bazelli,
Henry Shelby, Thomas Robertson,
James Carpenter, Israel T. Davis,
Sol. Gilmore, James Olney,
Jacob Bronham, Isaac Porter,
James Wallace, Prime Williams,
William Woodruff, William Washington,
--------- Robison, Isaac Morrison,
--------- Banks, William Robinson,
Hector Ashley, John Dennis,
Abraham Sykes, Nathan Hall,
-------- Fields, Daniel Larned,
Isom Wilfrey, William Fields,
Jesse Washington, Henry Moxley,
John Davis, Aguila Scott,
David Davis, John Tillman,
Israel Davis, William Ross,
William Prime, Joshua Owens,
-------- Allen, George Curtis,
-------- Gardner, Samuel Gardner,
Richard Carter, Samuel Jackson,
Charles Lemon, Eli Hazard.


ALLEN, Orlando, wholesale and retail dealer in groceries, paints, dye woods &c. 224 main street dwelling Swan st.
Austin S. G. attorney, Swan st.
Austin, Jacob, farmer, Niagara st.
Allen, Lewis F. insurance office, Ellicott Square.
Arthur, ------- laborer, Pearl st.
Arden, John, do.
Abbott, Dwight, cabinet maker, Pearl st.
Armstrong, L. saddler, do
Armstrong, James, laborer, do
Andrews, Bushnel, joiner, Chippewa st.
Ammon, Henry, laborer, do
Andrews, -------- Pearl st.
Adams, Joseph, farmer, do
Adams, Milan, do do
Arnold, Richard H. cabinet maker, Delaware st.
Averv, Ebenezer R. chandler, do.
Anthony, -----baker, Franklin st.
Attlebury, George, shoemaker, Franklin st.
Avery, Peter, shoemaker, Niagara st.
Amy, Isaac, mason, do
Allen, Julius W. constable, Swan st.
Allen, Charles H. clerk, do
Allen, Sarah, boarding house, do
Allen, Zina, cordwainer.
Allen, Thomas, cordwainer.
Adair, Joseph, laborer, Seneca st.
Andrews, Justin, do
Ambrose, George, painter, do
Atwater, M. shoemaker, do
Amy, Michael, cabinet maker, Delaware st.
Abbott, Simon, joiner, do
Adams, Hiram, grocer, Mohawk st.
Anderson, Lucius, joiner, do
Andrews, Wm. B. do do
Adams, John, merchant, No. 5 Cheapside Main st. dwelling Pearl st.
Adams, Thomas, clerk, Pearl st.
Arthur, Wm. Swan st.
Athearn, Cyrus, merchant, Huron st.
Allen, Horace, blacksmith, do
Archer, Arthur, mason, Court st.
Armstrong, B. farmer, do
Allen, Stephen, carpenter, Genesee st.
Ashley, Jeremiah, cordwainer, Church st.
Aderson, Stephen, laborer, Canal st.
Abbott, John, grocer, do
Alford, ------, joiner, Main st.
Allen, Jerry, plough maker, Main st.
Adams, Nelson, constable, do
Abel, J. C. Joiner, do
Adams, Harvey H. grocer, do
Athearn & Havens, dealers in groceries, paints, &c. 191 Main st.
Andrews, John, clerk, Main st.
Annis, James, seaman, do
Abbott, Lewis, hatter, do
Anderson, J. B. joiner, do
Allen, M. merchant, do
Ansel, Joseph, cabinet maker, Main st.
Adams, Orren, farmer, do
Adams, Anson, do do
Allen, Richard C. merchant, do
Avery, Abel, blacksmith, Washington st.
Armons, James, sail maker, do
Atwater, Isaac P. carpenter & joiner, do
Allen, G. W. auction and commission merchant. Clothing store Main st. dwelling Washington st.
Allen, Carlisle, clerk, Washington st.
Adams, Lynes, farmer, water st.
Andrews, M. A. attorney, batavia st.


Burt, David, merchant, Main st. dwelling public sqr.
Bull, Trumbul, merchant, Eagle st.
Bradley, Elias A. painter, do
Bradley & Miller, painters and Glaziers 144 Main st. and corner of Genesee and Main st.
Brown, -----painter, Eagle st.
Brown, Jonas, joiner, do
Brooks, James, do do
Bush, John, attorney, Swan st.
Bailey, Asa, joiner, Buffalo creek.
Bartlet, ------merchant, Canal st.
Blossom, Peter, seaman, Chippewa st.
Bennet, Andrew, laborer, do
Boles, Christopher, farmer, do
Barnard, Selah, farmer, Huron st.
Barnard, John, saddler, do
Barton, J. L. & Co., forwarding and commission merchants, agents of vessels on the Lake and western line canal boats, foot canal and water st.
Boyce, Isaac, tailor, Washington st.
Barker & Holt, forwarding and commission merchants - agents for steam boat Superior, St. Josephs and Chicago line packet vessels and Merchants line of canal boats, foot of Main st.
Ball, Jonathan, land agent, Court st.
Bowman, Elizabeth, do
Bonnet, Joseph, laborer, do
Bennet, David, joiner, do
Bartlett, John, canal captain, Seneca st.
Bliss, Judah, physician, do
Bezanson, -----cordwainer, do
Brown, Wm. P. farmer, Genesee st.
Burns, Thomas, carpenter, do
Burt, Frederick, merchant, do
Bivens, ------- do
Bertrand, Michael, seaman, do
Burwell, Bryant, M. D. office Seneca street, dwelling Pearl st.
Baleman, Henry, laborer, Franklin st.
Bunnell, Bradley, physician, office canal dock,
dwelling Franklin st.
Blackmond, Edwin, chair maker, Niagara st.
Butler, Frederick, clock maker, do
Bosworth, Samuel, jeweler and watch maker, dwelling Swan st.
Burr, Sidney, Main st.
Black, James, joiner, Delaware st.
Burdick & Kimberley, dry goods & groceries Main st.
Bowe, A. boarding house, Canal st.
Bennett, James, pail maker, Seneca st.
Bennett & Kay, do do do
Brewer, Daniel, do do do
Bixher, Joseph, laborer, do
Bedford, John, do do
Bemis, widow, do
Bennett, Benjamin, custom house officer, Seneca st.
Barker, Z. W. canal collector, office on the canal, dwelling Crow st.
Blakely, Wm. carpenter and joiner, Seneca st.
Brown, James, cigar maker, do
Bolles, Nathaniel, blacksmith, do
Bosworth, Isaac, cabinet maker, Swan st.
Briggs, Wm. clerk do
Barnum, Isaac, engineer, do
Badgley, Morgan, clerk do
Beebe, Reuben, do do
Bruce, M. tailor, do
Burmore, Nathaniel, gin distiller, Mohawk st.
Brown, Rufus, clerk, Swan st.
Brayman, M. painter, do
Baird, Jonathan, farmer, Niagara st.
Bishop, John, brick maker, do
Boyle, Michael, do do do
Buchanan, Robert, painter, Franklin st.
Brintnall, Phineas, grocer, dwelling Franklin st.
Bower, Jacob, carpenter, do
Brunner, Lewis, farmer, do
Brainard, Josephus, baker, do
Bedel, Joseph, laborer, do
Blossom, Ira A. land agent, office corner of Washington and Clinton st. dwelling Erie st.
Bass, Daniel, laborer, terrace.
Barber, John, pot ashery, do
Battersly, Henry, farmer, do
Barnes, John, mason, do
Barnes, Jason, do do
Buscare, Aaron, brick maker, Delaware st.
Black, James, joiner, do
Burton, Darius, painter, do
Burton, Orlonzo, painter, Delaware st.
Barnes, Irvin, do do
Bowen, Thomas, carpenter, Mohawk st.
Bates, John, laborer, do
Bates, James, do do
Bates, Stephen, joiner, do
Bates, Elisha, painter, do
Barton, Thaddeus, farmer, do
Bronson, Edwin, cordwainer, Pearl st.
Bigelow, Samuel A., clerk do
Bressington, John, reed maker, do
Balser, Ospelider, farmer, do
Bennet, Philander, attorney, Swan st. dwelling Pearl st.
Barker, Geo. P., attorney, Seneca st.
Burwell, Elliott, teacher, Academy.
Ball, Shelden, goldsmith, Pearl st.
Beyer, Jacob, farmer, do
Bichant, John, cordwainer, do
Buhut, Francis, laborer, do
Boynton, Charles, joiner, do
Barson, Samuel, farmer, do
Benson, James H., hatter, do
Backer, Nicholas, cordwainer, Pearl st.
Bower, John, sawyer, do
Ballshizer, Bown, tailor, do
Babcock, James, farmer, public square.
Benedict, ------comb maker, Swan st.
Bush, John, attorney, do
Barton, James L., forwarding merchant, Church st.
Braman, ------- do
Butrick, John B., joiner, do
Bowen, Elizabeth do
Bond, Ephriam, clerk, do
Barton, Peter, do do
Barker & Hudson, attorneys, Seneca st.
Bowen, Daniel, carriage maker, Erie st.
Boyle, Hugh, laborer, Crow st.
Bartlett, Joseph, farmer, do
Brideson, Thomas, do do
Basket, Charles T. gardener, Ellicott st.
Bigdale, Robert, do do
Busanty, Jacob, weaver, do
Bowen, Caleb N. farmer, do
Blake, Adams, mason, do
Brown, James, laborer, do
Bell, Christopher, mason, do
Barnet, William, teamster, do
Betts, ----- chair maker, do
Bennet, widow Mary Ann, Canal st.
Buzee, Mrs. do
Burgess, Thomas, clerk, do
Beeklin, ------seaman, do
Bivins, Ebenezer, painter, do
Baker, Hiram, laborer, do
Burt & Storrs, wholesale dry goods, 234 Main st.
Baily, William, laborer, do
Burton, Silas, chandler, do
Burton & Crawford, grocers, do
Brown, A. farmer, do
Burwell, Theodotus, teacher L. & S. Acad'y do
Butler, Theodore, bookseller & stationer, 226do
Buffalo Bank, 186do
Bristol, Moses, M.D. 202 Main st. dwelling Buffalo House.
Buck, Ezra, chair maker, do
Bow, ------laborer, do
Beckwith, J. P. innkeeper, do
Bishop, Hiram G. clerk, do
Benson, John, brewer, do
Brown, ----- cordwainer, Main st.
Brandow, William, painter, do
Brown, J. W. chandler, do
Bugan, John, laborer, do
Burn, John, do do
Bestow, James, do do
Boyle, Simon, do do
Bush & Spicer, coach makers, Main st.
Beverly, Henry, do
Bivins, William, Phoenix Hotel, do
Babcock, Christopher, grocer, do
Blackmer, William, carpenter, do
Barton, Phineas, mansion house.
Bump, Nelson,
Brown, -------ostler, Farmers' hotel, Main st.
Butler, --------hatter, do
Bush & Chamberlin, shoe & leather store, 193 Main st.
Bristol, Dan, grocer, 9 Ellicott Square, d. Mohawk st.
Bulletin Office, 11 do
Buffalo Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 12 Ellicott sq.
Brooker, Sylvester, laborer, Main st.
Brown, John, carpenter, do
Brown, John, do
Brown, George, do
Burt, Jonathan, clerk, do
Bolton, Seth, baker, do
Bartholomew, -----blacksmith, Main st.
Brewster, Armstrong, clerk do
Boynton, Jonathan, clerk, do
Baldwin, Edward, superintendent of the jubilee water works, street commissioner, Buffalo House.
Babcock, M. L. clerk U. S. B. Bank, Buffalo House.
Brockway, H. jr. agent for packets, do
Boyden, George W. clerk, do
Butler, M. bookseller, main street,
Bach, J. B. merchant, 220 do, Eagle Tavern.
Brown, R. S. do do do
Burt, Caryl & Co. wholesale & retail dry goods and groceries, Main st.
Babcock, G. R. attorney, Pearl st.
Ball, Henry L. lottery office, 130 Main st.
Beard, Wm. porter U. S. B. Bank, Eagle Tavern.
Ball, Gideon I. goldsmith, Main st.
Bakle, George, baker, do
Brintnall, Phineas, merchant, do
Bard, Joseph, do
Baker, Moses, merchant, do
Bruner, ------ do
Bedford, Alford, seaman, Prime st.
Bulsom, Peter, baker, do
Barber, Samuel, farmer, Brooklyn st.
Brown, Jesse, do
Beattie, John W. cabinet maker, Main st.
Beach, E. do do
Baker, Ebenezer, joiner, terrace.
Bronner, Jacob, farmer, Niagara st.
Brooks, Josiah, seaman, canal dock.
Bullard, Sanford, carpenter, do
Beardsley, Josiah, grocer, do
Barker, J. A. forwarding merchant, Washington st.
Boyden, Moses, joiner, do
Boyden, Nehemiah, sawyer, do
Barnum, Austin, comb maker, do
Barnum, Hiram, do do
Brooks, Gabriel, cooper, do
Brainard, Jeremiah, carpenter and joiner, do
Barker, Zenas, do
Brivin, Joseph, carpenter, do
Blessing, Thomas, cooper, Washington st.
Beers, John, blacksmith, do
Bradley, Benjamin, carpenter, do
Brown, Thomas S. laborer, do
Beers, Anthony, agent for the marine and mechanic's co. store, prime street, dwelling, Washington st.
Bush, Robert, carriage maker, do
Banks, Stephen, do do
Barker, Pierre A. collector of customs, port of Buffalo creek, office 142 Main st. dwelling, Washington st.
Beals, John W. iron merchant, do
Bush, John, cordwainer, do
Buck, ------, shoemaker, do
Bonka, Frances, laborer, do
Buck, Clari, do
Birmingham, James, teamster do
Bedell, Nathaniel, founder, Ohio st.
Brown, Howgal, asher, do
Benny, Thomas, joiner, do
Balcom, Philo A. ferryman, do
Baldwin, James J. city surveyor, Eagle st.
Brace, Lester, under sheriff, do
Baker, Albert P. mason, Oak st.
Baker, Jeremiah, do do
Brown, John, joiner, do
Bates, John, junior clerk, Main st.
Bedlow, William, grocer, do
Bachellor, Amos, do do
Bethel Church, do
Bronson, Edwin, shoemaker, Pearl st.
Burdock, ------- do
Bartholomew, Chauncey, engineer, Washington st.
Bacon, Samuel G. printer, Main st.
Butler, Comfort F. do do.


