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Albion Center Cemetery 432921N 0760239W Located on Tinker Tavern Road, Albion, NY.  Next to the Albion Grange
Allen Cemetery 431745N 0761110W Rte. 49, Town of Hastings, Oswego Co., NY.
Amboy Center Cemetery 432205N 0755608W  Located just east of the hamlet of Amboy Center, on the south side of NYS Rt. 69, in Town of Amboy
Antoski Farm Cemetery     Rte. 69, east of Parish, between Ellis Carr Dr. & Cheese Factory Rd. Town of Parish.
Arthur Cemetery (Greenville) 432909N 0761532W Located on George Rd. off of NYS Rt 104. West of Mexico, NY
Askew Cemetery     917 Middle Road (South Side of street) behind Lloyd property.  Town of Scriba. Oswego County
Austin Burial Ground     East side of the S. Albion Road, a short distance north of Rte. 104.  Town of Albion.
Barnard Cemetery (aka North St. Rd Cemetery)     Take Co. Rte. 62 North from Pulaski. The cemetery is approx. 3/4 mi. north of the intersection of Clark Rd. on the West side of the street.  Town of Sandy Creek.
Bateman Family Cemetery     Silk Rd., removed to Mt. Pleasant, Volney
Bell Cemetery     Emery Rd., private.  Volney, Oswego County
Bethel Cemetery 431547N 0763446W Located one mile north of Bethel Corners on St. Rte. 34. Town of Hannibal.
Bennette Cemetery Plot     Town of North Greenboro.  North Redfield.  Upper old State Road-Private.
Biddlecum (2 graves) Cemetery     Top of hill at biddlecum & Brnard Rd intersection.  Town of Schroeppel.
Bidwell Cemetery 432458N 0760626W Also known as Blue Springs Cemetery is located in  Parish, New York on Stowell Drive.
Blossom Cemetery 432914N 0762539W Located on County Route 1, Scriba, NY about 1.5 miles east of Creamery Road on North side.
Blue Springs (aka Ferguson Cemetery)     Located on west side of Stowell Drive, off Rte. 2.  Town of Richland.
Brewster Settlement Cemetery     Just across the Sandy Creek Town line into Jefferson County on the Ellisburg Rd.  Town of Sandy Creek.
Bristol Hill Cemetery     NYS Rte. 3, east of Volney Center
Brooks (Eaton) Cemetery     Located on Baitsell Farm, Whittemore Rd. Town of Scriba. Oswego County
Brown's Landing Cemetery 433419N 0761040W 2.6 Miles west of Pulaski, Oswego Co., NY on Rte 5 (Lake Rd.) on south side of road down at the edge of a field on thebanks of the Salmon River.
Burt Cemetery     First cemetery in town, was located on Burt property, across from School Dist. #10. All remains removed, some or all, to Hillside. Town of Scriba. Oswego County
Butler Cemetery 432306N 0755550W Located north of Amboy Center, State Rte. 69, on Route 183 on east side. Town of Amboy.
Butterfly Cemetery 432733N 0761631W Located in New Haven on Co. Rt 64 between Green Rd. & the West Stone Rd. intersection.
Carleys Mills Cemetery 432222N 0760704W From Rte. 11, turn East onto Co. Rt. 38, where Co. Rt. 38 meets Co, Rt. 84 turn right (south) onto 84. The cemetery is approx. 1000ft on the West side of the street
Carr Cemetery     Rte. 104, East of Co. Rte 29, behind house.
Carter-Squires Cemetery     NYS Rte 104, across from main entrance to SUNY Oswego (two families).  Town of Oswego.
Caughdenoy Cemetery 431623N 0761201W Co. Rte. 12, east edge of hamlet of Caughdenoy.  Town of Hastings
Chateaugay Cemetery 433425N 0755743W Located on the south side of Hwy. 2, between Orwell and Chateaugay. Town of Orwell.
