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Fulton County
New York
Genealogy and History

Ephratah Gazetteer
and Business Directory

Source: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N. Y.; for 1869-70;
Syracuse: H. Child, 1870

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Peggy Thompson

Directory is arranged as follows:
1. Name of individual or firm. 2 Post office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation.

A Star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. For such Advertisement see Index
Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.

Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for villages.

ABEL, JACOB H. (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and carries on farm for A. Christman 150
ADSIT, MARY C. (Garoga)
Ainsworth, D. F. (Rockwood) stock raiser and farmer 150
Allen, David (Garoga) mason, carpenter and joiner
Allen, Hiram (Ephratah) dairyman, stock and hop raiser and farmer 185
Allen, Peter (Ephratah) stock and hop raiser and farmer 95
Allen, Timothy (Lassellsville) farmer 100
Allen, Wm. (Ephratah) prop saw mill dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 109
Anderson, Philander (Ephratah) farmer 6
*APOLLO HALL HOTEL (Ephratah) H. R. Putman prop
ARGERSINGER, LEWIS (Lassellsville) painter, carpenter and joiner and farmer 50
Ash, Elijah (Lassellsville) farmer 4
Baum, Hiram (Lassellsville) farmer 28
Beck, A. Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 5
Bellinger, S. (Lassellsville) farmer 6
Benjamin, A. L. (Rockwood) glove and mitten peddler
Bowen, Peter (Garoga) dairyman and farmer leases 279
Bradt, A. Jr. (Rockwood) farmer 100
Bradt, H. A. (Rockwood) farmer 112
Bradt, Lorenzo E. (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
BRANDOW, DAVID (Ephratah) cooper and farmer 6
Brandow, J. H. (Ephratah) cooper and farmer 20
BRONK, CASPER (Garoga) prop straw board paper mill
Bronk, Ephraim (Lassellsville) surveyor prop saw mill and farmer 130
BRONK, JOHN (Lassellsville) retired farmer
Bronk, J. R. (Lassellsville) saw mill and farmer 68
Bronk, Marvin (Lassellsville) mason
Brookins, Lorenzo (Rockwood) post master
Brower, John (Ephratah) farmer 6
Brown, Henry (Lassellsville) farmer leases of L. Demster
Burdick, Daniel (Ephratah) dairyman stock and hop raiser and farmer 65
Burdick, J. E. (Rockwood) physician and surgeon
BURDICK, T. E. (Ephratah) justice of the peace, attorney and counselor at law, dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 69
Burdict, Catharine Mrs. (Ephratah) resident
Burnham, H. E. (Lassellsville) manuf of water logs and farmer 8
*BUTLER, H. F. (Lassellsville) manuf and salesman for Kegg's Air Suction Churn in Montgomery Co.
Caldwel, Joseph C. (Ephratah) peddler and farmer 4
Caldwell, James P. (Ephratah) tin peddler
Caldwell, Paul (Ephratah) mason
Chatterton, Peter (Lassellsville) farmer 13
Christman, Adam (Ephratah) farmer 127
Christman, Andrew (Lassellsville) farmer 200
Christman, Anthony (Ephratah) dairy and farmer 150
CHRISTMAN, C. W. (Lassellsville) (with Andrew) farmer
Christman, Geo. (Ephratah) (with Adam) farmer
Christman, Hiram & Son (Ephratah) (with Adam) farmer
Christman, Hiram & Son (Ephratah) stock raisers and farmers 100
Christman, leander (Ephratah) (Hiram Christman & Son)
Claus, John (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
Cline, Harmon (Lassellsville) (with Jonah) farmer
Cline, Jonah (Lassellsville) (with Lewis) farmer 45
Cline, Lewis (Lassellsville) (with Jonah) farmer 45
CLUTE, GEORGE (Rockwood) (S. J. Clute & Bro.)