Clary, Joseph, attorney, Main st. dwelling, Franklin st.
Coit, Gorge, forwarding merchant, dwelling, Pearl st.
Clark, John W., M. D. do
Clark, Grosvenor, clerk, do
Chamberlain, Sylvester, blacksmith, do
Callender, S. N. merchant, 194 Main st. dwel. Erie st.
Cutler, A. cabinet maker, 8 ellicott sqr. dwel. Pearl st.
Comstock, Fitch B. cabinet maker, do
Caryl, Lucien W., M. D. office, Swan st. dw. Crow st.
Caryl, William O, student, do do
Chapin, Cyrenus, physician, do
Carrol, Michael, baker, Eagle st.
Crane, J. tinman, Swan st.
Camp, Seth, joiner, Huron st.
Clark, P. S. farmer, do
Chittle, Frederick, gunsmith, Court st.
Connelly, Wiler, laborer, do
Corning, James, druggist, Seneca st.
Coatsworth, Caleb, butcher, Genesee st.
Cook, Thomas B. clerk, Church st.
Camp, Bethuel, carpenter, do
Churchill, P. shoe and leather store, 179 Main st.
Card, James, brewer, Crow st.
Chamberlin, David, tanner and currier, Ellicott st.
Carr, John, oyster dealer, Canal st.
Camp, S. L. clerk, do
Cross, Daniel, grocer, do
Cornwall, Samuel, grocer, do
Cowen, ------carpenter, do
Crippan, Alanson, laborer, Main st.
Colton, Manly, hardware store, 228 Main st.
Curtis, Medad, mason, Franklin st.
Caruth, Josiah, laborer, do
Caruth, Josiah, jr. brick maker, Franklin st.
Carey, Daniel, shoemaker, do
Cooper, William W. pattern maker, do
Carey, W. joiner, do
Collect, Lambert, laborer, Niagara st.
Crillen, William, tailor, do
Compton, Lewis, teamster, do
Camp, Asahel, clock maker, do
Caskey, Joseph, farmer, do
Caskey, Joseph H. caulker, do
Collect, John, butcher, Swan st.
Cogswell, Jerry, teamster, do
Caldwell, Samuel, attorney, Swan st.
Coppock, Frederick, goldsmith, 173 Main st.
Cowles, John, grocer, Canal st.
Cowles, Absalom,, Pearl st.
Chittenden, W. S. Eagle st.
Camp, John G. alderman, Seneca st.
Corley, Titus, G. joiner, Delaware st.
Culver, John, blacksmith, Canal st.
Copper, John, tanner and currier, Seneca st.
Coleman, John, turner, do
Cotton, Rowland, farmer do
Craig, Francis, laborer, do
Clack, Charles, do do
Carswell, Dimock, laborer, do
Crane, Thomas, mill right, do
Chapin, Sheldon, wholesale grocer, Seneca st.
Church, Thomas, grocer, Canal st. dwelling Crow st.
Cleaveland, M. teamster, Swan st.
Childs, M. chair maker, do
Craw, James, mason, Franklin st.
Craw, William, do do
Chaplin, Anne, widow, do
Cooper, David, joiner, Franklin st.
Cotton, Joseph, merchant, do
Cobb, Harry, joiner, terrace,
Chapin, Roswell, attorney, Delaware st.
Carley, ------joiner, do
Cooledge, James, painter, do
Cunyan, James, do do
Crane, Philips, Mohawk st.
Camp, Merlin, cordwainer, Church st.
Camp & Hallenbeck, shoe stores, Main st.
Curtis, Peter, merchant, Main st. dwelling, Pearl st.
Cowdry, Stephen, inkeeper, do
Cunningham, Lewis, laborer, do
Carey, James do do
Claver, Francis, wagon maker, do
Caskey, William, laborer, do
Clows, Joseph, farmer, do
Coppock & Co. music and fancy store, 217 Main st.
Clark, Stephen, farmer, do
Cook, Mrs. Eliza, widow, do
Coan, Jacob, carpenter, do
Castle, John, do do
Cook, Josiah, baker, do
Crane, John, painter, do
Crane, John, jr. do
Coffe, Patrick, mason, do
Castellora, James, laborer do
Carmady, Patrick, do do
Croghan, John, do
Carr, George, boarding house, do
Crowell, Charles, chair maker, do
Culverson, J. W. joiner, do
Culverson, Silas, do do
Church, Ralph, goldsmith, 199 do
Case, Manning, Farmers' Hotel, Main st.
Case, Squire S. do do
Case, Nehemiah, do do
Crawford, Henry, attorney, do
Cummings, M. laborer, do
Case, Harlow, deputy P. M. do
Cook, John, laborer, do
Clark, Zenus, founder do
Cummings, John, blacksmith, do
Comstock, ------joiner, do
Cooley, ------- do do
Cheesman, William, merchant, 198 do
Caryl, B. C. do do
Chittenden, Martin, attorney, Swan st.
Cornwall, W. R. merchant, Main st.
Carpenter, J. R. cashier U. S. B. Bank, Eagle Tav.
Cole, -----clerk, Main st.
Curtis, David, carpenter, Main st.
Catlin, Charles, do
Cotesworth, Thomas, farmer, Main st.
Cotesworth, Joseph, do do
Cotesworth, Francis, do do
Cotesworth, Caleb, hatter, do
Corfield, Peter, laborer, do
Conway, Michael, do
Cogger, Joseph, seaman, do
Chalk, John S. confectioner, do
Clary & Fillmore, attorneys, do
Cameron, Hugh, draper, do
Crary, L. P. acution store, Canal st. dwel. Ninth st.
Cooper, Joseph, joiner, Main st.
Crawford, Peter, do do
Carter, Charles A. sail maker, Main st.
Cowls, Mary Ann, Mrs. do
Chase, -----widow, Main st.
Cutler, T. carpenter, do
Crowne, -----cordwainer, Prime st.
Culveer, John, machine maker, Prime st.
Crufoot, Luther, blacksmith, do
Carl, John, laborer, terrace,
Camp, J. G. 2d, grocer, flats,
Cole, Aaron, pedler, terrace,
Caryl, Benjamin, clothing store, canal dock,
Coppock, John R. music store, Main st. dwelling, Washington st.
Coppock, Wm. Washington st.
Campbell, Charles, comb maker, do
Calkins, Lucius, joiner, do
Crane, Abel, blacksmith, do
Carson, Marshal, painter, do
Church, -----chair maker, do
Case, Cicero, carriage maker, do
Clemons, Alfred, mill wright, do
Crittenden, Edward, joiner, do
Cooper, Seth, clerk, do
Coburn, Theodore, mason, do
Cook, William, do Clinton st.
Comstock, Chauncy W. farmer, Eagle st.
Chamberlin, Alonzo, joiner, Oak st.
Culverson, -----tailor, do
Carpenter, Wm. A. printer, do
Chase, H. capt. schooner Atalanta.
Carpenter, Samuel E. printer, Oak st.
Cutler, Clarinda, milliner, 167 Main st.
Clement, Richard, captain,
Cook, Chloe, boarding house, Pearl st.
Curtiss, Amze W. clergyman, Washington st.
Caryl, Alexander Hamilton, clerk, Crow st.
Coleman, John H. clerk, Main st.


Day, David M. printer, 204 Main st. dwel. Pearl st.
Daley, Martin, merchant, do
Doyle, Peter, laborer, do
Doyle, Thomas, chandler, do
Deer, Joseph, laborer, do
Doler, Christian, sawyer, do
Duncan, Seth K. cabinet maker, do
Duncan, Samuel, stone cutter, Eagle st.
Doyle, James, mason, do
Dewey, Horace, joiner, do
Douglass, Robert, brewer, york st.
Dunn, Christian, stone cutter, Chippewa st.
Drewer, Henry, laborer, do
Dunn, John P. joiner, Huron st.
Dunningworth, Jacob, laborer, Court st.
Davis, William, cooper, Genesee st.
Dukes, John, cordwainer, Church st.
Devol, ------ do do
Drew, John, teacher, Crow st.
Drew, Francis, jr. clerk, Crow st.
Driscoll, Joshua, joiner, Ellicott st.
Darrow, Elijah, hatter, do
Dunn, Harry, seaman, Canal st.
Deuther, Alexander, grocer, do
Deuther, George, clerk, do
Davison, George W. cordwainer, Canal st.
Dome, Seth, mason, do
Day, Ebenezer, mason, Main st.
Darken, Edward J., M. D. 213 Main st.
Darrow, -----chair maker, do
Doan, Jacob, cabinet maker, do
Demarest, James, saddler, do
Drullard, James, clerk, do
Delmas, John, shoemaker, Main st.
Dodge, Reuben, mason, Pearl st.
Doroze, Frederick, laborer, morgan st.
Davis, William, joiner, Franklin st.
Delano, Lucian, mason, do
Dusenbury, Benjamin, farmer, Franklin st.
Davenport, Joseph, clerk U. S. B. Bank, Franklin st.
Dart, Joseph, hat manufacturer, Niagara st.
Dennison, Ephraim H. boarding house, Niagara st.
Dilly, Richard, cooper, do
Doty, M. tailor, Washington st.
Day, Thomas, brick maker, Niagara st.
Dyer, Charles, innkeeper, do
Dunning, ------hatter,
Dygert, A. S. gunsmith, Main st.
Doty, J. T. ready-made clothing, Canal st.
Decker, Joel H. farmer, Seneca st.
Dike, Thomas J. baker, Canal st.
Durick, M. woolen factor, hydraulic's, Seneca st.
Daws, John, do
Dash, Joseph, clergyman, do
Dorothy, John, laborer, do
Dockstader, Butler, clerk, do
Dorr, Michael, laborer, do
Dutcher, Ransom, blacksmith, do
Dimon, John, teamster, Swan st.
Dana, Charles, clerk, do
Dunn, James, gunsmith, do
Dunham, Noah, tailor, Main st.
Dunning, Douglass, joiner, Niagara st.
Deming, Eleazar, canal capt. Franklin st.
Dinio, Heman, mason, do
Dewing, Calvin, do do
Dibble, Elah, joiner, do
Dunbar, Lyman, Franklin st.
Downie, D. A. joiner, Franklin st.
Day, Orren, mason, Main st.
Digel, John, baker, do
Dougherty, A. F. bar tender Mansion House.
Dunham, E. looking glass manufacturer, Main st.
Dusenbury, Jeremiah, grocer, do
Dally, Joseph, blacksmith, do
Dana, William K. merchant, 218 do
Dockstader, W. B. hatter, do
Dunn, Wm. Steam Boat Hotel, do
Dole, ------ do
Duffee, A. do
Denton, Robert, joiner, do
Dickerson, Ira, wagon maker, do
Ditz, Mary, do
Davison, Daniel S. ship carpenter, Prime st.
Davis, Abner, baker, terrace.
Denny, George, Washington st.
Darrow, Noyes, livery stable, Washington st.
Doty, Harvey, tailor, do
Dean, Joseph, merchant do
Digner, Francis, Ohio st.
Darrow, H. P. teamster, Clinton st.
Dunmore, Amasa H. farmer, Eagle st.
Drake, David, tobacconist, do
Donaldson, J. do
Dodds, Stephen, mason, Oak st.
Dumont, R. joiner, water st.
Davis, Samuel, do do
Dawley, ------ Pearl st.
Devens, Gilbert R. joiner, Washington st.
De Bie, Luden H. clerk land office, Eagle Tavern.
De Long, James, clerk, do
Degraff, Daniel, shoemaker, Franklin st.
Dayton, Sabin, farmer, do
Donehue, James, joiner, do
Davis, John, butcher, Delaware st.


