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Otsego County
New York
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Oneonta  and County Directory

Source: The Official Blue Book Oneonta and Otsego County (1907-8)
Oneonta Press, Oneonta, N.Y., transcribed by FoFG mz

The Town of Oneonta 

The town of Oneonta contains a population of about 10,000, is situated in the southern part of Otsego County, on the north side of the Susquehanna river, and is surrounded by a rich farming country with good roadways. It is the largest town within 50 miles in any direction and is well situated for becoming a large city in the near future. 

It is on the line of the D. & H. railroad and is the terminus of the U. & D. railroad, which afford two routes to New York and a direct line for the west. 

An electric railroad runs from here to Herkimer, a distance of 57 miles, passing through Laurens, Hartwick, Cooperstown, Richfield Springs and other small villages. 

The D. & H. shops which are situated here employ seven hundred hands. There is a silk mill, shirt factory, glove factory, flour mill, planing mill, several cigar factories, Swift & Go's cold storage warehouse, two wholesale grocery companies, two wholesale flour and feed firms with elevators, and also many other smaller industries. 

Here is situated one of the finest Norma Schools in the State, besides a High School and several grade schools. There are three National banks, nine churches, a Young Men's Christian Association, six fire companies, a town club, a woman's club and about twenty secret and other societies. There is one daily and two weekly newspapers. 

The Aurelia-Fox Memorial Hospital is one of the newest and most valuable institutions of the town, and occupies a very handsome building especially erected for that purpose. 

The Armory of the National Guard is a fine large brick building, with fine large drill hall, billiard room, bowling alley and all other conveniences. 

The Opera House is probably the finest to be found in any town of this size. 

A Municipal building is now being built, at a cost of $50,000.00, which provides accommodations for the fire department, municipal offices, &c , and is a decided ornament to the town. 

A new High School building is also being erected at a cost of $110,000.00. 

There is a Merchants' Association and also a Chamber of Commerce, both of which organizations are powerful factors in the town's prosperity. 

The residential portions of the town are unequaled in any place between Albany and Binghamton. Very many of the residents own their own houses and there is not a poor district in the town. The business streets are lined with fine brick blocks and office buildings, and a thriving business is done during the whole six days of the week. The town is lighted by electricity and is well paved throughout. A local company supplies plenty of pure water, passed through an up-to-date filtering plant. 

The population is growing steadily and there is always a demand for more houses. Both for business purposes and for private residence, Oneonta is a most desirable place in which to locate. 

At Colliers, six miles from Oneonta, an immense water power is being constructed, for the purpose of developing electricity to be used by the trolley road, and for furnishing power and light to Oneonta. This means that manufactories here can be supplied with abundance of power at low rates. 

Village Officers

Board of Trustees
William W. Capron, President
1st Ward - A. S. Morris, 10 Maple street
2nd Ward - C. H. Bowdish, 34 Ford avenue
3rd Ward - W. W. Capron, 9 Walnut street
4th Ward - T. E. Marsh, 49 Chestnut street
5th Ward - Floyd Harris, 163 Chestnut street
6th Ward - E. J. House , 24 Luther street 

Village Clerk - H. D. McLaury, Esq., 11 Spring street; Office: 153 Main street 

Treasurer - C. J. Beams, 29 Church street; Office: First National Bank 

Collector - G. W. Ellis, 4 Ann street; Office: 156 Main street
O. A. Miller, 294 Main street 

Street Commissioner
Chester Gurney, 204 Main street 

Finance - Bowdish, Marsh, Capron
Streets - Morris, Bowdish, House
Walks - Marsh, Morris, Harris
Law - Morris, Marsh, Bowdish
Bridges & Watercourses - Harris & Marsh
Sewers - Bowdish and House
Lights - House and Morris
Fire Department - Marsh and House
Buildings - Harris and Bowdish 

Police Department
Thos. W. Blizzard, chief, 3 East street;
Jas. H. Stapleton, 44 Church street;
Extras, P. C. Gilchrist, 15 Watkins avenue; Geo. Hughson, 269 Main street; Jay W. Atsell, 78 Spruce street; Omer D. Gamoung, Pardee Block 

Fire Department Headquarters,
Municipal Building Department Officers - Frank Monroe, chief; Wm. Leventhall, first assistant; M. F. Oliver, second assistant; Elmer F. Townsend, treas., John Lance, sec. W.M. Leventhall, first assistant; M. F. Oliver, second assistant; Elmer D. Townsend, treas.; John Lance, sec.