Clark Cemetery 432748N 0762825W US Rte 104 E of the City of Oswego in the Lowe’s parking lot. (East side of lot). Town of Scriba. Oswego County
Claus Cemetery     Larry Parkhurst Woods off Dutch Ridge Rd. between Co. Rte. 53 and Whittemore Rd. Town of Scriba. Oswego County
Cleveland Cemetery 431413N 0755246W North Street, Cleveland, Town of Constantia.
Clifford Cemetery (Denton corners) 432251N 0761714W Rt. 35 & 35A), South side of Clifford Rd, West of Clifford. Town of Palermo.
Coit Cemetery 431953N 0761103W From Rte. 11 South of Hastings Center, turn West onto Wilson Rd., which turns into Co. Rt. 4., drive approx. 2.3 miles, the cemetery is on the South side of the road (before Pine Ridge Terr.) Town of Hastings.
Colosse Cemetery 432504N 0760927W Located next to the Colosse Baptist Church. 2604 US Route 11,Parish, NY
Constantia Center Cemetery 431649N 0755515W Located on Panther Lake Rd. Town of Constantia.
Constantia Rural Cemetery     Cemetery Rd., Constantia village. Town of Constantia.
Darrow Family Plot Cemetery     The two tombstones were in a clump of trees above the Oswego County Sanatorium on the Orwell Road.  Town of Orwell.
Daysville Cemetery 433209N 0761154W Just over 2 miles south of Port Ontario on Rte. 3, across from The Pines Golf Club. East side of road. Town of Richland.
Dutch Hill Cemetery     Take Rte. 69 approx. 2 miles East of Parish, turn South onto Dutch Hill Rd., cemetery is approx. 1 mile on East side of road.  Town of Parish.
Eaton Cemetery (See Brooks Cemetery)      
Evergreen Cemetery (aka Orwell Cemetery) 433433N 0760024W Located mile West of Orwell on Co. Rte. 2, located on the North side of Co. Rte. 2, a few hundred feet east of Potter Rd. Town of Orwell.
Everts Family Cemetery     Former Jesse Dyke Farm
Emery Road Cemetery     North side of Emery Rd., east of Co. Rte. 6  Volney, Oswego County
Fairdale Rural Cemetery 431929N 0763227W Located on both sides of the Old Route 3 in Fairdale.  Town of Hannibal.
Fairview Cemetery     On St. Rt. 13 between St. Rt. 183 and Grant Rd. on the South side of St. Rt. 13, looks to sit back from the road a bit. Volney, NY
Fairview Cemetery (Bundyville)     Take Co. Rt. 57 approx. 2 mi. South of Minetto. Cemetery on East side of road approx. 2000 ft. North of March Rd
Feeler Cemetery    
Located on private property about 200’ in the woods off the west side of Center Road
Finster Cemetery     Located on Lacona Road, just out of Orwell,
Fort Ontario Cemetery (Post) 432806N 0763021W West at intersection of E. 9th St. & Mitchell St., next stop sign go North into the Fort ball field area. The cemetery is near the lake shore. City of Oswego.
Fraicheur (Fraser) Cemetery     Located on the West Side of Happy Valley Road just north of the road that goes across Long Pond and well south of Route 104. Happy Valley Road runs south from Route 104 along the Albion-Williamstown line
French Street Protestant Cemetery     Located on State Rte. 11 approximately 1/10 of a mile north of Rte. 69A
Getman Cemetery 432430N 0760004W Take Rte. 69 approx. 3 miles East thru Parish Center turn North onto Spaulsbury Rd. continue onto Easy St. the cemetery is at the intersection of Easy St. & Co. Rte. 26
Gilbert Hill Cemetery (Caster) 433503N 0760005W Located on the east side of Hwy 22, about 1/2 mile north of Orwell Corners
Gilberts Mills Cemetery 431900N 0761829W Located on Church Road near Gilbert Mills Road. Town of Schroeppel.
Granby Center Cemetery 431930N 0762758W County Route 6, across from the Granby Center Fire Department.  Town of Granby.
Grant Cemetery     West side of Co. Rte. 8, between Harris Hill Rd. and NYS Rte. 176, opposite Granby Town Hall.  Town of Granby.
Greenboro Cemetery 433749N 0755234W Located between the intersection of Co. Rte. 17 and the Old State Road. Town of Redfield.