Efner, Elijah D. merchant tailor, 209 main street, dwelling, Washington st.
Elliott, Thomas, carpenter, public square,
Edwards, William, blacksmith, Pearl st.
Elliott, James, joiner, Delaware st.
Ellsworth, Viena, Seneca st.
Elliott, John, laborer, Seneca st.
Eaton, Sylvester, Rev. do
Emery, Daniel, brick maker, Niagara st.
Everetts, ------ comb maker, Franklin st.
Estye, Sarah, widow, milliner, Ellicott st.
Edmonson, ----- upholsterer, do
Errismond, martin, laborer, Pearl st.
Evans, Moses, cooper, do
Earnest, John, tailor, do
Edgerton, James, joiner, Huron st.
Egard, Martin, laborer, Court st.
Ermichad, Pane, do Canal st.
Edgecomb, Morgan, seaman, Canal st.
Ensign, Elisha, farmer, Main st.
Evans, Charles, mason, do
Empie, David, joiner, do
Earle, Enoch, sash maker, do
Earle, Cornelius, do do
Elliott, James, joiner, do
Eustaphieve Alexis A. teller Bank of Buffalo.
Emons, F. Mansion House.
Eldridge, Erasmus, burr mill stone factory, Main st.
Eldridge, Ephraim, innkeeper, Main st.
Ensign, Otis, Jackson Hotel, do
Edwards, Solomon, teamster, terrace.
Everitts, Jesse, laborer, Washington st.
Eldridge, Chas. do do
Edwards, Richard, blacksmith, Washington st.
Ellmore, Augustus, painter, do
Evans, Benjamin G. brass founder, Ohio st.
Estis, David, asher, do
Estis, William C. joiner, do
Eldridge, Benjamin, tanner, Clinton st.
Eaton, Augustine, forwarding and commission merchant, agent for the clinton line of canal boats, big Buffalo creek, dwelling, Niagara st.


Follett, Oran, printer, Buffalo House,
Forward, Oliver, Mansion House,
Fox, Robert, seaman, Canal st.
Fluke, Jacob, tailor, Chippewa st.
French, Harlow, blacksmith, Huron st.
Ford, Eli, joiner, do
Forest, George, joiner, Court st.
Fromwell, Joseph, laborer, Court st.
Fetterson, Charles, do Genesee st.
Furman, John, custom house officer, Church st.
Fletcher, Horatio, burr mill stone factory, Crow st.
Friday, Michael, laborer, Ellicott st.
Frazier, ------joiner, Canal st.
Foot, John, mason, do
Furlong, Hiram, seaman, Canal st.
Fullington, E. joiner, Main st.
Folsom, William, carpenter, Main st.
Ford, G. W. joiner, do
Frewer, Joseph, laborer, Main st.
Ferrier, John, saddler, do
Fields, ------ clerk, do
Freeborn, ----- clerk, do
Fobes, John, farmer, Swan st.
Fobes, Silas A. farmer, corner Pearl and Swan sts.
Fox, Simeon, seaman, Eagle st.
French, John, joiner, do
Fuller, Amri, farmer, Pearl st.
Follinsbu, Amos, brick maker, Delaware st.
Fletcher, Levi, lumber merchant, terrace.
Fowler, John, mason, Franklin st.
Folsom, Noah, butcher, Swan st.
Favority, Elias, hatter,
Flagg, John B. tin & copper manufacturer, Main st.
Franks, Warner, laborer, Seneca st.
Fox, Charles, tanner and currier, Seneca st.
Foster, Mariah, painter, do
Fellows, Phillips, hatter, do
Fellows, William, do do
Foster, Stukely, carpenter, do
Fawcet, George, teamster, Swan st.
Fraicaise, M. do
Fox, Augustus C. do
Folsom, David, do
Fowler, Benjamin, grocer, Buffalo creek, dwelling, Niagara st.
Fisk, M. blacksmith, Franklin st.
Forsyth, Gilbert S. attorney, Franklin st.
Fromi, Francis, laborer, morgan st.
Folsom, G. W. do do
Fuller, William, painter, Delaware st.
Foote, ------ joiner, Mohawk st.
Foster, Richard, cabinet maker, Mohawk st.
Fenton, Joseph, do do
Fursman, Samuel, coach maker, Mohawk st.
Fisher, Nicholas, tailor, Pearl st.
Fenner, Caleb, cordwainer,
Flick, Peter, mason, Pearl st.
Fawcet, William, laborer, Pearl st.
Fenner, Philip, butcher, do
Foster, J. seaman, Buffalo creek.
Faulkner, Morgan L. merchant, 216 main street, dwelling, Washington st.
Fitch, Benjamin, wholesale dry goods, 288 Main st. clothing store, corner main and Seneca sts.
Fought, George, baker, Main st.
Fields, A. & O. dry goods merchants, Main st.
Fitch, Frederick, do
Fairchild, Elias, founder, do
Fairchild, Raymond, do do
Fairchild, Robert, do do
Faulkner, Henry, teamster, do
Ford, Elijah, a torney, office, do
Fillmore, Millard, attorney, office, do
Fairchild, Joseph, grocer, do
Fairchild, Jared, clerk, do
Frick, J. grocer, do
Firsman, Samuel, coach and wagon maker, corner main and genesee sts.
Fletcher, C. F. founder, loyd st.
Foot, Oliton, C. farmer, terrace.
Fisk, Arvin, distiller, do
Furlong, Hiram, clerk, do
Flint, Joseph, grocer, Washington st.
Fitzgerald, John, do
Ferris, Samuel, carpenter, Eagle st.
Friez, Joseph, cordwainer, Oak st.
Fried, George, tailor, do
Fox, Simeon, capt. schooner Constitution.
Finney, Erastus, farmer, Church st.
Faxon, James, bookseller, 134 Main st.
Faxon, Charles, printer, Main st. dwel. Genesee st.
Faxon, Henry, bookbinder, Main st.
Faulkner, J. M. clerk, 216 Main st.


Griffin, Horace, merchant, 190 Main st.
Goodrich, Guy H. president Bank of Buffalo.
Gillett, Caleb, farmer, Huron st.
Gates, Michael, shoemaker, Court st.
Graham, Robert, wagon maker, Ellicott st.
Garrison, Cornelius K. joiner, do
Gleason, Thomas, turner, do
Green, Samuel, tailor, Canal st.
Goodell, J. bez, farmer, Main st.
Goodrich, G. H. & Co. wholesale and retail staple and fancy dry goods, 212 Main st.
Gardner & Patterson, importers and wholesale dealers in china, glass, eartherware & looking glasses, 208 Main st.
Green, William, cordwainer, Main st.
Goldsmith, Orton, farmer, do
Girmit, George, laborer, do
Gould, Isaac, grocer, do
Gifford, Nathan, blacksmith, do
Gleason, George B. clerk, do
Gannis, S. B. cordwainer, do
George, J hn, seaman, do
Green, S. B., M. D. do
Gaynor, Thomas, teamster, do
Gruhan, Michael, do
Golden, Martin, do
Grigg, Andrew, shoemaker, Main st.
Grey, E. G. grocer, do
Gardner, Charles, crockery store, Main st.
Gazley, George, shoemaker, do
Godfrey, James, laborer, Prime st.
Grant, Orrin, carpenter, Brooklyn st.
Godfrey, Charles, do
Griffith, Jesse, farmer, terrace.
Griffith, Ira, on canal.
Graham, Orlon, carpenter, canal dock.
Graham, Amasa, joiner, do
Green, Samuel, tailor, terrace.
Green, Elias, constable and collector, Pearl st.
Goodrich, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Washington st.
Gruver, John, laborer, Chippewa st.
Garrison, Oliver, farmer, Pearl st.
Germain, Charles, laborer, Delaware st.
Germain, George, do do
Gourmant, Francis, do morgan st.
Goodrich, Anson, baker, Franklin st.
Gates, Silas, Farmers' Exchange, Seneca st.
Gardner, Noah H. tanner and currier, do
Grear, George, pail maker, do
Glote, Gerard, laborer, do
Gates, Daniel, canal capt. water st.
Gates, George, grocer, do
Guiteau, Julius, farmer, Niagara st. vegetable cellar, City Hotel.
Green, John, teamster, Swan st.
Gillespie, Robert, grocer, Crow st.
Gilbert, Jonathan, journeyman tinner, Swan st.
Gillett, Gates, mason, Franklin st.
Granger, ----- comb maker, Franklin st.
Gill, Thomas, cabinet maker, do
Goodrich, Aaron, clerk, do
Galligan, William, cabinet maker, 165 main street, dwelling, terrace.
Goff, ------ painter, Delaware st.
Goodale, Austin, joiner, Mohawk st.
Gillett, Henry, clerk, do
Green, James, joiner, Pearl st.
Gilbert, Elijah, innkeeper, Pearl st.
Gross, Nicholas, laborer, do
Gabriel, Michael, mason, do
Globber, Jacob, tailor, Washington st.
Goodman, Alonzo, clerk, do
Gray, Patrick W. mason, do
Gumbell, Joseph, teacher, do
Gregg, John, joiner, do
Gleason, John, do
Goodrich, W. B. blacksmith, ohio, st.
Gates, L. A. joiner, Oak st.
Gold, Wm. mason, do
Gold, Philo, physician, Oak st.
Green, Michael, joiner, water st.
Green, Morris, do do
Grosvenor, S. K., J. P. office, Main st. dwel. Pearl st.
Grosvenor, George, do
Grosvenor, Seth H. clerk, do
Grosvenor, Abel M. student, do