Lewis Chemical Engine Co., No. 1. - O. Wells, foreman; R. Parish, first assistant; W. LaReau, second assistant; Rooms, Municipal Building. Steamer Co., No. 1. - James Kerwin, foreman; E. Rifenbark, first assistant; H. Adams, second assistant; Howard Driggs, engineer. Rooms, Municipal Building.

D. F. Wilbur Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1. - A. L. Kellogg, foreman; Joseph Broas, first assistant; Jesse Millard, second assistant. Rooms, Municipal Building.

George I. Wilber Hose Co. No. 1. - H. Fowler, foreman; L. M. Westcott, first assistant; E. Butts, second assistant Rooms, Municipal Building. Mechanic Hose Co. No. 3. - P. McManus, foreman; H. Blanchard, first assistant; L. Banner, second assistant. Rooms, 143 Main street. 

The Board of Health
Colonel W. Scott, president, 51 Chestnut street; A. B. Tobey, 39 Chestnut street; J. S. Lunn, 6 Walnut street; Dr. C. W. Walling, health officer, 143 Main street; Dr. O. W. Peck, registrar, 34 Watkins avenue.

Town Officers
A. L. Kellogg, 29 Ford avenue. Office, 154 Main street 

Town Clerk
H. M. Bard, 50 Centre street. Office, 6 Broad street 

C. S. Firman, 43 Spruce street. Office 184 Main street C. D. Sewell, 61 Elm street. Office, Chestnut street extension G. L. Bockes, 5 Normal avenue. Office, over Wilber Bank Frank Taber, West Oneonta 

Commissioner of Highways
C. I. Hotaling, 65 Dietz street 

J. H. Potter, Maple street W. L. Bolton, 27 Spruce street M. Ackley, 42 East street 

Overseer of the Poor
A. I. Bookhout, 354 Main street. Office, 104 Main street 

H. W. Sheldon, 10 Gault avenue. Office, Prospect street 

John O'Brien, 26 High street W. P. Abbott, 3 Hudson street O. T. Yager, 82 Ford avenue 

Town Board
A. L. Kellogg, H. M. Bard, C. S. Firman, C. D. Sewell, G. L. Bockes and Frank Taber 

Town Board of Health
A. L. Kellogg, president; C. D. Sewell, Frank Taber, Charles S. Firman, Geo. L. Bockes, A. B. Tobey; H. M. Bard, clerk; Dr. C. W. Walling, health officer. Regular meetings, first Wednesday of each alternate month.

County Officers 

County Judge, Jas. W. Barnum, Cherry Valley

Surrogate, Nathaniel P. Willis, Cooperstown

Sheriff, George M. Wedderspoon, Cooperstown

County Clerk, W. Scott Root, Cooperstown

County Treasurer, Riley J. Warren, Pleasant Brook

District Attorney, Ulyses G. Welch, Edmeston

Coroners: Arthur H. Brownell, Oneonta; Harry Frink, Burlington Flats; Henry A. Ward, Richfield Springs; George A. Sloan, Westford.

School Commissioners: 1st district, F. S. Lowell, Schenevus; 2nd district, Walter J. Muelter, Oneonta.

