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Richmond County
New York
Genealogy and History

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Frank Anderson

Arrowsmith family

Edward H. Ashley

Samuel F. Barger

Samuel Barton

Beatty family

Hon. S.G.W. Benjamin

Billop family

Dorland family

Dunn family

William Dominick Garrison

Gifford family

George Felder Hair

Harrison family

John Le Count or (Le  Counte)

Marlet family

Micheau family

Perine family

Aguila Rich


Seguine family

John G. Seguine

Jacob Simonson

John Simonson

John W. Simonson

Willem Simonson

John Drake Sloat 

Stilwell family

Sprague family

Colonel Jonathan D. Stevenson

Taylor family

Tysen family

Van Buskirk, Van Duzer

Jesse Van Clief

John H. Van Clief

Jan Aoersen Vander Bildt

The Vanderbilts

Commodore Vanderbilt

Van Name family

Van Pelt family

Wandel family

Hon. Albert Ward

Winant family

Jacob Winant

Peter Winant

Daniel Winants

Garret Ellis Winants

Jacob Winants

Captain Peter Winants

Captain Winant Winants

Woglom family

Wood family

Abraham C. Wood

Abraham C. Wood, Sr.

Jacob B. Wood

Other individuals and families who exerted a powerful influence in  Richmond County



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