Hollister, Robert, druggist and grocer, 1 Cheapside, Main st. dwelling, Seneca st.
Hedge, George, jeweler, 8 Cheapside and Canal st. dwelling, Seneca st.
Hinds, John, farmer, Genesee st.
Howard, David H. mason, Crow st.
Howard, Leonard, do do
Hicks, Daniel, cordwainer, Crow st.
Higgins, Zenas, stone manufacturer, Crow st.
Handel, Francis, block maker, Ellicott st.
Havens, Hiram, grocer, 191 Main st. dwel. Ellicott st.
Haskins, R. W. bookseller, 204 do do
Hart, John L. grocer, Canal st.
Higgins, R. clerk, do
Hind, John D. seaman, do
Hews, Zacheus, laborer, do
Hickox, Elisha C. merchant, Main st.
Heminway, Thomas, farmer, do
Hempsted & Matson, wholesale and retail dealers in staple and fancy dry goods, 232 Main st.
Higgins, James W. tailor, do
Hubbard, William H. merchant, 212 do
Huntington, Alonzo, marble factory, do
Hall, J. B. joiner, do
Hall, J. S. do do
Hamilton, Charles, do
Henneberger, Daniel, cabinet maker, do
Handy, Joy, jr. custom house clerk, do
Hathaway, Isaac T. stage agent, Mansion House.
Hill, Charles, do
Hamilton, Henry, dry goods merchant, 187 Main st.
Hurlbert, Edwin, joiner, do
Hutchins, Wm. boot & shoe store, 2 ellicott sqr. do
Hubbard, Geo & Co. tin factory, 4 do do
Hunt, John, grocer, 7 do do
Huyck, Darius, carpenter, Main st.
Harris, William, grocer, do
Hayes, George E. druggist and dentist, 140 Main st.
Heywood, R. H. merchant, Main st. dwel. Seneca st.
Hoir, Bustraw J. H. gunsmith, Main st.
Hoople, Charles M. clerk, Pearl st.
Handy, Alfred, attorney and counsellor, Seneca st.
Heacock R. B. manufacturer, hydraulic's do
Heaton, Luther, wagon maker, Franklin st.
Hanson, Stephen T. grocer, Main st. dwel. niag. st.
Hinds, Michael, brick maker, do
Hardy, Henry, laborer, Swan st.
Hawkins, Joseph, farmer, do
Hefford, Richard, joiner, do
Hicks, John, livery stable, do
Holmes, John K. cordwainer,
Hitchcock, Elijah, painter, Canal st.
Hill, James, Seneca st.
Howard, Eddy, Seneca st.
Houck, George, gardener, Seneca st.
Hathaway, Elias, baker, do
Hepburn, William, farmer, do
Hubbard, Elias, merchant, Main st. dw. Seneca st.
Hubbard, Justus, do do
Howell, Robert, gardener, do
Howell, William, engineer, do
Hyde, Lewis, clerk, do
Hill, Walter, tanner and currier, do
Hildreth, Andrew, grocer, do
Hubbard, George, tinman, Main st. dwel. Swan st.
Hubbard, Lucius P. do do
Hayward, Shadrick, boarding house, Seneca st.
Harman, Timothy, teamster, Niagara st.
Hextall, Richard, gardener, Franklin st.
Harris, John, do do
Howard, Abel, laborer, do
Harrison, Edmund, laborer, do
Hinds, John, shoemaker, do
Hinds, Jacob, laborer, do
Hazleton, Charles, mason, do
Hicks, ---- widow, Franklin st.
Harriett, Simon, joiner, do
Hall, Jacob, do do
Hoag, Stephen, stone cutter, Franklin st.
Hickox, Edward, Y. clerk, do
Hall, Amasa, laborer, terrace.
Hill, William, S. engineer, terrace.
Haines, Samuel, joiner, Delaware st.
Hedges, Wheeler, tanner and currier, Delaware st.
Hedges, Isaac A. carpenter, do
Huggins, Stephen, do Mohawk st.
Harty, John D. joiner, do
Hayes, Robert, cabinet maker, do
Hartsuff, Steward, mason do
Haines, Josiah, Pearl st.
Hullard, John, grocer, Pearl st.
Hess, Penhart, cabinet maker, Pearl st.
Hallenbeck, G. S. cordwainer, do
Havenstien, Henry, farmer, do
Himistrut, Abraham, joiner, do
Hall, Asaph, do do
Higgins, ----- widow, do
Hoxey, Joseph, laborer, Main st.
Hull, Joseph S. cabinet maker, Pearl st.
Hull, Justus, brick maker, public square.
Houghlin, John, joiner, Eagle st.
Huffman, Christian, laborer, Eagle st.
Hill, David, do york st.
Hayes, M. seaman, Buffalo creek.
House, John, mason, Chippewa st.
Hunt, Daniel M. canal capt. Chippewa st.
Hoag, W. Rev. Court st.
Havelor, John, laborer, Court st.
Herrick, Benjamin, baker, do
Hull & Bach, wholesale and retail dealers in drugs, medicines and groceries, 220 Main st.
Hill, Henry, joiner, do
Hatch, Thompson I. attorney, 202 do
House, Joseph, baker, do
House, F. D. do do
Hamilton, G. W. dyer & scourer, do
Harris, J. W. innkeeper, do
Harding, Henry, portrait painter, do
Holmes, Henry, laborer, do
Howard, Charles H. joiner, do
Hamilton, ------- do do
Hunt, John, butcher, do
Horne, Samuel, seaman, do
Hibbard, John, founder, do
Housten, Joel, blacksmith, do
Huff, William, Travellers' Home, do
Huff, Henry, painter, do
Hinman, E. teamster, do
Harris, Joseph, boarding house, do
Hawkins, R. tailor, do
Hosmer, Theodore, clerk, do
Hosmer, Sidney S. auctioneer, do
Hulbert, Nathan K. clerk, do
Holt, H. N. forwarding merchant, do
Hoyt, M. clerk, do
Hull, William, merchant, 220 do
Hudson, John T. attorney, office, Seneca st.
Humphry, M. tailor, Main st.
Hildreth, James, editor, Eagle Tavern.
Harrington, I. R. Eagle Tavern, Main st.
Harrington, B. do do
Humburt, N. wagon maker, do
Haverton, Michael, grocer, do
Hersh, John, Main st.
Hersh, Peter, do
Hamilton, ------ carpenter, Prime st.
Hebard, ------ ship carpenter, do
Hurst, Robert, grocer, loyd st.
Howell, George, carpenter, Brooklyn st.
Hibbard, S. do
Hodge, ------ widow, terrace.
Hammond, Irwin, blacksmith, Washington st.
Houseman, Lewis, mason, do
Hoyt, Joseph D. farmer, do
Howard, Ransom, tanner, do
Hollister, William, merchant, do
Hubbell, Curtis, plough maker, do
Hill, John, do
Harris, Ichabod, founder, Ohio st.
Hartley, James, caulker, do
Hampton, Isaac, carpenter, Clinton st.
Haskill, William, mason, Oak st.
Holmes, John, carpenter, water st.
Hagerty, John, capt. schooner Post Boy.
Hart, ----- capt. do William Tell.
Hollister & Curtiss, wholesale dry goods, 4 Cheapside.
Hamlin, D. R. chair factory, 175 Main st.
Haberstro, Joseph, rifle shop, 147 do
Hall, Nathan K. attorney, do
Hempsted, D. L. dry goods merchant, 132 Main st.


Isaac, George, gunsmith, Main st.
Innman, Henry, shoemaker, Seneca st.
Ingram, M. joiner, terrace.
Ingram, Henry, joiner, morgan st.
Ingersoll, Ezra, mason, Crow st.
Imus, ------ joiner, Main st.
Irish, Charles, clerk, do
Isham, William L. farmer, Ohio st.


Joy & Webster, commission merchants and forwarders, agents for the pilot line of canal boats, and a line of vessels on Lake Erie, Buffalo creek.
Joy, Walter, forwarding merchant, Buffalo House.
Johnson, Ebenezer, & Co. exchange brokers, & dealers in bills of exchange, gold, &c. exch'g. buildings.
Johnson, Ebenezer, Mayor, cottage, Delaware st.
Johnson, Joseph, brick maker, do
Jourdan, Roswell B. joiner, Pearl st.
Joslin, John M. do Eagle st.
Johns, Jacob, laborer, Court st.
Johnson, Moses, turner, Ellicott st.
Jones, Jeremiah, teamster, do
Jackson, ------ laborer, Canal st.
Judevine, Henry, cordwainer, Willow st.
Jones, Michael, ship carpenter, Main st.
Jordan, Samuel, joiner Swan st.
Johnson, Samuel, grocer, Main st. dwelling, public sqr.
Jacocks, Samuel, joiner, Pearl st.
Jackman, C. C. do do
Janett, Edward, brick maker, Swan st.
Jones, Thomas, painter, terrace.
Johnson, James, laborer, Seneca st.
Johnson, Robert, farmer, do
Jenkins, Josiah, do
Joines, Daniel, laborer, do
Jerome, Thomas, do
Jones, George, founder, Swan st.
Jannan, Jacob, brick maker, Swan st.
James, Freeman, grocer, Canal st.
Jones, ------ carpenter and joiner, Franklin st.
Jewett, Charles, do do
Jones, Miles, shoemaker, Delaware st.
Johnson, Peter, teamster, Pearl st.
Janney, Phineas M. cabinet maker, Pearl st.
Jackson, Gilbert, innkeeper, Main st.
Jerome, T. A. shoe and leather dealer, 205 Main st.
Jemison, John, painter, do
Johnson, Christopher, painter, do
Johnson, James, joiner, do
Jones, William, light house keeper, Brooklyn st.
Jackson, Samuel, do
Johnson, Samuel, terrace.
Johnson, Jacob, carpenter, Washington st.
Jackson, John, carriage maker, do
Joslin, Alanson, mason, Oak st.


Kimberley, Gideon, grocer, terrace.
Ketchum, William, hat and fur store, 192 main street, dwelling, Seneca st.
Kimberly & Waters, grocery and provisions, corner of prime and loyd sts.
Kaene, Wm. grocer, Main st. dwelling, public sqr.
Knight, John, butcher, Pearl st.
Kibbe, Mrs. Isaac, do
Kenyon, James, joiner, morgan st.
Kenyon, John, do do
Kane, James, do Franklin st.
Kennedy, James do do
Kinskul, Jacob, do do
Keever, George, shoemaker, do
Kuchuson, John, farmer, do
King, Bryant, clerk, Washington st.
Knapp, Henry A. cutler, Swan st.
Krufft, James, cordwainer,
Kilgore, Alexander, clerk, Main st.
King, M. tinsmith, do
Keizel, John, tanner and currier, Seneca st.
Knickerbocker, M. do do
Knickerbocker, Andrew, laborer, do
Kimball, Austin, farmer, do
Kinney, Joseph, innkeeper, do
Kaene, Robert, mason, Niagara st.
Kittenger, Samuel, farmer, Franklin st.
Kellogg, M. painter, do
Knapp, Hiram E. joiner, Mohawk st.
Koups, Jesse, do Pearl st.
Kendrick, Harvey, farmer, do
Kingsley, Benjamin, mason, do
Kremer, Jacob, farmer, do
Kail, Andrew, gardener, do
Krellin, William, tailor, Eagle st.
Kress, Michael, shoemaker, do
Kimble, ------ exchange broker, Main st.
Kraft, Francis, cordwainer, Chippewa st.
Kraff, Frederick, mason, do
Kroup, Philip, laborer, Genesee st.
Kingsworth, John, cordwainer, Church st.
Kinney, Dennis, do Crow st.
Kunty, Henry, block maker, Ellicott st.
Koon, Philip, boatman, do
Kelly, Dennis, laborer, Canal st.
Kimball, John, seaman, do
Kibler, Peter, joiner, Main st.
Kreigelstein, Samuel, grocer, Main st.
Kerrick, Mrs. do
King, J. D. carpenter, Main st.
Kelly, Stephen, grocer, do
Kilgore, Wm. do do
Ketchum, Lewis, hatter, 177 Main st.
Kelsey, J. steamboat dock boarding house, Main st.
Kinsey, Charles, blacksmith, do
Kinsey, David, do do
Kenny, Daniel, merchant tailor, 151 do
Kimball, G. grocer and confectioner, do
Kellogg, ------ carpenter, do
Kendrick, J. G. lottery office, City Hotel.
Kip, Henry, ship chandler, loyd st. dwelling, Washington st.
Kald, ------ tailor, Washington st.
Knotts, H. milliner and fancy shop, Main st.
Kelly, Thomas, founder, Ohio st.
King, Elisha, cordwainer, Eagle st.
Kimberly, ------ Pearl st.
Kip, Thomas, merchant, Washington st.
Kenney, Theodore, laborer, do
Kenney, Elijah, do do