Superintendent of Poor, John W. Brown, Phoenix Mills

Loan Commissioners: Robert O. Marshall, Cooperstown; S. R. Barnes,

Oneonta Member of Assembly, Chas. Smith,

Oneonta State Senator, Seth G. Heacock, Ilion

Member of Congress (24th Congressional district), George W. Fairchild, Oneonta 

Board of Supervisors
Burlington. E. W. Wright, Burlington.
Butternuts. Wm. M. Dietz, Gilbertsville.
Cherry Valley. John Sawyer, Cherry Valley.
Decatur. James Ferris, Decatur.
Edmeston. L. C. Maxson, West Edmeston.
Exeter. Patrick J. Horan, Exeter.
Hartwick. George M. Augur, Hartwick.
Laurens. Fred Hand, Laurens.
Maryland. Charles E. Parish, Maryland.
Middlefield. T. F. O'Connell, Middlefield.
Milford. C. J. Armstrong, Milford.
Morris. John W. Shaw, Jr., Morris.
New Lisbon. W. L Smith, New Lisbon.
Oneonta. A. L. Kellogg, Oneonta.
Otego. Frank B. Cooke, Otego.
Otsego. Clement M. Allison, Cooperstown.
Pittsfield, Charles Chapin, New Berlin.
Plainfield. J. H. Watkins, Plainfield Centre.
Richfield. John Gyer, Richfield Springs.
Roseboom. A. H. Putnam, South Valley.
Springfield. William D. Walradt, Springfield Centre.
Unadilla. Eugene Carr, Unadilla.
Westford. Ira D. Tipple, Elk Creek.
Worcester. Charles Goodell, Worcester. 

Local Organizations 

Merchants' Association
President - F. H. Breese
Vice Pres. - B. C. Lauren
Secretary - R. C. Briggs
Treasurer - A. W. Carr
Directors - E. M. Ronan, T. W. Stevens, George S. Slade, L. E. Wilder, R. C. Briggs, A. R. Benedict, Ralph Murdock, B. C. Lauren, C. C. Colburn Auditing Committee - E. D. Hirshey, J. Hendy 

Chamber of Commerce
President - Dr. Arthur W. Cutler.
First vice-president - Walter Scott.
Second vice-president - Hon. Charles Smith.
Treasurer - M. G. Ronan.
Secretary - Rev. J. W. Smith.
Directors - Dr. Arthur W. Cutler, Hon Charles Smith, George L Wilber, D. F. Keyes, F, H. Bresee, J. F. Thompson, esq., Harry W. Lee, L. C. Millard, W. W. Capron, M. G. Ronan, Walter Scott, A. L. Kellogg, esq., L. H. Rowe, R. W. Murdock, E. A. Hayward, esq., Dr. J. C. Smith, Frank D. Miller, Rev. J. W. Smith, Alva Seybolt, esq., B. W. Hoye, esq., Arthur M. Curtis. 

President - Frank D. Blodgett.
1st vice-pres. - Louis C. Gurney.
2nd vice-pres. - A. W. Carr.
Secretary and Treas. - A. E. Hewel.

Board of Governors - Andrew B. Saxton, Charles Gardner, Charles J. Beams, C A. Schumacher, G. A. Lane, B. H. Morris. 

Mrs. E. A. Scramling, president; Mrs. A. L. Kellogg, vice-president; Miss Florence Hayward, recording secretary; Mrs. L. H. Rowe, coresponding secretary; Mrs. W. S. Whipple, treasurer. Directors - Mrs. H. G. Bishop, Mrs. Burr Mattice, Mrs. J. C. Smith, and Mrs. Chas. H. Baker. 

Albert Morris, president; James Stewart, George L Wilber, Walter L. Brown, Albert B. Tobey. Secretary, L. C. Gurney 

Riverside Cemetery Society.
Stephen Gile, president; Henry Saunders, secretary and treasurer. 

Co. O., N.G., S. N. Y.
Captain - Frank O. Rollins.
Second Lieut. - J. A. Millard.
Surgeon - Dr. E. J. Parish.
Quartermaster-Sergeant - F. L. Olin.
Sergents - Claude I.. Pruyn, C. C. Miller, J. C. Stone, Albert B. Webster. Corporals - Harry Parish, W. L. Utter, Harry Anderson, Addison Jenks,  Arthur Fox, Perley A. Wood. 


Wilber National Bank.
Organized 1874. Capital $100,000; surplus, $200,000. Annual election, Second Tuesday in January. President, George I. Wilber; vice-president and cashier, E. A. Scramling; assistant cashier, Samuel H. Potter. 

First National Bank.
Organized 1871. Capital and surplus, $125, 000. Annual election, second Tuesday in January. President, M. L. Keyes; vice-president. Ransom Mitchell; cashier, D. F. Keyes; assistant cashier, Charles J. Beams. 

Citizens National Bank.
Organized 1907. Capital, $100,000; surplus, $10,000. Annual election first Tuesday in January. Frank H. Bresee, president; John Graney, vice-president; A. D. Rowe, cashier. 

