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Beeker Gazetteer
and Business Directory

Source: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N. Y.; for 1869-70;
Syracuse: H. Child, 1870

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Peggy Thompson

Directory is arranged as follows:
1. Name of individual or firm. 2 Post office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation.

A Star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. For such Advertisement see Index
Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.

Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word "Street" is implied as regards directory for villages.

Adle, Valentine, (Bleecker) farmer 179
ASHTON, JACOB, (Bleecker) lumberman and farmer 100.
Baird, Beriah, (Bleecker) farmer 200
Baird, E. (Bleecker) farmer leases 100
Baird, Mahala Mrs. (Bleecker) prop. Of saw mill and farmer 100
Baird, Wm. H., (Bleecker) farmer 200
Baker, Nicholas, (Bleecker) mason and farmer 65
Barlow, John (Bleecker)
Bartlet, Chas., (Bleecker) sawyer
Bartlet, Chas. O., (Bleecker) sawyer
Bartlett, I. L., (Bleecker) carpenter and farmer 20
Battey, James, (Bleecker) farmer 8
BECHLER, CHRISTIAN J., (Bleecker) constable and farmer 50
Beckler, George, (Bleecker) farmer 100
BEIGHTON, GEO., (Bleecker) sawyer
Berger, Joseph, (Bleecker) farmer 50
BERGSTRA, DIRK, (Bleecker) engineer
BOMAN, GEORGE, (Bleecker) turner and farmer 100
Bower, Wendle, (Bleecker) farmer 50
Bowler, Charles, (Bleecker) prop. Of saw mill and farmer 257
Bowler, Geo. A., (Bleecker) sawyer and farmer 26
Bowler, Geo., W., (Bleecker) sawyer and farmer 13
Bowler, Robert E., (Bleecker) (with Wm.,) lumberman and farmer 234
Brainard, Thomas (Bleecker) farmer
Brown, George, (Bleecker) farmer 100
Brunick, Frederick, (Bleecker) lumberman and farmer 100
Burns, Thos., (Bleecker)
BUSSE, CHRISTOPHER (Bleecker) prop of Forest Hotel and farmer 100
Canfield, Augustns, (Bleecker) farmer 20
Carnrick, Charles, (Bleecker) sawyer
Chapman, E. D., (Bleecker) overseer of tannery
Clifford, Wm., (Bleecker) farmer 100
Clifford, Wm. H., (Bleecker) sawyer and farmer 25
Clock, August, (Bleecker) blacksmith and farmer 52
Conrick, John, (Bleecker)
CONRICK, W. R., (Bleecker) farmer 75
Daniel, Christian, (Bleecker) farmer 3
Daniels, H., (Bleecker) farmer 103
Dean, Jonathan, (Pine Lake) farmer 50
Deckenbeck, John, (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Deete, Julius, (Bleecker) carpenter and farmer 100
Diver, Cris, (Bleecker) farmer 139
DONALDSON, ISAAC B., (Bleecker) farmer 20
Donaldson, John (Bleecker) farmer 296
EASTMAN, RILUS, (Bleecker) postmaster, land agent, justice of the peace and farmer 200
Edel, Valentine, (Bleecker) farmer 296
Ellis, Joseph H., (Bleecker) carpenter blacksmith, mason and farmer 172-3/4
Erns, Augustus, (Bleecker) farmer 150
FISHER, JOHN, (Pine Lake) farmer 50
Fisher, U., (Bleecker) farmer 150