Hall Cemetery 432027N 0755754W Take Co. Rte. 69 East from Parish approx 9.6 mi., turn right (South) onto Co. Rte. 23 for 2.3 mi. turn right (West) onto Co. Rte. 23 .2 mi., cemetery is on North side of road. Town of Constantia
Hannibal  Village Cemetery 431913N 0763457W Borders on West St. and St. Rte. 3 in the village.  town of Hannibal.
Hannibal Center Cemetery 431723N 0763332W Located on dead-end Cemetery Drive off Co. Rte. 21 in Hannibal Center.
Happy Valley Cemetery 432624N 0755823W Located on Long Pond Road in the Happy Valley State Wildlife Preserve in the town of Williamstown.
Hastings Cemetery 432135N 0760909W Take Rte. 11 South of Hastings approx. 1 mi. the cemetery is across from Baratier Rd. on the East side of Rte. 11
Hickory Grove (aka Veeder) Cemetery     Hickory Grove Rd., off NYS Rte. 48 near Minetto town line.  Town of Granby
Hillside Cemetery 432742N 0762548W US Rte. 11 about mile North of Central Square on the West side of Rte. 11. (Main St.)  Town of Hastings
Hillside Cemetery     From the City of Oswego, go approx. 2 miles East on Rte 104, turn South onto Klocks Corner Rd., cemetery is approx 2000 ft. South of 104, on the East side of road. Town of Scriba, Oswego County
Himmansville Cemetery     Hawthorne Rd., Hinmanville.  Town of Schroeppel.
Holmes Family Cemetery     Located on the west side of Rte. 11 between Co. Rte. 41-A & Drybridge Road on private property. (South of Pulaski Jr/Sr High School. Town of Richland.
Holy Cross Cemetery 432517N 0755349W From Williamstown take Rte. 183 (SW) 2000ft, cemetery is on North side of road.
Ingersoll Cemetery 431554N 0760002W Take Rte 49 East of Constantia to Co. Rte. 23, turn North onto 23. Turn North onto Cemetery Rd. cemetery is at end of road.  Town of Constantia.
Irish Settlement Cemetery 432331N 0763118W Take Furniss Station Rd. West of Minetto, turn South at Rathburn Rd., the cemetery is on the East side of the road, sits back quite a way.  Town of Oswego.
Ives Family Cemetery     East side of Baldwin Rd., between Co. Rte. 45 & Hawk Rd. Volney, NY
Kingdom Road Cemetery 432451N 0762638W Take 481 South from the City of Oswego approx. 3mi., turn East onto Dutch Ridge Rd., go approx. 1 mi., turn North onto Co. Rte. 53, cemetery is approx. 500 ft. on the East side of the road. It sits in a grove of trees on private property
Kinney Family Plot (aka Five Corners Cemetery) 432214N 0755440W NY Route 69 and Turk Rd, and may be located on private property.  Town of Amboy.
Klondike Cemetery     1/10th mile on Tannery Rd. going South from Klondike Rd, which branched off Cusson Dr. and ended at Stark Rd.  Town of Amboy.
Lakeside Rural Cemetery (aka Bernard's Bay Cemetery) 431441N 0755545W Located on Route 49, right behind the Bernhard’s Bay Methodist Church.  Town of Constantia.
Lakewood Cemetery (aka St. Mary's Cemetery)     St Mary’s Cemetery is located on Route 49, just outside of Cleveland – heading towards Jewell. It’s all in one location. Lakewood Cemetery is the first two driveways, and St Mary’s the last two driveways. Town of Constantia
Lewis Cemetery 432150N 0762827W This cemetery is 5/10th of a mile southeast of Ricard on the east side of Rte. 30. Williamstown, Oswego County
Lewis Corners Cemetery     Take Rte 48 North of the City of Fulton approx. 3mi., turn West onto Co. Rte. 85, cemetery is just West of Co. Rte. 8 on the South side of the road.  Town of Granby.
