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Broadalbin Gazetteer
and Business Directory

Source: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N. Y.; for 1869-70;
Syracuse: H. Child, 1870

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Peggy Thompson

Directory is arranged as follows:
1. Name of individual or firm. 2 Post office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation.

A Star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. For such Advertisement see Index
Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.

Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for villages.

Adams, Amos (Broadalbin) glove cutter
Adams, Susan Mrs. (North Broadalbin) farmer 1
Allen, A. S. (Broadalbin) jeweler
Allen, Charles (Broadalbin) retired merchant
Allen, Dewitt Mrs. (West Galway) farmer 50
Allen, Hiram (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Allen, Irving W., (Broadalbin) mechanic
ALLEN, JEREMIAH (Union Mills) carpenter and joiner
Allen, Pardon (Broadalbin) farmer 14
Anderson, Samuel N. (Broadalbin) farmer 126
Anderson, Samuel N. Jr., (Broadalbin) school teacher and farmer
Argersinger, B. C. (Broadalbin) farmer 132
Argersinger, Wm. (West Galway) farmer
Austin, Esra T. (Union Mills) carpenter and joiner
Austin, Jonathan (Union Mills)
Avery, Amos (North Broadalbin) farmer 150
AVERY, JAMES B., (North Broadalbin) farmer 150
Bacon, Elijah (Union Mills) teamster
Bacon, N. W. (Union Mills) prop of paper mill and farmer 20
Bant, James (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Bant, John (Broadalbin) farmer 50
Barber, John (Broadalbin)
Barker, David (Broadalbin) physician
Barker, Samuel (North Broadalbin) farmer leases 87
Barlett, Peter (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Baum, David (Broadalbin) farmer 4
Beeker, David (Broadalbin) farmer 50
Beeker, Harvey (North Broadalbin) farmer
Beers, H. (Broadalbin) H. Beers & Son) deputy post master
Beers, H. & Son (Broadalbin) (W. H.) hardware, stoves &c
Beers, W. H. (Broadalbin) (H. Beers & Son)
Bellis, J. W. (Broadalbin)
Bemis, Jas. A., (Broadalbin) (James A. Burr & Co.)
Benedict, Amos (North Broadalbin) farmer 160
Benedict, Jane Mrs. (North Broadalbin) farmer 33
Benedict, J. E. & S. C. (North Broadalbin) merchants, agents for Meadow King Mowing Machine, props of saw mill and farmers 225
Benedict, Levi & Son (North Broadalbin) (A. L.) farmer 93
Benedict, ______, Rev., (Broadalbin) Baptist minister
Benjamin, Jas., (West Galway) farmer
Benjamin, Wm. (Broadalbin) painter and farmer 50
BEST, CHAS. C. (Broadablin) merchant
Bets, Cameo, (Union Mills) farmer 2
Betts, Isaiah (Mill's Corners) farmer 160
Bewell, Henry (Northampton) farmer
Bigalow, Phila Mrs. (North Broadalbin) farmer 60
BLAIR, D. & C., (Broadalbin) merchants and manufs of gloves and mittens
Blake, Alden (Union Mills) prop of saw mill and farmer 40
Bohanan, John (Broadalbin) farmer 70
Borst, John R. (Broadalbin) mechanic
Bourn, Joel (Mill's Corners) farmer leases 93
Bovee, Henry (Union Mills) farmer 104
