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Atchinson Family Pioneer Cemetery 431615N 0774842W  
Beth Hamedresh Hagodel Cemetery 431354N 0773743W  
Blossom Cemetery 431705N 0775237W  
Brighton Cemetery 430837N 0773313W  
Britton Road Cemetery 431414N 0773749W  
Brown Cemetery 430300N 0773601W  
Buckbee Rural Cemetery 430539N 0774753W  
Bushman Cemetery 430152N 0774052W  
Castle Family Pioneer Cemetery 431438N 0774705W  
Chamberlain Cemetery 425910N 0773150W  
Charlotte Cemetery 431438N 0773703W  
Chili Rural Cemetery 430428N 0774554W  
Clifton Cemetery 430304N 0774839W  
Colby Street Cemetery 431044N 0775142W  
Cox Cemetery 425920N 0774434W  
Creekside Cemetery 430631N 0775258W  
East Baptist Cemetery 430246N 0773554W  
East Street Cemetery 430304N 0772951W  
East Sweden Cemetery 431142N 0775400W  
Elmgrove Cemetery 431027N 0774401W  
Elmwood Cemetery 430655N 0772411W  
Fairfield Cemetery 431110N 0774804W  
Falls Cemetery 431222N 0774051W  
Fellows Cemetery 430303N 0774746W  
Garbutt Cemetery 430054N 0774728W  
Garland Cemetery 431334N 0775357W  
Graves Cemetery 425930N 0773612W  
Greenvale Cemetery 430555N 0772615W  
Grove Place Cemetery 430710N 0774251W  
Harris Road Cemetery 431204N 0772440W  
High Street Cemetery 431239N 0775602W  
Hilton Village Cemetery 431724N 0774712W  
Holy Angels Cemetery 430102N 0774545W  
Holy Ghost Cemetery 430817N 0774417W  
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 431249N 0773758W  
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 431253N 0773725W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 431305N 0772455W  
Honeoye Falls Cemetery 425739N 0773522W  
Hooker Cemetery 431142N 0773454W  
Hoosic Hill Pioneer Cemetery 431301N 0774511W  
Irondequoit Cemetery 431259N 0773332W  
Kings Landing Cemetery 431208N 0773738W  
Lake View Cemetery 431129N 0775622W  
Lakeside Cemetery 432100N 0775830W  
Locust Cemetery 431155N 0775948W  
Locust Grove Cemetery 431149N 0775101W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 430813N 0775147W  
Maplewood Cemetery 430351N 0773807W  
Martin Cemetery 430226N 0774139W  
Mason Road Cemetery 430407N 0772424W  
Mendon Cemetery 425943N 0773010W  
Miller Cemetery 425933N 0773136W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 430747N 0773709W  
Mount Oliver Cemetery 431230N 0775459W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 430545N 0772616W  
Mumford Rural Cemetery 425945N 0775235W  
North Chili Rural Cemetery 430718N 0774812W  
North Rush Cemetery 430013N 0774156W  
Oakwood Cemetery 430829N 0772753W  
Oatka Cemetery 430048N 0774604W  
Old Burying Ground 430310N 0772818W  
Parma Corners Cemetery 431257N 0774738W  
Parma Union Cemetery 431538N 0774634W  
Perinton Cemetery 430609N 0772830W  
Perinton Center Cemetery 430445N 0772702W  
Piney Hill Cemetery 430008N 0773856W  
Pioneer Burying Ground 430851N 0772907W  
Pioneer Burying Ground 430436N 0773118W  
Pittsford Cemetery 430555N 0773028W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 431020N 0774630W  
Presbyterian Cemetery 430543N 0774642W  
Quaker Cemetery 425920N 0773430W  
Quaker Cemetery 430020N 0774547W  
Rapids Cemetery 430746N 0773821W  
Ridge Road Cemetery 431224N 0774052W  
Riga Cemetery 430415N 0775259W  
River View Cemetery 430355N 0774120W  
Riverside Cemetery 431305N 0773732W  
Riverside Cemetery 431307N 0773718W  
Saint Casimirs Cemetery 431135N 0773551W  
Saint Felicia Cemetery 430650N 0774517W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 431141N 0774838W  
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery 430745N 0772851W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 430506N 0772548W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 425648N 0773618W  
Sandy Hill Cemetery 425757N 0772940W  
Shafer Cemetery 431135N 0775116W  
Smith Cemetery 430858N 0772333W  
Smith Family Pioneer Cemetery 431811N 0774739W  
South Perinton Cemetery 430243N 0772302W  
Union Cemetery 431506N 0772547W  
Union Hill Cemetery 431315N 0772317W  
Veterans Memorial Park 430357N 0773738W  
Warren Cemetery 425950N 0774435W  
Webster Cemetery 425951N 0773842W  
Webster Rural Cemetery 431233N 0772652W  
West Clarkson Cemetery 431426N 0775704W  
West Sweden Cemetery 430913N 0775912W  
West Webster Cemetery 431224N 0773030W  
White Haven Memorial Park 430543N 0772857W  
Whittier Cemetery 430914N 0774734W  
Wright Family Pioneer Cemetery 431801N 0774935W  

The first burial-place is believed to have been opened about 1800, on the corner of Amasa Slocum's farm. More formality attended the opening of the second ground, which was laid out and consecrated to that purpose. It is located and know as the "Centre burying ground," and was deeded in 1813 to Jesse Perrin, Samuel Bennett, Abner Wright, Isaac Munson, Lanson Barker, Asa Wilmarth, Jabez Sanborn and twenty-one others, by Lyman Barker. There are other grounds in the town, one at Bushnell's Basin, one in the Palmer and Conkling neighborhood, in the northeast part, and opened about 1820, one west of Fairport, one in Egypt, and one in the south settlement. The first "ground" in Fairport was taken from the farm of O. Thomlinson, and opened in 1825. In it Solomon Mallett was first buried and Peter Ripley was next to follow him. The new cemetery on the hill was laid out and dedicated in 1865. Among others prominent in this connection were D. B. DeLand, Henry A. DeLand, Montaigne Morley, and Messrs. Hill, Newman and Parce. Of monuments erected, that to the memory of those who fell in the late war is notable. It was erected by the town in 1866, at a cost of two thousand dollars. It is a neat and appropriate memorial, and upon it are inscribed the names of those it thus acknowledges and commemorates.


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