Oneonta Post-Office.
Postmaster, Charles F. Shelland.
Assistant Postmaster, James A. Dewar.
Money Order clerk, Solon E. Hopkins.
Stamp clerk, Sperry W. Hall.
Mailing clerks, Wm. F. Wilson and Charles F. Mahon.
Night clerk, C. M. Clapp.
Carriers, George E. Bond, Charles W. Southworth, Michael J. Hickey, A. R. Webster, Charles H. Mahon, A. J. Relyea, and E. L. Burrows.
Messenger, Louis A. Butts.
Superintendent Station A, F. W. Whitcomb.
Rural Carriers, Milton D. Munson, A. C. Lewis, E. D. Munson. 

Incorporated Companies.
Aurelia Osborn Fox Memorial Hospital. Incorporated, May 29, 1900. Hon. W. L. Brown, president; Hon. G. W. Fairchild, vice-president; B. C. Lauren, treasurer; W. P. Blakely, secretary; Miss Eva Caddy, superintendent. Directors: W. W. Capron, G. W. Fairchild, W. L. Brown, E. H Pardee, W. P. Blakely, R. W. Murdock, N. H. Briggs, M. G. Ronan, I. S. Dauley, H. E. Huntington, B. C. Lauren. 

Woman's Board -
President, Mrs. J. F. Thompson; vice-president, Mrs. George Kirkland; secretary, Mrs. A. L. Kellogg; treasurer, Mrs. Howard Lyon. Directors for two years, Mrs. L S. Dauley, Mrs. George B. Gillespie; for one year, Mrs. A. M. Curtis. Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. Harry Baker, Mrs. P. R. Young, Miss Mary Gorman. 

Oneonta Water Works Company.
George L. Wilber, president; D. A. Diefendorf, vice-president and secretary; E. A. Scramling, treasurer; J. G. Hoyt, superintendent. 

Oneonta Union Agricultural Society.
Organized 1873. Walter L. Brown, president; S. L. Huntington, secretary; H. M. Bard, treasurer. 

Bell Telephone Company.
W. W. Nicholson, Gen. manager, Syracuse, N. Y.; B. C. Wolverton, chief engineer, Syracuse, N Y.; O. R. McKenzie, Gen. contract agent, Syracuse. N. Y.; A. W. Deas, auditor, Syracuse, N. Y.  L. D. Brainard, district manager, Oneonta, N. Y. 

Home Telephone Company.
Dr. A. W. Cutler, president; L. C. Millard, vice-president; M. G. Keenan, secretary and treasurer; Orra I.. Tipple, manager. 

Oneonta Light and Power Company. Edward E. Arnold, president; John R. Gladding, secretary and treasurer; G. A. Lane, manager. 

Oneonta Theatre Company.
President and Treasurer D. V. Keyes. Vice President- F. D. Miller. Secretary-M. G Keenan. Directors- D. F. Keyes, M. L. Keyes, F. D. Miller. W. L. Brown, O. S. Hathaway, Charles Smith, and M. G. Keenan. 

Oneonta Milling Company.
Gibson Oliver, president and treasurer; E. W. Elmore, 1st vice-president; E. A. Durant, 2nd vice-president; W. Dyer, secretary. 

Buckley Brothers Company.
H. H. Buckley, president; W. D. Buckley, vice-president; H. J. Baker, secretary and treasurer. 

Oneonta Grocery Company.
Capital $150,000. Clinton Root, president; F. L. Larrabee, secretary; W. F. Eggleston, treasurer and manager. 

Gardner-Thompson Laundry Co.
Charles Gardner, president; Albert G. Thompson, vice-president and secretary; William C. C. Blunden, treasurer. Directors, Charles Gardner, Albert G. Thompson, William C. C. Blunden, A. L. Kellogg and Harry J. Baker. 

Oneonta Building and Loan Association.
Walter Scott, president; A. B. Tobey, vice-president; B. W. Howe, secretary; T. W. Stevens, treasurer; directors, A. B. Tobey, B. W. Hoye, T. W. Stevens. Richard Downes, S. B. Gardner, M. L. Keyes, N. H. Briggs, L. L. Gardner, Walter Scott, Chas. E Hills. 

The Oneonta Star-Independent Daily. Harry W. Lee, editor and proprietor. Terms, one year, $4 00. 