Bradford & Dickinson (Broadalbin) (J. T. Bradford and Geo. O. Dickinson) druggists and dealers in paints, oils and wall paper
Bradford, Jas. (Broadalbin) butcher
Bradford, J. T. (Broadalbin) (Bradford & Dickinson)
Brewerr, Daniel (North Broadalbin) farmer 160
Brewster, C. (West Galway) farmer 75
Brice, Alexander, (North Broadalbin) farmer 60
Brigs, Daniel Mrs. (Broadalbin) farmer 6-3/4
Brockway, Tiffany (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Bonk, Daniel J. (Broadalbin) carpenter
Brown, A. S. & G. N. (Broadalbin) paper manufs
Brown, Asa (Broadalbin)
Brown, Jeremiah (North Broadalbin) farmer 50
Brown, Joel (North Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer 93
Brown, John A. (Union Mills) farmer 80
Brock, Lucius (Northampton) farmer 35
Bryant, S. D.( Union Mills) farmer 104
Bryant, Squire (Union Mills) farmer leases 40
Buchanan, Archibald (Broadalbin) shoe maker
Buell, E. B. (Northampton) stock raiser and farmer 298
Buell, J. O. (Union Mills) farmer 80
Burdick, Franklin (North Broadalbin) farmer 14
Burr, Edwin (Broadalbin) cooper
Burr, Jas. A. & Co., (Broadalbin) (Jas. A. Bemis) grocers
Burr, Thaddeus, (Broadalbin) glove cutter
Burr, Wilson (Broadalbin) cooper
Camp, Steven (Mill's Corners) farmer
Campbell, Alexander (North Broadalbin) farmer 166
Campbell, John (North Broadalbin) carpenter and joiner and farmer 14
Capron, L. S. (Broadalbin) supervisor and farmer 130
Cartright, Orvil (North Broadalbin) teamster
Chace, Benjamin (Broadalbin) farmer 24
Chace, Byron (Union Mills) farmer
Chace, John (North Broadalbin) general merchant
Chace, John (Broadalbin) butcher and farmer 1
Chace, J. H. (Broadalbin) millwright, assessor and farmer 80
Chace, Mosher (Union Mills) prop of store and farmer 120
Chace, Otis (North Broadalbin) veterinary surgeon and farmer 70
Chace & Smith (Broadalbin) props of saw mill, grist mill and skin mill
Chace, Stephen (Union Mills) farmer 83
Chace, Steven (North Broadalbin) stock raiser and farmer 150
Chambers, J. C. (North Broadalbin) prop of hotel and farmer 68
Chambers, Wm. (Broadalbin) physician
Chapman, James B. (Broadalbin) salesman
Chapman, T. W. (Broadalbin) sheriff
Chapman, Wm. (Broadalbin) retired farmer
Chase, Daniel (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
CHASE, G. H. (North Broadalbin) prop grist mill
Chase, J. (Broadalbin) farmer
Chase, Walter (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Churchill, Giles W. (Broadalbin) farmer 95
Clark, Gerett (Broadalbin) farmer 75
Clark, John (Union Mills) justice of the peace, post master and farmer 225
Clause, Wm. (Mill's Corners) farmer 160
Cleaver, Wm. (Perth) farmer 130
Cleavland, D. O. (Broadalbin)
Cole, Abner (Union Mills)
Cole, Arnold (Broadalbin) farmer
Cole, Daniel (Broadalbin) farmer
Cole, Darins W. (North Broadalbin) painter
Cole, Elmer (North Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer 1
Cole, Henry (Union Mills) paper maker
Cole, Hiram (Union Mills) paper manuf
COLE, JULIUS (Union Mills) shoe peg manuf constable and farmer 12
Cole, Rufus (Broadalbin) painter
Colton, Lyman J. (Mill's Corners) farmer
Colton, Rufus (Mill's Corners) prop of cider mill and farmer 122
