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ALLEN, Alfred
Rochester, N.Y., Dec 30 -Alfred Allen, of Waterport, Orleans County, was killed today by a falling tree in the woods where he was chopping. ["The New York Times", New York, Sunday December 31, 1882. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

Shocking -- C. Robinson, coroner of Clarendon, Orleans county, New York, reports the death under shocking circumstances, of two persons in his neighborhood. One, El ijah Dolly, died drunk in a bar-room. The other, a Mrs. Annis, being intoxicated, fell into the fire, from which she was unable to extricate herself. The husband being also drunk, fell likewise into the fire in attempting to drag her out. He escaped with life, but she perished. [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 16, 1830, NP, Sub by FoFG]

BENNETT, Nathaniel
The death of Nathaniel Bennett, aged 80 years occurred at Albion Thursday night. ["Evening Herald",Saturday, July 02, 1898 Syracuse, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

O. Britt, Esq., Superintendent on Section 11, Erie Canal, died at Medina, yesterday, of apoplexy. ["New York Daily-Times" Thursday, May 26, 1853 New York, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

Ex-Gov. Rufus B. Bullock
BUFFALO, April 27 - Ex-Gov Rufus B. Bullock was born in Bethlehem, N.Y., on March 28, 1834. At the age of 16 he was graduated from the then celebrated Albion Academy. After his graduation he mastered the House printing system of telegraphy, and soon took a leading position as an expert.
Several years before the outbreak of the civil war Mr. Bullock was employed by the Adams Express Company to extend their business in the South. Although opposed to secession, he left the company's employ and gave his services to the Confederacy. He attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After the war he resumed his position with the express company. Later he obtained a charter and organized the First National Bank in Augusta, and in 1867 was elected President of the Macon & Augusta Railroad.
In 1868, he was elected Governor of Georgia. After a war with the politicians of the State, he resigned in 1870.
["New York Times", Sunday, April 28, 1907 New York, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

BURROWS, Lorenzo
Lorenzo Burrows died at Albion. N. Y., yesterday morning. He was born In Groton, Conn., March 15, 1805. He was educated in the common schools and at the Plainfield Academy in that State. In November, 1824, he removed to Albion. N. Y.. where he had since lived. During the first 12 years of his residence In Albion he was engaged in mercantile business with his brother. R.S. Burrows. In 1839 the two brothers established, the Bank of Albion, and for the first 10 years Lorenzo was the Cashier and manager. In 1864, the bank became the First National Bank of Albion, and was the first National Bank in Western New-York. Mr. Burrows retired from active connection with tbe bank in 1849. In 1848 he was elected a Representative in Congress, and in 1850 was re-elected. He formed an intimate friendship with Henry Clay, and was beside his dying bed, aiding in watching and caring for him. In 1855 Mr. Burrows became State Controller. In the financial crisis of 1857 Mr. Burrows managed the funds of the State so that no loss was suffered. Mr. Burrows was one of the organizers of the Albion Academy, and was for many years President of its Board of Trustees. Mr. Burrows was elected a Regent of the University of the State of New-York In 1857 and was the oldest member of the board. ["The New York Times", Saturday, March 07, 1885 New York, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

CHURCH, John P., Esq.
Albion, N.Y., Dec. 23, ae. 46, clerk of Orleans Co., and brother of Comptroller Church. He was a faithful and capable officer, a kind husband and father, a warm friend, and in every sense a true and noble man. [Source: "Annual OBITUARY NOTICES OF EMINENT PERSONS who have died in the United States FOR 1858"; BY HON. NATHAN CROSBY; BOSTON: JOHN P. JEWETT AND COMPANY. 1859. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.]

COIT, John T., Rev.
REV. JOHN T. COIT, died at Albion, N. Y., on Jan 23. He was a native of Buffalo; graduated at Yale College In 1844 ; pursued his theological studies at Andovor and Auburn ; spent some time in Europe, and upon his return, took charge of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church, in Rochester, whence he was called to a Presbyterian Church at Albion, where he preached for five years, and then accepted, a call to fill again the same pulpit in Rochester which he had formerly occupied. He had arranged to exchange with Rev. M. Nurs, of Albion, the Sunday preceding his death, but on entering the pulpit was suddenly and violently attacked with inflamination of the lungs, which, terminated fatally. ["The New York Times", Wednesday, January 28, 1863 New York, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

Mr. John Denio, a veteran journalist, died at Albion, N.Y., march 30. He published a paper in Vermont in 1800, afterwards conducted the Gazette at Greenfield, Mass., and was engaged in other newspaper enterprises. ["The New York Times", New York, April 05, 1859. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