Little France Cemetery (aka St. Francis Cemetery) 432023N 0760607W Rte 49 East of Central Square approx. 2mi., turn North onto Co. Rte. 37, go approx. 5mi. cemetery is on East side of road. (Approx. 2000ft. south of Co. Rte. 84). It sits off of the road quite a bit.
Madison Cemetery 432724N 0755651W Located on the North side of Rte. 104, approx. 3000ft West of Rte. 13. Willamstown, Oswego County
Mallory Cemetery (aka Pine Grove Cemetery) 431914N 0760701W Located on Route 32 in Mallory.  Town of Hastings.
Maple Lawn Cemetery (aka Dugway Cemetery) 432739N 0760509W 104 East of Maple View, approx. 2 miles east of the intersection of 81 & 104 (before Searles Rd.), on the South side of the road.  Town of Albion
Maple View Cemetery     Approx. mile north of Rte. 104 on Rte. 11 in Maple View. On East side of road. Town of Albion.
Maple View Cemetery 432740N 0760836W East side of Rt. 11, north of 104 approximately a mile. Town of Mexico.
Mattison Cemetery 432749N 0762703W Take 104 East from the City of Oswego approx. 2 miles on the south side of the road.  Scriba, Oswego County
McAllister Cemetery or McCloud Drive Cemetery 431438N 0760347W Located on what is now McCloud Drive, along the northwest shore of Oneida Lake in the town of West Monroe.
McClelland Cemetery 433026N 0760710W At the intersection of County Route 28 and Lehigh Road and is visible from Interstate 81N at the Tinker Tavern exit. Town of Sandy Creek.
McMahon Cemetery     Immediately East of Roosevelt Cemetery. Town of Schroeppel.
Merritt Cemetery 431437N 0762722W Take Rte. 69 east from Parish. Turn South on Rte. 11, take 1st. left, Voorhees Road (about 4 miles from Rte. 69). Cemetery is on north side of Voorhees Road, just past Shelter Road.  Town of Parish.
Mexico Primitive Cemetery 432753N 0761248W Take Rte. 104 East of Mexico, turn left (North) at top of hill onto Davis St., turn right (East) onto Tubbs Rd. cemetery approx. 1 mi. on North Side of Tubbs Rd. Town of Mexico.
Mexico Village Cemetery 432748N 0761422W Just a few yards north of the intersection of Academy St. & Liberty Ave., on the West side of Academy St.
Mitchell Cemetery     East of Village.  Small cemetery on private land
Minetto Cemetery 432246N 0762707W Approx. 2 mi. South of Minetto on Rte. 48 (North of Hickory Grove Rd. approx 2500 ft.). The cemetery sits on the East side of the street.  Town of Minetto.
Moore Family Plot     Timothy Farm, west side of Co. Rt. 13. Town of Boylston.
Mount Abnah Cemetery 431915N 0762406W 706 E. Broadway St. (Route 3) City of Fulton.
Mount Pleasant Western Cemetery     Volney, NY
Across the street from the Mt. Pleasant Church
Mount Pleasant Southern Cemetery     Volney, NY
Surrounding the Mt. Pleasant Church
Myrtle (Redfield Village)Cemetery 433154N 0754921W Co. Rte. 17 South of the village of Redfield approx. 500ft. south of the intersection of Yerdon Dr. on the West side of the street
New Haven Rural Cemetery 432840N 0761846W St. Rt. 104, village of New Haven behind New Haven United Methodist Church.  Town of New Haven.
North Boylson Cemetery     Wart Rd.  Town of Boylston.
North Road Cemetery     Located on North Road ( Co. Rte 62) just out of Pulaski. Town of Sandy Creek.
North Scriba Union Cemetery     Take Rt. 104 East of the city of Oswego approx. 5 mi., turn North onto Co. Rte. 29, turn West onto Co. Rte. 1. The cemetery is approx. 2000 ft. W on the N side of the road.
North Volney Cemetery 432442N 0761918W Co. Rte. 4, east of North Volney intersection
Noyes Cemetery 433553N 0760326W Located on the east side of Rte. 48 in the southeast part of the town of Sandy Creek.
Nutting Cemetery     Located on the west side of Rte. 11, about 8 miles north of the village of West Monroe.