Cooley, Wm. (Broadalbin) blacksmith
Corin, henry (North Broadalbin) farmer
Cornell, A. K. (North Broadalbin) jeweler and farmer 1
Cornell, Enoch (Broadalbin)
Cornell, Timothy (Broadalbin)
Crannell, Moses (Broadalbin) farmer 99
Crous, F. (West Galway) farmer
Cunning, Geo. (Mill's Corners) farmer 125
CUSHON, JOSEPH (Broadalbin) dairyman and farmer leases 123
Damon, Wm. (Broadalbin) farmer
Day, Randolf (Broadalbin) manuf of malt shovels
Deforest, David (Broadalbin)
Delemater, Tunis (Union Mills) farmer
Demores, Samuel (Broadalbin) carpenter
Demorest, Daniel (Broadalbin)
Demorest, David (Broadalebin) retired farmer
Demorest, Edgar D. (Broadalbin) tinman
Dickinson, Geo O. (Broadalbin) Bradford & Dickinson
Dingman, Wm. (Broadalbin) farmer 36
Doty, _____ (Mill's Corners) farmer leases 50
Downing, Samuel P. (North Broadalbin) farmer 106
Drought, Wm. (Mill's Corners) farmer 4
DYE, JOHN H. (Broadalbin) physician
Earl, Chas C. (Broadalbin) mechanic
Earl, Philo (Broadalbin) leather dresser
Earl, Stephen (Broadalbin) farmer 67-1/2
Elsworth, Wm. (Broadalbin) carpenter
English, John (Broadalbin) farmer 52
Fakmire, John (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Farquer, Wm. (North Broadalbin) tanner and farmer 53
Fenton, Asa (Broadalbin) farmer 114
Fergerson, H. (Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer 7
Fergerson, Jas Jr. (Broadalbin) farmer 70
Fergerson, Rawson (Broadalbin) speculator
Ferguson, Cornelius (North Broadalbin) farmer 250
Ferguson, Edmond (North Broadalbin) farmer 130
Ferguson, Harvey (Mill's Corners) carpenter and farmer 8
Ferguson, Henry (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
FERGUSON, JAS. SEN., (Broadalbin) stone mason and farmer 94
Ferguson, Wilson (Broadalbin) carpenter
Finch, S. R. (Broadalbin) farmer
Finch, Wm. W. (Broadalbin) farmer 95
Fisher, Eliza Mrs. (Broadalbin) farmer 206
Flinn, James (Broadalbin) farmer 2
Forbes, W. H. (North Broadalbin) farmer 150
Forbs, Peter (North Broadalbin) farmer 160
Fosmire, Daniel (North Broadalbin) carpenter
Fosmire, Jacob (North Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer35
Fox, E. G. (North Broadalbin) farmer 32
Fox, Hollis (North Broadalbin) farmer 1
Fox, John V. (Broadalbin) farmer 62
Fox, Norman R. (Broadalbin) cooper, constable and farmer 6
Fox, Reuben (Broadalbin) retired merchant
Fox, Willard L. (Mill's Corners) farmer 155
Fuller, Alexander (Broadalbin) farmer 70
Fuller, Andrew (Mill's Corners) farmer 117
Fuller, Stephen (Broadalbin) traveling agent
Furguson, Richard (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Goodemote, Baldis (North Broadalbin) farmer
Goodemote, Daniel (Northampton) farmer leases 200
GOODEMOTE, HENRY A. (North Broadalbin) dairyman and farmer 265
Gorge, John (Broadalbin) retired farmer
Gorthy, Jas (Union Mills) farmer 82
Gorthy, Peter (North Broadalbin) farmer 60
Gorton, Philip (North Broadalbin) cooper and farmer 2
Gray, Morris (Perth) farmer 100
Grinel, Wm. (Broadalbin) farmer 105
Groesbeck, Isaac (Mill's Corners) farmer 60
Groesbeck, J. K. (Broadalbin) saloon
