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Caroga Gazetteer
and Business Directory

Source: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N. Y.; for 1869-70;
Syracuse: H. Child, 1870

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Peggy Thompson

Directory is arranged as follows:
1. Name of individual or firm. 2 Post office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation.

A Star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. For such Advertisement see Index
Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.

Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for villages.

Allen, Andrew J. (Pine Lake)
Allen, Charles (Pine Lake) lumberman and farmer 10
Argersinger, Wm. (Rockwood*)
AVERY, HIRAM (Pine Lake) farmer leases 100
Bacon, Jacob (Pine Lake)
Ballou, Abner (Pine Lake) farmer 77
Barnes, Milton (Pine Lake) lumberman
Bartlet, Willey L. (Pine Lake)
Benlow, Wm. (Pine Lake) farmer 50
Blansher, Absalom (Pine Lake)
Boam, Frederick (Rockwood*) carpenter
Boman, Chas H. (Rockwood) farmer 47
Bradley, Francis (Pine Lake) teamster
Bradley, Thos (Rockwood) farmer 33
Bradley, Wm. (Pine Lake)
BRADT, A. H. (Pine Lake) grocer and farmer leases 30
Bradt, Anthony (Pine Lake)
BRADT, AUGUSTUS (Rockwood) farmer
Bradt, Dillon (Rockwood) blacksmith
Bradt, E. (Rockwood*) butcher
Bradt, Henry (Rockwood) justice of the peace and farmer 56
Bradt, James A. (Rockwood) carriage maker
Bradt, John (Rockwood*) teamster and farmer 3
BRADT, JOHN P. (Pine Lake)
BRADT, TUNIS (Rockwood) farmer 58
Bradt, Walter J. (Rockwood*)
Brookins, A. (Pine Lake) farmer 10
BUEL, BENJAMIN (Rockwood) miller
Caldwell, Wm. B. (Rockwood*) butcher
CANADA LAKE HOUSE (Pine Lake) Wm. R. Tunnicliff prop
CAROGA LAKE HOUSE (Pine Lake) Joseph C. Zeyst, prop
Carroll, Michael (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Case, Frederick (Rockwood*)
CHURCH, CALEB S. (Pine Lake) farmer
CLAFLIN, WM. (Pine Lake) (Wheeler & Claflin)
Cole, Thos. A. (Pine Lake)
Conelin, Patrick (Rockwood) farmer 10-1/2
Coslo, Michael (Pine Lake)
Costle, Michael (Pine Lake) farmer
Cring, James (Rockwood) sawyer
Crocker, A. Y. (Rockwood*) farmer 170
Dean, Clark S. (Rockwood) farmer 280
Dewitt, Burt (Rockwood*)
Doran, Abraham (Rockwood) farmer 200
Doran, John A. (Rockwood) farmer 75
DORN, JACOB (Rockwood) farmer 200
DORN, MICHAEL A. (Rockwood) farmer
DOTY, WM. H. (Rockwood) lumberman and farmer 100
DUREY, JOHN (Pine Lake) prop of stage line
DUREY, JOSIAH (Rockwood) prop of saw mill and farmer 265
Dury, George (Rockwood) farmer 25
Earst, Euna (Pine Lake) shoemaker and farmer 12
Empy, Dewit C. (Rockwood) miller
Erkenback, Philip (Pine Lake)
Failing, Edward (Pine Lake) carpenter
Fisher, Christopher (Pine Lake) farmer 50
FOSTER, CHARLES H. (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Foster, Edward (Pine Lake) farmer 5
Foster, S. M. (Pine Lake) justice of the peace and farmer 92
Foster, WM. E. (Pine Lake) farmer 77
Francisco, Daniel (Rockwood*)
FRANCISCO, JOHN (Rockwood*) prop of saw mill, grocer and farmer 2,000
Frank, Valentine (Pine Lake) farmer 50
FRY, ANDREW (Rockwood) (With Henry) farmer 100
FRY, ANDREW (Pine Lake) (With Henry) lumberman and farmer 105
Fry, Francis (Rockwood) farmer 35
FRY, HENRY (Pine Lake) (with Andrew) lumberman and farmer 105
FRY, HENRY (Rockwood) (with Andrew) farmer 100
Fullam, Daniel B. (Rockwood) stock raiser and farmer 112
Gage, Asa (Rockwood) farmer 125
Gage, John (Rockwood) farmer 100
GAGE, MARVILL (Rockwood) farmer 100
Gage, Marvin (Rockwood) carpenter assessor and farmer 118