Love, Thomas, C. attorney, dwelling, Mohawk st.
Leech, Elijah, Pearl st.
Lawrence, Cupot, laborer, Eagle st.
Lockwood, Gail, joiner, do
Leach, Francis, clerk, Court st.
Leeds, ----- cordwainer, Church st.
Loomis, ----- do do
Lum, Daniel, stave maker, Crow st.
Landon, Joseph, do
Lee, David, teamster, Ellicott st.
Lodge, Thomas, mason, do
Lines, Patrick, seaman, Canal st.
Lambert, Thomas, butcher, Main st.
Lozier, ----- do
Lay, John, jr. wholesale dry goods merchant, 236 Main st. dwelling, Eagle st.
Laughman, William, tailor, Main st.
Lisenberriger, John, laborer, do
Luce, Alfred, dry goods merchant, Main st.
Lewis, H. L. B., M. D. Mansion House, Main st.
Lynch, Philip, cordwainer, 2 ellicott sqr. do
Love & Norton, attorneys, 11 do do
Longster, ----- baker, do
Lacy, W. H. clerk U. S. B. Bank, Buffalo House.
Lyman, Loomis, clerk, 230 Main st.
Lockwood, Daniel, attorney, office, Swan st.
Lapp, Christian, grocer, Main st.
Lush, H. C. baker, Prime st.
Langan, Peter, boarding house, terrace.
Lemasney, James, laborer, do
Lewis, Charles, clerk, Washington st.
Lyons, Orren, do do
Lee, R. Hargreave, tea and grocery merchant, 144 and eagle buildings, Main st. dwel. Washington st.
Lewis, Charles H. clerk, 7 Cheapside, Main st.
Larzelere, Abraham, goldsmith, 200 Main st. dwelling, Franklin st.
Lecouteulx, Louis, gentleman, Crow st.
Lenhart, John W. Joiner, Franklin st.
Lamb, John, butcher, do
Lathrop, Roswell, farmer, Niagara st.
Lechler, Foladine, do do
Lawrence, David, cordwainer, public square.
Lamb, Henry, butcher, Swan st.
Lamb, Thomas, do do
Lamb, William, shoemaker, Swan st.
Landus, Peter, tanner and currier, Seneca st.
Lovejoy, Henry, merchan , do
Lovejoy, ----- widow, do
Landon, J. M. grocer, do
Lathrop, Deloss, student, Swan st.
Leach, James O. tailor do
Leper, John, farmer, do
Louber, Charles A. joiner, Franklin st.
Lord, John C. attorney, Delaware st.
Layton, David, blacksmith, Mohawk st.
Levins, Peter, joiner, do
Lackey, Robert, do Pearl st.
Liddy, John, ship carpenter, Pearl st.
Lee, Thomas, cordwainer, do
Lathrop, H. B. mason do
Lathrop, Dennison, mason, do
Lefever, Robert, do
Lyman, Asa, Rev. Washington st.
Leuis, Isaiah, W. do
Lefever, Frederick, do
Lome, Peter, goldsmith, do
Little, William, baker, do
Lambkins, & Fletcher, brass founders, Ohio st.
Lane, George, seaman, do
Long, William, farmer, Clinton st.
Lower, William, Oak st.
Levins, ------ book pedler, water st.
Laraway, Peter, joiner, do
Long, R. M. watchmaker & Jeweller, 142 ½ Main st.
Leace, ------ Pearl st.
Long, M. clerk, 218 Main st. Buffalo House.


Moorhead, R. merchant, Main st. Buffalo House.
Moorhead & Adams, auction and commission merchants
and comb manufacturers, 5 Cheapside.
Mather, A. E. clerk, Main st.
Manchester & Reynolds, clothing store, canal dock.
Mosher, David, mason, Washington st.
Mosher, Martin, do do
M'Farlin, John, do
Maxon, John D. mason, do
M'Masters, Samuel, do
Macy, John B. forwarding merchant, dwel, Pearl st.
Morgan, James, farmer, do
Morrison, James, cordwainer,
Miles, George, jr. capt. steam boat Enterprise.
Mobley, William, clerk, Main st.
M'Kay, Robert, tanner and currier, Delaware st.
Mudge, Otis, laborer, morgan st.
Munge, Ebenezer, mason, do
Miller, Roderick, joiner, Franklin st.
Mowry, Franklin, do do
Mathews, Sylvester, baker, Main st. dwel. Franklin st.
Marsh, Perez, shoemaker, do
Munson, Truman, farmer, do
M'Masters, William, mason, Niagara st.
Mackavoy, Dominick, laborer, do
Miller, Nicholas, farmer, Swan st.
M'Callister, Daniel, laborer, do
M'Kay, James, attorney, 238 Main st. dw. tupper st.
Maynard, E. A. copper, tin & sheet iron factory, 164 Main st.
M'Cloud, Morido, laborer, Seneca st.
Maynard, R. H. clerk, dwelling, 166 do
Miller, John, laborer, Seneca st.
Miller, Andrew, do do
Michael, Nicholas, laborer, Seneca st.
M'Culloch, James, brewer, do
M'Crackern, Volney A. pail maker, Seneca st.
Merrick, -------- do do
M'Meckan, James do
M'Kay, Alvin, painter, do
Miller, Peter, laborer, do
Manrow, Asahel, tinner, do
Marsh, Edwin A. silversmith, do
Morrison, Truman, carpenter & joiner, do
Miller, Adna, Swan st.
M'Callister, James, joiner, Franklin st.
Marvin, Edmund, do do
Morrison, Horace, do do
Mowry, Samuel, lumber merchant, terrace.
Mowry, Phelps, engineer, do
Munford, Daniel, laborer, morgan st.
M'Neal, John, painter, Delaware st.
M'Cullock, Nathan, carpenter, Pearl st.
Manasseny, James, laborer, do
Mitchell, William, do do
Miller, Henry, comb maker, do
Miller, Jacob, laborer, do
Merrill, David E. constable, do
Marshall, John E., M. D. office, 13 Ellicott Square,
dwelling, Pearl st.
Marshall, Orsamus H. student at law, Pearl st.
Marvin, Benjamin, joiner, do
Martin, William, carpenter, do
Morgan, Amos, do do
Morton, William, farmer, do
M'Intosh, ------- harness maker, do
Mattis, Myer, baker, do
M'Cloud, Michael, laborer, do
Mixer, Horace, carriage maker, Erie st.
Merrill, Mercey, Eagle st.
Marvin, Le Grand, attorney, Swan st.
Murfit, ----- jeweller, do
Marvin, ----- clerk, do
Muddeman, Caleb, farmer, york st.
Miles, Peter E. teacher, Huron st.
M'Cann, John, farmer, do
Morey, Joel P. painter, do
Mayhew, J. & Co. wholesale dealers in stoves, hollow ware, pig iron, and iron castings generally, stone ware-house, Buffalo creek.
M'Mahon, Roger, laborer, Court st.
M'Williams, Hugh, do do
Miller, Joseph, joiner, do
Morrow, James, baker, do
Murdock, ------- cabinet maker, Court st.
Meatos, Amiable, joiner, Genesee st.
Manser, Thomas, wheel right, do
Mitchel, ------ cordwainer, Church st.
M'Donald, Michael, gardener, Crow st.
M'Kay, James, blacksmith, do
M'Masters, James, mason, do
M'Kinney, Jeremiah, joiner, do
M'Gowen, Hugh, laborer, do
M'Durmont, Matthew, laborer, do
M'Howen, Joseph N. mason, Ellicott st.
M'Collister, ----- widow, do
Mead, Franklin, chair maker, do
M'Ewen, Stephen, tanner, do
Mayo, Samuel R. grocer, Canal st.
M'Cloud, ------ laborer, do
Mayo, L. tailor, do
M'Lean, ------ canal agent, do
Miner, William, carpenter, do
Mooney, G. V. upholster, do
Mervin, Henry, teamster, Canal st.
Martin, L. grocer, do
Marsh, Alexander, joiner, Main st.
Miller, Arvin, gardener, do
M'Clertock, Wilson, joiner, do
Martin, Peter, do do
Murr, Thomas, mason, do
Martin & Brace, wholesale & retail grocers, 238 Main st.
Martin, John M. merchant, Eagle st.
M'Knight, George & Co. wholesale dealers in groceries, paints, oils, dyewoods, & dyestuffs, 202 Main st.
Madison, William, dry goods & groceries, 215 do
Mason, Belden B. merchant tailor, 201 do
M Kee, Joshua, umbrella maker, 201 do
Mount, Faulkner & Co. wholesale and retail dealers in European and American dry goods, 216 Main st.
Merryfield, ----- farmer, do
M'Arthur, Andrew, do
Mahar, John, farmer, do
Mahar, Timothy, do do
Mulvanaughty, Patrick, laborer, do
Mahar, Andrew, do do
Mullown, Richard, do do
M'Williams, Henry, blacksmith, do
Mil on, Patrick, farmer, do
Murphy, William, stone cutter, do
Morris, H. attorney, 13 Ellicott Square. do
Mooney, ----- upholsterer, 8 Ellicott Square, do
M'Cormick, P. tailor, do
Mead, Hiram, shoemaker, do
Myers, John, clerk, do
Molton, Orvell, do do
M'Kay, William, blacksmith, do
Martin, George B. clerk, Eagle Tavern, do
Mosely, William A. attorney, office, Main st.
M'Culloch, A. brewer, Farmers' Hotel.
Miller, Jacob S. livery stable, do.
Moseley, Egbert, cabinet maker, Main st.
Mariam, ------ livery stable, do
Moore, A. C. saddle and harness maker, Main st.
Miller, Anson, innkeeper, do
Murray, James, laborer, do
Murphy, John, do do
M'Gowan, Andrew, teamster, do
Miller, Archibald, grocer, do
Miller, James, grocer and dry goods, do
Martin, M. do
Montgomery, G. W. Rev. do
Murry, John C. carpenter, loyd st.
Moody, William, calker, Brooklyn st.
Mitchell, Reuben, engineer, do
Money, Francis, do
Mooney, Joseph, do
Morrison, O. do
Murphy, John, terrace.
Meacham, Alanson, pedler, terrace.
Meacham, Reuben, do do
Marsh, Lorin, do do
Mosier, ------ do canal dock.
Marsh, ------- clock do do
M'Manus, Bryant, laborer, city alley.
Miller, Harry, painter, Washington st.
M?rrills, Albert S. clerk, do
M'Ewen, Timothy, cordwainer, Washington st.
Morgan, Joshua, farmer, do
Mahar, John, do
Mahar, William, do
Mallet, Nicholas, mason, do
Miller, Anthony, blacksmith, Ohio st.
M'Peck, ------- do
Munro, Stephen, founder, do
M'Kay, David, do
Moore, Thomas, farmer, do
Merryman, M. joiner, Oak st.
Mendall, Daniel, do do
Miller, Philip, tailor, do
Mangolt, Jacob, do
Manuel, Pennil, joiner, water st.
Morgan, John W. do do
Morgan, Joshua P. merchant, water st.
M'Manus, Charles, mason, do
M'Knight, James, wholesale & retail dealers in British, French and India dry goods, exchange buildings, Main st. dwelling, Seneca st.
Monson, H. N. dry goods and groceries, 2 Cheapside.
M'Clary, Miss Mary, milliner, 171 Main st.
Matson, S. J. merchant, 232 Main st. Eagle Tavern.