Gulick, John (Broadalbin) harness maker
Haes, Steven Mrs. (West Galway) farmer 66
Hagadorn, Harvey (Broadalbin) farmer leases 100
hagety, B. (Broadalbin) farmer 66
Hall, ___________ Rev. (Broadalbin) Methodist clergyman
Halladay, W. E. (Broadalbin) (W. H. Halladay & Son)
Halladay, W. H. (Broadalbin) (W. H. Halladay & Son) justice of the peace
Halladay, W. H. & Son (Broadalbin) (W. E.) harness makers
Harder, Samuel (Perth) farmer 55
Hart, Abram F. (North Broadalbin) farmer 25
Harris, W. Dr. (Broadalbin) farmer 55
Hawley, F. S. (Broadalbin) H. G. Hawley & Son) town clerk
Hawley, H. G. & Son (Broadalbin) (F. S.) hardware and crockery
Heacock, Alfred (Mill's Corners) farmer
Heidner, Gottob (Union Mills) farmer 113
Hensted, Samuel (West Galway) farmer 50
Hill, James (Broadalbin) shoemaker
Hillman, Ephraim M. (North Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer 91
Hinds, John W. (North Broadalbin) farmer 1-1/2
Honeywell, Gradus (Broadalbin) farmer
Honeywell, Samuel (Broadalbin) farmer 100
HOWE, ALANSON'S (Union Mills) farmer
HOWE, JESSE (Union Mills) shoemaker and farmer 81
Hunt, Joseph (Broadalbin) shoemaker
Ingraham, L. T. (Union Mills) carpenter and joiner and farmer 40
Jackson, Isaac (Broadalbin) farmer 262
Jackson, Samuel (West Galway) farmer 63
James Henry (West Galway) rake maker and farmer 2
Jenner, Harry (Broadalbin) glove cutter
JENNINGS, HENRY (Broadalbin) farmer
Jennings, Linas (Broadalbin) farmer 120
Jones, Elisha (Mill's Corners) farmer 100
Jones, Oliver (Union Mills) farmer
Kasson, Alvin (Broadalbin) farmer 14 and leases 39
KASSON, E. G. (Broadalbin) farmer 70
Kasson, Geo (Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer 1
Kasson, James (Broadalbin) retired farmer
Kasson, Watson (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Kelley, Edward (Broadalbin) farmer 20
KELLY, R (Broadalbin) Kelly & Sunderlin)
KELLY & SUNDERLIN (Broadalbin) (R. Kelly and Loren G. Sunderlin) grocers
Kenedy, Robert (Perth) farmer 110
KENNEDY, WM. (Broadalbin) lawyer, notary public and insurance agent
Kensilbum, Morris (North Broadalbin) pedler
Kested, Bradley (Union Mills) farmer 3
Kested, James (Union Mills) carpenter and joiner
Kested, M. (Broadalbin)
Kinglsey, Eben (Union Mills) peg maker
Landers, Garret (North Broadalbin) farmer 50
Lansing, Cornelius (Broadalbin) farmer 14
Lasher, Jame (Mill's Corners) farmer 75
Lasher, Seely (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Lawton, Amos (Mill's Corners) farmer 1-1/2
LEE, THOMAS (Broadalbin) farmer 56
Lent, O. P. (Broadalbin) butcher
Leversee, Mathew (Broadalbin) farmer 5
Leversee, Wm. (Broadalbin)
Lockington, H. (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Logan, WM. (West Galway) farmer 200
Lord, Daniel S. (Broadalbin) butcher and farmer
Luttenberger, Joseph (Union Mills) farmer
Macy, Wm. (West Galway) farmer leases 100
Manchester, Abram (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Manchester, Isaac (Union Mills) farmer 20
Manchester, Madison (Union Mills) carpenter and farmer 7
MANNING, DANIEL (Northampton) farmer 112