John Denio, the oldest editor in this State, died at Albion, Orleans Co. N.Y. on the 30th ult. in his 80th year. He assumed the publication of a paper in Vermont 59 years ago. ["Banner Of Liberty", Middletown, N.Y. April 20, 1859. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

Wm. Ashley Dickinson, a young man of Rochester, employed on the Central Railroad, met with a shocking death on Saturday by falling from the top of a freight train to the track, between the cars. The Democrat says he was serving in the capacity of brakeman on a freight train running over the Niagara Falls Division, and left the city early Saturday evening on a regular trip. When the train reached Albion, Mr. Dickinson was missed. His lump was found on the platform car, at the rear end of the train, but no clue could be obtained regarding his fate until an examination was made of the running-gear of the cars, when the brakes of every car, except the first, were discovered to bear melancholy witness of a terrible accident. The engineer, Mr. Wm. Sprung, and the fireman, stated that when about two miles from Albion Mr. Dickinson came on the locomotive and gave them some cigars, after which he started on his return to the rear end of the train, and the conclusion was, of course, that in stepping from the first car to the second, he lost his footing, and fell between the two, On sending back to examine the track, this theory was confirmed. The mangled remains of the unfortunate brakeman were found strung along the road for a considerable distance. He seemed to have been literally torn to pieces. The fragments were gathered up and taken to Albion, where a Coroner's inquest was held, and Sunday morning they were brought back to Rochester to his relatives. Before leaving home, Ashley, as he was called, expressed some reluctance to go out on the trip, as it was storming, and the decks of the cars were slippery, and was advised by one of his brothers to stay at home. He declined to do so; saying that his comrades on the road should never say that he shirked his duty because of a stormy night. The ill-fated young man went -to meet his doom. He was a general favorite, and his death casts a shade of sadness over all his late companions. ["Central Daily Courier", Syracuse, N.Y., December 6, 1859. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

DOLLY, Elijah
Shocking -- C. Robinson, coroner of Clarendon, Orleans county, New York, reports the death under shocking circumstances, of two persons in his neighborhood. One, El ijah Dolly, died drunk in a bar-room. The other, a Mrs. Annis, being intoxicated, fell into the fire, from which she was unable to extricate herself. The husband being also drunk, fell likewise into the fire in attempting to drag her out. He escaped with life, but she perished. [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 16, 1830, NP, Sub by FoFG]

FRAZER, Charles
Charles Frazer, 30 years old, of Ogdensburg, died at the Medina hospital at an early hour yesterday from injuries sustained in an automobile accident in the Gravel road, about two miles north of Medina Monday afternoon, when the large touring car of George Sherwell, with whom he was riding, overturned when it left the pavement and dashed into an orchard. In the car besides Mr. Sherwell were Mrs. Sherwell, Mrs. Nettie Hood and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frazer who were married two weeks ago, and Mrs. Mary Frazer, his mother. At first it was reported that Mr. Frazer was but slightly injured although it developed that he was internally injured. ["Evening Tribune-Times" Wednesday, September 05, 1923 Hornell, New York. Transcribed by Mel issa Rodriguez]

FREEMAN, Palmyra
Mrs. Palmyra Freeman, aged 74, died in Albion yesterday. ["Evening Herald", Saturday, July 02, 1898 Syracuse, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

GOFF, Mrs. Squire
Burton Goff, head nurse in ward 17, returned Monday evening from the sad errand of burying his mother, Mrs. Squire Goff, who died at Albion, Orleans county, as announced last week. Mrs. Goff was 71 years of age, and had been in failing health since she fell and broke her hip two years ago. Only a short time since then had she been able to sit up. Besides her husband she is survived by these children: Mrs. Weston Wetherbee, of Albion; Marcus L. Goff, formerly an employee of this State Hospital, now, of Barre Centre, N.Y.; William Goff, of Corfu, Genesee county, and Fred Goff, at home. The funeral was held last Thursday at her late residence, with internment at Albion. ["Middletown Daily Times-Press". Thursday, December 30, 1909 Middletown, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

Died at Gaines, Orleans Co. N.Y. 19th Jan. Mr. David G. Hopkins, 31, merchant of Woolcot, Vt. And formerly from Guildhall. [The Vermont Watchman and State Journal, Montpelier, Vermont, Tuesday, February 7, 1837 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

HUNT, Polly
Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 18 -Mrs. Polly Hunt of Waterport, who was the oldest resident of Orleans County, died today, aged ninety-eight years and a half. She was born July 19, 1792 on Long Island. ["The New York Times", New York, January 19, 1891. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

