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Oswego County

Oswego County was formed on March 1, 1816 from Oneida and Onondaga County.  It contains an area of 1.038 miles and is land surface is generally level or gentle rolling hills.  On the Northeast lies Lake Ontario, to the Southeast is Oneida Lake, the county has the a considerable amount of waterways.  At the mouth of the Oswego River is the Oswego Harbor.  The county plays an important role in the internal water communications of New York State.  Its name was derived from the Indian On-ti-ah-an-taque.  Early French explores called it "Chomaquen".  The area east of the Oswego River was formed out of Oneida County and the area west of the Oswego River out of Onondaga County.  The first settlers of the County were principally engaged in the manufacture of lumber and potash.   

The eastern district comprises the towns of Albion, Amboy, Constantia, Hastings, Mexico, New Haven, Orwell, Parish, Redfield, Richland, Sandy Creek, West Monroe, and Williamstown; and the western district the towns of Granby, Hannibal, Oswego, Palermo, Schroeppel, Scriba, Volney, and the city of Oswego.

Oswego county is rich in American History it was claimed by the French and in the French and Indian War of 1753, Fort Ontario was erected at the Oswego Harbor on the bluffs by the British and in 1756 the French under Montcalm destroyed the fort.  In 1758 the British regained control and during the Revolutionary War was the British headquarters on the western frontier.  In 1796 it was surrendered to the American's control.

Courthouse Info:
County Courthouse
46 E Bridge Street
Oswego, NY 13126-2118

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July 2018:  History of Mexico and Hannibal Township

March 2018: 
History of Albion, Constantia, Granby and Boylston Township,  Updated Church History for Oswego County

February 2018:
History of New Haven Township prior to 1890

October 2017:
 History of Williamstown, Sandy Creek, Scriba, Schroppel, Hastings,  Orwell, Palmero, Parish, Redfield, Richland, and West Monroe Townships prior to 1890. 
September 2017:  Marriages  Baker-Cavellier,  Beale-Manor,  Burnham-Freatman,  Buske-Barry,  Ciosmak-Calka, Clark-Wood,  Coatta-Crimmins,  Cronk-Delong,  Dawley-Sullivan,  Demm-Pelin, Dimon-Clark Douglas-Bushnell,  Edick-DeWolf,  Freeden-McKinstry,  Greene-Blaise,  Hardy-Frazier,  Hasto-Webb, Heath-Wilber,  Houth-Halligan,  Ingalls-Morgan,  Janezek-Siembor,  Jerige-Smith,  Kalafarski-Krauczyk, Knoop-Sova,  Landphere-Cronk,  Lincoln-Cummins,  Lowe-Miers,  Mccaw-Vincent,  Miller-Granger,  Moss-Belisle,  Mount-Ware,  Ottman-Alexander,  Prior-Poorman,  Rustucio-Butta,  Salisbury-Raymers, Schumaker-Windey,  Schwitter-Schiesser,  Seeley-Fradenburg,  Spoon-Holly, , Stevens-Battles Torney-Bennett,  Vargo-Lewis,  Whorrall-Condron,  Young-Rathbun. Combined Obituary for Edward, Patience, and John Baker. Deaths recorded in Oswego Paladium 1819-1824.
August 2017:  Disappearance of Mr. James Smith of Hastings. Obit Carlos Jennings, Ann Hessen, Oswego Parson's House Fire,  Marriages Cole-Medham, Carpenter-Tillapaugh.  Account of Phoenix Fire.  Tornado in Oswego County. Phoenix - Sweet Manufacturing Fire. Oswego City Fires.  Obit for Brower Morgan, Thomas Crimmins.  Naming of Grampus Bay.  Listing of Communities of Oswego County.  Listing of Oswego County Newspapers and dates of publications.

July 2017:  Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Oswego County - The Thirty-Fourth Annual Report (1888)

June 2017:  Obit for Vena Butler,  Charles Moyer Crime News Story, Real Estate Transactions Baker-Hills, Flint-Johnston,  Hubbard-Douglass, Johnston-Burliers, Buliers-Johnston, Coville-Cally, Jones-Jones, House-House,  Low-Warn, Cally-Wright, Vickery-Cally, Downs-Seamans, Haines-Thorpe.  Mariages:  Burrow-House.  Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Oswego County - The Thirty-Fourth Annual Report (1888)
May 2017: Updated the listing of Oswego County Cemeteries and added directions to cemeteries. Obits for Goettel, Abraham L., Goettel, Arnold J.. Brigadier General Hugh Phillip Goettel. 

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