Norton & Carlisle, forwarding and commission merchants, agents for the Hudson and Erie line canal boats, Buffalo creek.
Norton, E. F. forwarding merchant, Court st.
Newton, John, mason, Crow st.
Newbury, William, carpenter, Ellicott st.
Norton, W. capt. steam boat Henry Clay.
Norton, Henry, forwarding merchant, Erie st.
Newcomb, J. C. clerk, Main st.
Northrup, Stephen T. gardener, Seneca st.
Newel, Van Ransalaer, Niagara st.
Nimon, Michael, laborer, do
Nelson, William, gardener, Franklin st.
Norris, William, joiner, Franklin st.
Niles, John, mason, terrace.
Newitt, Robert, joiner, Mohawk st.
Norton, Orren H. Pearl st.
Norton, Morris, cabinet maker, Pearl st.
Nicholas, Ira, varnisher, do
Newman, William, clerk Bank of Buffalo, Main st.
Negus, William, farmer, york st.
Northum, Levi, grocer, canal dock.
Nixon, Austin, gunsmith, Washington st.
Newland, John, cordwainer, do
Nichols, Erastus G. clothier, do
Nevins, Henry, carpenter, do
Norton, ------ clerk, do
Newel, Raphael, inspector of beef and port, Ohio st.
Newton, Lyman, brick maker, do
Norton, Charles, merchant, Main st.


Osborn, Stephen, sheriff, office, court house, dwelling, public square.
Osborn, Alanson, laborer, Swan st.
Osborn, Nelson, joiner, Delaware st.
Olmsted, Daniel, hatter, Swan st.
O'Brien, Cornelius, laborer, Niagara st.
Outhwait, John, gardener, Franklin st.
Orcutt, Benjamin J. grocer, Canal st.
Oakley, Jonathan H. butcher, Pearl st.
Oler, Tristam, joiner, Canal st.
O'Harra, Samuel, laborer, do
O'Rourke Mrs. boarding house, Main st.
O'Neil, James, carpenter, do
Odell, Benjamin, mason, do
Orr, Lewis, Brooklyn st.
Oughton, Thomas, shoemaker, terrace.
O'Rourke, Darby, Washington st.
Oliver, J. C. capt. schooner Telegraph.


Pratt, Taylor & Co. forwarding and commission merchants, agents for steam boat Ohio, & washington line of canal boats, Buffalo creek.
Powell, Michael, laborer, Court st.
Pierce, Joseph, tailor, Genesee st.
Philips, John A. teacher, do
Pierce, Loring, sexton, do
Plimpton, L. K. do
Pierson, Christopher, cabinet maker, Ellicott st.
Plummer, Enoch, mason, do
Packard, Franklin H. joiner, Canal st.
Potter, William, laborer, do
Pierson, William, grocer, do
Pallacher, George, distiller, Main st.
Porter, Nathaniel, joiner, do
Poole & Cheesman, importers, and wholesale dealers in china, glass and earthenware, 198 Main st.
Palmer, George, leather store and tanner & currier, 219 Main st.
Purnell, Joseph, mason, Main st.
Pratt, Lucius H. wholesale & retail dealer in groceries, paints, oils, and dye stuffs, 210 Main st.
Paton, ------- laborer, do
Patterson, William, carpenter, do
Page, George, laborer, do
Plimpton, ------ do
Pomeroy, P. farmer, do
Patterson, Hannah B. grocer, do
Patriot Office, 13 Ellicott Square, do
Post Office, 14 do do
Powell, E. Jr. Buffalo House, op. Bank of Buffalo, main street.
Prout, E. W. clerk, Main st.
Pierce, ------ joiner, do
Parmelee, Luther, burr mill factor, do
Potter, M. clerk, Buffalo House, do
Piddington, Joseph, tailor, eagle buildings, do
Patterson, G. A. H. crockery merchant, do
Patterson & Porter, tin, copper and sheet iron manufactory, 118 Main st.
Pritz, E. saddler, Main st.
Patterson, William W. tinner, Eagle st.
Pratt, Hiram, cashier Bank of Buffalo, dw. Swan st.
Potter, Heman B. attorney, Pearl st.
Pierce, George M. laborer, Chippewa st.
Phillips, Peter, cabinet maker, do
Phenix, ------ mason, Pearl st.
Pierce, ------ laborer, do
Powell, George, laborer, Delaware st.
Peets, Levi, do do
Puffer, Simon, brick maker, do
Peacock, William, laborer, morgan st.
Palmer, Merritt, do terrace.
Porter, Walter, joiner, Franklin st.
Paine, William, do
Prairie, Tellis, laborer, do
Prestage, Henry, farmer, Niagara st.
Peacock, Thomas, do Swan st.
Paine, J. C. grocer, Canal st.
Paine, Almond, do do
Peck, H. cordwainer,
Pinney, Darius, do
Pottecary, John, laborer,
Palmer, Alexander, H. painter & glazier, Canal st.
Pierce, Charles S. woolen manufacturer, Seneca st.
Plant, Lewis, sawyer, terrace.
Phillips, Lorin, merchant, Seneca st.
Pratt, Richard, laborer, do
Porter, Simon, tin maker, do
Pomeroy, Oliver, cabinet maker, Seneca st.
Peterson, Benjamin, laborer, do
Pennegar, Amos, chair maker, Swan st.
Perkins, Hiram, clock maker, Niagara st.
Peck, Jesse, mason, do
Perkins, Leman, joiner, Delaware st.
Parks, Amasa, grocer, Mohawk st.
Palmer, William, laborer, do
Phillips, John, teacher, Pearl st.
Parks, John, joiner, do
Pixler, George, teamster, do
Phelps, ------ saddler, do
Pierce, Daniel, laborer, do
Palthaser, Feterspial, laborer, Pearl st.
Plumb, Abraham, lumber merchant, Pearl st.
Porter, William A. joiner, Eagle st.
Purtnon, ------ laborer, do
Pratt, Gorham, student, Swan st.
Packard, ------ attorney, do
Potter, Mrs. dyer, Canal st.
Pope, Mrs. Huron st.
Powers, St. John, Main st.
Philips, Jacob, laborer, Main st.
Porter, Peter B. Jr. attorney, Main st.
Philips, ----- joiner, do
Piddington & Humphrey, merchant tailors, eagle buildings.
Postall, W. innkeeper, Main st.
Pierce, Jesse, grocer, Prime st.
Platt, ------- carpenter, do
Philip, Joel S. pedler, terrace.
Perkins, Pelmetas, do do
Pierce, John, wagon maker, terrace.
Pierce, D. farmer, Washington st.
Pease, John, clerk, do
Provoost, James P. sailmaker, Buffalo creek, dwel. Washington st.
Pond, Theron, Washington st.
Provoost, John, sail maker, do
Provoost, Robert, do do
Planford, Isaac, carpenter, do
Pitteford, Charles, carriage maker, do
Palmer, A. builder & lumber merchant, do
Parmelee, Frederick W. teacher, do
Parmelee, Abner C. clerk, do
Pullard, Richard, laborer, do
Philips, L. teamster, Ohio st.
Philips, Enoch, do
Page, Hiram, plough maker, do
Pratt, Rachael Mrs. widow, do
Parks, Aaron, cordwainer, Oak st.
Porter, ------ mason, do
Paddleford, R. W. merchant, water st.
Pearsons, B. capt. schooner Prince Eugene.
Patterson, Brothers, hardware store, 6 Cheapside.
Prince, John, wholesale spirits dealer, 149 Main st.
Pritz, E. & Co. saddlers, 143 do
Philips, A. C. City Hotel, canal dock.
Philips, ------ cabinet maker, Chippewa st.
Patrick, Gil, Pearl st.
Pease, William T. capt. steam boat Superior.
Poole, Rushmore, crockery merchant, 198 Main st.
Patterson, John, hardware do 6 Cheapside.


Quail, Ellen Mrs. Eagle st.
Quigley, James, carpenter, Main st.


Rochester, Wm B. president U. S. B. Bank, Main st.
Roop, Henry, merchant, Chippewa st.
Roop & Sherwood, merchants, Main st.
Ransom, Elias, farmer, Huron st.
Ross, William, carpenter, Genesee st.
Relay, Robert, Crow st.
Russell, Ellis, seaman, Crow st.
Root, Jacob, blacksmith, Ellicott st.
Ramsdell, Alexander, do
Rice, Evan, teamster, do
Redfield, Homer, do
Redmore, ------ chair maker, do
Rood, Sidney L. bookbinder do
Rexford, Stephen, grocer, Canal st.
Roberts, William, upholster, do
Reed, S. & Co. clothing store, do
Rathbun, Benjamin, wholesale & retail dry goods and groceries, 228 and 230 Main st.
Raynor, A. & A. general dealers in shelf & heavy hardware, 206 Main st.
Reynolds, John N. merchant tailor, 211 Main st.
Riggles, ------- mason do
Ross, John, stone cutter, do
Roop, William, grocer, do
Ruxton, William, wholesale and retail dry goods and hardware, 199 Main st. dwelling, Franklin st.
Rice, D. widow, Main st.
Rathbun, Moses,
Ruden, E. book keeper, Main st.
Randall, Volney, cordwainer, Main st.
Root & Carver, attorneys, do
Reed, James, grocer, do
Randall, N. & V. leather and shoe merchants, 142 Main st.
Rees, Thomas, coppersmith, Main st.
Rainey, Alexander, grocer, Seneca st.
Rainey, Hamilton, clerk, do
Root, Edward, do
Root, Henry, alderman, do
Ransom, Amasa, farmer, do
Ransom, William F. hatter, do
Rice, M. joiner, Swan st.
Rogers, ------ brick maker, Swan st.
Ransford, Nathaniel, saddler, Franklin st.
Ralish, M. laborer, do
Ritt, Nicholas, tailor, do
Rathbun, Lyman, merchant, do
Reese, Richard, saddler, do
Russell, M. joiner, do
Rowen, Henry, laborer, Niagara st.
Rowen, Patrick, mason, do
Root, John, attorney, Main st. dwelling, Niagara st.
Robison, Timothy W. wheelright, Seneca st.
Remington, Edwin, blacksmith, do
Relay, Charles C. brewer, do
Ray, William D. mechanic, do
Reed, Benjamin G. brick maker, do
Reed, Samuel, do do
Reed, Rinaldo, laborer, do
Reed, Truman, do, do
Ratcliff, William, do do
Reed, John M. clerk victualing cellar, City Hotel.
Roberts, Robert, gardener, Niagara st.
Rowley & Bartlett, auction & commission merch'ts. Canal st.
Rees, David, blacksmith, Seneca st.
Rees, William S. canal capt. dwelling, Seneca st.
Reese, Mrs. Franklin st.
Runiple, John P. joiner, Franklin st.
Rossiter, Newton, lumber merchant, Franklin st.
Rhodes, Alfred E. joiner, do
Richards, Richard G. laborer, Delaware st.
Rogers, James, carver, do
Reccord, Christopher, farmer, Pearl st.
Remer, Lewis, laborer, do
Reccord, John, farmer, do
Razel, Philip, laborer, do
Rudolph, Jacob, joiner, do
Risley, Oliver, do Eagle st.
Raymond, John, farmer, york st.
Richards, Samuel, grocer, Buffalo creek.
Rowley, Obediah, merchant, Canal st.
Robins, Vincent, mason, Main st.
Rose, Edwin, innkeeper, do
Rhodes, Samuel, joiner, do
Rhodes, Edward, pedler, do
Rider, Elbridge, carpenter, do
Raynor, Alonzo, merchant, do
Raynor, Augustus, do do
Russell, Henry, seaman, do
Ripp, Peter, do
Richards, T. F. chandler, do
Richards, Henry, lumber merchant, Main st.
Rufus, Joseph, blacksmith, do
Reed, John, grocer, do
Rufy, Joseph, do
Rice, William, teamster, do
Rowen, P. tailor, canal basin.
Rascoe, James, grocer, do
Radcliff, Woolsey, clerk, Prime st.
Radcliff, James, do do
Resto, Charles, pedler, do
Richardson, Eldad, do do
Rake, John E. cabinet maker, Main st.
Richardson, Charles, grocer, canal dock.
Reynolds, Alfred J. do do
Riley, James, teamster, city alley.
Randall, Clinton, painter, Washington st.
Roberts, John, carpenter, do
Radcliff, Jerry, grocer, canal basin, dwel. Pearl st.
Russel, H. P. auction, commission & lumber merchant, 136 Main st. dwelling, Washington st.
Russel, Samuel, post-master, office, main and south division sts. dwelling, Washington st.
Rathbun, Ezra, seaman, Ohio st.
Reynolds, Josiah, cordwainer, Oak st.
Ryerson, Edward, farmer, Main st.
Reynolds, Lodourick, joiner, water st.
Raynor, John, carpenter, do
Randall, N. K. capt. schooner, Maria Antoinette.
Roworth, Thomas, clerk, Canal st.
Russell, R. commission bookseller and bookbinder, 145 Main st.
Ransom, John G. Huron st.
Russell, William E. gunsmith, do


