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Madison County
New York
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Genealogy Trails
presents the
1850 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending June, 1850
in Sullivan, in the County of Madison, State of New York
Enumerated by me, Lyman Robinson

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson









# OF

Lewis Tabor 4 M     New York Sept.   Eating Black Berries 1
Eliza Hodge 1 F     New York Nov.   Inflam. in Lungs  
David Kennedy 56 M   M New York May Farmer Cancerous 6 mo
Catharine Clarke 59 F   M New York Oct.   Consumption 2 wks
Infant 1 M     New York June   unreadable  
Edwin Lewis 51 M   M New York May Farmer Pleurisy 1
Malinda Turner 53 F   W Connecticut Oct.   Consumption 6 wks
Adelber Turner 1 M     New York Dec.   Unknown 3 wks
Jacob Patrick 86 M   M Connecticut Apr. W___wright Old Age 3
Ardin Henth 45 M     New York Oct. _____ Consumption 35
Elbridge G. Clarke 2 M     New York Mar.   Scalded 1
Dudley Adams 74 M   W New York July Farmer Unknown  
Wm. Bond 33 M   M New York Nov. Farmer Consumption  
Infant   M     New York Apr.   Unknown  
Charles S. Rade 2 M     New York Nov.   Croup 1
Calista Lathrop 1 F     New York June   unreadable sudden
Bridget Golden 1 F     New York Apr.   Worms 2 wks
Susannah Hazzard 73 F   M Rhode Island Oct.   Ague _ wks
Wm. W. Hanady? 32 M     New York Apr. Merchant Consumption 3 mo
Henry Smith 53 M   M Vermont July Laborer Paralysis 16 mo
Franklin Frederick 28 M     Ohio Aug. hand on R. Road Cholera 2
Mary E. Okes 2 F     New York Dec.   Abscess in brain sudden
Sarah F. Swan 3 F     New York Jan.   Scrofula  
Henry J. Wabrath 62 M   M New York Sept. Carpenter Gr__el 9
Charles H. Wabrath 2/13 M     New York Sept.   Inflamm. on brain  
Frances Carter 2 F     New York Apr.   Croup  
Anna Ayres 66 F   M New York May   Consumption  
Mary Delap 38 F   M New York Jan.   Jaundice 9
Aorry Grooes 11 M     New York Oct.   Quinsy  
Emmalissa Smith 3 F     New York Oct.   Scrofula 1
Milton Leach 54 M   M Unknown Mar.   Inflamm. of lungs  
John C. Youngs 88 M   M New York Apr.   Consumption  
Amanda Robinson 42 F     New York Feb.   Unknown  
Charlott Arnold 40 F   M New York July   Consumption  
Jonathan Town 2 M     New York Aug.   Diarrhea  


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