CLUTE, S. J. (Rockwood) (S. J. Clute & Bro.) (Hudson & Clute)
CLUTE, S. J. & Bro. (Rockwood) (George) manuf gloves and mittens
Cole, Jacob (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
Cole, Rufus (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
Coleman, Moses (Ephratah) peddler of dry goods
Colwell, Hamilton (Ephratah) carpenter and joiner and farmer 30
Colwell, H. Veder (Ephratah) carpenter and joiner
Compton, _______ Rev., (Ephratah) pastor Reformed Dutch Church
Conner, Michael (Ephratah) works woolen mills
Cook, Jerome (Ephratah) farmer 6
Cool, Aaron (Garoga) (with Eli) farmer 3
Cool, Chauncey (Garoga) works paper mill
Cool, Eli (Garoga) (with Aaron) farmer 3
Cool, Eli (Rockwood) tanner
COOL, GEO. (Lassellsville) farmer 27 and leases 45
Cool, Jerry (Rockwood) paper maker
Cool, Jesse (Lassellsville) farmer 63
Cool, John (Ephratah) farmer 6-1/4
Cool, Rufus (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
Coolman, Alfred (Ephratah) (with Ambrose) farmer
COOLMAN, AMBROSE (Ephratah) dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 150
Countryman, Aaron (Lassellsville) blacksmith
CRETSER, BENJAMIN (Lassellsville) farmer 130
Cretser, Henry (Ephratah) farmer 12-1/2
CRETSER, JOHN (Lassellsville) farmer 130
Cretser, Moses (Ephratah) farmer 50
Cristman, Alex (Garoga) farmer 60
Cristman, Henry (Garoga) (with peter) farmer
Cristman, Josiah (Garoga) stock raiser and farmer 462
Cristman, Nathan (Garoga) (with Peter) farmer
Cristman, Peter (Garoga) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 200
Cristman, Stephen D. (Garoga) (with Josiah) farmer
Croma, Christian (Lassellsville) farmer 48
Croma, John (Lassellsville) farmer
Cromer, Peter Jr. (Lassellsville) farmer 48
Cromer, Wm. (Lassellsville) farmer 82
CROUSE, HORATIO (Ephratah) groceries privisions &c
*DAVIS, OSCAR & BRO. (Rockwood) (Richard) manufacturers of cabinet maker' and builders' turning
DAVIS, RICHARD (Rockwood) (Oscar Davis & Bro)
Dempsey, Michael (Garoga) farmer 16
Dempster, James (Lassellsville) commercial agent and farmer 610
Dempster, John (Lassellsville) farmer 15
Dempster, Zephi B. (Lassellsville) school teacher and farmer
Demster, Joel (Lassellsville) farmer 425
Demster, John (Rockwood) stone mason and farmer
Demster, Leonard (Lassellsville) glove and mitten dealer and farmer 65
Denim, John (Lassellsville) farmer 33
Dennis, Eli (Rockwood) farmer 120
Dietz, Chas. (Ephratah) carpenter and joiner and farmer 20
Dorn, DeWitt (Garoga) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 340
Dorn, Francis O. (Garoga) dairyman and farmer 137-1/2
Dorn, J. H. (Garoga) farmer 200
Dorn, Michael (Garoga) retired farmer
*Dorn, W. L. (Garoga) general merchant
Doxtater, Frederick (Ephratah) farmer
Doxtater, Geo. (Ephratah) (with Peter) farmer
Doxtater, Peter (Ephratah) dairyman stock raiser and farmer 115
Drake, Menzo & Edwin (Lassellsville) stock and hop raisers and farmers
Drake, Wm. R. (Lassellsville) physician surgeon and farmer 62
Duesler, Amaziah (Ephratah) general merchant and town clerk
Duesler, Benjamin (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 45
Duesler, Daniel (Ephratah) school teacher
Duesler, Ed (Lassellsville)
Duesler, Edward S. (Ephratah) (with Simeon J.) farmer
Duesler, Eli (Ephratah) (with Wm. J.) farmer
Duesler, Eli (Ephratah) (with Wm. J. ) farmer
Duesler, Henry (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
Duesler, J. C. (Lassellsville) general merchant
Duesler, peter (Ephratah) retired farmer
Duesler, Simeon J. (Ephratah) dairyman stock raiser and farmer 98
Dueseler, Stephen (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 76
DURFEE, DANIEL M. (Rockwood) manuf of gloves and mittens, assessor and farmer 112
Duseler, Wm J. (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 72
Eckenbach, Adam (Ephratah) foreman in tannery
Ecker, H. (Lassellsville) farmer
EDWAREDS, MARGARET MRS. (Ephratah) farmer 200
Edwards, Thos. (Ephratah) retired farmer 18
Empey, Frederick (Ephratah) (with John F)
Empey, Geo (Ephratah) farmer 80
EMPIE, JOHN F. (Ephratah) supervisor dairyman stock raiser and farmer 270
ERCANBRACK, OSCAR (Garoga) prop Olive Hall Hotel, saw mill and shoe maker
Erckenbrack, Alex (Ephratah) peddler of dry goods
Erkenbrack, J. (Garoga) carpenter and joiner
