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Page 141.--In the name of God, Amen.
I, JOHN ALLISON, of the Precinct of Haverstraw, in Orange County, being much out of health. "As my farm, now in the hands of John Johnson, is on shares, that is he has ¼ of all the grain that he shall raise in the space of two years, and I am to have 3/4 thereof. It is my will that Phebe Hubs shall stay with my slaves and family in my house and receive all the 3/4 of the grain for the support of the family, and she is to have two cattle killed for beef, and eight hogs, for the support of the family. The rest of the produce and stock is to be sold, and £20 paid to Phebe hubs. I leave to my son Benjamin ½ of the meadow that belongs to the place he lives on, and was reserved by me. Also 100 acres of land lying on Kakiat road, joining to the widow Conkling on the north side, Also 100 acres where Lewis Van Ditmarsh lives, bounded east and south by a fence called the new field fence, and north by Menesacongo brook, and so running the same width west till it makes 100 acres. I leave to my son John 6 shillings as his share, he having had his portion before. I leave to my son Joseph the farm I now live on, being a tract of land purchased of Albertus Minnie and others, bounded north and east by Hudsons river, south by the mountains, and so running west along Menesacongo brook and the mountains so far as to reach a tier of 100 acre lots, a little to the east of a brook called the muddy brook. To him and his heirs and assigns, except 100 acres which I give to my son Benjamin. And my son Joseph shall pay £100 to my son William and £50 to his son Edward Ellison. I leave to Phebe Hubs £60 for her and her three children, and to her daughter Hannah £30, and to her daughter Priscilla £70, "and to the child now in her body, yet unborn, £60 if it lives." To my daughter,Elizabeth Cooper, 8 shillings for her part, with what I have given her. I leave to my daughter, Deborah Johnson, £60. To my daughter, Mary Degraugh, £60. To my daughter, Hannah Taylor, £50, being her share, with what I have given her. All my goods and movable estate to be sold by my executors. They shall also sell 4 lots of land lying in Kakiat, one lot bounded north by John Osborn, south by Hans Urz, east by land that did belong to Silvanus Mott, and running west till it makes 200 acres. Another lot bounded north by Gurnee, south by Joshua Codnkling, east by Van Huter's land, and so running west till it makes 200 acres. Another lot bounded north by Isaac Secor, south by Charles Mott, east by Mr. Garrison, and west by Nathaniel Jones, being 170 acres. The other lot lies in the northernmost corner of the West Division. Also one lot more, of 50 acres, in Company, bounded east by More and Ward, south by Banks and Lyon. My executors are to take the money, and collect the debts due to me, and pay all debts and legacies, and they shall sell all other lands, except my rights on Long Island, which I leave to my son William, and the rest of the money they shall pay to me legatees, except my son John. I make my friends, John Palmer, John Johnson, and John Peterson Smith, executors.
Dated June 6, 1751. Witnesses, Joshua Seaman, Cornelius Seaman, Isaac Davis. Proved in New York, October 21, 1754.
[Note.--The above lands comprise the greater part of the village of Haverstraw, in Rockland County. The original owner was Balthazar De Hart, who obtained a Patent from Governor Philip Carterett, of New Jersey, in 1671, as it was then supposed to be within the limits of that Colony. When it was found to be in New York, a new Patent was obtained from Governor Thomas Dongan in 1685. Balthazar De Hart died in 1672 and left it to his brother, Jacobus De Hart, who procured the new Patent. In 1694 he sold the entire tract (except 10 acres) to Johanes Minnie, who was the first owner of Haverstraw that actually lived on the land. He sold ¼ of it to Albertus Minnie (who is supposed to have been his brother), and he in turn sold it to John Allison, May 14,1726. By other purchases John Allison became the owner of the greater part of the tract. He was a native of Hempstead, Long Island, and was one of the Colony who, in 1717, bought the north half of the Patent of Kakiat, which embraces a large part of Rockland County. The house of John Allison and his Joseph Allison, stood on what is now Allison street in Haverstraw, a few rods north of Main street. His descendants are still remaining in the village. The Miniscecongo creek or brook is the one the Garner Print Works stand upon.--W. S. P.]
Printed for the state, 1897 from the Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1896 - Transcribed by Vivian Nicholson]

ARCHER, William (Residence not given)
Dated: 9 Mar. 1808, Probated 20 Apr. 1808, Recorded Liber D, p. 103.
Wife: Sally Archer
Children: John; Jefferson and Mary Archer (all minors)
Executors: Wife, Sally; John Smith; bro., John Archer.
Witnesses: Willilam Reynolds; Jonathan Archer; Jno. McKelvy.