Old Phoenix Cemetery     Chestnut Street, at Village line, Phoenix. Town of Schroeppel.
Old Dutch Hill Cemetery 432248N 0760210W Take Rte. 69 approx. 2 miles East of Parish, turn South onto Dutch Hill Rd., cemetery is approx. 1 mile on East side of road.  Town of Parish.
Old McCausey Cemetery     Located on Rte. 176 near Bowens Corners. It is abandoned and overgrown.  Town of Hannibal.
Palermo Center Cemetery 432154N 0761652W Co. Rte. 45 & St. Rte. 3. Town of Palmero.
Parker-Ramsey-Stevens Cemetery 433053N 0761501W Mexico Point Drive, north of Texas-private. Town of Mexico
Parish Center Cemetery     3 miles east of Parish, off of Route 69, on co. Rt. 22 on the right at the top of the hill.  Town of Parish.
Peck Cemetery 432552N 0762340W Take Co. Rte. 4 East of the City of Oswego approx. 5 miles. On the North side of the street just East of Paddy Lake Rd. 
Pekin Cemetery 433243N 0755802W Located on a hill off the east side of Rte. 22.
Pennellville Cemetery 431706N 0761546W Located on Co. Rte. 54 North of Pennellville, approx. 2000 ft on the East side of the street. Town of Schroeppel.
Phelps Cemetery 434029N 0755508W From Boylston Center take Co. Rte. 13 East, turn North onto Co. Rte. 17. The cemetery is approx. 1 mile N on the West side of the street.  Town of Boylston.
Phoenix Rural Cemetery 431336N 0761711W Take Rte. 57 (Main St.)South through Phoenix turn East onto Chestnut St. cemetery is approx. 1000 ft. east of RR tracks on South side of street. Town of Schroeppel.
Pioneer/Goodenough District Cemetery     Off Henderson Rd. on Private/Posted land.  Town of Sandy Creek.
Pleasant Lawn Cemetery 432407N 0760826W  
Potter Cemetery 433339N 0760010W Take Co. Rte. 2 East of Richland approx. 2 miles, turn south onto Co. Rte. 52. Cemetery is approx. 1 mile south on the East side of the street. It sits quite a ways back from the road in the woods. Town of Orwell.
Pulaski Village Cemetery 433426N 0760703W Located on the east side of Rte. 11 just north of the village of Pulaski.
Purdy Cemetery     Off Happy Valley Rd., in Happy Valley State Game Management Area. Town of Albion.
Quaker Cemetery 432535N 0761028W  
Rice Family Cemetery (Oswego)     104W of the City of Oswego less than 2 miles, turn North onto Co. Rte. 89. The cemetery is behind the 2nd house on the East side of the road. It sits away from the road quite a bit, and may not even be seen from the road.
Rice Family Cemetery (Sandy Creek) 432613N 0763348W In woods between Hadley Rd. & Co. Rte. 15, on private/posted land.  Town of Sandy Creek.
Richland Brookside Cemetery     Co. Rte. 2, Village of Richland.  Town of Richland
Richland Village Cemetery 433407N 0760315W  
Riverside Cemetery (Altmar) 433030N 0755947W Take Co. Rte. 22 (Cemetery Rd.) East of Altmar approx. 3/4 mile, cemetery is on North side of street.  Town of Albion.
Riverside Cemetery (Pulaski)     Take Co. Rte. 13 (Rome Rd) SE of Pulaski. The cemetery is approx. .5 mi. past I81 overpass on the N side of the street. Town of Richland
Riverside Cemetery 434231N 764758W 4024 Co. Rte. 57: located on the east side of County Road 57, a half mile south of the intersection of CR 57 and State Road 481. That intersection is 2 miles south of the intersection of SR 481 and SR 104 is downtown Oswego. Scriba, Oswego County.
Riverside Cemetery 433303N 0760616W  
Roosevelt Cemetery 431826N 0761516W Rte. 49, 1/8 mile west of Co. Rte. 54 intersection. Town of Schroeppel.