EVEREST, A. C. (Garoga) (Everest & Snell) carpenter, joiner and millwright
Everest, I. M. agent (Garoga) general merchant, prop grist mill, manuf gloves and mittens, post master and farmer 15
EVEREST & Snell (Garoga) (A. C. Everest and Augustus Snell) straw board paper mill
Francher, Nicholas (Ephratah) grocer, blacksmith, wagon maker and farmer 14
Farmer, Joseph (Rockwood) farmer 50
Fickle, Chas. (Lassellsville) farmer 150
Fickle, John (Lassellsville) teamster
Fickle, Lawrence (Lassellsville) farmer 62
Fikle, Abram (Lassellsville) farmer 333
Fikle, Edward (Lassellsville) (with Abram) farmer
Fikle, Henry (Lassellsville) (with Abram) farmer
Fitzpatrick J. (Lassellsville) farmer 100
Fitzpatrick M. (Lassellsville) farmer 50
Fitzpatrick, P. (Lassellsville) farmer 100
Foster, Daniel (Lassellsville) farmer 50
Fraley, John I. (Ephratah) grocer and farmer 15
Fredericks, Nelson (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 60
Fuller, Daniel (Garoga) farmer 20
Getman, Asa (Ephratah) (Benjamin Getman & Sons)
Getman, Benjamin & Sons (Ephratah) (Asa and Oliver) stock raisers and farmers 125
Getman, Benjamin 2d, (Ephratah) farmer
Getman, Jacob (Lassellsville) farmer 130
Getman, James (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 116
Getman, Joshua A. (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 100
Getman, Lester (Ephratah) groceries and provisions
Getman, Maria Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 7
Getman, Nathaniel (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 85
GETMAN, OLIVER (Ephratha) (Benjamin Getman & Sons) deputy sheriff
Getman, Robert (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 100
Getman, Sarah Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 79
Gilbert, Margaret (Garoga) (with Giles McAlister) stockraiser and farmer 280
Gohst, Anthony (Ephratah) mason and farmer 13
Gray, Aaron (Ephratah) (with Henry) stock raiser and farmer 105
Gray, Eli (Garoga) (with C. F. Gray) farmer
Gray, Henry (Ephratah) (with Aaron) stock raiser and farmer 105
Gray, John (Ephratah) shoe maker
Gray, R. D. Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 2
Gray, Reuben (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 97
GRAY, SOLOMON (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 160
GRAY, STEPHEN (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 70
Gray, Stephen (Ephratah) dairyman and farmer 80
Gree, T. M. (Lassellsville) farmer 50
Hager, J. H. (Epratah) carpenter and joiner and farmer 26-1/2
Haggd, Gilbert Mrs. (Lassellsville) farmer 288
Hall, Ephraim (Rockwood) shoe maker
Hall, Ephraim A. (Rockwood) shoe maker
Halslead, Peter (Rockwood) carpenter and joiner
Handy, WM. (Ephratah) farmer 25 and leases 83
Harding, Emond (Ephratah) farmer 6
Harris, Hiram Rev. (Rockwood) pastor M. E. Church
Hart, Conradt (Lassellsville) farmer 100
Heddin, Joseph (Rockwood) mason
Hedding, Christian (rockwood) stone mason
Helliwell, David (Ephratah) weaver
Hill, F. A. (Ephratah) surveyor
Hockgrebe, Lewis (Ephratah) furniture dealer and undertaker
Holloren, ______ Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 3-3/4
Houck, Jacob (Rockwood) carpenter
Houck, Wm. (Ephratah) carpenter
House, Peter (Rockwood) shoe maker
Howard, James S. (Rockwood) shoe maker
HUDSON & CLUTE (Rockwood) (S. J. Clute and I. T. Hudson) grist mill
HUDSON, I. T. (Rockwood) (Hudson & Clute)
HUDSON, ISAAC T. (Rockwood) grist and saw mill, turning shop and farmer 5
Hutchinson, J. L. (Rockwood) dairyman and farmer 355-1/2
Hutchinson, Wm. (Lassellsville) post master and wagon maker
Jeffers, Geo. (Rockwood) (Morey & Jeffers)
Jeffers & Simmons (Rockwood) (W. H. Jeffers and Peter R. Simmons) saw mill
Jeffers, W. H. (Rockwood) (Jeffers & Simmons)
Jennens, Peter I. (Lassellsville) farmer
Jennings, James (Lassellsville) (with Solomon) farmer
Johnson, Enoch (Ephratach) (with Harvey) stock raiser and farmer 60
Johnson, Harvey (Ephratah) (with Enoch) stockraiser and farmer 60
JOSLIN, E. G. R. Rev. (Rockwood) Baptist minister, manuf agricultural implements, machinist and carpenter and joiner
KECK, JACOB (Lassellsville) farm laborer
*KEGG, WM. (Lassellsville) mastor mechanic, inventor and patentee of Air Suction Churn, railroad spike jack and cattle gag.
