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Adams Cemetery 430743N 0762627W  
Amber Cemetery 425345N 0761812W  
Apulia Cemetery 424943N 0760217W  
Assumption Cemetery 430506N 0760822W  
Baker Cemetery 425652N 0755722W  
Beach Cemetery 425129N 0755512W  
Belgium Cemetery 431025N 0761639W  
Belle Isle Cemetery 430457N 0761539W  
Benson Road Cemetery 425318N 0762656W  
Berwin Cemetery 425155N 0760313W  
Block Cemetery 425232N 0755717W  
Borodino Cemetery 425123N 0761948W  
Bridgeport Cemetery 430852N 0755826W  
Bromley Cemetery 424645N 0761053W  
Budlong Cemetery 425550N 0761117W  
Burns Cemetery 425454N 0762038W  
Burtis Cemetery 425418N 0761908W  
Bush Cemetery 425500N 0760224W  
Cardiff Cemetery 425307N 0760829W  
Cedarvale Cemetery 425725N 0761453W  
Chase Cemetery 431342N 0762109W  
Christian Hollow Cemetery 425128N 0760813W  
Cicero Cemetery 431055N 0760712W  
Cicero Center Cemetery 431038N 0760355W  
Clark Cemetery 425310N 0755900W  
Cold Brook Valley Cemetery 424650N 0761309W  
Cold Spring Cemetery 430755N 0761507W  
Collamer Cemetery 430615N 0760355W  
Delphi Cemetery 425207N 0755443W  
Delphi Falls Baptist Church Cemetery 425238N 0755454W  
DeWitt Cemetery 425847N 0760428W  
DeWitt Cemetery-New Section 430219N 0760402W  
DeWitt Cemetery-Old Section 430202N 0760359W  
Dodge Cemetery 425446N 0755848W  
Dry Hill Burial Ground 430128N 0755835W  
Elbridge Rural Cemetery 430216N 0762510W  
Evergreen Cemetery 424953N 0755902W  
Fairmont Rural Cemetery 430229N 0761522W  
Farr Burying Ground 424657N 0760714W  
Fayetteville Cemetery 430131N 0755956W  
Fayetteville Pioneer Burial Ground 430147N 0760011W  
Fellows Cemetery 425722N 0761710W  
First Ward Cemetery 430431N 0760929W  
Gardner Cemetery 425850N 0762726W  
Gilbert Cemetery 425826N 0761605W  
Highland Cemetery 425838N 0762103W  
Hillsdale Cemetery 425203N 0761209W  
Hortontown Cemetery 431117N 0762313W  
Houghtaling-Bush Cemetery 425426N 0760435W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 430148N 0755954W  
Ionia Cemetery 430549N 0762322W  
Jackson Cemetery 425606N 0761716W  
Jacksonville Cemetery 431303N 0762514W  
Jordan Rural Cemetery 430345N 0762828W  
Keeney Settlement Cemetery 424712N 0755755W  
Kingdom Cemetery 430736N 0762447W  
Kirkville Cemetery 430427N 0755652W  
LaFayette Rural Cemetery 425301N 0760631W  
Lakeview Cemetery 425635N 0762625W  
Lewis Cemetery 424829N 0761554W  
Liverpool Village Cemetery 430633N 0761227W  
Loomis Hill Cemetery 430048N 0761342W  
Lysander Cemetery 431219N 0762810W  
Manlius Village Cemetery 430009N 0755811W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 430317N 0762732W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 425304N 0761132W  
Maplewood Cemetery 430216N 0761858W  
Marcellus Village Cemetery 425902N 0762022W  
Meeker Cemetery 425031N 0760547W  
Memorial Park Cemetery 430448N 0761827W  
Messina Springs Cemetery 430411N 0760534W  
Miles-Mighells Cemetery 424845N 0760456W  
Morgan's Cemetery 430903N 0761222W  
Morningside Cemetery (historical) 430143N 0760749W  
Most Holy Rosary Cemetery 430450N 0761523W  
Mottville Cemetery 425840N 0762640W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 430203N 0762730W  
Mount Sinai Cemetery 430130N 0760805W  
Mycenae Burial Ground 430258N 0755546W  
Myrtle Cemetery 430239N 0761140W  
Myrtle Grove Cemetery 430959N 0761732W  
North Syracuse Cemetery 430750N 0760743W  
Oakwood Cemetery 430153N 0760808W  
Old Fabius Cemetery 425008N 0755909W  
Old Presbyterian Cemetery 431156N 0762731W  
Onondaga County Veterans Memorial Cemetery 430049N 0761351W  
Onondaga Valley Cemetery 425922N 0760919W  
Oran Cemetery 425852N 0755602W  
Oswego Bitter Cemetery 430356N 0762157W  
Otisco Valley Cemetery 424855N 0761312W  
Owasco Rural Cemetery 425059N 0762658W  
Pease Cemetery 425502N 0755459W  
Pendergast Cemetery 431331N 0761807W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 425740N 0760517W  
Pine Plains Cemetery 431122N 0761152W  
Pine Ridge Cemetery 425509N 0761513W  
Pioneer Cemetery 425659N 0760648W  
Plainville Cemetery 430929N 0762658W  
Pompey Center Cemetery 425539N 0755702W  
Pompey Hill Protestant Cemetery 425355N 0760039W  
Pompey Hill Roman Catholic Cemetery 425351N 0760035W  
Quaker Cemetery 425522N 0762619W  
Redman Cemetery 430345N 0762338W  
Riverside Cemetery 430926N 0762032W  
Riverside Cemetery 431413N 0760814W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 430330N 0760830W  
Rouse Cemetery 430842N 0762132W  
Saint Agnes Cemetery 430047N 0760949W  
Saint Francis Cemetery 425852N 0762058W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 425725N 0762609W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 430204N 0760500W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 430450N 0760001W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 430921N 0762042W  
Saint Mary's Cemetery 430515N 0760007W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 430257N 0760137W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 425229N 0761313W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 430344N 0762840W  
Sears Cemetery 430640N 0762138W  
Shepard Settlement Cemetery 425942N 0762340W  
Sherman Hollow Cemetery 425154N 0760454W  
Sherwood Robbins Cemetery 430216N 0761925W  
South Onondaga Cemetery 425602N 0761250W  
Spafford Cemetery 424821N 0761518W  
Spoor Cemetery 425331N 0760420W  
Stanton Cemetery 425019N 0761649W  
Stockham Hill Cemetery 425026N 0755613W  
Taft Cemetery 430733N 0760641W  
Terpenning Cemetery 431122N 0760129W  
The West Cemetery 425127N 0761415W  
Tully Cemetery 424730N 0760647W  
Vesper Cemetery 424904N 0761045W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 425926N 0760321W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 430027N 0761035W  
Warners Cemetery 430511N 0761948W  
Warners Cemetery 430516N 0762010W  
Webb Hollow Cemetery 425459N 0760736W  
Wheeler Cemetery 430231N 0761838W  
White Chapel Memory Gardens 430244N 0760337W  
Whiting Road Cemetery 430327N 0762741W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 430434N 0760741W  


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