Foot, David, (Bleecker) stone mason and farmer 60
FOREST HOTEL (Bleecker) Christopher Busse, prop
Foss, Joseph (Bleecker) farmer 12
Frank, Jacob (Pine Lake) farmer 200
Fremmer, Chas. (Bleecker) farmer 100
Frick, Frederick (Bleecker) lumberman and farmer 175
Frick, Frederick W., (Bleecker) prop of saw mill
Fyst, Henry (Bleecker) farmer 44
Gantner, Michael (Bleecker) farmer 100
GEIGER, GOERGE (Bleecker) carpenter and farmer 94
Gensleister, Nicholas (Bleecker) farmer 75
Goodthour, Chas., (Bleecker) carpenter and farmer 92
Graham, I. H., (Bleecker) justice of the peace and farmer 100
Green, James (Bleecker)
GREENFIELD, DANIEL W. (Bleecker) lumberman
Greenfield, John (Bleecker) constable and farmer 6
Greenfield, Jonathan (Bleecker) farmer 20
Gresser, Adam (Bleecker) farmer 50
Hartman, Jacob (Bleecker) farmer 25
Hartman, John (Bleecker) farmer 98
HENNESSEY, WM. (Bleecker) prop of hotel and farmer 25
Henrys, Henry (Bleecker)
Hess, Elziabeth Mrs., (Bleecker) farmer 100
Hine, Michael Jr., (Bleecker) prop of hotel and farmer 97
Hopfield, Martin, (Bleecker), prop of saw mill and farmer 460
Howser, sherman (Bleecker) farmer 49
HUNT, M. G. (Bleecker) store keeper and farmer 60
Janeer, John (Bleecker) lumberman and farmer 10
Jenkins, Patrick (Bleecker)
Johnson, John (Bleecker) teamster
KARG, JOHN A. (Pine Lake) farmer 75
Kline, Frederick (Bleecker) farmer 50
Kline, John G. (Bleecker) tax collector and farmer 100
Klos, Peter, (Pine Lake) engineer and farmer 100
Knoblaugh, Geo., (Bleecker) farmer 40
Lasener, Goodhart (Bleecker) cooper and farmer 100
LEAVITT, H. W., (Bleecker) teamster and farmer 3-1/2
Leppert, Henry (Bleecker) farmer 100
Lessle, James (Bleecker)
Lindsly, Hiram (Bleecker) farmer 186-3/4
Long, Casper (Bleecker) farmer 130
Longfritzer, Albert (Bleecker) farmer 18
Longfritzer, John (Bleecker) farmer 18
Longhenry, John E., (Bleecker) farmer 150
LUNKENHEIMER, NICHOLAS, (Bleecker) hop raiser and farmer 300
Luther, Michael (Bleecker) farmer 52
Mattes, N., (Bleecker) farmer 65
McDayd, Hugh (Bleecker)
McGLEN, THOMAS, (Bleecker) farmer 150
Mertis, John (Bleecher) farmer 160
MEYER, JOHN, (Bleecker) town clerk and farmer 60
Meyers, J. A., (Bleecker) farmer 50
MILLER, DANIEL, (Bleecker) sawyer and farmer 325
Miller, G. F., (Bleecker) carpenter and farmer 6
Miller, Jacob (Bleecker) farmer 100
Miller, Lue (Bleecker)
Miller, Peter, (Bleecker) farmer 250
Miller, W. J. (Pine Lake) farmer 25
Moleske, Martin, (Bleecker) farmer 10
Movits, Chas., (Bleecker) farmer 50
Myers, Edward (Bleecker) farmer 59
Myers, Geo. (Bleecker) farmer 40
Navin, Patrick (Bleecker) tanner
Oertel, Frederick (Bleecker) farmer 50
Oertle, Frederick (Bleecker) farmer 47
Olman, John (Bleecker) farmer 190
Ort, John (Bleecker) farmer 140
Pash, Christian, (Bleecker) farmer 50
Paul, Godliff, (Bleecker) farmer 75
Peset, Anthony (Bleecker)
Peters, John M., (Bleecker) prop of saw and planing mill, supervisor and owns 1,600