Seymour, H. R. exchange broker, 189 main street, dwelling, Pearl st.
Steward, Thomas, blacksmith, Pearl st.
Smith, William, merchant, dwelling, Erie st.
Salisbury, H. A. printer, Buffalo Patriot, 13 Ellicott Square, dwelling, public square.
Steele Horace & L. L. printers, Buffalo Bulletin, 11 Ellicott Square, dwelling Eagle st.
Steele, Jeduthan L. printer, do
Slayton, James, joiner, do
See Richard A. do do
Stedman, James, joiner, Eagle st.
Sperry, Levi, laborer, Buffalo creek.
Seeley, S. do do
Sizer, H. H. merchant, dwelling, Chippewa st.
Summers, Isaac, sexton, do
Shranks, Peter, laborer, do
Sage, Reuben, joiner, Huron st.
Spalding, Frederick, carver, Huron st.
Smith & Macy, forwarding merchants, agents for steam boat Henry Clay, New-York & Ohio line canal boats & steam boat Wm. Peacock, Buffalo creek.
Shears, ----- shoemaker, Court st.
Sprague, A. S., M. D. office, Main st. dw. Court st.
Smith, Martin, laborer, do
Shane, Mrs. do
Shaw, Philip, comb maker, do
Stevens, Solomon H. baker, do
Swan st.son, Daniel, joiner, do
Soper, Merlin, clerk, do
Smith, P. M. teamster, do
Storrs, Lucius, merchant, Seneca st.
Styles, -------- jeweller, do
Southwick, Jesse, Genesee st.
Smith, H. H. innkeeper, Genesee st.
Smith, Ira, do do
Stebbins, Harrison P. Main st.
Smith, Thomas, grocer & provision store, 138 Main st. Starkweather & Brown, dry goods merchants, arcade store, 146 Main st.
Sawin, Silas, house joiner, Delaware st.
Stocking, Joseph, merchant, Swan st.
Snow, R. G. physician, Pearl st.
Smith, William V. clock maker, Niagara st.
Stow, George, grocer, Swan st.
Stoddard, Seward, farmer, Swan st.
Sniethen, Jay, cordwainer,
Smith, E. W. painter, Canal st.
Scovill, E. do terrace.
Smith, George, pail maker, Seneca st.
Shaw, Charles D. carpenter and joiner, Seneca st.
Still, James, laborer, do
Smith, William, laborer, do
St. John, Margaret K. do
St. John, Le Grand, student, do
Skinner, Orvil B. laborer, do
Slocum, Benjamin T. tanner and currier, do
Smith, James M. physician and surgeon, do
Sherburn, Henry, blacksmith, do
Smith, William, clerk, Swan st.
Sickles, George, do do
Sprague, William, blacksmith, Swan st.
Smith, ------- plough maker, do
Sergeant, Phineas, clerk, do
Smith, Owen, teamster, Niagara st.
Serret, Michael, laborer, do
Skilleman, Jonathan, butcher, Niagara st.
Stark, Benjamin B. teacher, corner do
Swartz, Henry, carpenter and joiner, Franklin st.
Swartz, John, do do
Seabrooks, John, mason, do
Smith, Nicholas, blacksmith, do
Smith, Adam, do do
Simpson, Cyrus, mason, do
Scovill, Matthew, mate steam boat Ohio, do
Stever, David, laborer, do
Sullivan, James, mason, do
Sewer, Joseph, turner, do
Shaw, Joseph, carpenter and joiner, do
Swatz, Jacob, carpenter and joiner, Franklin st.
Skinner, Isaac W. iron foundry, big Buffalo creek,
dwelling, Franklin st.
Stacy, John, carpenter and joiner, Franklin st.
Sloan, James, lumber merchant, canal.
Sanderson, Lancton, millright, terrace.
Storms, William, mason, Delaware st.
Secor, John, brick maker, do
Sawin, Philander, joiner, do
Stanley, John, painter, do
Stainthorpe, James, Mohawk st.
Smith, William, carpenter, Mohawk st.
Stanger, Thomas, do do
Stone, John B. joiner, do
Scott, John, clerk, do
Swayze, William D. grocer, do
Staats, ------ widow, do
Soup, Anthony, cabinetmaker, do
Stanbrough, Orren, mason, do
Smith, Joseph H. plough manufacturer, Main st.
Stickney, Nathan, joiner, Pearl st.
Snyder, George, do do
Shauree, John, laborer, do
Steele, Seth, merchant, Main st. dwel. Pearl st.
Steele, Austin, do do
Sherman, Anson, cooper, do
Stevenson, Paul, do do
Smith, Lysander, mason, do
Smith, S. C. coach trimmer, do
Spencer, Abel H. joiner, do
Stanly, Archy, blacksmith, do
Sacket, Julius, do do
Smith, Sheldon, attorney, Main st. dwel. Genesee st.
Sears, Parsons I. grocer, Buffalo creek.
Sherman, Silas W. comb maker, 10 Ellicott Square, dwelling, Church st.
Sears, Richard, forwarding & commission merchant, Buffalo creek, dwelling, Church st.
Smith, ------ do
Sherman, Daniel, stonecutter, do
Sherman, John, do do
Sergeant, ------ blacksmith, do
Scotchman, ------ carpenter, do
Sloan, Wm. museum, exchange buildings, Main st.
Smith, Isaac H. carman, Crow st.
Sheder, John, farmer Ellicott st.
Sherwood, John, silversmith, Ellicott st.
Sheffield, John, joiner, do
Strickland, ------ tanner, do
Swift, John, laborer, Canal st.
Stone, Seth, pedler, do
Sherwood, Josiah, grocer, Canal st.
Stephens, Charles, painter, do
Starr, ------- joiner, do
Sauley, Henry, laborer, do
Smith, William, Main st.
Smith, T. S. farmer, Main st.
Sturges, David, laborer, do
Smith, Eli B. do do
Stilwell, George, joiner, do
Shaeffer, George, shoemaker, Main st.
Slade, H. justices office, 242 do dw. Washington st.
Sprague, Noah P. dry goods merchant, 240 Main st.
Sherwood, T. T. attorney, 236 do
Sparrow, E. wholesale & retail dry goods, 190 do
Steele & Faxon, wholesale & retail booksellers, printers
and bookbinders, 214 Main st.
Stebbins, A. Q. merchant, 212 Main st.
Staats & Dana, whole & retail dealers in staple and fancy dry goods, 218 Main st.
Stocking & Dart, manufacturers of hats and dealers in stock & trimmings, 221 corner main & Swan st. sts.
Smith, Gillman, grocer, Main st.
Sanford, Stephen, laborer, do
Stubbs, Joseph, farmer, do
Sturgess, -------carpenter, do
Steward, Benjamin, cabinet maker, Main st.
Swartz, George, cordwainer, do
Stention, Jeremiah, laborer, do
Smith, Thomas, clerk, do
Staats, Jeremiah, cabinet warehouse op. Eagle Tav.
Stagg, H. R., M. D. op. Eagle Tavern, dw. Niagara st.
Sage, John, barber, op. do
Smith & Tredwell, attorneys, Main st.
Stryker, James, attorney, do
Smith, David, joiner, do
Smith, Philo, stone cutter, do
Sherwood, Merril B. grocer, do
Savage, T. do do
Sawin, -----tailor, do
Smith, Isaac S. forwarding merchant, Mansion House
Smith, Ezra, clerk, do
Smith, Patrick, saddler, 199 Main st.
Smith, E. hatter, do
Seydel, Michael, innkeeper, do
Smith, Joel, grocer, do
Steward, Mrs. do
Seward, John, laborer, do
Southwick, Alonzo, do
Stenchfield, E. canal capt. do
Stevens, Lyman, blacksmith, do
Smith, Darius, joiner, do
Strow, John, burr mill stone factory, Main st.
Sunderland, Olmsby, do
Snyder, Henry, do
Staim, John, blacksmith, do
Sartwell, Levi, stage agent, Buffalo House.
Smith, William C. sail maker, Buffalo creek.
Shumway, H. attorney, Swan st.
Salter, J. teller, U. S. B. Bank, Eagle Tavern.
Stevenson, E. L. clerk stage office, do
Smith, James M. attorney, Main st.
Stow, -----founder, do
Sherwood, W. C. B. Steam Boat Hotel, Main st.
Simcoe, George L. baker, do
Stanley, Seth, tanner, do
Sullivan, John, laborer, do
Sheppard, J. D. music store, do
Sheppard, Edward, clerk, do
Snyder, Joseph, grocer, do
Sloan, Robert, draper, do
Smith, William, grocer, do
Stimel, Augustus, joiner, do
Steele, Oliver G. bookseller, do
Smith, John, blacksmith, Prime st.
Smith, Gideon, carpenter and joiner, Prime st.
Shred, Henry, seaman, do
Simpson, Elisha A. joiner, loyd st.
Skates, John E. do Brooklyn st.
Sauby, Aaron, do
Sheer, Michael, farmer, Niagara st.
Sherman, -------mason, canal dock.
Smith, Nelson, painter, do
Swift, Michael, city alley.
Sill, Enoch, joiner, Washington st.
Sidway, Jonathan, do
Sherwin, Leander, teamster, Washington st.
Shenocker, M. cooper, do
Sparks, William, do
Sayre, Robert, carpenter & joiner, do
Shepard, Robert, do do
Shearer, Sextus, wholesale and retail dealer in hardware & cutlery, Main st. on the flat, dw. Washing. st.
Sherman, Stephen M. painter, do
Shank, Garret, carpenter, do
Smith, John, farmer, do
Spicer, Thomas, carriage maker, do
Searls, Samuel, joiner, do
Sinclair, James, tinsmith, do
Smith, Christopher, cordwainer, do
Stiff, ------ hatter, do
Sayre, John, Rev. do
Searls, ------ plough maker, Ohio st.
Sherwood, N. ship carpenter, do
Smith, James, saddler, do
Snow, Warren, farmer, do
Smith, John, do do
Smith, Edward B. joiner, Eagle st.
Shepard, David, joiner, Oak st.
Stow, James H. stove pattern maker, Oak st.
Sinclair, Robert, painter, do
Sears, I. P. & Co. grocers, big Buffalo creek.
Smith, Harlow C. farmer, water st.
Smith, George B. do
Stanard, Benjamin, capt. schooner John Adams.
Sweet, B. do do Columbus.
Shooks, James, do do Coneaut Packet.
Sanderson, James, do do President.
Seibold, Jacob, grocery & provision store, 3 Cheapside.
Sill, Enoch E. gunsmith, 173 Main st.
Sill, A. V. gunsmith, 173 Main st.
Stebbins, B. at Kendrick's lottery office, City Hotel
Sheldon, James, attorney, Senecast. dw. Washington st
Stickney, ------- Pearl st.
Smith, James M. Jr. student at law, Eagle Tavern.
Smith, John L. clerk, Buffalo creek.


