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Early Settlement of
Catskill, NY

[Source: "Reminiscences of Catskill; Local Sketches, by the late James D. Pinckney"; J.B. Hall, Publisher, "Recorder and Democrat" Office, 1868]

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excerpt from pg 67-68:
Early Settlement of Catskill
Under date of 1720, we have a list of Free-holders of the City and County of Albany, - which county then included Schenectady, Kinderhook, the Livingston Manor, Claverack, Coxhacky, Catskill, and other places. The number of Freeholders for Coxhacky and Catskill are 28, all of the Dutch stock, to wit:

Mindert Schut, Wessel Tenbroek, Wm.Lefferese, Helm Janse, Samuel Van Vechten, Gerritt Van Bergen, Marte Van Bergen, Frank Salisbury, Jno. Brunk, Minkas Van Schauk, John Albertse, Arent Van Schauk, Michael Collier, Cornelius Van Woomer, Jobannis Halenbeck, Casper Halenbeck, Jan Van Loan, Jno. Van Loan Jr., Abram Provost, Jacob Halenbeck, Jno. Cosperse, Coonradt Hotten, Philip Conine, Jno. Van Housen, Leonard Brunk, Peter Brunk, Isaac Spoor.

excerpt from Page 69:
We think we have redeemed our purpose to establish the early settlement of the Catskill region. First, we have the discovery by Hudson, in 1609, then of its visitation by De Vries, 1640, in which he speaks of it as "Catskill". Then comes its actual acquisition and possession, through grants and patents, as early as 1647, when fierce contests arose between various proprietors with respect to ownership, sharpened, no doubt, by the discovery of gold in the adjacent mountains. Then we have the fact that members of the Van Vechten family, now living in our midst, have knowledge that their great ancestor, Derrick Teunisse, or Dirck Teunis Van Vechten settled here in 1681, or 1682, upon the farm which has ever since, until recently, been in their possession.

[Reminiscences of Catskill; Local Sketches, by the late James D. Pinckney; J.B. Hall, Publisher, "Recorder and Democrat" Office, 1868]


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