Ply, Christian J., (Bleecker) farmer 4
Quin, Cornelius (Bleecker) farmer 148
Quin, Peter, (Bleecker) farmer 70
RATHBURN, SAMUEL, (Bleecker) teamster
RATHBURN, WM., (Bleecker)
Reaner, Theodore, (Bleecker)
Retchel, Henry (Bleecker)
Rhinehart, Peter (Bleecker)
Rhineheart, Jacob (Bleecker) farmer 50
RIETH, FREDERICK (Bleecker) farmer 100
Ring, Martin (Bleecker) farmer 100
Roll, Henry (Bleecke) farmer 150
Salo, Wm., (Bleecker) farmer 100
Saner, Chas. W., (Bleecker) shoe maker and farmer 18
SCHABACKER, CHARLES C., (Bleecker) lumberman and farmer 300
Schabacker, Nicholas, (Bleecker) farmer 85
Schanberger, John C., (Bleecker) commissioner, lumberman and farmer 250
Scheber, John (Bleecker) farmer 50
SCHOMBERGER, GEORGE (Bleecker) lumberman and farmer 65
Schreiber, George (Bleecker) farmer 100
Schreiber, John (Bleecker) farmer 50
Schuler, Berdold (Bleecker) farmer 100
Schwartz, John (Bleecker) farmer 28
Scovill, Martin Noah (Bleecker) blacksmith
SEELYE, F., (Pine Lake) prp of saw mill and farmer 150
Seller, Frederick (Bleecker) farmer 80
Sendrer, Frederick (Bleecker) farmer 114
Shaver, Brayman, (Bleecker)
Shaver, Conrad, (Bleecker) farmer 15
Shaver, John M. (Bleecker) farmer 8-1/2
Shuler, Frank (Bleecker)
Shutes, Jacob (Bleecker) farmer 50
Skiff, Allen (Bleecker) farmer 48
Sloan, Jonathan S. (Bleecker)
Smith, Benjamin (Bleecker) assessor
Smith, Garner A., (Bleecker)
Smith, H., (Bleecker) prop of tannery and lumberman 2,000
Smith, Henry Z., (Bleecker) prop of saw mill and farmer 700
Smith, John H., (Bleecker) glove and mitten cutter and farmer 4-1/2
Smith, Joseph (Bleecker) farmer 75
Smith, Wm. J. (Bleecker)
Smith, Z. J. (Bleecker) carpenter and farmer 25
Snoab, Chas., (Bleecker) farmer 44
Sornberger, John W., (Bleecker) tanner
Sornborger, J. H. (Johnstown) prop of tannery, lumberman and farmer 400
Stark, Paul (Bleecker) farmer 94
Steele, Luther (Bleecker) farmer 29
Steele, Luther, (Bleecker) farmer 25
Stockamore, Jacob (Bleecker) commissioner of highways and farmer 175
SWARTZ, REINHOLD (Bleecker) prop of hotel and brewery and farmer 190
Tadamon, Frederick (Bleecker) farmer leases 100
Unger, Francis (Bleecker) carpenter, justice of the peace and farmer 78-1/2
Unger, John (Pine Lake) farmer 75
Unger, Joseph (Bleecker) farmer 26
Vandenburgh, Hiram (Bleecker) (with Jonathan Wooster) lumberman and farmer 1,800
Waesleder, John (Bleecker) farmer 6
Wagner, Jospeh (Bleecker) farmer 75
Ward, Samuel (Bleecker)
Weiner, Bernot (Bleecker) farmer 50
Weiner, Peter (Bleecker)
Weise, Peter (Bleecker) farmer 70
Wells, James (Bleecker)
Wester, Philip (Bleecker) farmer 15
Wevener, Geo. (Bleecker)
Widerman, Awgerst, (Bleecker) farmer 100
Wille, Frederick (Bleecker)
Woodchopper, Catharine Mrs. (Bleecker) farmer 98
Wooster, Jonathan, (Bleecker) (with Hiram Vandenburgh) lumberman and farmer 1,800
Yenney, Samuel (Bleecker)


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