Saint Anne's French Catholic Cemetery 432400N 0761031W Take Rte 69 South of Mexico approx. 4 mi. turn South onto French St. go just over 1 mi. past Czeberniak Rd. cemetery is on West side of street.
Saint Josephs Cemetery 433910N 0755359W Located at the intersection of Rte. 17 & Rte. 15 in the town of Redfield.
Saint Martin Deporres Cemetery     Unity Acres, Co. Rte. 2. Town of Orwell
Saint Marys Cemetery 431908N 0762401W 463 S. Seventh St., East of this street.  City of Fulton.
Saint Pauls Cemetery 432824N 0762919W North of the intersection of Mitchell St. & St. Paul St. City of Oswego.
Saint Peters Cemetery 432608N 0762843W East side of Rte. 481, south of city, also known as 379 E. River Rd. City of Oswego.
Salmon River Cemetery 433149N 0760236W  
Sand Ridge Cemetery 431452N 0761330W NE corner of Co. Rte. 12 & Co. Rte. 10. Town of Schroeppel.
Sayles Corners Cemetery 432401N 0761638W Co. Rte. 4 & Co. Rt. 35. Town of Palermo.
Scripture Cemetery 433736N 0760538W Located just outside Sandy Creek on Fraser Road, just west of the Rte. 11 intersection, on the North side of the street. Town of Sandy Creek.
Sixteenth Cemetery 431904N 0762124W SW corner Co. Rte. 6 & Emery Rd, Volney, Oswego County.
Schuyler/Worden Family Cemetery     DeMent property, Benson Ave., Co. Rt. 24 in woods to east of house. Graves for both families and several children.  Town of Minetto.
South Albion Cemetery     East side of road, north of the north branch of Grindstone Creek. Town of Albion.
South Hannibal Federated Church Cemetery     Early settlers of South Hannibal are buried there. The cemetery was eventually abandoned and years ago the wife of a former pastor took up some of the gravestones to make a sidewalk between the parsonage and the church. Parishioners were outraged but nobody knew which stone went on which grave. So for years the gravestones were piled up at the church. Today, there is no outward trace of the cemetery, but the people are still buried there.
South Richland Cemetery (Willis/Fernwood) 433037N 0761002W Take Rte. 3, 2.25 miles south of Port Ontario turn East onto Manwaring Rd. The cemetery is at the intersection of Co. Rt. 41 on the SW side in a grove of trees.
South Road Rural Cemetery 432657N 0762812W On Hall Road south of Scriba, New York. Turn right at the intersection of County Route 4 and 53. Approx 2 miles on Route 4 turn right into Shadow Brook Housing Development onto Shady Lane.
Southwest Palermo Cemetery 432023N 0761705W  
Spy Island (Silas Town's Grave     (Silas Town’s Grave) Mexico Point.
Stevens Cemetery (Oswego) 433702N 0760239W West side of Chapel Rd., south of Rte. 104A.  Town of Oswego.
Stevens Cemetery (aka Poplar Tree Cemetery. 432325N 0763536W Located on Rte. 22 South of Edwards Road in the town of Sandy Creek.
Stevens District Cemetery     Located on Rte. 22 south of Lacona. Just S of Edwards Road.  Town of Sandy Creek.
Stonewall Cemetery     South Albion Rd., east side, on north side of stone wall, north of Grindstone Creek bridge-Corkins Family.  Town of Albion.
Stowell Drive Cemetery 433346N 0760215W Stowell Drive south of Co. Rte. 2, 1.5 mile east of Richland Hamlet-Ferguson Family.  Town of Richland.
Summerville Family Cemetery     East side, Co. Rte. 8, north of Harris Hill Rd.  Town of Granby.
Tinker Cemetery     Rte. 264 between Loomis Corners & Suttons Corners (Rte. 3 & intersection of Rt. 264 & 49).  Town of Palermo.
Toad Harbor Cemetery 431440N 0760432W Located on Shaw Drive, a short ways off Toad Harbor Road.
Thomas Moore Cemetery     North Side of Co. Rte. 45, near Cape Horn Rd, in rear and west of R. Jacobson house.  Town of Palermo.