The Oneonta Herald-Published Thursdays. G. W. Fairchild & Co., editors and proprietors. Terms, $1.50 a year in advance. 

The Oneonta Press -Published Thursdays. Henry G. Bishop, editor and proprietor. Terms, $1.00 per year in advance. 

St. James' Episcopal Church, corner Elm and Main streets. Rev. S. Barkdull, Rector. First Presbyterian Church, Main street, opposite Elm street. Rev. J. C. Russell, Pastor. United Presbyterian Church, Dietz street. Rev. J. W. Smith, Pastor. First Baptist Church, corner of Chestnut and Academy streets. Rev. E. J. Farley, Pastor. Free Baptist Church, corner of Maple and Main streets. Rev. Chas. S. Pendleton, Pastor. Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Church and Chestnut streets. Rev. T. Gilford Dickinson, Pastor. English Lutheran Church, Grove street. Rev. Henry Manken, Pastor. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, corner of Grand and Main streets. Rev. Father J. McCarthy, Priest. First Church of Christ Scientist, 25 Chestnut street. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Blake, Readers. Chapin Memorial Universalist Church, Ford avenue No pastor. Salvation Army Rooms, Corner of Grove and Main streets. Young Men's Christian Association, Broad street A. E. Ceperley, Secretary. 

Oneonta Public Schools.

Albert Morris, 43 Walnut street, president. John R. Skinner, 22 Watkins avenue. William Edmunds, 141 River street. Arthur E. Ford, 31 Watkins avenue. T. W. Stevens, 25 Watkins avenue. Henry Bull, 5 Grand street. 

Superintendent of Schools.
Harry W. Rockwell, A. B., corner East and Ernst streets. Office, (temporary) the Armory. 

M. G. Keenan, 10 Walnut street. Office, 4 Broad street.

Edward Crippen, 69 Ford avenue.

Dan Jennings, 43 Church street. Office, 5 Broad street. 

Faculty for the Year 1907-1908. H. W. Rockwell, A. B., Superintendent, corner East and Ernst streets. Frances Ellen Sprague, Supervisor of Music and Physical Culture, 6 Myrtle avenue. Jennie L. Clark, Supervisor of Drawing, 36 Grove street. 

Elbert C. Wixom, A. B., Principal, Instructor in Science, 25 East street. Ella M. Briggs, Vice-Principal, Instructor in Mathematics, 27 Walnut street. Harriet E. Stevens, Instructor in History, 37 Chestnut street. E. Estelle Southwell, Instructor in Elocution and Biology, 28 Elm street. Emma G. Bates, Instructor in Commercial Subjects, 54 Maple street. Alice E. Lattin, A. B., Instructor in English, corner Main and Maple Streets. Mabel A. Overbaugh, A. B., Instructor in Latin, 6 Myrtle avenue. Mabel Tomkinson, A. B., Instructor in Modern Languages, 36 Elm street. 

Frances D. Kellogg, Instructor in Geography and History, 6 Fairview street.
Florence Ford Somerville, Instructor in English, 5 Ford avenue.
Elizabeth Blakely, Instructor in Arithmetic, 27 Elm street.
Fern A. Bronson, Sixth Grade, 27 Grand street.
Dorothy Wilber, Fifth Grade, 43 Grove street.
Jessie M. Traber, Fourth Grade, 36 Grove street.
Helen Nearing, Third Grade, 7 Myrtle avenue.
Clara Bunn, Third Grade, 48 Maple street.
Anna Bunn, Second Grade, 48 Maple street.
Agnes Roulston, First Grade, 26 Elm street. 

Effie Wrigley Covey, Fifth and Sixth Grades, 21 Main street.
Mary Ward, Third and Fourth Grades, S. Watkins avenue,
Jane L. Stevens, Second and First Grades, 30 Grove street.
Mila Frazier, First A and B Grades, 29 Burnside avenue. 

Board of Trustees - Albert Morris, president, Alva Seybolt, secretary; John R. Skinner. Hon. George W. Fairchild, Prof. A. M. Curtis, Alva Seybolt and Andrew B. Saxton, book committee; Mattie Cope, librarian. 