MASON, Bertha
Miss Bertha Mason, 30 years old, died in Albion Monday, after a prolonged illness. ["Olean Times", Thursday, February 25, 1909 Olean, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

McGLYNN, Lafayette
Albion -Lafayette McGlynn, a young man employed by Andrew [undecipherable] at the Billings farm on the Lake Shore road in the town of Carlton was killed by the kick of a horse. ["The Syracuse Herald", Syracuse, N.Y., Monday May 06, 1912. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

PEASE, Alzina
Died, In Murray, Orleans county, on the 7th inst. of consumption, Alzina, wife of D. A. Pease of Utica, in the 43d year of her age. [The Journal And Republican (Lowville, NY) - Wednesday, December 19, 1860); JD, Sub by FoFG

ROBINSON, James Albert
Came in Contact With Bare Electric Light Wires
Albion, Nov, 5 -James Albert Robinson, of 51 West Academy street, this village who was employed by Matthew A. Ryan, an Albion stone quarry owner, was instantly killed yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock when he came in contact with live wires carrying the current of the A.L. Swett Electric Light and Power Company.
Mr. Robinson was assisting in moving a large steam shovel in West Park street and was standing on top of the machine clearing wires overhead when he struck wires from which the insulation had worn off.
He died instantly, but those working with him, believing life sill existed, had the body removed to the office of Dr. A. W. Jackson nearby. Coroner A.L. Eccleston of Waterport was notified and examined the body.
Mr. Robinson was 33 years old. He was a member of the Hart hose Company and leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson, a wife, two children, William and Kenneth; and one brother, Charles Robinson, of this village; also one sister, Mrs. Anna Williams, of Webster. ["Olean Evening Herald", Olean, N.Y., Tuesday November 11, 1914. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

Prisoner Commits Suicide at Albion
Albion, N.Y., Jan. 28 -Joseph Shudwick, 28, of Buffalo, a prisoner in Orleans County jail was found hanging in a cell this morning, having committed suicide, by making a noose out of bed clothing. He was being held with two others for a robbery at the general store of William Robinson in Waterport. He leaves his wife and two children. ["Olean Evening Times", Olean, N.Y., Saturday January 28, 1922. Transcribed by M. Rodriguez]

TRIPP, Edith Clairbel
Edith, the beloved wife of Roy H. TRIPP passed to the higher life, at the Medina hospital, after a brief illness, April 14, 1915. She is survived by her husband and four children: Hildreth, Clifford, Harriet and Helen; a father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Charles KENYON, a brother Henry, a sister Ruth, all of Hartland; and a sister, Mrs. Nettie CONLEY, of Lyndonville. The deceased was born in the town of Somerset, near Millers, 29 years ago last June, and had lived nearly all her life in the town of Yates, since her marriage, until last fall, when she moved to Medina. Her kind and amiable disposition won for her many friends who sincerely mourn her loss. The funeral was held in the Methodist Church at Lyndonville, Rev. R. E. Brettle, of Waterport officiating, assisted by Rev. B.(R?) R. Germer, pastor of the church. Interment was in Lynhaven Cemetery. [The Medina Tribune, 29 Apr 1915 - Submitted by: Kecia Sparlin]

WARD, Charles
Charles Ward, a Medina farmer, discovered recently on the bank of a deep pond on the rear of his farm a man's complete clothing outfit, even to a pair of gloves. It is supposed that the man to whom they belonged is at the bottom of the pond, a suicide but there is nothing about the clothes by which he can be identified. ["Evening Observer", The Saturday, May 22, 1909 Dunkirk, New York. Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]

WATERSTREET Frank W. and Fred
Albion - Frank W. Waterstreet, aged 60 years, and his son, Fred Waterstreet, members of a respectable and well-to-do family living in the town of Carlton, are dead at the family home, the father a suicide and the murderer of his 25-year-oldson. ["The Syracuse Herald", Syracuse, N.Y., Friday September 22, 1911. Submitted by Melissa]

Miss Ruth Woodard Died at Albion
Miss Ruth Woodard a sister of Wyman Woodard of Fredonia, died Monday morning at Albion, where she was working, aged 21 years. The body will be brought to Fredonia and taken to the home of Wyman Woodard this afternoon and the funeral will be held on Wednesday afternoon.
She is survived by her mother, Mrs. Sarah Woodard of Allegany and the following brothers and sisters: Wyman and George Woodard of Fredonia, Lewis Woodard of Olean, Frank William and Mary Woodard of Allegany. [Dunkirk "Evening Observer" Tuesday December 12, 1918.Transcribed by Melissa Rodriguez]


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