KEITH, GEO (Garoga) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 350
Kelly, Oliver (Rockwood) teamster
Kelly, Samuel (Ephratah) farmer 83
Kennicutt, ira (Garoga) miller
Kennicut, John (Ephratah) shoe maker
Klock, Jacob (Lassellsville) farmer 7
Kretsier, Henry (Ephratah) farmer 12-1/2
Kring, Geo (Garoga) farmer 8
Kring, Geo (Lassellsville) farmer
Lang, C. A. (Garoga) saw mill
Lassell, Chas. (Lassellsville) farmer 25
LASSELL, DANIEL (Lassellsville) (Lassell & Son) farmer 175
LASSELL, EDWARD (Lassellsville) (Lassell & Son) justice of the peace and farmer 6
LASSELL & SON (Lassellsville) (Daniel and Edward) general merchants and dealers in drugs and medicines
Lassells, Chas. (Lassellsville) farmer 25
Lassells, Geo F. (Lassellsville) farmer 26
Lassells, H. S. (Lassellsville) commercial agent and farmer
Lassells, John H. (Lassellsville) patent right dealer
LIGHTHALL, HIRAM (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser, and farmer 100
Loucks, Moses (Ephratah) farmer 50
Lowry, Wm. (Rockwood) prop Rockwood Hotel
Mallett, Jay C. (Ephratah) peddler and manuf of mittens
Marcellus, John (Lassellsville) farmer leases 100
Martin, Jacob (Ephratah) farmer 78
MATHEWSON, S. C. (Ephratah) (Randall & Mathewson)
McAlister, Giles (Garoga) (with Margaret Gilbert) stock raiser and farmer 280
McDONALD, I. C. (Garoga) prop Garoga Hotel and dealer in fruit and poultry
McLAUGHLIN, ALEX (Lassellsville) lumberman and farmer 250
McLaughlin, Edward (Lassellsville) saw mill and farmer 70-1/2
McLaughlin, John (Lassellsville) saw mill and farmer 180-1/2
McLaughlin, John F. (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 100
McLaughlin, Wallace (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer leases 62-1/2
Michael, Philip & Son (Lassellsville) (Reuben) dairyman, farmer 100 and leases 112
Michael, Reuben (Lassellsville) (Philip Michael & Son)
Miles, Daniel (Lassellsville) farmer 150
Miles, Henry (Lassellsville) farmer 90
Miles, John (Lassellsvile) farmer 15
Miles, Leander (Lassellsville) (with Daniel) farmer
Miles, Timothy (Lassellsville) farmer 6
Miles, Wm. (Lassellsville) farmer 25
Miller, Geo. (Garoga) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer leases of Josiah Christman 150
Miller, Geo (Garoga) farmer 3
Miller, James S. (Ephratah) farmer 10
Miller, John (Ephratah) mason and farmer 3
Miller, Peter (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 150
Miller, Peter J. (Ephratah) carpenter and farmer
Miller, Philip G. (Ephratah) retired farmer 24
Molz, Jacob (Garoga) (quenstadt & Molz)
Morey, A. B. (Rockwood) (Morey & Jeffers)
Morey & Jeffers (Rockwood) (A. B. Morey and George Jeffers) general merchants
MORREY, WM. (Ephratah) farmer 58
Mory, Geo. (Ephratah) farmer
Mowrey, Frank (Ephratah) musical instrument peddler
Mowry, Wm. (Ephratah) farmer 60
Murry, Oliver (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 100
Musey, Daniel (Lassellsville) farmer 15
Myres, Michael (Ephratah) shoemaker and farmer 7
Nellis, G. W. (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 60
Nellis, Richard (Ephratah) farmer 3
Neskern, _____ Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 4
Nudick, Wm. (Lassellsville) shoemaker
ORTON, LORENZO (Rockwood) constable, carpenter and joiner
Ostram, Henry (Lassellsville) farmer 47
Parmiter, Gilbert (Garoga) farmer 140
Peters, Samuel (Ephratah) dairyman, stock rasier and farmer 60
