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Monroe County
New York
Genealogy and History


  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 1
    The Earliest Residents--Seneca Traditions--Advent of
    the Iroquois--The Gentile Divison--The Tribal Division
    Formation of the League--The Council of the Long House
    Descent in the Female Line--Rights of Women--Religious
    Beliefs and Customs--The New Religion--Architecture
    Trails--Indian Nomenclature--Conquests of the Iroquois
    Their--Cruelty to Prisoners--Population--Adoption of
    Captives--Extent of Territory.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 2
    Jacques Carter--Champlain--His Wars with the Iroquois
    Jesuit Missions Established--The Seneca Mission--Father
    Garnier and Father Raffeix--La Salle's Visits--Father Hennepin.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 3
    Jealousy between Canada and New York--The Iroquois Incline
    to the English--Expedition of Governor Denonville--His
    Landing at Irondequoit--The March to the Interior--The
    Fight at Boughton's Hill--A Pyrrhic Victory.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 4
    The Commission of Governor Andros--Extensive Cession from
    the Indians--The Fort des Sables--Charlesvoix's Travels
    His Description of the Genesee River--Attempts at Settlement
    Other Indian Cessions--General Prideaux's Expedition
    Pouchot's Work.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 5
    The Revolutionary War--Attitude of the Iroquois--The
    Confederacy Divided--Raids of the Indians--The Massacre
    at Cherry Valley--Reprisals Ordered--Washington's Instructions
    to Sullivan--Advance of the Army--Destruction of Property
    Atrocities on Both Sides--Killing of Boyd and Parker
    Close of the Conflict.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 6
    Surrender of Northwestern Territory--Dispute between New
    York and Massachusetts--Conflicting Royal Charters--Rights
    of Conquest from the Dutch--Commissioners Appointed
    A Settlement Effected.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 7
    The Lessees--Conspiracy to Defraud Massachusetts--Phelps and
    Gorham--They Contract for Western New York--They Extinguish
    the Indian Title--The Mill-Yard Piece--Remarkable Errors in the
    Survey--The Reversion to Massachusetts--Sales to Robert Morris
    The Holland Purchase--The Treaty at Big Tree--Present Location
    of the Senecas.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 8
    The Tory Walker--His Cabin at the Mouth of the River--Erection
    of the Mills--Transfers of Land--"Indian" Allan--His Murderous Career
    His Plurality of Wives--His Robbery from his Children--Mary Jemison,
    "the White Woman of the Genesee"--Her Abduction and her Captivity
    Her Change of Race--Murders of her Sons--Her Admirable Character.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 9
    The Twenty-Thousand Acre Tract--The Deed to Robert
    Morris--Settlement of the Lusks--Settlement of the Sheffers
    Visit of Chateaubriand--Of Rochefoucault-Liancourt--Of Other
    Frenchmen--Settlement of William Hencher--Gideon King and
    Zadock Granger--King's Landing--Hanford's Landing--Town
    Meetings, Schools and Churches--Roads and the Mail Service
    Tyron Town--Castleton--Carthage--The Great Bridge--The War
    of 1812--Defense of Charlotte.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 10
    Original Counties of the State--The Evolution of Monroe
    Struggle Over its Formation--First Board of Supervisors
    Derivation of the Towns--The First Court House--Population of
    the County--The County Treasurers--Representatives in Congress
    State Senators--Collectors of the Port.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 11
    The First Deed Recorded--Lake Navigation--The Commerce of
    Carthage--Revenues from Customs--The Erie Canal--Its Inception,
    its Construction and its Cost--The Genesee Valley Canal--River
    Navigation--The Jail--The Second Court-House--The Penitentiary
    The State--Industrial School--The Deaf Mute Institute--The Alms
    House--The Insane Asylum--The Bible Society--The Agricultural
    and Horticultural Societies--County Taxes.

  • A Sketch of Monroe County-Chapter 12
    The First Call--Monroe's Response--Our Regiments, Battalions
    and Companies of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Sharpshooters and
    Engineers--Ten Thousand Men Enlisted--Their Service in the Field
    General Officers--Grand Army of the Republic--The Veteran Brigade.

  • History Of Monroe
    Numerous articles from the Brockport Republic and Democrat listing deaths and marriages.

  • 1928 Events A recap of events that happened in 1928 and published in the Brockport Republic and Democrat.


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