Trinity Episcopal Cemetery 431453N 0760027W Rt.. 49, Village of Constantia
Union Cemetery 432921N 0762332W 1292 County Route 1 Oswego, Oswego, NY
Union Settlement Cemetery 431910N 0760232W East side of Rte. 11 at Union Settlement.
Union Village Rural (aka Oswego Rural-Union) Cemetery 432529N 0763305W Take Rt. 104 W of the City of Oswego approx. 2 mi. turn South onto Cemetery Road; the cemetery is approx. 1 mi. on the East of the road.  town of Oswego.
Upsons Corners Cemetery 432136N 0761346W Co. Rte. 45, south of Co. Rte. 4 intersection. town of Palermo.
Van Buren Cemetery 432158N 0762544W Take 481 North of the city of Fulton approx. 2 mi., turn East onto Chalone Dr. the cemetery sits behind the first buildings on the South side of the street. It sits quite a ways back in the field/woods behind this location.  Volney, Oswego County
Vermilion Cemetery 432543N 0761622W Take Rt. 3 South of the village of Mexico approx. 2.25 mi. turn West onto Hanson Rd., at end of road turn North onto Johnson Rd., cemetery is approx 1 mile north on East side of road
Volney Cemetery 432030N 0762108W Located on Rt. 3 in Volney, just East of Co. Rt. 6 on the North side of road
Wells Family Cemetery     Located on the south side of N. Church Rd, top of hill just west of Wart Rd. The cemetery is on private property.  Town of Boylston.
Wells Family Cemetery (Quaker)     Sits on a knoll on the east side of the Halliday Road, approx. 2000ft. north of Co. Rte. 69 (NW of Colosse)
Wellwood Cemetery (aka So. Mexico Cemetery) 432502N 0761458W Take Rt. 3 North of Palermo approx. 4 mi, the cemetery is just North of Pople Ridge Rd., on the East side of Rt. 3 Town of Mexico
Wesleyan Cemetery 433829N 0760146W Approx. 2 miles east of Lacona on Co. Rte. 15, just past Snyder Rd. on the South side of Rte. 15.  Town of Sandy Creek.
West Amboy Cemetery 432255N 0755907W Co. Rte. 26, South of West Amboy.  town of Amboy.
West Monroe Cemetery 431708N 0760614W Take Co. Rte. 49 East of Central Square approx. 2 mi., cemetery is on North side of road, between Mud Settlement Rd. and Luther Rd.
West Family Cemetery     Rte. 49 thru Constantia, heading West, Lower Road comes in from the South (just past the curve in 49 that starts to take you away from the lake.). Take Lower Road, still heading West. West Road comes in on the South side of Lower Road. Cemetery is about 1 mile from the intersection of Lower & West Road on south side.  Town of Constantia
White Family  Cemetery 432808N 0755911W Approx. 9mi. East of Maple View on Rte. 104, approx. 1500 ft. east of Austin Rd. on the South side of Rte. 104. It sits back from the road in a wooded area.  Town of Albion.
Whittemore Cemetery 432425N 0762509W Take Co. Rte. 45 East of Minetto turn North onto Myers Rd., the cemetery is 2500 ft. North on the East side of the street in the woods.  East side of Meyers Rd., at Scriba town line.
Windsor-Degraff Cemetery     Located on the east side of Rte. 30, about 2-1/2 miles from Rte. 13, about 300’ from the road. Williamstown, Oswego County, NY
Woodlawn Cemetery     Lake St., Co. Rte. 15, west of Village.  Town of Sandy Creek.
Worden-Sweet Cemetery 432838N 0762419W In Scriba turn North onto Creamery Rd., from Rt. 104. Turn east onto Middle Rd. go just over a mile, the cemetery is on the North side of the street. Scriba, Oswego County
Wright Cemetery     North side of NYS Rte. 104 East of village.  Town of New Haven.
Wright Cemetery (aka Wrightson Cemetery) 432418N 0760446W This cemetery is located on Rte. 69, going east from Parish, 2 miles, just past Ellis Carr Dr. cemetery is a ways off the road on a small hill on North side of street. On private property. Town of Parish.


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