Phillips, I. G. (Rockwood) manuf gloves and mittens and farmer 166
Phillips, Wm. (Lassellsville) farmer 43
*PUTNAM, H. R. (Ephratah) prop Apollo Hall Hotel
Putman, John P. (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 100
Quenstadt, Louis (Garoga) (Quenstadt & Molz)
Quenstadt & Molz (Garoga) (Louis Quenstadt and Jacob Molz) lease Garoga Grist and Flouring Mills
*RANDALL & MATHEWSON (Ephratah) (W. R. Randall and S. C. Mathewson) props Ephratah Wollen Mills and farmer 45
RANDALL, W. R. (Ephratah) (Randall & Mathewson)
Remucutt, Philip (Ephratah) farmer 4
Richmond, Harrison (Ephratah) resident
Rootkuffsky, Henry (Ephratah) tailor
Ropeta, W. H. (Garoga) farmer 53
Saltzman, Benjamin (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 200
Sanderson, Geo (Ephratah) farmer 7
Schutt, Benjamin (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 192
Shaver, Chas. H. (Rockwood) stencil cutter
Shaver, Stephen (Ephratah) (with Benjamin) farmer
Shaver, Wbster, Ephratah) (with Benjamin) farmer
Shaw, Nelson (Rockwood) (Wakeman & Shaw) (Shaw & Youngs)
Shaw & Youngs, (Rockwood) (Nelson Shaw and Everett Youngs) general merchants
Shibley, Joseph (Ephratah) wagon maker
SHULTS, PETER (Rockwood) blacksmith and patentee of cant hook
Simmons, Peter R. (rockwood) (Jeffers & Simmons) prop upper leather tannery and manuf gloves and mittens
Smith, Archibald, (Ephratah) farmer 60
Smith, C. J. (Ephratah) shoe maker
Smith, Daniel (Lassellsville) farmer 85
Smith, David (Ephratah) farmer 25
SMITH, EDWARD (Lassellsville) farmer 46
Smith, Emanuel (Lasselssville) mason
Smith, Horace (Lassellsville) farmer 25 and leases 25
Smith, James H. (Rockwood) farmer 1-1/4
Smith, James & Son (Ephratah) (Joseph) stock raisers and farmers 50
Smith, Jerome (Ephratah) shoe maker
SMITH, JESSE (Lassellsville) (Martin Smith & Son)
Smith, J. N. (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 150
SMITH, JOHN (Rockwood) (Wynkoop & Smith)
Smith, John (Lassellsville) mason and farmer 28
Smith, Joseph (Ephratah) (James Smith & Son)
Smith, Margaret Mrs. (Ephratah) farmer 25
SMITH, MARTIUN & SON (Jesse) (Lassellsville) stock raisers and farmers 174
Smith, Michael (Lassellsville) farmer 47
Smith, Nicholas (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 62-1/2
Smith, Peter J. (Ephratah) dairyman, stock rasier and farmer 112
Smith, Seth Mrs. (Lassellsville) farmer 70
Smith, Stephen (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 92
Smith, Wm. I. (Ephratah) farmer 50
SNELL, AUGUSTUS (Garoga) (Everest & Snell) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 328
Snell, B. F. (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 93
Snell, Chauncey (Garoga) farmer 100
Snell, Daniel (Garoga) farmer 95
Snell, Jacob G. (Ephratah) (with Nicholas) farmer
SNELL, NICHOLAS (Ephratah) assessor, stock raiser and farmer 156
Snell, Peter (Lassellsville) stock raiser and farmer 5
Snell, Willard (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 135
Snell, Wm. (Lassellsville) farmer 58
Soules, Henry (Ephratah) farmer 10
SPENCER, Wm. (Garoga) general merchant and justice of the peace
Spohnable, Jacob (Ephratah) farmer 40
SPONABLE, HENRY (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 15
Sponable, L. Mrs. (Ephratah)
Sponable, Philander, (Lassellsville) farmer 100
SPOOR, JOHN L. (Ephratah) blacksmith
Spoor, Levi (Ephratah) shoe maker and farmer 23-1/2
*STAHL, LEVI (Rockwood) lumberman manuf water and pump logs and farmer 165
