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Madison County
New York
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Genealogy Trails
presents the
1850 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending June, 1850
in Cazenovia, in the County of Madison, State of New York
Enumerated by me, Lyman Robinson

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson









# OF

Caroline The_er 21 F     New York Mar.   Gas. Liver 28
Albert H. Lovejoy 3 M     New York Aug.   Dysentery 9
Adalade Lovejoy 1 F     New York Aug.   Dysentery 5
Adeline Lovejoy 1 F     New York Sept.   Dysentery 14
Laura Scovill 22 F   M New York Aug.   Chronic Consumption  
George Hitchcock 3 M     New York Mar.   Scarlet Fever 2
Cl___ Fruthwell 79 M   W Unknown Aug.   Old Age  
Harriet P. Fall?   F     New York July   Dysentery 11
Infant 4/12 M     New York Aug.   Unknown 1
Susan Webb 56 F   M New York May   Consumption 90
James Connor 90 M   M New York June Farmer Old Age  
Wm. Hankins 88 M   M New York Apr. Farmer Old Age  
James Tucker   M     New York     Croup  
George C. Lyon 3_ M     New York July Farmer Consumption chronic
James More 38? M   M Connecticut May unreadable Old Age  
Ruby Ann Coats 29 F     New York     Consumption chronic
Ag__ Granger 61 M   W Unknown   unreadable Cancer chronic
Mary A. Kenyen   F     New York Oct.   Diarrhea 5
Solomon Bliss 83? M   M Connecticut Oct. Farmer Consumption 365
John McCabe 51 M   M Ireland Feb. Laborer Liver  
Almira T____ _7 F   M Massachusetts Nov.   Dropsy chronic
Nathaniel Seals 19 M   M New York Apr. Farmer Old Age 1
Mary A. Fabor _ F     unreadable Apr.   Congestion 1
Mary A. Eastman 1 F     New York Sept.   Diarrhea  
Maria Bond _0 F     New york May   Dropsy  
John Goodale   M   M New York Jan. Doctor Inflamm. of Heart sudden
Charlott L. Webber 1 F     New York Mar.   unreadable  
Patience Webber 36 F   M New York July   Fever Puerperal  
Liva M. Furgerson 28 F   M New York June   Consumption  
Augustus Furgerson 1 M     New York Aug.   unreadable  
Abner Judson 84 M   W Connecticut Mar. Farmer Consumption  
Infant   M     New York Mar.   Unknown  
Bub Williams 3 M     New York Dec.   Diarrhea  
Aaron Morrison 87 M   W Connecticut Sept. Farmer Gangrene 14 wks
Esther L. Chappel 52 F   M Connecticut Sept.   Scrofula 7
Infant   M     New York May   Stillborn  
Walter Donwell 4/12 M     New York June   Diarrhea 3
Sarah Marshall 83 F   W Connecticut Apr.   Old Age sudden
Infant   M     New York Sept.   Stillborn  
Alexander Cranden ? 22 M     New York Jan. Blacksmith Consumption 9 m
Amos Eggleston 53 M   M New York Sept. Laborer Apoplexy 4
Georgia A. Webber 3/12 F     New York Sept.   Consumption 4 wks
Frances H. Granland 2 F     Canada Aug.   Unknown sudden
Susan England 11 F     New York Mar.   Fever 6 wks
Richard Gantz 1/12 M     New York Mar.   Whooping Cough 1 wks
Marrion Coon 1 F     New York Aug.   Diarrhea 9
Julia Gleddon 52 F   W Vermont Nov.   Consumption 3 m
James Dorman 6/12 M     New York Sept.   Consumption 10 wks
Samuel Bardwell 63 M   M Connecticut Aug. Farmer Consumption 3 m
George Bardwell 6/12 M     New York __   Cholera In. 3
Delia Greenland 42 F   M New York Nov. ?   unreadable 1
Cyrus Whitcomb 12 M   W Vermont Apr.   Consumption chronic
Albert Thomas 9 M     New York Aug.   Diarrhea 19
Charles H. Nichols 1 M     New York Sept.   Diarrhea  
Clary Andrew 85     W Connecticut Apr.   Old Age  
Michael Donley 28 M   M Ireland Feb. Laborer Accident sudden
W. Burr Welsdall? 2/12 M     New York Aug.   Whooping Cough  
Catharine Childs 60 F   W New Jersey Nov. ?   Congestion of lungs  
Mary Bolger 5 F     Ireland June   Scalded 10
Margaret Bolger 3 F     Ireland June   Scalded 10
Thomas Williams 33 M     New York Feb. Merchant Consumption  
George R. Parmelie ? 36 M   M New York Aug. Book Keeper Unknown sudden
Albert S. Hill 25 M     New York Oct. Farmer Consumption 7 mo
Francis J. Sciff 11/12 M     New York Sept.   Whooping Cough 6 wks
Amos Sciff 80 M   W Massacusetts Mar. Farmer unreadable  
Jane Estes 36 F   M New York May   A_____ 7 wks
Erastus F. Loomas 24 M     New York July Merchants Clerk Abscess chronic


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