Marble, Henry (Mill's Corners) farmer 130
Marcellus, Nicholas (Broadalbin) painter
Markham, Chas. A. (Northampton) farmer 30
Maroney, John (North Broadalbin) farmer 50
Marsh, R. R. (Broadalbin) dairyman and farmer 70
Marvin, W. (Broadalbin) boots and shoes and agent for sewing machines
McDermid, P. (Broadalbin) (Vail & McDermid)
McEwen, Peter (Broadalbin) wagon maker
McFarland, Jas P. (Broadalbin) farmer 100
McFarland, WM. (Broadalbin) lawyer and farmer 10
McNEILL, JAMES (Broadalbin) prop of hotel
Meany, Michael (Northampton) farmer 137
meriam, Daniel (Broadalbin) cooper
Meriam, Isaac (Broadalbin) cooper and farmer 20
Miller, Geo A. (Northampton) prop of stage line between Galway and Amsterdam
Miller, Harvey (Broadalbin) mason
Miller, James M. (Mill's Corners) mason
Miller, John (Mill's Corners) farmer
Miller, Nathaniel (North Broadalbin) farmer 63
Miller, Rensselaer (Mill's Corners) mason and farmer 50
Miller, Robert (West Galway) prop of store and farmer 12
Mole, James (Northampton) farmer 4
Monteith, David (Broadalbin) farmer
Morgan, John D. (North Broadalbin) shoe maker and farmer 20
Morey, kate Miss (Broadalbin) carpet weaver
Morey, _____ (Broadalbin) (Stever & Morey)
Morphy, Steven (Broadalbin) farmer 30
Morris, I. (Mill's Corners) farmer 41
Mosher, Daniel (Perth) farmer 129
Mosher, Otis (Broadalbin) farmer 67
Munson, ______ Miss (Broadalbin) tailoress
Newgen, John R. (Broadalbin) tailor
Newman, James (West Galway) farmer 40
Newton, Jas (Broadalbin) manuf of paper boxes
Norcut, James (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Norris, Chauncy (Broadalbin) farmer 110
Northrop & Richards (Broadalbin) manufacturers of gloves and mittens
Oderkirk, Elved (Union Mills) farmer 50
Okert, Anthony (West Galway) farmer 100
Olin, Wm. (North Broadalbin) clergyman and farmer 16
Olmsted, Alvin (Broadalbin) mitten manuf
Olmsted, A. S. (Broadalbin) manuf of gloves and mittens
Parkthurst, Jacob Mrs. (North Broadalbin) farmer 6
Peck, Moses (Mill's Corners) farmer 25
Peddie, Daniel P. (Broadalbin) farmer leases 206
Perry, Harvey L. (Mill's Corners) farmer 120
Perry, H. L. (Broadalbin) farmer 123
Perry, John C. (Mill's Corners) farmer 130
Perry, Mary Mrs (North Broadalbin) farmer 3
Petters, Philip (North Broadalbin) farmer 12
Pettit, Ezra (Broadalbin) farmer 65
Phililps, Jabez (Broadalbin) farmer 23
Phillips, Peter (Broadalbin) farmer leases 100
Phillips, Wm. (Broadalbin) blacksmith
Pike, Moses (Broadalbin) retired merchant and fisherman
Pinkney, Henry (Broadalbin)
Pittie, Geo W. (Union Mills) prop of clothes wringer factory and farmer 59
Potter, Joseph (Northampton) farmer 1
Potter, Ruscom (Northampton) farmer 7
Reddish, Ann Mrs. (North Broadalbin) farmer 123
Reddish, D. M. (North Broadalbin) farmer 1
Reddish, D. M. & J (North Broadalbin) manufs of cloths, cassimeres, flannel and stocking yarn and farmers leas 15
Reddish, John (North Broadalbin) farmer leases 27
Richards, ______ (Broadalbin) (Northrop Y Richards)
Rider, Jas (Union Mills) thrasher and farmer 16
Rider, Sanford (Union Mills) farmer 10
Rider, Warren (Union Mills) farmer 1