Gage, Wm. (Rockwood) farmer 100
Garner, Peter (Pine Lake) engineer
Graham, Darwin (Pine Lake)
Greenwood, Peter (Pine Lake)
Grosshild, Barney (Rockwood*) farmer 110
HAGELEN, JOHN (Pine Lake) farmer 49-1/2
Hart, John (Rockwood) farmer 2
HENRYS, ABRAM N. (Pine Lake) farmer 1
Herd, Samuel Jr. (Pine Lake) sawyer
Herd, Samuel Sen. (Pine Lake)
Hilli, Augustus (Rockwood*)
Hilli, Henry (Rockwood*) farmer 50
Hine, Adam (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Hine, Andrew (Pine Lake) farmer 170
Hine, John (Pine Lake) prop of saw mill and farmer 80
Hine, Michael (Pine Lake) farmer 46
Hine, Wm. (Pine Lake) farmer
Hoefer, Geo A. (Rockwood*) farmer 10
HORTH, HENRY W. (Rockwood) farmer 58
HORTH, JAMES P. (Pine Lake)
Hunter, Wm. (Pine Lake) farmer 10
Ingham, Wm. M. (Pine Lake)
Irving, James (Pine Lake) farmer 84
Jenks, Seth (Pine Lake) engineer
Kelly, Gustavus (Rockwood)
Ketchum, Sidney (Rockwood*) sawyer
KILLENBECK, MARK (Pine Lake) tanner
Kineeut, Jacob (Rockwood) farmer 25
KING, AMOS (Rockwood) farmer 23
LEONARD, PHILIP (Rockwood) farmer 30
Limer, Francis (Rockwood*) farmer 125
Locksinger, Casper, (Rockwood*) shoe maker
Locksinger, Frederick (Rockwood*) shoe maker
Longrue, Lean (Pine Lake)
Mead, Butman, (Pine Lake) sawyer and farmer 3
Mead, John N. (Pine Lake) sawyer
MEAD, WALTER A. (Rockwood) stock raiser and farmer 150
Miller, Peter (Rockwood) farmer leases 90
MILLS, Wm. (Rockwood) prop of saw mill and farmer 100
Moke, Jacob (Rockwood) farmer 190
More, W. (Pine Lake) farmer 25
MOREY, ALANSON (Pine Lake), blacksmith and farmer 60
Morey, Henry (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Mott, Thos. (Pine Lake)
MUSSEY, ABRAM (Rockwood) assessor and farmer 263
Near, Cyrus, W. (Rockwood) farmer 25
Near, Joseph (Rockwood) farmer
Nunan, Patrick (Pine Lake)
Oathout, Nathan (Pine Lake)
Palmer, Geo (Rockwood) farmer 100
Peckam, Levi (Rockwood) peddler and farmer 37
Pedrick, Benjamin (Pine Lake)
Pedrick, Wm. (Pine Lake)
Phillips, Thos. (Pine Lake)
Pindle, John (Pine Lake) farmer leases 100
Potter, Platt (Pine Lake) tanner
Rathbone, Wm. A. (Rockwood) blacksmith and farmer)
RICHARDS, CHAS. (Pine Lake) farmer
RICHARDS, JACOB (Pine Lake) farmer 34-3/4
Ring, Adam (Rockwood*) lumberman and farmer 180
Roff. Geo F. (Pine Lake) farmer 50
SARFAS, PHILIP (Pine Lake) farmer 50
Schoolmaker, Isaac H. (Rockwood*) farmer 1-1/2
SEIDL, JOHN (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Suelley, Michael (Rockwood) farmer 4
Sexton, Ralph (Pine Lake)
Shaw, James (Rockwood) prop of saw mill
Sherman, D. E. (Rockwood*) prop of Northern Hotel
Sherman, Joseph (Rockwood*) carpenter
Shutes, John (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Skiff, Wm. H. (Pine Lake)
Slater, Perry (Pine Lake) quarryman
Smith, Theodore (Pine Lake)
Sprung, Cornelius (Rockwood) peddler and farmer 35
Stearns, Elipher (Rockwood) farmer
Stearns, Samuel (Rockwood) farmer 7
Sterling, Thomas (Pine Lake) farmer
Stocks, Jacob (Pine Lake) farmer 100
Swan, Abner (Rockwood*) sawyer
Sweet, Gilbert (Pine Lake)
TUNNICLIFF, WM. R. (Pine Lake) prop of Canada Lake House and farmer 100
Vanderpool, Rhoda (Pine Lake) farmer 2
VanScriver, Clark (Rockwood*) Carpenter and farmer 25
Wait, Daniel (Pine Lake) farmer 15
Wert, Chas. (Rockwood) farmer leases 43
WHEELER & CLAFLIN (Pine Lake) (J. W. Wheeler and W. Claflin) lumberman props of tannery and own 20,000
WHEELER, j. w. (Pine Lake) (Wheeler & Claflin)
ZEYST, JOSEPH C. (Pine Lake) prop of Caroga Lake House, town clerk and farmer 85


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