BARKLEY, James W., Yeoman of Montgomery, Orange Co., NY
Dated: 2 May 1799, Probated: 13 Jun. 1799; Recorded Liber B, p. 68
Wife: Mary Barkley
Children: Son, James (under age); daughters Sarah & Lurretie (Lucretia)
Brothers: Hugh, Joseph and William
Sisters: Jane and Mary
Executors: Trusty friends, Samuel Barkley, Abraham Caldwell & Peter Millspaugh
- "guardians of my children."
Witnesses: Peter Milspaugh, John Ingraham, Samuel S. Barkley

BAYLES, Daniel - Florida, Goshen Precinct, Orange Co., NY
Dated 2 March 1773
Legatee: Richard Bayles, the Elder - 50 lbs. New York money - meadow lying in
Florida adjoining farm where he now lives.
Nephews: John, Thomas & Joseph Bayles - 5 shares each; Daniel Bayles - 3 lbs.
Nieces: Jane Jolly, Ruhannan Patterson, Loraina Clark, Sarah Lewis - 8 lbs.
Executors: Nephew, Richard Bayles & Dr. Nathaniel Elmer
Witnesses: Jona Wood, N. Finn & Amzi Lewis
(Note: Daniel was brother of Richard Bayles of Florida, who md. Deborah Wood. In his will, written in New York City, 1762, the above 'nieces and nephews' were mentioned as his children. By 1793 Jane Holley had married a Shoemaker and Loraina Clark had married a Pooler, as mentioned in the will of their brother, Richard Bailys, Jr.

Page 32. ---In the name of God, Amen.
I, JOSEPH BAYLES, of Florida, in the Precinct of Goshen, in Orange County, being very sick. I leave to my wife Phebe 1/3 of all movable estate, and the use of all my lands during her widowhood. I leave to my eldest son Joseph all that farm whereon I now live, being the lands I bought of Daniel Bayles, after the death of my wife, and he is to pay to his youngest brother Elias, my youngest son, £15. I give to my son Daniel all that tract of land, which I bought of the Van Hornes, on the Long Ridge, after the death of my wife, and he is to pay to my son Justus £20. I leave to my 3 daughters, Catherine, Mary, and Phebe, 2/3 of my movable estate, and to my youngest daughter Phebe "a young pacing mare." I make by brother, Daniel Bayles, and my wife Phebe, executors.
Dated January 17, 1754. Witnesses, John Beers, George Wood, farmer, William Finn, physician.
Proved in New York, May 8, 1754.
Printed for the state, 1897 from the Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1896 - Transcribed by Vivian Nicholson]

BELL, Christopher, Orange Town, Orange County, NY
Dated 16 April 1785; probated 11 May 1796; recorded Liber A, p. 34
Daughter: Marriche, widow of Abel Scott - land where she now lives in Twp. and
county aforesaid.
Son: Hendrick Bell - lands in Orange County and in Twp. of Herrington, Bergen
Co., N.J.
Granddau.: Anneche, wife of John Conklen, and dau. of my son Hendrick
Executor: Son, Hendrick Bell
Witnesses: Abram Smith, Hendryk Hendrix, James Demarest

BLAUVELT, Abram, Haverstraw, Orange Co., NY
Dated 28 Feb. 1796; probated 11 May 1796; recorded Liber A, p. 353; also
recorded in Rockland County.
Wife: mentined but not named.
Sons: Edward, John, Jacob, Abram & Aury Blauvelt
Daughters: Lety (oldest), and anny
Executors: Samuel Goutschies, Christean Goutchies & Halstead Coe.
Witnesses: John Parkenson, John Crum, Jacob Rose

BLAUVELT, Johannes Jos., Town of Orange, Orange Co., NY
Dated 6 Sep. 1782; probated 14 Oct. 1789; recorded Liber A, p. 78
Wife: Margaret Blauvelt
Children: Seven children - Joseph, oldest son; Johannes, Cornelius; Catherine; Mary; Margaret; Vrontje. To son Johannes - farm on East side of Hackensac River "occupied by my brother, Abraham Blauvelt."
Executors: Son, Joseph Blauvelt & son-in-law, Resolvert VanHouten
Witnesses: Gerret Blauvelt, M. Hogenkamp, John Haring