Rider, Warren M. (Broadalbin) farmer leases 70
Rider, Wm. & Son (Union Mills) farmer 72
Rider, Wm. W. (Union Mills) (with Wm.) farmer
Ripley, Thomas (Broadalbin) school teacher
Roberts, R. H. (West Galway) skin dresser and farmer 15
Robertson, James (Broadalbin) farmer 200
Robertson, Jas L. (North Broadalbin) farmer 90
Robertson, J. C. (Perth) farmer 75
Robinson, James (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Robison, James (Broadalbin) blacksmith
Rosa, J. H. (Broadalbin) physician
ROSA, R. H. (Broadalbin) lawyer and district attorney
Rose, Wm. (Broadalbin) cooper
Rubeck, Charles (West Galway) farmer 16
Russel, Geo B. (Union Mills) farmer 9
Ryan, James (West Galway) wagon maker
Sager, John (Broadalbin) farmer 26
SANFORD, GIDEON G. (North Broadalbin) asssessor and farmer 140
SATTERLEE, ABRAM (Broadalbin) farmer 26
Saturly, Arnold (Broadalbin) cooper and farmer 1
Sawyer, John T. (Mill's Corners) farmer 20
Sawyer, Levi Mrs. (Broadalbin) farmer 20
Sawyer, Levi W. (Mill's Corners) cooper and farmer 40
Schermerhorn, B. S. (West Galway) prop of grist mill and farmer 10
Seers, Geo (Broadalbin) veterinary surgeon and printer
Seward, John (Broadalbin) farmer
Shattuck, Henry (West Galway) farmer
Shaw, David (Broadalbin) farmer 95
Shaw, Shipman (Union Mills) teamster and farmer 39
Sheldon, Aaron (Broadalbin) farmer 135
Sheldon, Ira (Broadalbin) cabinet maker
Sheldon, J. E. (Broadalbin) cabinet maker
Sherman, Berden (Broadalbin) farmer 74
Sherman, G. A. (Broadalbin) farmer 37
Sherman, George (Broadalbin) cooper
Shipman, L. H. (Broadalbin) grocer
Shutter, W. S. (Perth) farmer 63
Simmons, Aaron (Broadalbin) carpenter
Simonds, J. H. Mrs. (West Galway) farmer 130
Simonds, P. A. (West Galway) farmer 56
Slatary, D. (Mill's Corners) farmer 130
Smith, Arthur (Broadalbin) mitten manuf
Smith, Arthur (Broadalbin) post master and farmer
Smith, Arthur, Sen., (Broadalbin) retired farmer
Smith, N. (Broadalbin) prop of American Hotel
Smith, Wm. (Broadalbin) wagon maker
Smith, _______ (Broadalbin) (Chace & Smith)
Snow, W. W. (Broadalbin) painter
Snyder, Francis (West Galway) farmer
Soule, Gideon (Broadalbin) carpenter
Spencer, Henry W. (North Broadalbin) justice of the peace prop of saw mill and turning shop and farmer 10
Sperling, Wm. (Perth) farmer 64
Stanton, L. (Broadalbin) farmer 71
Steanburg, Benjamin (Broadalbin) farmer 80
Stevenson, Andrew (Broadalbin) farmer 75
Stever & Morey (Broadalbin) paper manufacturers
Steward, Wm. (North Broadalbin) farmer 4
Stockwell, Sewell (North Broadalbin) tin peddler
Stodard, Daniel (North Broadalbin) farmer 200
Stoddard, Henry P. (North Broadalbin) farmer 50
Stodard, Robert H. (North Broadalbin) farmer 84
Stone, D. L. (North Broadalbin) post master and farmer 45
Snuderland, Samuel (Broadalbin) retired farmer
SUNDERLIN, LOREN G. (Broadalbin) (Kelly & Sunderlin)
Tatlock, Geo (Union Mills) house painter and grainer
Thatcher, Charles (Mill's Corners) farmer 106
Thayer, Henry (Broadalbin) wagon maker
Thayer, Jacob (Broadalbin) farmer 72
Thompson, D. t. (Broadalbin) retired farmer
Thompson, Samuel B. (Broadalbin) farmer 112