Townsend, Coit & Co. forwarding and commission merchants, proprietors and agents of the Troy and Erie line canal boats, steam boats and schooners on Lake Erie, foot Canal st. Buffalo creek.
Thompson, S & Co. forwarding & commission merchants, agents and owners of boats on the lake and canal, Buffalo creek.
Thompson, S. forwarding merchant, Washington st.
Tracy, Albert H. attorney, Court st.
Tonkay, William, carpenter, Genesee st.
Townsend, G. W. grocer, terrace.
Turman, John, laborer, Crow st.
Thomas, John T. joiner, Ellicott st.
Thornton, William, mason, do
Tolls, Benjamin, joiner, do
Torrey, Charles, do do
Thomas, George, cordwainer, do
Townsend, H. W. grocer, Canal st.
Tisdale, H. cordwainer, Main st.
Taylor, Francis, teamster, do
Taylor, George W. do
Tice, ------ cordwainer, do
Thomas, Giles, cabinet maker, Main st.
Taylor, ------ joiner, do
Thompson, Francis, stone cutter, do
Taylor, Charles B. 199 do
Troxel, Eli, chair ware-house, 8 ellicott sqr. Main st.
Thompson, Artemas, attorney, do
Tupper, Charles, seaman, do
Taylor, W. F. Porter, forwarding merchant, do
Tredwell, T. attorney, do
Tarbell, Peter, ship builder, do
Turner, Chester, pump maker, do
Tower, Reuben, clerk, do
Tolun, Edward, do
Thorpe, Aliel, chair maker, do
Thayer, John, joiner, Washington st.
Towers, Frederick, laborer, Buffalo creek.
Tolls, Nathan, painter, Eagle st.
Tony, Perin, laborer, Pearl st.
Thrall, Russell, cordwainer,
Terry, Anselum, laborer, Seneca st.
Tuttle, Daniel, tanner and currier, Seneca st.
Thompson, Moses, painter, do
Tarbox, Henry, hatter, do
Taby, John, laborer, do
Thomas, William, farmer, do
Tillinghast, Dyer, attorney, do
Tull, M. joiner, do
Taylor, M. joiner, do
Tannehill, John, merchant, 2 Cheapside, dw. Senecast.
Tucker, Elisha, clergyman, do
Townsend, M. mason, Swan st.
Talbot, William, innkeeper, Niagara st.
Trowbridge, Ephraim, comb maker, Franklin st.
Tennimore, Benjamin, attorney, do
Thayer, George, mason, do
Teebold, Walter, laborer, Delaware st.
Twist, Salem, joiner, Mohawk st.
Tiffany, ------ do do
Taft, Daniel, carpenter, Pearl st.
Tyrel, Harmon, do do
Tyrel, John, do do
Taylor, Stephen, teamster, do
Tallady, Mrs. do
Twitchell, Samuel, farmer, do
Twitchell, Freman, do do
Tucker, John, cabinet maker, Main st.
Trowbridge, Josiah, M. D. office, eagle buildings, dwelling, Pearl st.
Tyler, William, chandler, Main st.
Tallmage, Collins J. joiner, do
Tallmage, Joseph, farmer, do
Townsend, Charles, forwarding merchant, Main st.
Torbin, Edward, laborer, terrace.
Turrell, E. pedler, do
Tubbs, William, comb maker, Washington st.
Tiffany, Daniel, tailor, do
Tredway, Thomas J. merchant, do
Trainor, John, carpenter, do
Trainor, George, do do
Tunnecliff, Mrs. widow, do
Tobin, John, do
Tupper, Elisha, teamster, Ohio st.
Thomas, C. carpenter, Eagle st.
Taylor, Noah, do
Tweedy & Ketchum, hat ware-house, 177 Main st.
Tracy, Charles E. Pearl st.


Underwood, Horace H. cabinet maker, Franklin st.
Upham, Alvin, joiner, terrace.


Vantine & Williams, hat manufacturers, exchange buildings.
Vantine, George, hatter, Pearl st.
Vanorman, John D. butcher, Swan st.
Vatter, Jacob, laborer, Niagara st.
Van Rensselaer, Stephen, student, Franklin st.
Van Allen, J. D. merchant tailor, 130 Main st.
Verrien, Henry, bugler, steam boat Superior.
Valentine, George, mason, Delaware st.
Verrien, John, do
Vosburgh, Nathaniel, saddler, Main st. dw. Pearl st.
Vanwinkle, Paul, mason, do
Vaisson, Germain, mason, do
Vaughan, George, mason, Court st.
Vaughan, George, Jr. blacksmith, Court st.
Vanleuven, Isaac, innkeeper, Main st.
Varischold, Jacob, shoemaker, do
Valentine, George, bricklayer, do
Valentine, William, do do
Victor, Edward, seaman, terrace.
Van Gilder, Horace, teamster, Washington st.
Valleau, William, merchant, do


Webster, George B. forwarding merchant, Seneca st.
Wilkeson, Samuel, merchant, public square.
Wilkeson, E. R. clerk, do
Wilkeson, William, merchant, do
Webb, James, laborer, Eagle st.
Wright, Haight, joiner, do
Wilfly, Jacob, laborer, Chippewa st.
Woodworth, ------ teamster, Huron st.
Wilkins, Christian, carpenter, Court st.
Wust, Frederick, tailor, do
Weiser, Joseph, laborer, Court st.
Weaver, Jacob, blacksmith, do
Wood, David, sawyer, do
White, Nathaniel S. cordwainer, Genesee st.
Wheeler, Nicholas, comb maker, Church st.
Wilcox, B. looking glass factory, 1 Ellicott Square, dwelling, Church st.
Woolvin, John, joiner, Church st.
Waters, William, grocer, dwelling, Crow st.
Wider, Peter, carpenter, Ellicott st.
Walker, Samuel G. joiner, do
Wright, Thomas, teamster, do
Wheeler, John, cordwainer, do
Warren, Caleb, do Canal st.
Woodard, George, laborer, do
Wilson, J. grocer, do
Wheeler, Samuel, agent, do
Walker, William, do
Woodruff, ------ joiner, do
Wood, Calvin, innkeeper, do
Washburn, ------ mason, do
Wells, William, hatter, Willow st.
Webber, Israel, joiner, Main st.
Walden, Ebenezer, attorney, Main st.
Williams, George, Buffalo House, Main st.
Welty, David, clerk, do do
Williams, Alfred, dealer in salt, Buffalo creek.
Winslow, Edward T. forwarding and commission
merchant, Mansion House.
Wisner, Casper, farmer, Franklin st.
Williams, J. D. hatter, Main st.
Wadsworth, Jared, cooper, do
Whaples, Reuben, tinsmith, Church st.
Wells, Aldrich, joiner, Seneca st.
Wilkeson, Beals & Co. steam engine manufacturers and iron founders, 160 Main st. & 1 Ohio st.
Wells, Ziba, baker, Canal st.
Warner, Nelson, pail maker, Seneca st.
Wheeler, Isaac, shoemaker, Washington st.
Waid, Joseph, butcher, Seneca st.
Webster, Mortimer, gardener, Seneca st.
Wells, ------ clerk, do
Worden, M. joiner, do
Wadsworth, Jared, cooper, do
Ward, Daniel, teamster, Swan st.
Woodruff, W. H. clerk Crow st.
Wright, Thomas, chair maker, Swan st.
Ward, M. painter, do
Ward, Edward, clerk, do
Watson, Henry, brick maker, do
Watles, Nathaniel, farmer, do
Wilder, N. tailor, Washington st.
Ware, Elisha R. mason, Franklin st.
Watson, Craig, do do
West, Stephen, baker, do
Wadsworth, John, book keeper, Franklin st.
Waples, Reuben, tinner, do
Waples, Daniel, do do
Wood, Silas L. mason, do
Walton, Harry, joiner, do
White, M. mason, do
Wheeler, Jonathan, cooper, terrace.
Watts, Jesse, millright, do
Wintworth, John, do do
Wheeler, Jonathan, Jr. joiner, do
Waldo, Daniel, farmer, do
Watson, Samuel, tanner, and currier, Delaware st.
Warren, Martin, do
Warren, Horatio, merchant, Delaware st.
Winslow, George, marble manufacturer, Pearl st.
Wilson, ------- clerk, do
Woonts, John, laborer, do
Walter, Joseph, farmer, do
Welles, ------ saddler, do
Wilcox, Thomas R. clerk, do
Wiezat, Jacob, laborer, do
Wise, Anthony, farmer, do
White, Sage, teamster, do
Walter, Anthony, laborer, do
Wilkeson, Asahel, grocer, do
Worley, Michael, tailor, do
Worley, Doland, do do
Weed, Thaddeus, merchant, Swan st.
Wilber, Philip, steam boat agent, Swan st.
Wedgewood, William, tailor, public square.
Whelen, Mrs. grocer, york st.
Wilgus & Burton, painters and glaziers, Main st.
Weed, Thaddeus & Co. wholesale hardware merchants, 222 corner Swan st. and Main sts.
Wheeler, Charles, grocer, do
Wells, Benjamin, joiner, do
Warden, Charles, do do
Wilcox, Prentice, farmer, do
Woods, Thomas, laborer, do
Whittet, James, cordwainer, do
Waddock, James, laborer, do
Wood, Thomas, do do
Welvely, Jacob, do do
White, James, mason, do
Wheelock, John, grocer, do
Williamson, Wm. stove mounter, do
White, Levi, cabinet maker, Pearl st.
Wilkman, ----- hatter, Mansion House.
Warren, Henry H. printer, Main st.
Wells, Chauncy C. clerk, do
Wadsworth & Pennegar, chair ware-house, 6 Ellicott Square.
Worden, Truman B. carpenter, Main st.
Wright, William, do do
Walker, Warren, clerk, do
White, James M. student, Eagle Tavern.
Whitney, W. A. clock maker, do
Walley, Jacob, clerk, Steam Boat Hotel.
Willard, N. grocer, foot of Main st. Buffalo creek.
Williams, ------ jeweller, Main st.
Whitney, ------- joiner, Main st.
White, Henry, attorney, office, Main st. dw. Eagle st.
Warmick, Robert, gardener, Main st.
Wesencraft, Charles, wagon maker, Main st.
Williams, David, clerk, Prime st.
Wright, ------ joiner, loyd st.
Warren, Levi R. pedler, terrace.
Wheeler, Samuel W. pedler, terrace.
Wicks, Comfort, grocer, canal dock.
Wakely, Ebaza, cordwainer, Washington st.
Wilgus, Nathaniel, painter, do
White, ------ chair maker, do
Wood, ------ laborer, do
Willus, Anthony, mason, do
Whitaker, John, do do
White, Freeman, founder, Ohio st.
Wells, Joseph, farmer, do
Whitney, Zerah, tanner, do
Wendall, Daniel, tailor, Oak st.
Williams, W. grocer, big Buffalo creek.
Winnings, Lewis, innkeeper, foot Main st.
Wheeler, Lyman, bookseller, water st.
White, Henry, cordwainer, water st.
Wagstaff, Robert, capt. schooner Red Rover.
Walker, A. capt. steam boat Sheldon Thompson.
Williams & Co. wholesale & retail dealers in drugs, medicines, groceries, paints, oils, dye woods, dye stuffs, &c. 1 Cheapside, Main st.
Wadsworth, James, chair maker, Mohawk st.
Wilkins, T. capt. steam boat William Peacock.
Wall, ------ shoemaker, Pearl st.
Whittell, ------ do do
Wize, Jacob, agent, Mansion House.
Wilgus, Alfred W. bookseller, Washington st.


Youngs, Allen, carpenter and joiner, Seneca st.
Youngs, George, laborer, Swan st.
Youngs, T do do
Young, Foster, miller, hydraulic's.
Young, William, hatter, Main st.


Zuhart, Michael, laborer, Pearl st.
Zuglehaust, Christopher, joiner, Pearl st.


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