BROWN, Jemima - Otherwise called "Jemima Dickey" of New Windsor, NY
Dated 16 jul 1819; probated 11 Sep. 1823; recorded Liber G, p. 124
Heirs: Daniel Brown of New Windsor - "with whom I have lived for many years . . . all of estate until his death or until my youngest child arrives to the age of 21 years - from that period property to be given to my children - Archalaus, Amzi, Fanny, James, Daniel, Morrison R., Catherine Ann and William Henry."
Daughters, Mary Bonter & Elizabeth Whitaker - $100 each.
Executors: Friends and neighbors, Daniel Seward & Andrew N. Young.
Witnesses: Henry G. Wisner, David Buskirk, Robert C. Hunter.
NOTE: A caveat against filing will was signed 26 Jul. 1819 by James Banta and John Whitaker but it was later probated. Original will not found with the caveat. Above is abstract of the recorded will.

BULL, Sarah, Widow of Orange Co., NY
Dated 19 Apr. 1802; proved 29 Nov. 1806
Sons: Peter Bull & John Bull - "ring with initials R. E. given me by my husband on day of our marriage to be kept by my son, Peter, until his death, when it goes to my grandson, Peter Mulliner Bull, and his male heirs. If he leaves no male heirs, ring to my grandson John Mulliner Bull and his male heirs in like manner. If he leaves no male heirs, ring to male heirs of my husband's name to the latest generation.
Daughters: Anna Fullerton, Catherine Coleman, Rachel Persen
Grandson: Thomas Bull
Granddau: Elizabeth Bull
Executors: Charles Bull, Thomas Booth, David Hawkins
Witnesses: David Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, Eliphas Kilbourn
NOTE: Sarah Bull was the dau. of Peter & Ann Mulliner. She was b. 22 Aug. 1724; d. 4 Sep. 1806; md. Isaac Bull, b. 27 Nov. 1792; d. 11 Aug. 1794. He was son of William & Sarah (Wells) Bull, the original ancestors of the Bull family in Orange County.

CAMMOC / CAMMOK, John, Orange Co., NY
Dated 8 Jan. 1787; probated 28 Jan. 1788; recorded Liber A., p. 15
Wife: Mary Cammok
Legatee: Elizabeth Smith (relationship not stated), dau. of John Smith of Warwick, Orange Co. - if she should die under 21 yrs of age or without heirs, her share to revert to John Smith.
Executors: Friend, John Smith, sole executor.
Witnesses: Amos Park, James Doyle, Robert Ludlow, Archd Cassedy.

CARPENTER, Daniel of Goshen, Orange Co., NY
Dated 8 Jan. 1789; probated 9 May 1791; recorded Liber A, p. 142
Wife: Susannah Carpenter
Sons: Eldest son, Daniel; 2nd son, John; younger son, Robert
Daughters: Elenor; Susannah; Sarah; Ruth, the youngest
Brother: John Carpenter - farm he now occupies, which I purchased at public auction of Hezekiah Howell, Esq., High Sheriff of Orange County. Also mentions hatters' tools and farm purchased from Jonathan Coony.
Executors: Wife, Susannah; brother, John Carpenter, son Asa Smith.
Witnesses: John Connor, Theophilus Howell, Ruth Carpenter
NOTE: Daniel Carpenter d. 10 Mar. 1790, age 59 yrs. 5 mos; md. Susannah Thompson, who d. 3 Mar. 1809, age 76 yrs. 24 ds.

CARSON, William W.
#16364 – William W. Carson, Newburg, N. Y. 13 May 1889 will in state of New York, county of Orange. On 27 Jan. 1877 Julianah R. Carson and Thomas G. Carson, executors of last will and testament of William W. Carson, late of city of Newburg Co. of Orange, state of N. Y. deceased who died 10 Jan. 1887 – presented will . . . . to my beloved wife Julinah – authorize and empower my executors to sell all residue of my estate – to each of the surviving children of my sister, Margaret C. Parker – income to be paid to my brother George W. Carson during his life – paying interest and income to my wife, my brother Thomas G. Carson, children of my deceased sister Margaret C. Parker, my brother George W. Carson or his children and David T. B. Carson – appoint without bonds my bro. Thomas G. Carson and wife Julinah R. Carson excts. set my hand and seal 13 Sept. 1886 – witness James T. Lawson, Newburg, N. Y., M. C. Belknap, Newburg, New York. [Source: "Ancestral Notes", Vol. 12, 1965; transcribed by GT Transcription Team]