Thomson, A. Miss (Broadalbin) furnishing goods
THORNE, HARRY C. (Northampton) farmer
Thorne, James H. (Northhampton) farmer
Timason, Martin W. (Broadalbin) butcher
Tomlinson, David P. (Broadalbin) blacksmith and farmer 49
TOURJE, GEORGE W. (Mill's Corners) post master shoe maker and farmer 24
Tuller, Eli (Broadalbin) farmer 52
Tuper, Stephen (North Broadalbin) farmer 1
Tyget, E. (Mill's Corners) farmer 10
Tyget, Shubell (Mill's Corners) farmer 2-1/2
Ulinger, Geo. (Broadalbin) farmer leases 80
Vail, A. (Broadalbin) (Vail & McDermid) justice of the peace
Vail & McDermid (Broadalbin) (A. Vail and P. McDermid) general merchants
Van Allen, Cornelius (Broadalbin) blacksmith
Van Allen, John (Union Mills) machinist
Van Allen, Lawrence (North Broadalbin) farmer 83
Van Antwerp, James (Broadalbin) cooper
Van Buren, Martin (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Vandenburg, Abram (North Broadalbin) prop of stage route and farmer 300
Vanderberg, Asa (Mill's Corners) farmer leases 110
Vanderwerker, John (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Van Norman, Harmon (Broadalbin) shoe maker
Van Norman, Hiram (Broadalbin) shoe maker
van Norman, Wm. (Broadalbin) sportsman
Vansburg, Manley (Broadalbin) glove cutter
Van Slyke, Peter (West Galway) farmer 5
Van Vranken, Garret (Broadalbin) constable
Van Vranken, Grandus (West Galway) prop of hotel and store and farmer 80
Van Vranken, Richard G. (North Broadalbin) farmer 100
Van Vranken, Rodolphus (Broadalbin) farmer 130
Van Vranken, S. (Broadalbin) farmer 100 and leases 40
Van Vranker, John B. (Broadalbin) prop of saw mill and farmer
Vedder, David (Broadalbin) farmer 47
Vedder, Harmon (Broadalbin) farmer 55
Vedder, Isaac (Broadalbin) farmer 33
Vedder, John (Mill's Corners) farmer 12
Vedder, Peter (Broadalbin) farmer leases 65
Vedder, Peter Mrs. (Broadalbin) farmer 65
Waffle, Wm. S. (West Galway) farmer 150
Wait, Joseph C. (Union Mills) farmer 37
Wait, R. S. (Broadalbin)
Wait, Shepard (Union Mills) farmer 14
Wait, Wm. O. (Union Mills) farmer 44-1/2
Walker, Wm. (Perth) farmer 100
Washburn, J. (Perth)
Wayne, John (Perth) farmer
Welch, Micahel (Northampton) farmer 50
Wells, Wm. C. (Union Mills) farmer 100
Wemple, Mine (Broadalbin) farmer 22
Westervelt, Samuel B. (Broadalbin) farmer 100
Wetherbee, C. J. (Broadalbin) cabinet maker and undertaker
Wetherbee, Ephraim (Broadalbin) farmer
Wetherbee, Isaac (Broadalbin) farmer 60
Wetherberr, Marshall (Broadalbin) retired farmer
White, Patrick (Mill's Corners) farmer 40
Whitlock, R. I. (North Broadalbin) farmer 352 and leases 70
Whitlock, Robert (Union Mills) farmer leases 200
Willard, James (Broadalbin) prop of express between Broadalbin and Amsterdam
Williams, M. H. (Broadalbin) jeweler
Williams, M. O. (Broadalbin) tailor
Winne, John (North Broadalbin) farmer 1
Woodcock, Neil (Union Mills) farmer 100
Wostis, Geo. (West Galway) blacksmith and farmer 4
Wright, Willis (Broadalbin) farmer leases 75
Wright, Wm. (Broadalbin) farmer 30
Yates, Abram (Broadalbin) farmer 74


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