Oswego County
New York

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        Death Records


Perry, Eleazer, Captain, age 58 died October 10 native of Hopkinton, Middlesex County, Mass [Source:  Oswego Paladium]



Sallisbury, Mrs. Z. wife of Nathaniel Sallisbury, died March 12 [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Vaughan, John, Captain. age 87 died June 9.  Married at age 20 to Ann Bebee. Widow survies him.  Had 14 children, 134 grandchildren, 226 great-grandchildren, 8 great-great-grandchildren, total 382.  Captain John Vaugh served in the Revolutionary War [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

child of Ruben Wane aged 9 months.  Volney, August 6th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Wane, Ruben age 51. August 12th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Lewis, Mrs.  age 56 Rice's Settlement. September 5th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Clark, Deacon Abraham age 67. Oswego September 9th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Hooker, Joseph, age 33. Oswego, October 2.  merchant.  Left wife and 2 children, native of Farmington, Conn. [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Tapping, Whiting age 35.  Oswego, April 19th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Clarke, Nancy, age 48 wife of Dr. Clarke. Scriba, May 5th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Rust, Noa H. age 56. Volney, September 11th.  [Source:  Oswego Paladium]


Robinson, Fanny, wife of Selah Bronson, Oswego, February 20th.[Source:  Oswego Paladium]

Infant daught of Mr. V. R. Bill. Scriba (no date)[Source:  Oswego Paladium] 


Percival, Franklin age 19, son of Dr. Stephen Percival. Scriga June 15 [Source:  Oswego Paladium] 

Burt, Daniel age 88.  Oswego, July 5. [Source:  Oswego Paladium] 

Rice, Asa, one of the oldest settlers of this town.  Oswego August 21. [Source:  Oswego Paladium] 

Evans, Thoma S.  age 50. Oswego Sept. 6. [Source:  Oswego Paladium] 

Easton, David age 58. Left wife and 10 children, New Haven, August 20th.


Burroughs, Captain William age 59. Hannibal, March 5th.

Reed, Melissant age 58 Osswego, March 21

Burt, Mrs., wife of Mr. James Burt, and daught of Jacob Raynor, Oswego May 16.

Colley, Mr. age 60. Oswego October 5th.

Montague, Orrin age 31 Oawego December 19





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