Faculty for the Year 1907-1908.
Percy I. Bugbee, A. M., D. Sc, Principal, 18 Walnut street.
Arthur M. Curtis, B. S., Mathematics and Methods, 68 Maple street.
Edwin F. Bacon, Ph. B., Modern Languages, 56 East street.
Frank D. Blodgett, A. B., A. M., Logic, History and Science of Education, 77 Elm street.
Howard Lyon, A. B., M. S., Science and Methods, 35 Cedar street.
Charles A. Schumacher, A. B., Ph. D., Psychology and Methods of Literature, 65 Elm street.
Kate M. Denison, Methods and English, 27 Elm street.
Charlotte M. Paulsen, Music, 75 Elm street.
Jessie M. Whallay, Drawing, 42 Elm street.
Helen M. S. Sanborn, Reading and Elocution, 47 Elm street.
Florence M. Matteson, History and Methods, 65 Ford avenue.
Amelia E. Armbiuster, Physical Training, 44 Maple street.
Frank G. Sanford, Manual Training, 17 Ford avenue.
Elifa E. Gee, Principal Intermediate Department, Model Teaching and Criticism, 27 Cedar street.
Cora H. Pettit, Principal Primary Department, 63 Ford avenue
Helen Grant Irving, 63 Maple street.
Helen C. Fritts, 27 Walnut street.
Frances Alice Terrell, 57 Elm street.
Caroline D. Hurlbutt, 50 Elm street.
Bertha M. Loveland, 27 Cedar street.
Florence M. Richards, 7 Myrtle avenue.
Kate B. Cristman, 27 Cedar street.
Sabra E. Hayden, 283 Main street.
Jessie Scott Himes, Kindergarten, 27 Cedar street.
Edith H. Murray, Kindergarten Assistant, 75 Elm street.
E. May Hurlbutt, Principal's Clerk, 47 Chestnut street.
Claire A. Hurlbutt, Special Assistant, 38 Maple Street. 

Centre Street School.
Addie E. Hatfield, Principal, 27 Cedar street.
Estella Matteson, 7th grade, West Oneonta.
Ellen G. S. Vaughn, 6th grade, 71  Elm street.
Mabelle M. Boynton, 5th grade, 23 Watkins Avenue.
Alice L. Esmond, 4th grade, 33 Cedar street.
Jennie M. Greene, 3rd grade, 31 Elm street.
Faith C. Brigham, 2nd grade, 50 Elm street.
Ellen E. Hitchcock, 1st grade, 49 Elm street. 

The Local Board.
William H. Morris, president; Henry Bull, secretary and treasurer; Hon. W. L. Brown, Hon. James Stewart, George I. Wilber, Eugene Raymond. Willard E. Vager, George Kirkland, Frederick A. Mead, Hon. Hobart Krum, Harry W. Lee. 

The better the town can be made the better the schools. Give your support to your home town if you desire to have your children receive the benefits of good schooling. 

Village Presidents from 1871 to 1907.
1871 - Warren Gillett.
1872 - Samuel H. Case.
1873 - James H. Keyes.
1874 - Charles E. Bunn.
1875 - Anthony White.
1876 - Madison H. Bissell.
1877 - W. W. Snow,
1878 - Madison H. Bissell.
1879 - W. D. Bissell.
1880 - Newton I. Ford.
1881 - W. D. Bissell.
1882 - W. D. Bissell.
1883 - Frank Gould.
1884 - Ransom Mitchell.
1885 - George Kirkland,
1886 - George Kirkland.
1887 - George Kirkland.
1888 - George Kirkland.
1889 - George Kirkland.
1890 - T. W. Stevens.
1891 - A. C. Moody.
1892 - A. C. Moody.
1893 - A. C. Moody.
1894 - A. C. Moody.
1895 - A. C. Moody.
1896 - A. C. Moody,
1897 - A. C. Moody.
1898 - John Brewer.
1899 - John Brewer.
1900 - L. B. Lennon.
1901 - N. H Briggs.
1902 - N. H. Briggs.
1903 - N. H. Briggs.
1904 - C. H. Bowdish.
1905 - J. S. Lunn.
1906 - J .S. Lunn.
1907 - W. W. Capron. 

How to Help Your Town, It is to the best interest of the laborer that he patronize the stores and business places of his own town, says the "Home Trade Advocate" By so doing he helps himself. The more business in the home town the better is the pay of the laborer. Wages are gauged by the activity of a place.


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