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County Information

County Seat: New York City
Year Organized: 1683
Square Miles: 309
 Courthouse Info:
City Hall
52 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007-1222

Staten Island Flag

One of the five boroughs, Staten Island, in Richmond county.
Jul 1, 2012 estimates Pop 470,728, land area 58 square miles
[Source: US Census Bureau ]

Settled in 1661

Richmond County, New York: named for Lennox, the Duke or Richmond.
Staten Island: named by the Dutch for the Staaten General.
[Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle Aug 23, 1902]

City-County Consolidation:
New York City consolidated with the Counties of Bronx (The Bronx),
Kings (Brooklyn),
New York (Manhattan),
Queens (Queens)
and Richmond (Staten Island) in 1874.

Don't forget to check our New York City website for data that didn't specify any specific place other than "New York City"

Richmond County Data


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