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Greene County
New York
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Acra Village Cemetery 421844N 0740308W  
Armstrong-Mead Cemetery 422103N 0735004W  
Ashland Cemetery 421805N 0741742W  
Athens Rural Cemetery 421549N 0734843W  
Beaches Corners Cemetery 421512N 0741520W  
Blackman Cemetery 421651N 0735714W  
Butler Cemetery 421959N 0735617W  
Cairo Village Cemetery 421815N 0740026W  
Catskill Village Cemetery 421320N 0735149W  
Chase Family Cemetery 421418N 0741903W  
Chestnut Lawn Cemetery 422654N 0734857W  
Cornwallville Cemetery 422200N 0740926W  
Coxsackie Village Cemetery 422125N 0734842W  
Craw Cemetery 422314N 0740244W  
Crosby Cemetery 421120N 0742925W  
Deyo Cemetery 421602N 0742423W  
Deyoe Cemetery 421226N 0742321W  
Durham Cemetery 422310N 0740933W  
East Durham Cemetery 422218N 0740548W  
East Jewett Cemetery 421459N 0741110W  
Elk Creek Cemetery 421134N 0742829W  
Evergreen Cemetery 421058N 0740909W  
Fairlawn Cemetery 421929N 0742622W  
Freehold Cemetery 422132N 0740242W  
Gass Family Cemetery 421406N 0741902W  
Gayhead Cemetery 422040N 0735756W  
Goodwin Cemetery 421007N 0740119W  
Grapeville Cemetery 422444N 0735643W  
Greenville Cemetery 422503N 0740110W  
Greenville Center Cemetery 422337N 0735956W  
Haines Falls Cemetery 421156N 0740549W  
Halcott Cemetery 421301N 0742811W  
Hallenbeck-Collerberg Cemetery 421915N 0734945W  
Hensonville Cemetery 421726N 0741258W  
Honey Hollow Cemetery 422158N 0735459W  
Huggins Cemetery 421926N 0742556W  
Hunter Village Cemetery 421228N 0741222W  
Huntersfield Cemetery 421955N 0742446W  
Jefferson Rural Cemetery 421406N 0735242W  
Jewett Heights Cemetery 421542N 0741815W  
King Cemetery 422303N 0735807W  
King Hill Cemetery 422324N 0735749W  
Lampman Cemetery 421931N 0734746W  
Lanesville Cemetery 420724N 0741611W  
Lexington Cemetery 421425N 0742134W  
Limestreet Cemetery 421826N 0735156W  
Lish Homestead Cemetery 422451N 0735012W  
Little West Kill Cemetery 421720N 0742711W  
Locust Cemetery 422453N 0740311W  
Maplecrest Cemetery 421642N 0741107W  
Maplewood Cemetery 421324N 0741548W  
Medway Congregational Christian Cemetery 422357N 0735337W  
Methodist Cemetery 422355N 0735357W  
Mill Family Cemetery 421459N 0741231W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 421553N 0734837W  
North Settlement Cemetery 421959N 0741709W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 422443N 0740937W  
O'Hara Cemetery 422259N 0740355W  
Old Leeds Cemetery 421523N 0735409W  
Palenville Village Cemetery 421022N 0740053W  
Palmer Cemetery 422126N 0735718W  
Parker Cemetery 421158N 0742038W  
Peck Family Cemetery 421610N 0741807W  
Peter Van Orden Rural Cemetery 421933N 0741031W  
Powell Cemetery 422306N 0735419W  
Pratt Cemetery 421913N 0742608W  
Pratt Cemetery 422516N 0740811W  
Rappelea Cemetery 421823N 0742706W  
Reed Cemetery 422002N 0734741W  
Requea Cemetery 422734N 0734719W  
Riverside Cemetery 422232N 0734811W  
Saint Francis De Sales Cemetery 421032N 0740843W  
Saint Joseph's Chapel Cemetery 421751N 0742153W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 422014N 0734744W  
Saint Mary's of the Mountain Cemetery 421215N 0741200W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 421410N 0735237W  
Sandy Plain Cemetery 421718N 0735712W  
Schermerhorn Cemetery 421333N 0742318W  
Snyder Cemetery 422031N 0740446W  
Spruceton Cemetery 421128N 0741815W  
Staco Cemetery 422622N 0735615W  
Stanton Hill Cemetery 422551N 0735222W  
Stone Bridge Cemetery 422252N 0740639W  
Sutton Hollow Cemetery 421958N 0741938W  
Sylvandale Cemetery 422611N 0735428W  
Taylor Cemetery 422013N 0740311W  
Travis Cemetery 422519N 0735451W  
Union Cemetery 421941N 0735538W  
Union Society Cemetery 421857N 0741205W  
Van Zandt Cemetery 422637N 0734713W  
Waldron Cemetery 422219N 0735859W  
Waldron-Brandon Cemetery 422132N 0735657W  
Webber Cemetery 422016N 0735614W  
Weekes Cemetery 421836N 0735605W  
West Durham Cemetery 422324N 0741424W  
West Kill Methodist Church Cemetery 421228N 0742306W  
West Settlement Cemetery 421951N 0742159W  
Windham Cemetery 421835N 0741439W  



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