COLLONS (COLLINS), Joseph, Cornwall Precinct, Orange Co., NY
Dated 8 Jan. 1789; probated 17 Jan. 1790; recorded Liber A, p. 88
Wife: Abigail Dunning
Children: After wife's death estate equally divided among children (not named).
Grandson, James, under 21, son of dau. Sarah.
Executors: Wife, Abigail; Jeremiah Clark, Esq.; Cornwell Sands
Witnesses: Samuel Ketcham, Robert Waddell, Jacob VanDuzer

CONKLIN, Stephen, Yeoman. Town of Haverstraw, NY
Dated 14 Apr. 1790; probated 18 May 1790; recorded Liber A, p. 97. Also recorded in Rockland County
Wife: Anny Conklin
Sons: Samuel & Elias, under 14 yrs. of age
Executors: Wife, Anny; Jacob Tenike; Benjamin Coe, Esq.
Witnesses: Elias Gurnee, Gilbert Johnson, John J. Gurnee

FREDERICK, Elizabeth - Will
Letters of Testamentary
HALL, Jemima -


Page 64.--- In the name of God, Amen. I, HARMANUS HOFFMAN, of Orange County, being sick. "I give a large brown shift and one large Pewter Platter, to my eldest son Harmanus, in full bar of all claim as eldest son and heir at law." I leave to my wife Gertruye the whole income of all my estate, real and personal, during such time as she remains my widow. And then I leave all my real estate to my two sons, and my personal estate to my daughters. I leave to my son Harmanus 106 acres of land on the south side of my plantation, and he shall pay to my daughter Christina £12. I leave to my son, Jury Hoffman, 106 acres of land, during his life, lying on the north side of my plantation. After his death it shall go to his lawful issue, and he shall pay to my daughter, Catrina Snyder, £12. I leave to my daughter, Leaya Geslon, £8, and to my son Harmanus "all my farm tackling, slay, Plough, etc." All my household goods I leave to my daughters, Catrina, Christina, Rachel, and Leaye. I make Lambert Smith, Abraham Onderdonk, and Johanes Snedeker, executors.
Dated February 15, 1752. Witnesses, Johanes Mudge, Peter Geslon, William Fenton. Proved at Court of Common Pleas, at Orange town, Orange County, on the last Tuesday in April, 1754, before Abraham Haring and Cornelius Cuyper, Judges, and Isaac Abraham Blauvelt, Rulof Nam Houten, and Thunis De Kay, Justices. Fletcher Matthews, Clerk.
[Note. - The testator seems to have lived not far from Rockland Lake, In Rockland County, which was formerly known as "Orange, south of the mountains." - W. S .P.]
Printed for the state, 1897 from the Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1896 - Transcribed by Vivian Nicholson]

HOLBERT, Eleanor Smith -
Will | Letters of Testamentary
Letters of Testamentary
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McELROY, Alexander Jr -
McELROY, Jonas -
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Page 115.--In the name of God, Amen.
I , ALEXANDER WEBER, of Orange County, being at present in good state of health. I leave to my eldest son Hendrick my sword and gun, in full bar to all claim as eldest son. I leave to my wife Maria 1/3 of all personal estate and £4 yearly, and the use of one of my best rooms and half the barn, and apples from the orchard for her own use. I leave all the rest of my personal property to my 6 children by my firs and second marriages, viz., Susannah, Martha, Gertruy, and Catharine, and my two sons Hendrick and John. I give all my real estate to my 6 chlidren. My daughter Susanah and my son John are to have their parts in fee simple, the others during their lives, and then to their children. I make Hendrick Snider, and Johanes Frees executors.
Dated December 10, 1753. Signed "Alexander Van der Weber." Witnesses, Andries Onderdonck, Jr., Cornelius Eckersen, Abraham Onderdonck. Proved in New York, September 28, 1754.
Printed for the state, 1897 from the Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1896 - Transcribed by Vivian Nicholson]

WESTLAKE, Burroughs -
Letters of Administration
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WRIGHT, Susan -

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