Standing, Cornelius (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 68
Starr, M. (Lassellsvile) frmer 100
Starr, O. (Lassellsville) farmer 50
Steinberg, Isaac (Ephratha) butcher and farmer 8
Steinburg, Benjamin (Ephratah) butcher
Steinburg, Isaac (Ephratah) farmer 6
Still, Francis (Lassellsville) carpenter and joiner
STOHL, JOHN L. (Garoga) lumberman and farmer 139
Strobeck, Daniel (Lassellsville) farmer 15
Strobeck, H. F. (Lassellsville) farmer 43
Suits, Edward (Ephratah) farmer 9
Sweet, Albert (Rockwood) farmer leases of Alanson Sweet 160
Sweet, Alfred (Rockwood), farmer leases
Tomany, J. (Lassellsville) farmer 55
Trumbull, A. D. (Garoga) saw mill, manuf lath and farmer 100
Trumbull, Alma (garoga) farmer 17
Trumbull, A. P. (Lassellsville) farmer 130
TRUMBULL, AUGUSTUS W. (Lassellsville) saw mill and farmer 167
Trumbull, Horatio (Garoga) dairy and farmer 75
Trumbull, James (Garoga) farmer 17
Trumbull, Solomon (Lassellsville) farmer
Underwood, Edward (Ephratah) (with Israel) farmer
UNDERWOOD, ISRAEL (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 181
Uron, Jonas (Garoga) carpenter and joiner
Van Allen, Henry (Lassellsville) black smith
Van Alstyne, Robert (Ephratah) farmer 9
Van Antwerp, Hiram (Rockwood) teamster and horse doctor
Van Slyke, Cornelius (Garoga) peddler and farmer 30
Van Voast, J. G. (Ephratah) general merchant and post master
Vosburg, Samuel J. (Ephratah) harness maker
Wait, D. L. (Ephratah) carpenter and joiner
Wakeman & Shaw (Rockwood) (Thos. H. Wakeman and Nelson Shaw) props Rockwood Wrapping Paper Mills
Wakeman, Thos H. (Rockwood) (Wakeman & Shaw) justice of the peace
walrath, A. E. (Lassellsville) retired tailor
Walrath, Levi (Ephratah) farmer 12-1/2
Weaver, Abram (Lassellsville) farmer 160
Weaver, Andrew (Garoga) stock and hop raiser and farmer 150
Weaver, Chauncey (Garoga) farmer 35
Weaver, David (Garoga) farmer 17
Weaver, Ervine (Lassellsville) farmer
Weaver, Frederick (Lassellsville) farmer
Weaver, Nicholas (Lassellsville) farmer 70
Wemple, Cornelius (Rockwood) commerical agent
WHITLOCK, CHAS. (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 26
WHITLOCK, CLARK (Ephratah) (Stephen Whitlock & Sons)
WHITLOCK, JOHN P. (Ephratah) (Stephen Whitlock & Sons)
Whitlock, Peter I. (Ephratah) carpenter and joiner
WHITLOCK, PETER P. (Ephratah) (Stephen Whitlock & Sons)
WHITLOCK, STEPHEN & SONS (Ephratah) (John P., Peter P. and Clark) saw mill, cheese box factory, dairymen, stock raisers and farmers 275
Williamson, Josiah (Ephratah) farmer 2
Wood, Henry (Ephratah) physician and surgeon
Wood, I. G. Mrs. (Ephratah) resident
Wood, John V. (Ephratah) sawyer and farmer 2
WYNKOOP, JAMES (Rockwood) (Wynkoop & Smith)
WYNKOOP & SMITH (Rockwood) (James Wynkoop and John Smith) meat market
Yauncy, Daniel (Ephratah) (L. & D. Yauncy)
Yauncy, James (Ephratah) dairyman, stock raiser and farmer 40
Yauncy, James Jr. (Ephratah) cloth manuf
Yauncy, John (Ephratah) farmer leases 135
Yauncy, John (Ephratah) stock raiser and farmer 75
Yauncy, Levi (Ephratah) (L & D Yauncy)
Yanucy, L. & D. (Ephratah) (Levi and Daniel) props woolen mills, saw mils and farmers 115
Yonker, Philip (Garoga) farmer 4
Young, Hiram (Ephratah) (with Stephen) farmer
YOUNG, STEPHEN (Ephratah) dairyman, stock and hop raiser and farmer 60
Youngs, Everett (Rockwood) (Shaw & Youngs) deputy post master


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