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Woman Believed to Have Poisoned Her Own Daughter
Hoboken, New York, Nov. 22 - The internal organs of Emmeline Dale, the child who died in Hoboken Tuesday, and whose mother is a prisoner charged with her murder, are now in possession of Dr. Otto Schultz, of Cornell college, who will examine them for traces of poison. The authorities are working to establish a motive for the alleged crime. The county authorities and Hoboken police are, they claim, forging what they consider a strong chain of evidence. According to the authorities they understand the will of Mrs. Dale's father is said to have been so drafted that in the case of Emmeline's death Mrs. Dale would be the sole beneficiary.

Chicago, Nov. 22 - It was discovered that the strychnine tablets which were the cause of the death of the five-year old daughter of Mrs. Harvey S. Dale, were purchased before Mrs. Dale and her friend, Elbert Waller left for the east. It is learned further that Mrs. Dale and Mr. Waller were fond of pet dogs and had three running about the house in which they lived here. Two weeks ago, one of these dogs died of poison, supposed to have been placed in the yard by neighbors. The day Mrs. Dale left for the east another died in convulsions and Mrs. Mathilda Miller, who had the third in charge, after Mrs. Dale's departure, found that it was ailing. Mrs. Dale is the daughter of a physician. ["The Oklahoman", 11/23/1901. Transcribed by Dale Donlon]

The Dale Case
The Accused Woman Denies Murdering Daughter for Inheritance
Guarded Day and Night
Elbert Walter Arrested for Maintaining Improper Relations with Mrs. Dale
New York, Nov. 23 - Elizabeth Howe Dale, who is accused of the murder of her 5-year-old child, Emaline, is still in S. Mary’s hospital, Hoboken, where she was taken after her arraignment in court. She is said to be much improved in her physical condition. Mrs. Dale is under guard night and day.
In trying to establish a motive for the alleged crime, it has been asserted that, according to the will of her father or Mrs. Dale would become sole beneficiary in the event of her child’s death. Mrs. Dale, however, claims that she derives her income from the estate of her grandfather and that it is hers during her lifetime. She could derive no benefit, she is said to have declared, by the death of her child, and she pronounces the story groundless and denounces it as a cruel outrage.
Elbert Waller, arrested for maintaining improper relations with Mrs. Dale, was released today on $1,000 cash bail.
The body of the Dale child was placed in a casket today, but will not be buried at once. By direction of the father it will be kept at one of the receiving vaults of Hoboken.
["The Oklahoman", 11/24/1901. Transcribed by Dale Donlon]

New Lisbon, April 24: It falls to our lot to record a most melancholy transaction which occurred in Smith township, in this county. Yesterday morning, at about 3 o'clock, a man named Jacob Hartzel, in a fit of mental derangement, cut the throat of his only remaining child, a girl of about 3 years of age, from ear to ear!  Mrs. Hartzel was so deeply affected by this horrible deed, that she had to be removed to some of her friends, where, it is believed , she will not survive the afflictive shock her tender feelings received. – Patriot. [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, May 4, 1830]



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